Good Friday is a day to reminisce

For those who’ve  firm belief

In the preaching of Lord Jesus Christ

The preaching which enriches the human race

And  makes our life sublime.

It is the  holiest of all days put together

A day which we recollect every year

When our beloved one offered himself on the cross

Without even a slightest emotional upsurge.

We term this day as Good Friday

A day of huge reckoning for the humanity

Whence our heart aches limitlessly

With sadness writ large on the faces of gentry

The ones who knowth about this Friday.

This solemn day is observed as an anniversary

Whence  Jesus Christ – the most revered one

Left his corporal body from this earth

To the abode of the Supreme Spirit

Prayers with fasting is observed on this day

On this particular day we reminisce this Friday

While purity of this day remains etched in hearts

Of all those who know that he died for us all.

In His lifetime this Messenger of Holy Spirit

Was most virtuous and compassionate for all

And overly serene whilst meeting his own end in flesh and blood

At the hands of those who did not know what they were up to

Underwent crucification and final surrender to the Lord

On this day – a solemn one.

Even then sought forgiveness for his perpetrators – the heartless ones

And the sinful ones at the helm responsible for his crucification!

With final and eternal utterance, he forgave them for their ignorance

‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’

Such words surcharged with compassion are rarest of rare

Which could only be from the heart of one who is the dearest son  

Of the Omnipotent and Omniscient One

A lesson to us humans, a most credible one

So merciful he was even to the irreligious ungodly lots

Drunk they were with power and pelf

A temporary phenomenon for us earthlings

Such empathy is a key to Christ Consciousness

Suffering for us – relentless pain with a lot of humiliation

A death so holy – indeed for our redemption

Such supreme sacrifice is an instrument of compensation

Strikes at the tender chords of our heart, so palpable realization

That the Messengers of God cannot remain in void for so long

Therefore end followed resurrection

Thus stunning the general masses at large by his revivification

Methods may different in observation

Yet the sacredness of Good Friday for ever remains

The devout kneel with utmost reference

Before the Wooden Cross kept in Churches, so holy on this day.

Thence  last words of Lord Christ are also repeated.

‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’

So that those solemn words may remain imprinted in our recollection

Thence a symbolic burial of the Lord is undertaken

For which difference could be in method

But the inner most emotions are obviously very touching.

For our beloved Jesus Christ

Who for Truth sake gave His own life form

So that we humans are absolved of our sins.

Which a true son of God can only make it happen.

Factually dark spot on the anal of history is the crucification

Thence Easter is the bright spot in the form of resurrection

Whence the Star shined with a greater vigor and manifestation

Opening new pathways for our association



Essentially, history is reveals us of several examples and  witness to the fact that various incarnations of our Creator had to endure trials and tribulations in their real life time while living on this earth. People who opposed their ideas and ideals always opposed them tooth and nail because these God’s Incarnations were the messengers of peace and their mission was to spread the ETERNAL TRUTH and remove the spectre of ignorance from our midst. The Messengers of our God also helped in removal of evil that prevailed in the society. They preached ‘Bless them that curse you.’ They presented a living example for us humans to see how best they withstood onslaughts of those who opposed the very ideals which has divergent viewpoints – departure from their pseudo and outdated beliefs.

While reforming the masses and showing them the true path, the messenger of our God Jesus Christ faced several hurdles  from those who opposed his idea. The other incarnations like  Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Prophet Mohammad faced many hurdles at every step but with their foresight and fortitude these Apostles of Peace challenged the old and hackneyed mores of behavior and came out unscathed ultimately. Surprisingly, after their earthy sojourns they were accepted as the Messengers of God by the very people who opposed them in the first instance and remain giving their respectful place even now. This is the tragedy of humans that we do not recognize our God’s Messengers/Incarnations while they were on this planet but when they are no longer with us then we take them as their revered ones and worship them for their preaching! This is a travesty of fact with our humans.

Lord Jesus Christ is one such example amongst others like Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama who gave new meaning and content to the philosophy of living. These Messengers of Peace fought for the common people and were able to rid the society of the evil doers and challenged the very philosophies of people at the helm of affairs during the periods on this earth. In that process these Sons of God had to face opposition. People who mattered suspected these God’s messengers because their ideals were counter to their (powerful opponents) own and in upholding these they (Sons of God) had to face trials and tribulations. During the life time Jesus Christ did everything to rid the then society of the evils prevalent and wanted to change the outlook of the people.

