While we believe in joint ventures

With mutual consent

We tend to go afar in all our endeavors

Where understanding others’ point of view is essential

Creating in its wake brotherly feelings

Amongst each other

Influencing our daily odd jobs

We live with utter understanding

With each others’ view

Also, living in sync with the environs

Feeling safe and confident.

When we’ve to get something unique

It is not got with ease

We’ve to pay some price

For getting it fructified

Through our sincere efforts

Spreading the message of goodness

In the society we live in

Not forgetting at all

That with harmony

We harmonize ourselves

With our surroundings

And the people we live with

Solving problem which may come

Matching and combining an individual efforts

With the efforts of others around us

Proving the concept

Union is strength

Results in coming out of water-tight compartment

Ad aloofness will surely isolate us entirely

And become impediment

To put paid to our endeavor

Together we can succeed with ease

Because it provides harmony to our activities

On the principles of malice toward none

And love towards one and all.

Having more expectations

If stretched unrealistically

Are inflated limitlessly

Saps our inner energy

In its wake will create disharmony.

Human rights are essential for us

Which empower the common people

The freedom of expression

Freedom to earn a dignified living

Freedom of justice and fairness

Only freedom obsession

But nothing about  duties of humans

Which are woefully forgotten.

Living according to Natural Laws

Removes bottle-necks and road-blocks

First of all, we’ve to have self-esteem

While respecting the esteem of others

Along with reasonable social etiquette

Ideal and rational social conduct

Which cement inter-personal relationship

Along with leading and living

A life of spiritual orientation.

Understanding others is most important

But better than this most important thing

Is first understanding our own self

Then it will make it easier

To understand others easily.

The single most enemy of harmony

Is when we consider our religion superior

To others which they follow

Without realizing that the goalpost

For all of us is One Almighty God

Paths may differ but destination is One.

Then one thing should never be forgotten

That is being judgmental

Being so, I think, is our weakness

Creating disharmony in the long run.

Living in harmony

Means living in sync of an individual

With those of people around us.


In Bhagwad Gita it has been amply made clear that when we have harmony in our thoughts, action and speech we  can create good ambience. For fructification of our efforts, it is essential to have harmony in Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This is essential not only in individual plane but also universally. Oneness, unity, equality along with equal mindedness besides resemblance in thoughts and actions could bring about understanding around the world and help solidify the bonds of brotherly feelings.

It has been empirically proven with practical experiences over a period of time that everything which happens comes with a price. We cannot get anything tangible without efforts or without burning up of our energy. Even spread of wellness or goodwill amongst our friends’ circle or in the society in which we are living. This includes spreading harmony and goodwill in the society. It means living with concord, agreeing with others when there is a crying need for it; even when we have to show some conciliatory connotation to defuse a untoward situation as stubbornness will create more problems than solve the existing ones.  For establishing synchronization of our thoughts amongst the circle of friends and well-wishers, we have to first of all change ourselves and not to be a day-tight compartment – remembering that discord creates still more problems and with concord we can solve even the intractable ones attacking them head-on in our daily lives. With malice or ill-will towards none and love towards all we live with harmony in an atmosphere of give and take.


If we see the current scenarios in various facets of our lives, we wonder what is happening around us. Everywhere we see or visit there is chaos/confusion. Everybody is in competition with other in one way or other and this includes being responsible for creating violence – a divergent situation when we resort to unrealistic and unreasonable methods to get things done in our favour. People’s expectations are inflated limitlessly. It has been observed that if their expectations are not met, then there are violence and protests galore.


Our expectations are relationship makers and relationship breakers. When we have more expectations from others, and if these expectations are belied then we have problems. We tend to lose ourselves in the bargain, want to either break relationship with the person concerned or pay that person back in the manner which we think harms that person more. This creates hurdles in furtherance of our smooth journey of life and becomes an instrument for disharmony. No expectation, no disharmony should be the buzz word.


No sane person disputes about the concept of human rights wherein stress has been for freedom of expression, freedom of earning our living without let and hindrance, freedom of movement, justice and fair-play etc. but lately, some people are obsessed with their freedom. If their rights are not met, they even resort to violence, mayhem and in many cases disturb the peace of the society by burning public properties, holding dharnas and protests etc. In our zeal to fulfill these, some of us do not think that we’ve got our HUMAN DUTIES also while pursuing our cause of HUMAN RIGHTS. If there is harmony between the two, then there would be harmony between the communities and interpersonal relationship will improve.


