When circumstances put us down

We hope good to happen

But something bad results

Despite our best efforts

Putting two to two together hardly works

But these attempts give us more hurts

Making our life still more difficult

In the process robbing the peace of mind

Creating distresses and disappoints

With depletion of self-esteem

And respect from others we hold dear

Hell & heaven are the compensation

For our earth sojourn

Virtuous men

Get heaven

As a reward for the righteous deeds

Bad ones get punishment for their deeds so bad

Such as unethical and immoral acts

Which could be construed as Divine justice

But there is also a balance

Those who commit incredibly bad

And lament for that and not to repeat

Could be forgiven for adopting life so naïveté

By adopting all the positive traits

After having asked for sincere pardon for their bad acts

And understand that reaction of bad action

Cannot be good at all by any reckoning

Thus change the destiny

By changing the mental attitude positively

God too forgives our acts

If we determine not to pass through

The path beset with thorns

And make ourselves candidate

For heaven above with the grace of God.


Hell means a state or condition in which we feel  ourselves extremely in agony/misery, the torments of which are being experienced. In the nightmarish condition, it is difficult to live a normal life. Even on this earth, there are some who consciously live a life of hell. I think, when we live a life filled with anger, jealousy for others, and bitterness for others without rhyme or reason including all the negative traits then that sort of life is more than hell.


In essence, facts stand out, we create our own hell and heaven with our thoughts and Karma (Action). There is a case in point in which a seemingly well-behaved, suave in her temperament and seemingly impeccable reputation dug out her own hell with her lust for worldly possessions. Mrs. Preeti (exact name changed) went on superannuation after serving an institution for more than 30 years. She was economically sound; her own pensionary benefits were adequate enough to take care of herself and family. Besides, her husband too was running a hotel business in a posh locality of Delhi. They had the responsibility of only son to look after – that is all.

A few days back, we came to know that her entire family had siphoned off more than Hundred  Crore Rupees from the gullible depositors (Her friends and well-wishers mainly colleagues and neighbours) which they had handed her over because she had promised them better returns – even better than Bank’s interest rates,

 for their earnest money deposited with her. The gullible could be swayed because of her past record was unblemished. She did not keep her word and flew out to a foreign country along with her entire family. Law enforcement agencies caught her and now she along with her entire family facing the music of law of the Land for her illegal acts. In the process, she has lost what she had earned for herself – trust, belief, faith and confidence which are important ingredients in the life of a person. She has made her life along with her family’s life a virtual hell by her greed for more material possessions.

This should serve a lesson for us people; our greed could make hell out of heaven due to our own KU-KARMA (Bad deed). 


Some say, the hell and heavens are the creations of our own mind, the state of our mind. When our mind and senses are calm and composed, we feel ourselves on the Seventh Heaven and while our mind gets disturbed, we feel in the hellish existence.  There are very many people who think their present state as destined by God. They are theists – believers in God and His mercies/bounties/graces.

There are the people who say that we get sow in this birth itself. If we work hard and succeed, it is fruits of our action and if despite hard work, we are disappointed thus feel a hellish life thereafter affecting us physically and mentally.  They take life as mechanical one without belief in God and His grace.  Just getting up in the morning, performing routinely anything which is being done like a machine. These people do not believe in the existence of God and his graces. They consider themselves as makers of their own destinies. Theists – non-believers in the existence of God and His graces. Hell or heaven are their own creations they think. 


There are people, who while living a life full of disappointments and disillusionments, many a times, would make the lives of others around them also the same with their bad behavior with them. This gives such people misplaced satisfaction which is in fact inhuman and unethical act. To make somebody else’s life hellish because we are not having normal life, is in fact unfair and merits condemnation. There are people who think that if they have material possessions, they’ve heaven on this earth itself but what about those who are having every comforts in their lives but have debilitating diseases like cancer and other life-threatening diseases. For them, this earth is like hell – just darkness, suffering, blackness, all around, with no light on the sight.

