Together we succeed – the wisdom behind Association of Asians.

Obviously, I felt hugely fortunate and on the Seventh Heaven while I  attended the meeting of ASSOCIATION OF ASIANS CLUB in Eastleigh (UK) today from 12:30 PM onward.  It is an association providing platform for airing the views of members on a variety of subjects. I had not ever attended such an association before whose main purpose is to know each other’s perspective on a number of subjects hinging on Asian region and their implications on their overall lifestyle. This association also organizes fairs (Melas) on different occasions with an espoused aim of rendering service to the needy.

It has rightly been said that when we honour humanity, we tend to respect each of the Creator’s creations with a thought that what is made by our Almighty God has His blessings for their overall well-being. If we do not accept this truth then we are undoing what our Akalpurakh, Allah, Lord, Creator Bhagwan Ji or whatsoever we call Him hardly makes difference. Intention of this venerable association is to unite peoples of different Asian countries – from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh. Nepal and other countries and from India they were from Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, from down Southern States etc. While meeting some of the members, I found them very affable, sociable, jovial and very warm in their general behaviour. There was smile on the faces of all including the ladies who actively associated themselves. My warm salute to the organisers of this coveted club of different Asian countries.

The topics discussed in groups were about formation of Government in India after counting ends on 23rd May 2019 and  other topics of immense interest like knowing about each other’s wellbeing. It goes to show how much they were interested about what transpired in the country of their birth. I found each one of them with different nationalities aware of what was happening in their respective countries.

There was positive attitude and smiles writ large on their faces. The warmth in their handshake and smile they effused showcased everything which was there in their hearts. The heart to heart meeting produced positive ambience in the participants. Besides, the topics discussed were of intellectual significance which added our know-how about the countries in Asia. From the warmth and bonhomie which was exhibited in the association was evidently profuse and generated goodwill amongst the participants.

We not only shared our viewpoints but also shared and partook Langar together. While interacting with others, I did not find any difference at all in the participants. Though the language spoken may be different yet the conclusive gist of it all was associative, cooperative, supportive, compliant and above all two-way. The participants were united in their appreciation of unity in diversity. I pray and hope that association like this should flourish and send positive  messages to the countries of their origin. Such association helps cementing the relationship between the countries besides solidifying the bonds of brotherhood between different peoples of different countries. AMEN

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    1. Thanks a lot Derrick sir. It was obviously a \god sent opportunity to exchange of views on a variety of subjects – really a learning experience. WARM REGARDS

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