Bournemouth beach

Nature at its best

Does astonishing things

Drops falling on the mountains

Roll down

Form small rivulet

Take with it others too

On the way down

Its ferocity increasing

Striking against the boulder

Then passing through the planes

Taking with it the soil

And all the dirt that comes its way

Creating the salinity in the water

It produces uproar

At some places

And becomes placid

On the other places

Based on the soil it moves

It writes its own rules

No one can control its moves

Wherein so ever it wants to move

Having freedom to make its passages

Just with its unforgiving moves

Now it has turned into a huge river

By taking into its lap small streams

Making small water bodies like lakes, tanks et al on the way

Serving the living creatures variously

For their survival

Till it falls into the deep sea/ocean

Taking the water creatures with it

Including the temperature of the soil and the environs with it.

The ocean which covers almost 71% of earth surface

Possess the vast potential

For the sustenance of life

Not merely of the sea creatures

But also the humanity as a whole

As it contains the wealth of immense proportion

Of mineral products such as gold, silver, cobalt, zinc, nickel, lead

Including mineral oil etc.

Along with rich fauna and flora, corals

Ocean creatures of the deep

Such as various types of fishes such as hairy frogfish

Leafy sea-dragon, dumb octopus, vampire squid, whales, sharks,

Oysters which produces pearls from its metabolism, dolphins, shell-fish etc.

In the Hinduism too

There is the mention of churning of ocean

In order to get its wealth of huge proportion

This happened

When demons

Had won the battle against the gods

Lord Vishnu in the form of Kurma turtle

Held the mount mandra over its back

Which was used as the churning rod

Serpent Vasuki

Whose abode is lord Shiva’s neck

Acts as the churning rope

The demons wanted to pull the serpent

From the side of the mouth of serpent

Thinking that everything will come out from their side

But it resulted in throwing of poisonous fumes

From its mouth from Vasuki on to the demons

The gods’ pulled vasuki from the tail

A safe position by any reckoning

By its churning

There were a number emerging of a few things

Among them the lethal poison

Termed as the halahala

It frightened both the gods and the demons

Because of its huge potency

To save the three worlds from its legal effects

Lord Shiva took this poison

And kept it in his throat

That is why he is termed

As the Neelkantha (blue throated)

Along with it other important

Precious things too came out

Such as the pot containing

Nectar of immorality

Which the gods wanted

To have for themselves

For which lord vishnu

Played his stellar part

There came Aravat – the elephant

Kamadhinu – the cow

Divine white horse

Moon which lord adorned

Laxmi – the wealth devi

Ramba – the beauty for the heaven

Kalpabriksha – the wish fulfilling tree

Danvantri – knowledge on ayurveda

A pearl – diamond which lord vishnu adorned etc.

That is the wealth the churning resulted.

The ocean also contains in its bosom

The hidden tell-tale signs of ancient human habitations

Such as Lord Krishna’s Dwarka

Which got submerged in it

Because of swelling of sea

Due to rise in temperature

Also the accident ridden ships’ remains

Like RMS Titanic which met its doom

When it collided with an iceberg.

Then there is mysterious part of ocean

In the Western part of North Atlantic ocean

Is termed as Bermuda triangle

Or devil’s triangle

Where there are disappearances

Of aircraft and ships

Which traversed this path

But got lost without any trace.

Ocean’s waves/tides which touch the shores

Have histories wrapped in these

And also the mysteries

In its every drop which it contains

If made to speak

Will reveal much

Not only about the mystic events

Which happened since centuries

But also the histories and geographies

Of it all with it

That is the story of our mysterious sea

Which we love to see

In its various forms and manifestations. 

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10 thoughts on “OCEAN & ITS IMPORTANCE”

  1. Good morning and thanks for this nice article, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I will calmly read it and duly comment it over the week-end. Please have a look at the picture of Giani praying in Jerusalem that I posted a little time ago. A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

      Thanks a lot for your comments. I shall see the photograph of your son.


  2. Good morning and thank you very much for this interesting article about the oceans, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. We must always remember that Life came out of the sea many millions of years ago in our dear planet. If we scan the other planets, we discover that they are mostly-mineral, with little evidence of the aqueous bounty of our home. We should be more careful in our dealing with it and avoid dumping our sludge. I especially like the Hindu tale about hoe Lord Shiva swallowed the hala-hala in order to intimidate the demons to back off from him; so that is why he is called the Neelkhanta? I had heard that term before from an Indian friend who did the Residency with me in New York City when I watched a prayer at his home before a vegetarian dinner. That is a good teaching parable for the benefits and dangers of that kind of lethal weapon for the bearer. Lord Shiva did pay a physical price for holding the venom, even if it were just a mere blue discoloration of his throat. Oftentimes humans get enthusiastic about lethal weapons that can have disastrous effects in the community; as you know, we have had too many tragic attacks of educational institutions in this country due to lax gun laws.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good evening Dr. Sahib.

      From the commentary you have penned down, I can add with utmost certainty that you have had interactions with different personages from where you have gained much.

      Really impressive.

      With warm regards

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