There is octogenarian couple in one of our relation, they spent their financial resources on their three sons who are professionally well-up; two are doctors and the third one an engineers. But unfortunately, all the three, with their families, have gone to USA, leaving the hapless, aged and ailing parents to the mercy of elements. Although both the spouses are financially sound yet there is nobody of their own relations to look after old and ailing parents. Life for them is virtual hell in real sense of terms.

The hellish life is when you cannot pull on in life with problems confronting from every side in relation to health, relationship between spouses, discords in the family, deaths in the family creating a situation with unending suffering and torments in which only one spouse is left creating hell on this earth.


Contrarily, we are having good health, although with less material resources,  but more satisfaction in our lives will create positive ambience. When we transact everything necessary including job we are doing without much attachment to the fruits of action. We should enjoy the bounties of nature, fresh air, water and sunlight and the sky above. We should enjoy the flaks of snow falling or the breeze blowing or enjoy the moonlit night , just appreciating and enjoying the heaven on earth bestowed on us by the Mother Nature. If this is not heaven on earth then what it is?

Whenever we’ve cool and peaceful existence with purposeful lifestyle with spiritual orientation then we have the dawn of heaven on this earth in our life. Glimpses of heaven are felt in our heart when we’ve our close connectivity with God and we transact everything in close partnership with God. Then when we’ve compassion for others, feel pain when somebody feels pain, have no attachment for material possessions (Wealth), alcohol (Wine) and lust for other women outside the institutionalized married life.


Based on Karma philosophy, we get everything that we give others. Nothing goes waste. Our good deeds or actions which we transact for others come back to us in one form or other. Good karmic deeds based on empathy and understanding towards others’ state of situation and providing them needful assistance give us good feeling, wellness, and a positive feeling – just out of this world which could be termed as heavenly. Similarly, bad karmic deeds give us bad results. It is in fact based on the action and reaction equal and opposite. If we make others’ life miserable, our life too becomes miserable and hellish in this life itself. We must have observed by us in real life here on this earth. We can term it as a hell on earth.

It is also said that the consequences of our karmic deeds (good or bad) are received by us in this birth only but if not yet received then these could be taken to the next birth. Also, our birth is as per deeds and misdeeds we have done in the present birth.

Then if we believe reincarnation based on our Karma then we have to believe the existence of hell and heaven beyond this earth.

According to Hindu philosophy hell and heaven are due to our own Karma. As per Hindi philosophy especially Puranas, there are 14 worlds in the universe. Thus, from the viewpoint of Hinduism, heaven and hell are merely different worlds, bound by time, space, and causality.

These are:-


  • Bhuh: The earth where we live.
  • Bhavah: Swah is the celestial world where we reap the reward of good karmic deeds that we have done while living on earth. Righteous actions elicit good rewards and vice versa. It is the region between the two.
  • Swah: Located between Brahmaloka and Bhuh (earth).
  • Mahah:              It is located between Brahmaloka and Bhuh (earth), Bhuvah       

  & Swah. 

  • Janah:              Constitute Brahmaloka which is highest heave where Souls
  • Tapah:              with most righteous deeds are located and many attain                     
  • Satyam:            Moksha but some get back to earth and take birth.

Patala, the lowest of the seven nether worlds, is the realm where wicked souls sojourn after death and reap the results of  their unrighteous actions on earth.

LOWER WORLS (Nether world)

  • Atala:  
  • Vitala:
  • Sutala:
  • Rasatala:
  • Talatala:
  • Mahatala:
  • Patala:

It is the realm where souls who have done Ku-Karma reside after death and reap the results of their bad karmic deeds, suffer for their misdeeds.

Our next birth is determined by:-

  • The righteous or unrighteous karma we have done during our lifetime on earth. It is also a fact that on earth the souls can transform themselves by their righteous or unrighteous Karma.
  • Some take births as animal, birds and other lower living beings according to karmic deeds done on earth.
  • Soul also assumes the body which is according to the unfulfilled desires during our lifetime on earth but karma, good and bad deeds are most potent reasons.

Liberation from births and deaths could only be attained when a person concerned has not desire i.e. not attached to the fruits of actions (Detached from the fruits of actions) with no further desires to be fulfilled – a  state of desirelessness. This has been amply clear in Katha Upanishad; which proclaims that when all our desires are fulfilled or disregarded then we get liberation from births and deaths.

