Whence we lose our way

In the labyrinth of own creation

Become errant

Due to one reason or other

May be intentional

Or due to odd situation

In which we are placed

At the moment presently.

This directionless deviation

Could be rectified

If we come to know about the ifs and buts of it all

Within time limit with our personal efforts

By self-analysis and self-introspection

Then thru needful personal action.

Or otherwise this directionless waywardness will become

A  pestering sore

By becoming a part of our being

And will have permanent

Impact on our psyche

And will not remain

An aberration

But will develop the symptoms

Of immense eccentricity

With an imprint of an oddity

And peculiarity

An odd behaviour

A condition

Which is in complete

At odd to our own true being

A condition

We seem strange to live with

Abnormal to our own selves

An unexpected negative turn of event

Which may tarnish our image

And affect our standing in the society

In which we are living

Thus losing ourselves in the bargain.

Need is to seek the way out

To come out from this strangeness

Of behaviour pattern

By course correction

Which takes us away from our own selves

And rediscover our own selves

On which we can lay our claim to be ours

For our own benefit.

Our aberrations are akin to a vehicle

Which has lost control of its brakes

And may take us to our doom.

We’ve to get the brakes operative

And make these fully functional.

In our lives too

We’ve to ensure

That the pinpricks of these oddities are eliminated

By our own sincere efforts

Like Saint Valmiki did a huge course correction

With his own sincere self-efforts

Thereafter transforming himself

From a plunderer of great disrepute

To a Saint of a great repute

Who penned down the great Epic Ramayana  

Which is the source of inspiration

For all those who want to refine their aberrations.



Life is what thee want it to be

With all the pulls and pressures

Which it gives thee

During the period

Thou live on this beautiful earth

Some wilt under even by a slightest pressure

Whereas others withstand huge pulls and pressures

And see these as the steppingstone

And convert the pressure felt

At the present moment

Into positive force to reckon   

To be used in unforeseeable future

Irrespective of age-group

That an individual comes.

Life has to be experienced

As per the Laws of Nature

With complete sync with the Mother Nature

As the positive ingredients

Without dissociation even a bit

With the hard facts of life

Be flexible without losing self-esteem

When flexibility is woefully needed

And acquiring a balance in opposing forces

 So as to live a life purposefully

While earning a living with sincerity

And facing the realities of life truthfully

With the idea that whatever will’ve to happen

Will happen anyhow

Whether thee want it or not

Which hardly matters the most.

If thee do not want to submit

To the hard realities of time which it brings

Then this time will teach thee a lesson

Which ye’ll never forget in thy life which remains

So better still is to reinvent thyself

And not fear to change

As per the hard facts of life

With the realisation

Not age which thou have already lived counts

But what thy mind conceives at the present movement

Counts even more above all the things put  together.

I experienced life today

 Whilst seeing small babies

Playing in a garden

Not understanding any specific language  

But know only the language of smiles

Which they transfer with each other

If we older people could also learn

The language of ‘smile’

Thence there would not be any pulls and pressures

But only the pleasure of living a life of joyful abandon

Like the babies playing in the garden.


In life, we face different problems. Who does not have problems, everybody do have these but difference is the intensity of these problems. There are the ones who run from these problems but there are the ones who face these and come out unscathed. Those who do not want to face the hard realities just give different excuses for not facing the realities. One of these excuses is the age factor without forgetting the fact that ‘you are as old as you think yourself to be’. And this resides in your mind. Even a middle-aged person could construe himself to be old but a old-man who has seen life enough could certainly would consider himself old enough to be considered as deadwood and to be consigned to nothingness.

It has rightly been said that as we think so we become. If we think that we are strong to meet any emergent contingencies, we can, by summoning up internal potentials. It has been seen that what we think and act accordingly happens in real sense of terms.

It is relevant to relate an experience which I had day before yesterday. While my grandson aged four years was enjoying his swings in a park at about 7:15 PM, he picked up a conversation with a girlchild aged about 8-9 years. I was very curious as to what sort of conversation goes between the children of that age I have mentioned. The conversation, with all the innocence in their tone and tenor went on like this; which to say the least baffled me since it could only be believed when yourself hear in person, I was the fortunate listener!