Natural laws are gifted to us by nature and are logically and traditionally accepted universally by virtue of human reasoning. All are bound to accept these laws as these enhance universal brotherhood and cement relationship between communities. These include moral behavior, fair and reasonable social etiquette, rational and ideal social conduct, etc. In other words the natural laws and natural rights concepts could be used alternatively. While living our life, we should live with dignity, be satisfied with what we earn with our sincere efforts while making efforts to lead a spiritual oriented life. In order to have tranquility and harmony, it is considered necessary to respect the Natural Laws with the motto maintaining self-esteem while respecting others too on the basis of ‘give and take’.     


It has been noted with concern, we want understanding others without peeing deep into ourselves and know ourselves before to know about the broader reality. While we have the first step, we can try consciously to understand others too as others are extension of ourselves only. This will help us to have harmony in our thoughts and actions.


A sane person will not be judgmental or overly critical about others; their behavior, their attitude, their way of thinking and acting etc. Having pre-conceived notion about others leads to dissonance and bad blood, and disagreement which become bone of contention between people thus creating disharmony.


Those who do not change appropriately when situation demands they face difficulty in adapting themselves in the new settings. It should be remembered that we have to change according to situation we are placed and nobody will change for ourselves since we cannot blame others if and when we lag in this aspect. We should change according to state of affairs and condition thus harmonize ourselves with everything that exists.


We all make mistakes at one time or other. Those who think themselves infallible are deceiving themselves only. I am of the opinion that a Karma Yogi or dynamic in their thoughts and actions tends to commit mistakes sometimes and those who are inertia ridden do not commit any mistake. While we accept that we are not perfectionists, we shall then forgive the mistakes of others too. This will, in the long run, create harmony between the people working in the organization.


If we lead a life of non-violence, mutual respect, with self-esteem while respecting others’ self-esteem, loving others, sincerely contributing for others’ well-being while living with dignity, being compassionate with others needs, being truthful, living a life of adaptability with others, et al. These principles are recipes for mutual harmony and fair-play.


We should always try to divide smiles, make others happy by our actions. We should laugh together rather than laughing at others, care ought to be exercised that we live happily and also let others live their own lives the way they want. Harmony thus is important for a life of equanimity and impartiality without an iota of bitterness for others.


Those who prefer simple living with the means they have earned simply with their sincere efforts do try to live in harmony with the environs in which such a person lives. His life is an open book with no complexities involved. Such a person loves to follow natural laws, respects others’ privacy without interfering in others’ sphere of influence.

Essential for harmony:-

  • Ego is the cause of disharmony. When I consider that everything is due to me and nobody else then it shows the egocentric tendency in me.
  • For universal outlook, oneness and same-minded are important for world harmony.
  • When we consider our religion superior to others, disharmony results. When we want to reach the top of the mountain (here the One God), we may take any path which hardly matters. What matters is reaching the top of the mountain. Call Him by any name in any language hardly makes any difference God, Lord, Allah, Bhagwan Ji, Akal Purakh, Creator or any other name. Therefore, all religions have the same purpose – to establish connectivity with God.
  • Never be judgmental since it shows the seeds of disharmony.
  • Excessive expectations lead to disharmony when those expectations are not met. It may be expectations from our progenies, friends or other relatives etc.
  • We want various freedoms like freedom of expression, freedom to eke out a living, freedom to live our own life without any outer interference etc. While enjoying our freedoms, we should not intrude into others’ sphere of freedoms, if we do so, it will cause disharmony.

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15 thoughts on “LIVING IN HARMONY”

  1. Harmony is both individualistic in nature and have universal in nature too. I have attempted to write the blog LIVING IN HARMONY, kindly appraise it and offer your kind comments. I love your comments and gain from these comments.



  2. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. It seems that your page is seamlessly accepting comments now. I will read calmly read and appropriately comment this nice article over the week-end. A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good Morning Dr. dAHIB.

      I always bank on you for your invaluable commentary on any topic which I pen down – AN ANOTHER EDUCATION FOR ME WHEN IT COMES FROM YOU.



  3. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. This is a good article that nonetheless brings some controversial point to the fore and I will try to honestly discuss them ( even though you or any of your loyal readers might not like some of my commentaries…Tant pis! as we say in French) I fully agree that with harmony, we humanize ourselves and that union is strength. Sadly we have to be careful with whom we hold hands as some people harbor malicious intentions when they seek our support. There are some evil-minded, materialistic people that I wouldn’t even accompany to the street corner. Moreover with the abundance of evil in this modern world of ours, there is a price to be paid for spreading the message of goodness in our daily encounters; persons with a spiritual void will target whomever stands out in the crowd for his(her) good intentions in order to eliminate the bad example.
    I agree that we must foster religious tolerance in our societies as there is only one God, with multiple names, watching all over us. I am especially glad that in the modern Indian society, there is the civic responsibility to tolerate religious diversity from the primer Minister down to the humblest of citizens. I read lately an article in “The London review of Books” where the author described the massive Dalit conversion to Buddhism in 1959, led by its leader Ambedkar, in order to avoid the Hindu oppressiveness, I know that times have changed in India; the most telling example is the widespread religious freedom the Kashmiri under Indian rule enjoy, unlike their counterparts in the Pakistani-controlled section.
    Did you watch the “Delhi crime” program in Netflix? It does show a lot of the very best (and a little of the very worst) of the modern Indian society. I especially liked the food stands in New Delhi. A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

