Never tell lies
because impressions created on falsehood
get sooner erased
by the erasing ink of time
on which impressions of truth
are codified by the indelible ink
which are inherent in nature
and create huge impression
amongst people of all hues
thereby stopping us to live in the midst
of self-deceptive world
of our own creation
which is away from realism.

Never follow corrupt practices
because the position
attained by such methods
loses its lustre with time
when reaction of Karma
comes into effect
and we go full circle
falling with a thud
lower the ladder.

Never allow thy offspring
to follow bad company after knowing
since thy offspring
will become
what company thy offspring
take or do not take.

Never lower the self-esteem of others
doing so
would boomerang
with a bang
Thy self-esteem would be at huge risk
and finally go bust
leaving thee high and dry
thus tasting the ill-prepared meal of thy own
making for which thee can blame none.

Never make promises
which thee can never fulfil
because not fulfilling promises
would be a huge loss of face
and self-esteem for thee
retrieving of which would be
a gigantic task for thee
after having lost thus.

Never pay lip service
to others’ advice
which thee
may not act with sincerity
because doing so
will put thee
in the list of truants
a state which will put thee in disrepute.

Never others to express their viewpoints
since doing so
would be equivalent to
supPressing others’ inner voice
the voice which could be of use to all of us.

Never ever overlook the experiences
thee get in the past
since these could teach thee
what to be done
and what to be left out
thereby not repeating
over and over again
what has been done
earlier on
but fasten the broken thread
and succeed then.

Never lose thy temper
because when thee lose temper
thee lose thyself
be in somebody’s else control
the one who makes the lose it
with it, thee lose thy own self
and try a life
whose key is with somebody else
since this life is very uncertain
so no hitch
remain calm
under any situation.

Never let the misunderstanding
in the family to

spoil the cohesion and goodwill

for a peace and prosperity in the family

Never hurt others emotions
since upsurge in emotions
with its centre of gravity
at our very delicate heart
will stretch thee to a limit
may be of no return – sometimes
putting effected ones
in dire straits
with little chances
of return back
to original self.

Never have ego
on thy worldly possessions
name and fame
since these will not last long
‘I, me and my’ will hardly help
when thee are down and out – at last
and thy ego will be mixed with dust
from where it had originated.

Never be reactive
to any situation
in which thy find thyself placed
since reaction
brings in its wake counter-reaction
making our life
a bed of thorns.

Never have more expectations
from anyone
since when these are belied
we tend to feel very distressed.

Never pick holes in others’ pockets
since there may be many more in thy pocket as well
so, exercise care
lest thee fall into the trap
of thy own making
for heaven sake.

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5 thoughts on “NEVER DO SUCH IN LIFE……..”

  1. In our life we transact so many things. Some are good while others are not so good but there are the once which we ought not do at all. I have penned down a poem, kindly appraise and offer your kind comments. I love your comments.

    With warm regards,


  2. Wonderful! I am trying to practise all these. May God give all of us strength to follow these.
    “Never let the misunderstanding
    in the family to”.. I guess this is incomplete by mistake. Maybe you forgot to add.

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