The girlchild: is he your dad (pointing her finger towards me).                                                                                                            

My grandson: No, he is my grand-pa.

My grandson asks: Why did you not bring your  mom and dad with you?

She replied: As my dad is old, so he does not accompany us since my mom has to look after him at our home.

My grandson asks: What is the age of your dad?

She replies: He is about  65 years old.

Hearing this conversation, I started thinking, if a person with 65 years of age is thinking himself as ‘old’ so as to not to move from his home then there is some problem with his thinking. His mind must have accepted that he was old enough not to move out of his home as he had gotten aged!

I could not hold back when I listened all this conversation. I approached the child and interjected in their conversation. If 65 years of age is ‘old’ then what will you call a person with 68+ years of age?  I told her clearly about my age and she was very surprised.

Thereafter, she told us to wait while she goes to her home to bring her dad and mom believing that 65 years is not the age to be termed as ‘old’ to confine oneself to home only.

There is a lesson in this innocent conversation which I wanted to share with my friends.

There are inherent fears in many which are responsible for more worries about our tomorrow rather than taking care of our today, now. By doing so, we cut short not only our joys but also our will to face life as it comes.

For enjoy present moment, following should be kept in purview:-

  • Live and enjoy the present moment as though it is the only one which is the gift of our Creator for us as the past has passed why lament and the future is highly unpredictable.
  • In Song of Gita has rightly said that whatever has happened has happened for the best and what will happen will also be for the best. By so doing, we shall be living life without much worries while enjoying the present time to the best of our abilities and belief.
  • When anything adverse happens, try to find the reasons for it and try to mend our path but if nothing is found just forget it as a dream which need to be forgotten.
  • Always keep in mind that our worries prove to be a slow poison which tends to slowly corrodes our resolve thus weakens us immeasurably. By so doing, we are becoming our own enemy. Some of us worry about petty even thus losing the gift of ‘this moment’ others fear death which certainly will visit one day to everyone who is born. All are heading toward that now or some other day as destined. Then why worry?
  • Stay calm and composed while facing an emergency taking into cognisance that worries have never solved any problem for us rather than it has compounded the same. Still or calm water runs deep should be kept in mind and noisy ones are shallow.
  • To an extent possible, challenges should be faced as these visit us but these should not distract us from the chosen path of following a spiritual orientation in our life or for realization of higher purpose of life.
  • Always remain a student; learning new things thus adding to the knowledge that already possess but utilizing the same wherever needed and not showcasing the same which exhibit our egocentric tendencies.



Together we succeed – the wisdom behind Association of Asians.

Obviously, I felt hugely fortunate and on the Seventh Heaven while I  attended the meeting of ASSOCIATION OF ASIANS CLUB in Eastleigh (UK) today from 12:30 PM onward.  It is an association providing platform for airing the views of members on a variety of subjects. I had not ever attended such an association before whose main purpose is to know each other’s perspective on a number of subjects hinging on Asian region and their implications on their overall lifestyle. This association also organizes fairs (Melas) on different occasions with an espoused aim of rendering service to the needy.

It has rightly been said that when we honour humanity, we tend to respect each of the Creator’s creations with a thought that what is made by our Almighty God has His blessings for their overall well-being. If we do not accept this truth then we are undoing what our Akalpurakh, Allah, Lord, Creator Bhagwan Ji or whatsoever we call Him hardly makes difference. Intention of this venerable association is to unite peoples of different Asian countries – from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh. Nepal and other countries and from India they were from Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, from down Southern States etc. While meeting some of the members, I found them very affable, sociable, jovial and very warm in their general behaviour. There was smile on the faces of all including the ladies who actively associated themselves. My warm salute to the organisers of this coveted club of different Asian countries.

The topics discussed in groups were about formation of Government in India after counting ends on 23rd May 2019 and  other topics of immense interest like knowing about each other’s wellbeing. It goes to show how much they were interested about what transpired in the country of their birth. I found each one of them with different nationalities aware of what was happening in their respective countries.