The following could turn our heavenly life as a virtual hell:-

  • Paddling lies in order to hide  truth.
  • Greed for worldly possessions, power and pelf – may be sometimes using corrupt practices.
  • Committing crime or sin or acting immorally and ethically also makes us a candidate for hell because these add to our KARMIC DEBTS.

Heaven could be created by:-

  • Self-belief and indomitable belief on God take care of our problems.
  • We should always remember that death is a great leveler. The Gita Song is more relevant here.

Whatever has happened, happened for the good

Whatever is happening is also for good

Whatever shall happen, shall also be good

What have you lost that you cry for?

What did you bring that you have lost?………Change is the law of Universe.

  • Following a life feeling compassion for others; feeling pain when others are feeling so.
  • Feeling satisfied with what we have with the earnings following earnest means.
  • Forgetting and forgiving gives more satisfaction than keeping something in our heart.
  • Keep balance or equanimity both in good and bad days.

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  1. It is said that heaven and hell are our own creation. It is state of our mind. I have penned an article, do go through this write-up and offer your comments. I love your comments and learn much from these.



  2. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Even though I know that you might not celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country, nonetheless please extend my salute to your loyal, dear wife as she sustains your writings with so much devotion and makes it possible for us to enjoy them later. She is, by action and default, one of our close healers. Well, this is a rather long but all too necessary account of the real dimension of Hell-Heaven in our daily lives. We agree that we must be careful in choosing the right path every day in all major instances. As the disgraceful story about Ms. Preeti (is this a play on the word “pretty”?) shows, a small misstep due to greed will cascade into a series of shameful acts of delinquency that will bring permanent shame and banishment to your family; Delhi is a big metropolis but I am sure those sharing her last name will always have to bear a stigma like the infamous Scarlet letter. Sadly, it is human nature. What really enrages me is the story about the octagenarian couple that survives meagerly while their three professional children enjoy a well-off lifestyle here in the USA. How could they be so ungrateful and spiteful toward their parents? My mother Gladys used to say (and her words still resonate in my ears) the following saying: “Dios castiga sin palo y sin rebenque.” (God punishes without a stick and a whip) Rest assured that they will eventually get a merited comeuppance!
    As your rightly say, the good deeds we do will come back to us, like in a boomerang effect. Thank you very much for the lesson in the Hindu belief of 14 possible alternate worlds, which I will study further. A big hug. Arrivederci!


      I always write on VALENTINE DAY. You can see my write-up last year too.

      Thanks a lot for wishing my wife and me this LOVED SUFFUSING wish. My wife joins me in reciprocating the sentiments expressed. May we all remain getting inspiration from this LOVE FILLED DAY – VALENTINE DAY.

      But this year, I was not feeling well since morning and I penned down a write-up captioned: HEAVEN & HELL – OUR OWN CREATION. In the evening we got a news items about killing of more than 44 service personnel in Srinagar. If you go through this blog, it is crystal clear that if we kill others, we shall also be killing ourselves in the process and spoiling not only this life but also the lives which will follow!



      1. Good morning and thanks for your reply. I understand that you might have had a down moment yesterday because I felt similarly today when I checked an Indian newspaper and learned about the tragic attack in the Shrinagar-Jammu highway. How are you feeling today? A big hug. Arrivederci!


        First of all, my sincere thanks for your commentary.

        Today, I am feeling slightly better than yesterday.

        With big hug.


      3. Thanks a lot Dr. Sahib I shall follow your advice.

        I am really very fortunate that my wife is very understanding.



      4. Good morning. Glad you’re doing much better. Whenever you can, please read and comment my blog on Valentines’ Day. A big hug. Arrivederci!

  3. Can I suggest you something
    Do not write your whole post in bold. It becomes difficult to read. Instead you can use headings.
    This is just a suggestion.
    I like your writings and how you discuss it in full detail.

    1. Ma’am, my grateful thanks to you for your suggestion. My writing is for readers, and if the readers want a way it is facile to them, I shall do so.

      Your comments are really inspirational.



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