Although Jesus  Christ suffered humiliation and immense pain at the hands of his  tormentors yet he felt sympathy even for his tormentors while he agonized on the cross for us all. We should never forget that He suffered so that we are redeemed of our sins that we as humans do commit. There were disturbances and upheavals after he gave up his spirit.

Crucification of Jesus Christ gave a new meaning of life to us humans to follow. His ideals and preaching are held dear by us all and will remain so till eternity. May this Day remain etched in our memory as the day of redemption of humanity and He remains a beacon of light for all of us on this earth.

It is well said, there is always a light after the darkness. Jesus used to heal the physical ills of masses, he wanted their highest good while he was in flesh and blood like us. But the insensitive people just crucified him! This is also a fact that he had the power to escape being crucified but he did not do so. And  even in agony he said: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’ That is why He had to come back again for our happiness and for our purification. This purification is attained only when we’ve conquered our weaknesses in the form of our ego etc.

If crufication was a dark blot on those who crucified Jesus, the Easter is commemorated as a symbol of resurrection. Easter celebration has a historic perspective. It also symbolizes rebirth; a pious day that is why devotees decorate their houses, rejoice, mass prayers are conducted in Churches. It is a celebration in connection with the rising of Christ – the Son of God. Easter also opens doors for a holy association with God through Jesus Christ.

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  1. Good morning and thanks for this great post, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Yes, it is a day of humble reckoning for Christians in particular and believers in God too. I will properly read it and comment it in this upcoming long Easter recess. Happy Easter!


      All the Messengers of God had problems while they were on this Earth just to give us the lesson that even God’s own Messengers suffered then if problems visit us we should not feel let down or helpless. We should feel that there is ONE who could be banked on for delivering us from our down-slide.

      Your commentary is always a much awaited add-on.




  2. Good morning and Happy Easter, mys dearest spiritual friend across the oceans. Thank you very much for this moving and inspirational account of the Passion of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Like Lord Shiva and Lord Rama, Jesus Christ was (is) a defender of the commoners and his crucifixion was promoted by the powerful men of the times, the Roman occupiers of Palestine and their native lackeys. As you day, this is a day of recollection for us Christians that feel in the tender chords of their hearts, as you so poetically describe, the tremendous magnitude of his sacrifice for all of us. As we exchange our thoughts, I am listening to a religious scholar in a program from “Radio Mitre” of Buenos Aires who is discussing the latest theological finding that the two persons crucified on either side of Jesus might not have been common thieves after all, but two of his loyal disciples. It doe snot matter. The Bible says that one of them was crudely insulting Jesus until the other one said: “Why are you insulting this man who only did good for us?” Jesus forgave his sins right there. However we carry our personal crosses in our lifetime, let us finally reach the blessing of Our Lord.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good Morning dr. Sahib.

      God is always forgiving, we may do anything. EASTER is a day when we feel delivered but some of us humans become inhuman and perpetrate things which lowers us to the degree of sub-humans. What happened in LANKA when the commoners were celebrating EASTER. Loss of 207 precious lives in the bomb blasts and many maimed! Such is the cruelty that some of us are born with. My heart is aching for the loss of lives and that too on this day! We have lost the opportunity to b e called civilized humans.

      Thanks a lot for your well thought out commentary.

      Yet, our JESUS will always be forgiving these cruel people as He did in the past for the sins which they committed. God you are great.



      1. Good morning. my dear friend. I am extremely saddened by what happened in Shri Lanka to innocent people just for attending a religious service or eating a brunch in a restaurant. It bogles the mind to imagine that here could be this despicable kind of monsters in our planet. Maybe God Almighty can forgive them but we certainly can’t . A big hug. Arrivederci!

      2. Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

        Yes, I am really deeply saddened by this act of inhumanity perpetrated by inhuman of highest denomination. To bomb a place where God’s name is being chanted speaks volumes about the uncivilized lots within us.



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