There was positive attitude and smiles writ large on their faces. The warmth in their handshake and smile they effused showcased everything which was there in their hearts. The heart to heart meeting produced positive ambience in the participants. Besides, the topics discussed were of intellectual significance which added our know-how about the countries in Asia. From the warmth and bonhomie which was exhibited in the association was evidently profuse and generated goodwill amongst the participants.

We not only shared our viewpoints but also shared and partook Langar together. While interacting with others, I did not find any difference at all in the participants. Though the language spoken may be different yet the conclusive gist of it all was associative, cooperative, supportive, compliant and above all two-way. The participants were united in their appreciation of unity in diversity. I pray and hope that association like this should flourish and send positive  messages to the countries of their origin. Such association helps cementing the relationship between the countries besides solidifying the bonds of brotherhood between different peoples of different countries. AMEN



Essentially,  it is in the fitness of things to look within and see what are the weaknesses you are having and try to remove those weaknesses. It is not merely you who has weaknesses, everybody in one form or other are having. No problem. How best you can remove the shortcomings that is the moot point. I too had those adjustment problems in the initial stages of my employment and I think everybody faces these in one form or other in the inception stage and then it gets adjusted.

Now about searching for new job is good idea but if the same problem of adjusting with colleagues arose then what? Humans in all form and manifestations are the same. The best thing is the improve our own self – just bettering your performance is the only course of action which surely can bring about positive results:-

  • Never ever stand on ceremony. If you want to befriend your colleagues then you have to come forward and be very open with them. Tell them your weak areas which require improvement. Certainly, they will assist you.
  • Pay respect to others to earn in return. Everybody expects respect from others. There is nothing wrong in it. Pay respect and you will get in equal measure.
  • Leave your ego at home. It should always be kept in mind that we should never show off to influence others. Anyhow, truth will come out one day and then you will have to pay back in the form of displeasure from your colleagues and even your superiors.
  • Be persuasive without being offensive. While making yourself heard, it is in the fitness of things to be very suave, persuasive with positive outlook, look forward but need be just backtrack whenever it is needed, read the faces of others for their reaction of your statement, if need be say sorry whenever required and whenever needed say ‘YES’ to their point of views.
  • Argument spoils the show. Do not ever be argumentative with your colleagues – remembering that nobody ever has won an argument. It goes on and on without any tangible results. You cannot attract others with arguments. Argument repel others from us and furthermore we are tagged as argumentative person by our colleagues which works as counterproductive in the long run.
  • Stay calm when somebody criticizes you. If the criticism is healthy, accept it as a good piece of advice and if it is unhealthy just discord it then and there without letting others know that you have done so. But one should keep in mind that nobody has ever learnt anything more from praise but everything tangible is learnt from criticism


  • Never pay lip service to others. It means you should always be true to what you think and act. It should never be for a show off in any way.
  • Be compassionate without showing off. To have empathy is always helpful towards others but it should not be bragged about to bring it to public glare. It may distract others from us.
  • Positive approach is the best bet to win the confidence of our colleagues. Winning confidence means to respect privacy of others.
  • Hide secret of others and the others will also do for you. It has been seen in the offices that people  lose confidence with each other because they do not hide secrets of each other. This acts as retarding agent in cooperation,
  • Do not participate in unnecessary gossips against your colleagues. Most of goodwill created gets lost when we resort to this unhealthy practice to win some brownie points which spoils the relationship when it is known.  
  • Suave/gentle in speech. Loudmouth people are not liked by others.
  • Do good turn to others. If you want that your colleagues should help you, it it in the fitness of things to understand how much help you render to them as this world of ours is run on the principle of give and take.


