What are the things two aspiring duo should keep in mind on dating?? (As asked)

What are the things two aspiring duo should keep in mind on dating??

Before going on dating or getting seriously involved with somebody of your choice, it is in the fitness of things to take into some contentious points which require immediate attention by the two the twosome.

First of all, it is important that both the suitors understand each other to the extent possible under different situations and conditions. Understanding means the likings, disliking, tolerance level, patience, ability to listen and appreciate other’s viewpoints then change accordingly, where it is needed without compromising self-esteem. This understanding too means adjustment with the change in situations and conditions. We should always bear in mind that it will not always be a smooth sailing when male and female are on the verge of knowing each other for establishing future relationship. This should be on the basis of give and take. One sided positive reception will not last long.

Understanding each other is essential since there are people who can defeat their pipe-dreams, but may be, these may not prove to be of any substance. Two things should not make any difference; neither the financial background of the family concerned and also the caste or religion of the suitors. Only the suitability or otherwise of the person concerned should be reckoned. Then as far as possible, compatibility too is an essential element  for consideration. It means adjusting with the situation or condition which may arise from time to time.

Each of the suitors should take into consideration whether they have come to know about each other before or it is instant familiarity which each of them want to solidify further. For this the following should be kept in mind.

  1. Start with a clean slate without any pre-conceived idea for each other. There should be sincerity of purpose at every step which should reflect positivity to both the doting duo.
  • There should be prevalence of love between them – a bond which reflects inner calmness.
  • Do the two suitors should try knowing each other to the extent possible. Not showy but should reflect innocence and honesty.
  • Each should tell about their likings and disliking of each other.
  • If any contentious points come in the way, these could be ironed out amicably.
  • Be concerned and get exercised that nothing is swept under the carpet since it may cause irreparable damage for furtherance of relationship.
  • Pay attention to each other’s sensitivities.
  • Never point out other’s drawbacks on his/her face since it may cut short the developing relationship. It should always be construed that nobody is perfect. With this premise in mind, it is in fitness of things to eliminate these drawbacks to the level under the circumstances.
  • Never be argumentative on in any event since nobody has ever won an argument but discussions can solve our differences.
  • Do not over-react on anything which may arise from time to time.
  • One important thing should also taken into account; the relatives of each suitor are important so nothing should be done to contradict each other on this.
  • We should never be the prisoners of our own thinking but also listen to our suitor too; introspect and then have positive views on each others.
  • Never let take pity on your companion since it will prove counter-productive.
  • For heaven’s sake do not show lip-service on any issue but be assertive and present your views on a variety of subjects openly but without being pompous on any issue.

Sow the seeds of compassion and you will get good returns.

Be true to yourself and your suitor, without ever over-state anything. You may be spoiling your own chances of relationship being fine-tuned for cementing. Tall-talk will always be caught and when it happens dating done cannot fructify into a healthy relationship.


  1. Harbans says:

    Before formal marriage, it is essential to know each other. For this to be reality, it is essential for them to knows each other – their habits, their temperaments, their liking and disliking, etc. Just plunging in serious relationship with knowing each other will hardly be of any value for the aspiring couple.

    I have penned down the answer to a question, by somebody. This question could be of assistance for any couple. Do appraise and comment.


  2. Great piece. The things you have mentioned in the bullet points are truly essential for building the foundation of a healthy relationship. Hope many will take notes from it.

  3. Kamran says:

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