It’s difficult to be anything tangible without desire

Firstly thoroughly going through

The nut-bolts for making the same realized

But with calm and joyous mentality

Because to be so we’ve to leave many things

Which all consider essential for our living

To be bereft of desires

We’ve to have detached attachment

Love your work but without setting limit

To be boundless, fearless and carefree atmospheric

Creating our own sphere of influence full of joy

For a positive outcome, which has to come anyhow

But without losing humility

With annihilation of ego

God glow increases

Even after stellar attainment

Thinking self as an instrument of change

But God being the architect of this change.

Attachment with the results of our action

Brings about distraction

Prevents focused attention

Because control button

Just gets lost some place unknown

When we focus more on our desires fulfillment than action.

When we do not get

What we actually want

The side-effects that we get

In the process is anger

Because getting our desire fulfilled

We consider life & death

Just leaving the idea

To try again to get something we desire

Or better still having clear cut plan

To try again

But our desire so fervent

Prevents us from focused attention

On the nut-bolts of job at hand

Rather than result of our desire

When we fail to fulfill the desire

We lose inner strength to try again

Thus our power to do notable tasks gets misplaced

Which thereafter may take us to our downfall

If we’ve control over our mind

Then if our desires are not met

Then we shall not feel bad

We become bereft of any desire

A state of becoming detached

We shall earn something very incredible

Connectivity with our Creator

Thus a concrete windfall.

Then the repression of our desires

Will prove disastrous

Can create disturbance

Thus losing our balance of mind

Thus increasing the passion of our anger.

When we are desire free

We may success or fail

Will not make any difference

Then our negativity will evaporate

And there would a return of positive mentality

With generation of unlimited energy

With love, light and feeling of empathy.


The word desire means what we want or what we wish or what we crave or craze or  long for. But when this crave or craze becomes  obsession then it is too much or too bad for us.

Importantly, it is not that we should not have any desire, we should have and we should work sincerely in achieving the same. But when this desire takes the form of obsession then it is too bad. Excessive desires and excessive expectations puts extra burden on our shoulders. This burden may be, sometimes, more than what our shoulders could handle.

It is also important to iterate that when we have excessive desires and expectations not only from others but also from our own self, when our expectations are not met then result is not a rocket science to understand. In pursuit of their fulfillment of such desires, we go all out in fructifying these desires. When these desires do not meet our expectations then we get reactive, get angry at the person concerned from whom you expect those desires to be fulfilled and some of this angry reaction is also recoiled at us individually.

This  ‘too much’ expectation or anticipation creates confusion in us to get the intended desire fulfilled creating reaction in the form of anger impacting us physically and psychologically.  Here need is to keep a complete sheath on our desires and move ahead desire free to work in free atmosphere and fearless environment.

When we desire more than what is needed for and from our offspring, then, sure enough, unforeseen problem arise. We feel let down or slighted when our expectations are not met. It is axiomatic that we should let our children grow bereft of any fear then our children will have all round development. A case in point is a student in our neighbourhood, she is studying in 8th standard. The mother wants her to score 100% for which she adopts all sorts of stratagems. Instead of having focus on the study, her focus is more on 100% marks. All this highhandedness has robbed the peace of mind along with free flow of knowledge. All these irrational methodology brings about physical and mental adverse affects on the child.

We are slave to our wishes and desires though irrational and uncalled for. This does not ensure free flow of knowledge and information thus all round development of the child is impeded.   

For example, we expect too much from our offspring and they do not come to our expectations then this too much becomes too bad. Similar is the case with expectations from our friends and well-wishers.

When we meet all the wishes of our children – more than what they actually need. This act of giving too much becomes too bad when we do not have much to give them. Then these very children curse us for not meeting their demands – unreasonable ones because by meeting their irrational demands, we’ve set a bad precedence and now we’ve to face the music the hard way.

When we give a long rope to our children and spoil their habits, this, in the long run proves counterproductive.

In life we need to have concrete desire in order to get our desires fulfilled. But this desire should not be boundless/limitless. There are  set limits under which we’ve to work. Excessive desires or desires which are only to placate our egocentric tendencies are dangerous in nature and their end result are negative effects on our physical and mental state in the form of anger and other negative repercussions.

We’ve to set our limits but not lose sight of love and joy while sincerely fructifying our desires; just boundless, just desireless, just without showcasing our prowess, free of fear, free of any coercion, free of any distraction for the fructification of task in hand. Working in this way, we shall work in an atmosphere of love and joy in the partnership of God. Anything done with the partnership with God brings about compassion for others, love for others, understanding for others thus an immense inner energy is generated which in fact is incredible for us ultimately.

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  1. When we pursue excessive wishes or desires then the end result will be worse since in order to get our wishes fructified we lose peace of mind and getting body and mind adversely affected.

    Kindly do appraise the blog and offer your comments. I love your comments and I learn inspiration from these.



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