What should be done by those who have fallen into abject poverty due to some adverse situation?


What should be done by those who have fallen into abject poverty due to some adverse situation?

Essentially, it should always be borne in mind that wheels of wealth could sometimes take us northwards but other times dismally down south. Reason for this downtrend may be any but it cannot be so sudden – portents of downtrend may be made known to us and could be due to our own undoing. It may be due to taking undue risk in the business, greed for more material wealth through wagering or betting which is hugely uncertain and speculative in nature – many of the families lose their everything because of gambling.

The example of Pandavas of the great epic Mahabharta is the case in point. Pandava brothers lost all their wealth, palaces, even themselves besides their consort Dropati too- one after another through deception of Mama Sakuni. This became bone of contention between Pandavas and Kauravas and later on became a reason for war between the two armies in which the Kauravas met their doom ultimately.

There are some adverse circumstances due to which some turn from riches to paupers. This adverse condition could be due to loss in business or may be due to being duped by our partners in business or may be loss due to untimely death of earning member in the household. Reasons may be any, but it happens in our real life. We cannot do much about these but to be prepared to face any challenge which may come for coping the situations which may visit us without any early warning.

We may have some gains by following our profession if we adopt sincere and earnest means to earn our living for our sustenance. While doing so, we have to be careful lest we fall into the trap of some unsavoury, unethical and immoral method to gain our lost ground in acquiring riches.  

If we are not able to reach to the economical position, as one was initially, despite best efforts there is no problem since that person would be able to live honourably though not so lavishly as before. We should always be thankful to God that we are enjoying good health and are satisfied with what we have. If our health is good, we can work ourselves upwards with our grit and determination at our command.

In the scenario of ups and downs in economic exigencies, we should never compare ourselves with others who are well above your financial stature but we should take ourselves in the prism of those who are below your stature then you will feel satisfied.

For a man to be satisfied with what one has, the following ought to be kept in mind:-

  • Thank God that you have the necessary wherewithal for acquiring anything which is needed in life despite being financially not as good as you were initially.
  • We should always remember that we had not brought any riches or wealth when we were born on this earth and will not be taking anything while we leave this world for good. We would be taking only the good and bad Karma during the period we live our lives on this planet.
  • It is not the outer shine due to richness or material possessions which gives mental satiety but inner peace. and this mental peace could be acquired when we are having inner peace by following a life based on spiritual orientation.
  • If you do not acquire the same economic status as before then remember that main thing in life is mental satiety which cannot be acquired through richness. There are problems which the rich people have like, maintaining the status and efforts put thereto lest any deviation could slide us from our present status and accompanying fear of loss of face due to slide down of economic condition.
  • What we earn by way of our good deeds and good means gives more mental satisfaction therefore what we earn with hard work through perseverance would be of more consequence that what we get through deception or through ulterior means would prove to be counterproductive in the long run.

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  1. Our inner resolve is tested when suddenly we fall into the trap of downtrend in our economic condition. This condition, if the reason for the same is not analysed, we may thrust ourselves deeper into the quagmire of this malice and find it difficult to come out.

    I have penned down the answer to a question. Please appraise the same and offer your kind response. I always love your responses.



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