When our ego goes berserk
We tend to consider ourselves cut above others
Create situations and conditions at the throw of a hat
In its wake we sow the seeds of differences
Between ourselves and friends around us
Breaking the bond
We’ve developed with each others
Over a period of time
And we become sworn enemies of each other
Thirsting for each others’ blood, for nothing.

One controversy breeds another
Creating a heap of controversies
Generating ill-will and bad blood
Alas! Where peace becomes the first victim
Giving the affected people the sleepless nights
This process goes on and on, unending
Engulfing the societies in its ill-designs
Till such time writ of sagacity and fair-play revisits.

Politics and controversies are chums so dear
That the former becomes helpless without help of latter
More intense the controversy
More the political entity gets popularity
Controversies and politics are bed-fellows actually
For cleaning the filth of stables of politics
Cleansing the inner conscience political entity is a must.

Controversies may be religious
Or personal in nature
Robs us of positive feelings
Humility and humane touch
And becomes a cause of breaking well-knit family’s fabric
Even societies cannot remain immune to its ill-effects.

Best course is to create and generate a feeling of trust
Between humans of all hues
On the principles of give and take
With each other
Since all of us are our Creator’s creations
With no difference in any forms or manifestations.


Misunderstanding,  if allowed for a long period of time, creates a seed of suspicion in the minds of people; which gets sprouted resulting in breakage of existing relations. This sprouted seed becomes a tree after a period of time, thereby, giving fruits of negativity –thus resulting in breakdown in relationships, creation of doubts and fears and in some cases breakdown of law and order. This negativity in various forms and manifestations brings in its wake various hurdles which retard our growth and development (materially and spiritually). These misunderstanding could be at our homes, workplace or in our communities of which we are the members. What controversies could result could be construed from the bombings which happened in SRI LANKA a few days back on EASTER PURV (CELEBRATIONS) wherein many of the people were mascaraed. This inhuman and uncivilized act is really mindless. Controversy may be any, differences could be any but no civilized human could even think of committing acts like this. Celebrations were turned into unfortunate drama of death and mayhem. What a crying shame.
Then there are people who are confirmed controversial; they create and change situations and conditions suiting their own whims and fancies thus generating controversies where none exists. Such people, with negative mindset, spread negativity around them. They are the master-controversy-crofters.

Way out is to show them the mirror and give them time to mend their ways. If they still persist in their nefarious designs/ill-intentioned indulgences then avoiding them is the best course of action or taking the help of law enforcing agencies is the best solution.


The controversy means to fall prey to unnecessary hullabaloo or uproar where none exists. Creation of these controversies could tarnish our and sully our image without our fault. We are affected by the controversies internally and externally in the eyes of the society as a whole.

Way out is to not to fall prey to tall talk which may put us in unnecessary controversies for nothing.


Sometimes we enter into controversies of our own creation and other times these just happen you want these or not. We should avoid arguments if it is possible. Nobody has ever won an unnecessary argument. If we win an argument and lose a friend then such winning is of no use.

Way out is to avoid arguments as far as possible even when we have to temporarily retreat our steps.


It has been observed that where there is politics, controversies are not far to seek. In other words, we can say that politics is a fertile ground for controversies. To expect a controversy-free politics is like asking for moon on earth but a modicum of clean politics could be ensured if our political parties speak more about development of the general masses than politicize everything for personal gains.

Way out is to educating the voters to vote for those who could ensure solving their multifarious problems.


It is empirically proven fact and substantiated by life experiences, a home where there is no respect for the GRAHE LAKSHMI (house-wife), such a house cannot be termed as a sweet home since it is always embroiled into one controversy or other. Wherever women are insulted (Kupit Nari) and controversies created around them, that house cannot be termed as a home with peace and prosperity. Here there is no love and affection between the inhabitants of the house-hold. In such house-hold, there are pulls and pressures with all sorts of controversies abounding.

To make our house a sweet home, we should always give due respect to the lady of the home to create appropriate ambience for a healthy living relationship in the household.


There are times when the relationship between the couple gets drubbing because of some harmless differences. If the same are not mended within a short span of time then these snowball into unlimited proportion leading to relationship problems. It is well said, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ therefore, we should make endeavor to patch up before it is too late.

As far as possible, avoidance of situations and conditions which may create suspicion and if suspicion has arisen, it is necessary that we explain our position and come out unscathed or else these should be settled on the principles of give and take – YOU FORGET SOME AND THE OTHER PARTY TOO FORGETS HIS/HER PART then these controversies could die their natural death. Controversies are like bad dreams which ought to be forgotten, the sooner this done the better it would be for our peaceful existence.


It has been seen that where there is breakdown of confidence (Vishvas Ghaat), it become a fertile ground for controversies. We can safely imagine the condition of a home, community or a country where there is breakdown of confidence. There is mistrust and misrule.

Way out is to make sincere efforts to retrieve our confidence by our good karmic deeds and remove every shred of controversies in which we are surrounded.


Sometimes back, I remember a most unfortunate incident which took place at the work place. Many a times these controversies are created while we are not present at the workplace. When I came back after my emergency leave, I was informed by one of my colleagues that orders have been passed to divest me off an extra-responsibility assigned to me by the organization – the success of which would have a huge bearing on my future career progression and admiration which I must have garnered due to project fructification. I felt very disappointed. I wanted to ask the head of the organization the reason for taking me off the project. The head of the organization did not divulge any substantive information but tried to change the subject at hand. After analyzing the pros and cons of the episode and also after knowing from some of my colleagues who were equally concerned about my predicament, I came to know that one of my friends had misrepresented the facts and instigated the head of the organization against me and created a situation and hence avoidable controversy which had a far reaching future ramifications on my performance. As I was not present when this controversy crept up, and nobody listened my part of facts, therefore, a temporary setback though.

