When we consider ourselves

More than others

In one way or other

Truly, could be construed as a disease

Which has no medicine at all

For curing this self-inflicted disease

Who considers others as just inferior creature

And himself as superior one

In the process earning for himself

Diseases of ‘I, me and my’

Which cannot be eliminated ordinarily

In the process creating disharmony

Between the people of all hues

Man with pride is humble

Never claims to be above others

Does not impose his ideas on others

But spreads the ideas

Of compassion and non-violence

One who takes pride in his ethical actions

A person feeling pride is humble to the core

In what he does or otherwise

Even standing at the end of a queue yet

Reflects love and light for others around

Does not consider himself superior to others

With the noble ideas

Nobody is higher

Or nobody is lower

And everyone is unique in his own right

Everybody feels pride

In what one does to earn that tag

With an idea that whatever is created

By our Creator

Blades of grass

Or the superior creation

Including humans

Have distinctive importance of their own

No completion to hog lime-light

Bereft of any ill-will or conceit

Not to be-little others

With each other for keeping a balance in the Nature.

But to play a role to harmonize

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7 thoughts on “EGO & PRIDE”

  1. Ego is a disease which eats into the vitals of our existence. Pride is the trait which creates humbleness in us thus gives the trait of harmonizing with others.



    1. My heart is filled with pride when I read the Sikh history about those personages who made supreme sacrifices for others. Is not it?


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