How do I apologize to someone for disappointing them?

How do I apologize to someone for disappointing them? – (As asked by some one)

In life, we are assigned different jobs or are constrained to do some actions which are not ethically correct but your position and assigned task is such that you have to be upright and give your opinion or express yourself contrary to what your colleague or friend would expect. For instance, you are assigned by the authorities in which you are serving, the task of investigating a case against your best friend; in which case, you have to go deeper into the nuts and bolts of the case and come to the conclusion. If you find that your friend or colleague is involved directly or sometimes indirectly; there are two scenarios open to you, you either exonerate your friend (even knowing fully well with evidence that he/she is fully involved in the case in point) then you will consciously be doing an unethical and perhaps immoral task of letting go a person who should be given lesson for his/her indiscretion. I think nobody will stoop so low as to save a person (even though your own best friend). We should always take into cognizance that if we let an errant individual escape then we are setting a bad precedence and I think you should not do.

Then secondly, finding that your friend is involved, you can give your recommendations in a dispassionate manner without any bias and also can water down the case (if you wish) that your friend should not repeat the same thing thereafter and also record the statement of your friend as to not to repeat the same folly again. Having done this, your own conscious self would be chaste and clean, no ill-will or ill-feeling for your friend. If your friend still thinks that you had been bias to him/her then let him do so at his own peril. Friends who are having more expectations from us even for shoddy deals should face the music, and better be let at the mercy of their fate. This may be as a member of family, as a member of society, as a member of formal and information institutions.

You have not mentioned (not even an iota of indication) in what way you have ‘let down that person horribly’ . If the above mentioned scenarios are not relevant then if you have let-down a male or female friend of yours by not paying his/her money loaned out to you then make amends and pay him/her money with interest accrued thus and express your heartfelt apologies.

If you have robbed the modesty of your friend when that friend of yours believed you more than she/he believed herself/himself, then you are responsible for an act of ethical and immoral turpitude and should do everything at your command to offer your sincere apologies and if possible compensate that person for the indiscretions you have done. If you are not doing so, then you will be earning KARMIC DEBITS of highest proportions and you know it will boomerang on you sooner than later. But sincerity of your apologies should not be only for a show but there should be honesty of purpose too.

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4 thoughts on “How do I apologize to someone for disappointing them?”

  1. Wow…very thoughtful post Harbans.
    What I think first of all, we should be clear in our mind then only we would be able to transfer our thoughts/energy and have good discussion or apologize to the person.
    Everybody should get a second chance in life to correct their mistakes. But sometimes it becomes difficult to balance between your personal relationship with friend and your professional responsibilities. Do morally right and take your friend out of doing bad deeds.
    Nice reading the post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so very much for your invaluable comments.

      I shall read your post on KAILASH and then offer my comments. As always, your write-ups on KAILASH YATRA have something fresh knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

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