Many a times, we fall into controversies for which we are not responsible. If controversies are not created by us, we shall feel pain when we get embroiled in controversies unnecessary. While if an individual is responsible for an indiscretion, concerned individual will have to do all sorts of explanations. He will have to tell several lies in order to hide one lie but lie would be nailed one day and that individual would be caught.

It should be borne in mind that if we have acted righteously, truthfully, with freewill and adopting certain degree of care and caution, we shall come out of any situation come what may. Here our self-intent, content, delivery in freedom, unconditioned intention and freedom from outcomes is important. The self confidence, self knowledge or self awareness with which we deal with a situation we have put ourselves lead to quick resolution of any controversies which may arise from time to time.


It is an undisputed fact that we should handle our children with care; provide them needed protection, give the reward when it is needed but give a gentle slap on the wrist as and when required. We all know that all parents love their children but difficulty arises when we unnecessary protect them when they are at fault. Then controversies creep in as it happened the other day. It so happened that two students (Named Ram and Sham- names changed to hide their actual identities) had arguments in the school play ground on some innocuous thing. Ram told his parents about these arguments and added many things including beating by Sham (which later on were found to be wrong). The father of Ram went to Sham’s house and both the parents had a unsavory arguments which turned into a mud-slinging match and then pulling and pushing. An FIR was registered. It did not stop there, a case was then filed in the Court too! Seemingly an innocuous argument between the two students but not handled properly turned into an unnecessary controversy and subsequently bad blood between two families, wastage of time which could otherwise must have been utilized in productively.

The best way is to listen our children but we should never jump into conclusion that our children cannot be wrong.


One of the most glaring controversies are created and become the cause of differences in the societies is due to not understanding the true meaning of religion and its scriptures. This misunderstanding takes ugly turn. We saw what happened in Sri Lanka a few days back. These differences should not be allowed to fester or else our societies would be torn apart.

According to Bhagwad Gita: According to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society are created by Me. And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable.

Here Lord Krishna explains about four Varnas and division of society based on GUNA KARMA – according to the qualities and karmic deeds of an individual. Here there is no mention of Varna according to the birth of a person in the particular family. But some people with vested interests interpret it differently just to create a wedge in the society. In other words, good Karmic deeds leads to higher Varna and bad ones leads to lower Varna.


Karma or deeds good or bad actually determines the higher or lower Varnas. Another verse in Bhagwad Gita clearly explains the concept of Varnas: So, Even the distinction between castes is artificial – and karma determines what profession you’ll belong. For example, a person born in Brahmin family could prove to be a good soldier which earlier on was the task assigned to the Kshatriyas, a Kshatriya could get higher knowledge suited for a Brahmin or could prove to be a good businessman or Shudra or could transact manual jobs with felicity. These things are happening now in our real lives. But there are people who are hell vent on creating controversies where none exist.

These controversies could be created by anybody just to create misunderstanding and bad blood based on religions, castes, creed, cultures, regional based differences, language based differences, etc. When we tend to forget the true meaning and its significance is not taken care of then differences do creep in. Many a times, these self-created things are given undue credence then more contradictions and contradictions spring up causing still more differences.

It is relevant to quote my own family history. I am from a Brahmin family. My father should have been a temple priest according to the Varna our family belong. But my father was a 1ST WW veteran, a different Karmic Deed (Kshtriya) than assigned by Varna beliefs. Now as far as caste is concerned, I should have married my offspring in Brahmin families only but it is not so. One of my daughters is married in the family of Shudra and my son is married in Kshtriya family. Therefore, in actual practice, now a days caste considerations have taken a back seat. Only those who want to create controversies and difference for their selfish ends use these as a weapon for garnering their votes and thus rule over them.

It should always be remembered that our faith and belief or religious beliefs are personal in natural. These are the pathways to reach our final destination i.e. God connectivity. Pathways may be different but the destination remains the same for everybody so why create controversies where none should exist.


If it is important to clear our name then we have to make concerted efforts to prove our innocence. (It is ironical that society holds people guilty until proven innocent but some tag of blameworthiness still remains in the form of suspicion in the minds of people! Whereas the law says a person is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.) In Ramayana, Sita Mata  had to prove her innocence through Agni Pariksha and even then she was not believed. So people may still not believe our innocence even if we prove it. If the matter is not very critical or important, one could ignore the entire issue. Time will bring out the truth.

Controversies should not be allowed to persist because:-

  • Controversies, if allowed to persist take gigantic form and manifestation which may be disastrous affect on the lives of the law avoiding citizens.
  • If any controversy is created unnecessary by us, we should make sincere efforts in proving our innocence. If the other party is not agreeing then the best course of action is to; agree to disagree and that should be all.
  • Unnecessary arguments if allowed to aggravate, grow the seeds of differences which may take a dangerous turn, we should try not to enter into those arguments which have got no end in sight. We should always clarify our part, rest should rests with others’ judgment.
  • We should not be overly judgmental about anything under the sun since this will also enhance the gap between different individuals and create condition or fodder for more controversies.
  • Caste based or religion based controversies are very dangerous and should not be allowed to fester otherwise these will have ominous portents for the growth and development of human race.  

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  1. Controversies, if allowed to fester, take toll, has been proved many a times. These controversies are created on filmiest matters and create chasm between the communities.

    Do go through the write-up and comments. I love your comments and get inspiration from these.



  2. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I wrote a comment about the Easter article two days ago but I have not heard back from you yet. Sounds odd. Are you all right?

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