  • You have to take the initiative to get something. For getting something productive and useful, you have to go to your colleagues and not other way around. The horse has to go to the waterbody to quench its thirst and not the other way around.
  • Positive attitude pays. You have to have positive attitude in order to get some assistance from your colleagues and friends. You  cannot be rude to anyone from whom you have to get something in return. Suppose, due to some emergent conditions, you had not gone to the office and the office head has assigned different jobs while you were absent then you will have to ask your colleagues for the same. If your disposition is positive and pliable, everybody will like to assist you. Otherwise, who cares for a spoilt-brat.
  •  Cooperation and coordination is two way traffic. If you cooperate with others, others will also cooperate with you should never be forgotten.
  • Take the cues from your experienced colleagues. Aloofness or isolationist attitude does not pay in the offices. You cooperate with others and others will cooperate with you. It is a joint venture.
  • Grey areas. It should always be kept in mind that nobody is ‘perfect’ everybody commit mistakes but we should always learn from our mistakes and should not repeat mistakes. Therefore our grey areas should never be made black or bleak areas.
  • Stay positive always. There are times when we are down and out but staying positive despite our leaner period pays. Better times will always knock our doors if we have positive attitude.

Taking the above cited things in view, I am sanguine, if you are positive, reasonable, pragmatic and above all cooperative without being egocentric, you can weather any storm in the office. Soft-walking always helps while hard one may take us one step forward and two steps backwards. If I mention the experience that I gleaned from my 44 years of public life; in different capacities, I can say that those who adjust with the situations and conditions in various environs, succeed in life.

To command respect one has to pay respect first. It does not come by asking but should come through our persistence in working hard, earning friends, positive style in working, smiling disposition when meeting emergent situation and above all learning from our experiences.

We should always avoid lowering others’ reputation which may boomrang on us ultimately and spoil our relationship with our colleagues.




Life should be taken as a battlefield

As life’s ups and downs just continues

A struggle which for existence persists

In every person’s life till he lives

For the entire life put together

Up the wheel of fortune goes

Depending on the Dharma

Wherein everybody does his Karma

Righteous karma gives right fruits

whereas wrong Karma brings doom

there are people who consider life as a drama

and every individual plays their part

in various forms and manifestations

Some click

While others fail to click

But life goes on and on

Till death snatches

Our life from us

Nobody knows for sure

Where do we go

Take fresh birth

Or may go to oblivion

A life lived with sincerity of purpose

Discipline, with compassion and honesty

With a sense of integrity

Adopting fearlessly and selflessly

Thus living authentically

While traversing the pathway of life

We can cast aside doubts

While using the vast wisdom in our lives

Gleaned from the numerous scriptures

And from so many thinks and philosophers

Who contributed much for enlightenment of the civilization


Many a times, our best efforts notwithstanding, failure stares large in our face. During such contingencies, we have some alternatives. Firstly; we can put our best efforts, using the available resources, secondly; to take somebody’s help in tiding over the situation we are In and then make sincere effort after some assistance from somebody who is proficient with the task we have taken for ourselves; thirdly; to plunge deep into the task at hand without caring for the results, fourthly, to flee from the situation at hand and accept defeat without even a slight effort.  The last one is most agonizing and height of lethargy for any individual.

In our daily routines, we have our options, option of working for our advancement in life or follow a sedentary lifestyle and submit to the situation and conditions. The latter one just struggles on without proper goal/mission or final destination, without proper vision or mission, submitting to the condition without any perceptible fight. Therefore, choice is ours, which way we want to take our life, choice is ours because it is our life. Whether we want to work ourselves up or just struggle. Then during this efforts, we have the choice of listening to our higher self  or submit to our egocentric tendencies. Listening our inner self gives us leeway of knowing ourselves – our potential and our weaknesses.

Bhagwad Gita or Song of Gita  has more than 100,000 Shlokas/ over 200,000 verses is the longest poem. This sacred book could be considered as one of the most important one which could transform our life if we take lessons from its text. It is upto us what we should take in and what we should leave, choice remains with us. In other words, it could be construed as personal guide for advancement in life. It is in other words representational in nature.

it is also opined that we can exploit our inner potentials to the best possible way so as to get maximum from the effort we put in.