      If we want to spread the message of wellness, we are constrained to pay some price for it because change does not happen in isolation. There are some adverse situations and conditions we have to face and solve the pestering problem in order to have harmony. If authority that be acts against a group of students while just exonerating the other group equally responsible for shady deeds. Then both the groups should face the music for misdemeanor but it is not done in actual practice – but empirically it is done so. This like events have the seeds of disharmony between the groups. Our intention is to bestow justice to both the groups and avoid taking action only on one and letting the other group scot free. For this to happen, one of us have to intervene and justice and evenhandedness prevail. Little things if allowed, create bad blood. Wherein so-ever, I can I try to pitch in – though I am not a man with any authority yet I try convincing those who can change the situation and with God’s grace, sometime I succeed and other times I do not.
      Moreover with the abundance of evil in this modern world of ours, there is a price to be paid for spreading the message of goodness in our daily encounters; persons with a spiritual void will target whomever stands out in the crowd for his(her) good intentions in order to eliminate the bad example.

      As always, your commentary on my write-up is obviously very educative and you always hit the nail on the head.

      Now that times are changing, now all the religions have a say in the governance. All chip in to choose their own representatives. The Dalits have quota of representation in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha including State Assemblies. Also, now inter caste, inter religion marriages are happening. These too have made difference. Dr. Ambedkar was the architect of Indian Constitution and made quite a difference not only to Dalits but also other castes too. There is a reservation policy in jobs and in higher courses of studies etc. which certainly have made the Dalits even better than the upper caste people like me. They are economically and otherwise better now than ever.
      ‘Delhi Crime’ that you have read tells only a part of the story. The goodness part is not reflected in this. Some people highlight more crime and bad tidings simply to enhance the readability of their books etc. This apart, those who give their views on this, are biased. Crime is not in this part of the world, it is in any part of this world of ours. Dr. Sahib, can you pin-point any part of this world which is crime-free. We can nip the crime in the bud not by killing a criminal but by eliminating the cause by which a person changes his/her orientation from good to worst one.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.


      1. Good morning and thanks again for your commentary, which I find very enlightening. however I must point out that the program “Delhi crime” is not about the delinquency of that big city, which is no more or less than any other. It is how the extremely prepared and committed officer corps of the Delhi Police Department solves that horrible rape-murder case of 2102 that shook the nation. In spite of all the legal, bureaucratic and operational hurdles, their wits and brawn found the necessary leads. It is telling that the first scene starts with a humble old constable telling his wife, who could not afford a hospital visit, that he would bring her something for her ailment when he returns home. It takes him more than three days to return as he was part of the team that labored non-stop from a Delhi police station to crack the case. When he returns to his poor dwellings, he throws some capsules on the sleeping mat to his devoted wife that has been stoically waiting for him. That is the visual essence of the tremendous civility and professionalism of the Indian Civil Service that your country is endowed with. Very poor but extremely dignified. That generalized esprit de corps began with the functionaries of the numerous Indian states, then the Mughal dominance and it continued at the British Raj. In all these years, millions of Indians have made sure that the population received basic services, offering their very best efforts. And when evne the lowliest of functionaries does something wrong and is reprimanded by his/her superiors, he/she usually shows the basic shame of a human being ready to amend the bad deed. You should witness the revolting, defiant sasiness when someone, oftentimes young and inexperienced, is caught “in fraganti” with a mistake here in the USA. They do not accept the slightest critique, even if it’s for their own good ultimately. In India you have patiently laid the foundations of a great democracy that will be an example for Mankind in the 21st century; that is something that your neighbor, China, has not achieved even with its stellar economic boom. By the way, I have the impression that your criticized, maligned upper castes have systematically worked to that end. Long live India ( I learned this slogan in the Netflix show) A big hug. Arrivederci.

      2. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        I salute your know-how. The Nirvaya case is really a bad example. At the time when this happened, it shook the conscience of all right thinking people. I knew more about this case since at that time I was serving very close to the org. which controlled law and order. This case is in fact a slur on our civilization but the law enforcement agencies and judiciary awarded exemplary on the perpetrators of this heinous crime so that such cases do not recur. It is not that cases of rape and mayhem are not happening but the intensity has reduced to some extent.



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