Whence we lose our way

In the labyrinth of own creation

Become errant

Due to one reason or other

May be intentional

Or due to odd situation

In which we are placed

At the moment presently.

This directionless deviation

Could be rectified

If we come to know about the ifs and buts of it all

Within time limit with our personal efforts

By self-analysis and self-introspection

Then thru needful personal action.

Or otherwise this directionless waywardness will become

A  pestering sore

By becoming a part of our being

And will have permanent

Impact on our psyche

And will not remain

An aberration

But will develop the symptoms

Of immense eccentricity

With an imprint of an oddity

And peculiarity

An odd behaviour

A condition

Which is in complete

At odd to our own true being

A condition

We seem strange to live with

Abnormal to our own selves

An unexpected negative turn of event

Which may tarnish our image

And affect our standing in the society

In which we are living

Thus losing ourselves in the bargain.

Need is to seek the way out

To come out from this strangeness

Of behaviour pattern

By course correction

Which takes us away from our own selves

And rediscover our own selves

On which we can lay our claim to be ours

For our own benefit.

Our aberrations are akin to a vehicle

Which has lost control of its brakes

And may take us to our doom.

We’ve to get the brakes operative

And make these fully functional.

In our lives too

We’ve to ensure

That the pinpricks of these oddities are eliminated

By our own sincere efforts

Like Saint Valmiki did a huge course correction

With his own sincere self-efforts

Thereafter transforming himself

From a plunderer of great disrepute

To a Saint of a great repute

Who penned down the great Epic Ramayana  

Which is the source of inspiration

For all those who want to refine their aberrations.

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13 thoughts on “OUR ABERRATIONS”

  1. We tend to be wayward sometimes from which we can come out and refine ourselves for our own good. Do appraise the poem and offer your kind comments. I love your comments.



  2. Good morning and thanks for this important poem, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Yes, we all develop some kind of “little aberrations” along our lifetimes ( let us hope that never become “grand”) and we should use our clarity of mind and will power to try to correct them as much as possible. A never-ending task for honest people. It is funny but yesterday I posted a great picture of my son Giani atop the same hill where Jesus Christ preached to his disciples in Galilee (have you seen it already?) It seems that our Good Lord has some special plans for us and these are hints for us to stay in the righteous path; we must keep writing about these issues in your end and mine.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!


      Thanks a lot for your invaluable commentary on my poem. Fact remains, we all have the tendency to resort to this sort of behaviour – I for one have this and i try to remove it.

      The mention of your son’s picture atop the same hill where our Lord Jesus Christ preached is a sign of goodness for your entire family. Good mind good find always has credence.

      With warm hugs and regards


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