In Bhagwad Gits everything has got some substance: for example: Pandavas represent all the truth and virtues. Kauravas represent evil.The Chariot of Lord Krishna represent physical body.

The horses represent five senses which we should control and use them skillfully in order to get the purpose of our lives – to do what is the best to be done using our inner developed self for a greater purpose of our life for self-realization and subsequently for goal realization.

We can also learn how best to fulfill the purpose of our lives by finding and following their passions by pursing their dream fulfilment but through our inward journey to develop self by exploring and exploiting our inner potentials so as to take on outer challenges which come in our lives. To explore what is to be explored from within and then apply ourselves to it. With the use of inner potentials, we can fructify our coveted goals. It has also been said that what we want could be acquired by us through thorough application of mind. When it happens then all the elements of Nature come to our assistance to acquire goal fructification.

According to Bhagwad Gita, a Yogi performs his action (Karma) which is termed as Karma Yoga. A Karma Yoga is multi- dimentional. What is presently done counts, what happened in the past hardly should impact our present action, of course, taking into consideration the experiences we get out our work along with understanding of the topic in hand. This understanding is the details of the work in hand; what should be done, dividing the work into different parts, each part to be allotted time for fructification, focused attention to the work to be done, sincerity and staying power by conservation of our energy for doing the part of work with the best of efforts.



Everything will fall into place


On its own without doubt

When we give peace a chance

And let it do its magic work on its own

Of piecing of every act of ours together

Then effect changes into the system of ours

By eliminating negativity

In the form of ill-will

Violence, foul-play and anger

Which spoil our relationship

At our homes

With the members of our own people

Our own flesh and blood

And make our life at our homes

Congenial, worth-living, soulful

Peaceful and purposeful

With love and affection flowing

In abundance and to spare

To be shared with our friends

And well-wishers

That happens

When we give peace a chance at home

And with it we sincerely earn

Our God Almighty’s bounties.

Whence we give peace a chance

In the neighbourhood – a fair chance by any reckoning

With goodness and goodwill abounding

The inhabitants will live in peace and harmony

Sharing good and ill-omens equally

Thus generating in the process

The abundance of love for each other

A life worth living for everybody’s dream indeed.

Then give peace a chance

Between the countries

Wish that it happens

With God’s bountiful graces

Then we shall have no wars

No feeling of ill-will for each other

With brotherly feeling abounding

While living a life of spiritual inclusiveness

Thus respecting each other’s faiths and beliefs

Wish that this happens in my life-span in reality.




While living a life

Full of events

Some very interesting

And the others not so interesting

Some creating understanding

Some misunderstanding

Misunderstandings leads to nowhere

Revolving in circles

In its wake creating misgivings

A feeling of doubt or suspicion

On even the filmiest of thing

Which could otherwise be forgotten

As a silliest of thing

We would like to forget

Misgiving give fodder

Of suspicion in the relationship

Which we’ve cultivated very cautiously

Putting all our available resources and our energy.

Then a roaring deal

We ‘ve developed

Over a period of time

Gets life-time drubbing

In forward movement

Due to the roadblocks

We’ve created

By our thoughts and Karmic deeds

Playing spoil-sport to  the business deals

Leaving not even a shred of doubt

About the success of our mission

Since the moldy effect of misgiving

Has played  its part to the  maximum

Leaving no chances of recovery

As the dent created is maximum for its retrieval

Last nail to the coffin is put

When this misgiving is greased and oiled

By the vested interests

Who’re masters in the art of flattery

And who hide their real intentions

Whose real self cannot be comprehended

So easily

As they are the people

Who’ve done masters in the art of misgiving.

This misgiving could also be created

In our domestic lives

Breaking the fine-tuned

Family fabric.

While understanding is such a positive bond

Which provides us leeway to  proceed on In life

Cementing  the even the tottering  relationships

Taking care of every coma and full-stops

Which assist in firming-up the roots of family tree

Still further

Weathering all storms

Which may happen at any time

Without any warning.whatsoever

No controversy of any misunderstand

Can break the family fabric

Since the strands of the fabric

Are made of unbreakable thread.