Good people transact their jobs righteously
not living in the world of dreams
away from the realities
and when reality dawns
they retreat their foot-steps
and do course correction.

Good people follow spiritual oriented life
doing with duties assigned
with right attitude
and life with positive orientation
and securing a balance
in both failure or success.

Good people believe in the law of Karma
you get what you give others
Good Karmic deeds
leads to good outcomes
bad ones lead us astray.


Empirically speaking, it has been observed that the good people transact everything including their daily routines remaining within the ambit of natural laws and the laws of the land. They do not want to do anything which may tarnish their image in the eyes of society of which they are part. When they do everything according to the norms set by the society it goes to show that they will not take any short-cut path to earn their daily living. While doing so, they may have to face difficulties or failures many a times but they will not adopt corrupt practices in getting their work fructified.

Good people may also face jealousies from within their workplaces and even within the society besides their own people sometimes. Occasionally, it becomes difficult to get the legitimate things done due to opposition and pinpricks from many fronts. At times, the going becomes unbearably tough for a normal human being – such person becomes fed up even to get his normal things done but he has two things and most precious ones with him which give him the will to go on despite hardship. These two positive factors are self-belief and belief on Providence. These two important factors help him steer clear of any situations or in any adverse environment in which such a person is placed.

It is also a truthful that impure gold got from gold mines gets purified after going through many stages from the time it is extracted from the gold mines. Similar is the case with the individual plane. A good person gets his job done after undergoing different situations, conditions and experiences – some are good ones while others are not so good. Good people undergo different trials and tests during his sojourns in life. Their path may be littered with thorns but they weather the storms and come out unscathed ultimately.

The following are the reasons why good people face hard times and at times extremely difficult situations during their lifetime:-

1, Good persons transact their jobs remaining within the purview of laid down rules and conventions.
2. Such people should do not follow corrupt practices in order to get their things done so it takes time and sincere efforts in order to get things done.
3. They follow righteous course and practices in order to transact anything in life.
4, Such persons follow ethical and moral standpoints in their daily routines.
5. If such people fail in their efforts, they try again after getting adequate experiences from their failures.
6. Such people keep a healthy balance – both in failure and success.
7. Good people transact their Karmic deeds taking into consideration that good Karma leads to enhancement of their Karmic Credit and bad deeds Karmic Debt.
8. Good people always follow positive ways of thinking and acting.
9. The hall-mark of good people is their traits of remaining positive despite hurdles in their path.
10. Good people believe in the philosophy of living a spiritual oriented life with empathy, compassion and wellness etc. for meeting the needs of needy.
11. Good people know when to do a course correction in their daily routines.Advertisements

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  1. Good people are the ones who have sufficient patience, tolerance, work hard with sincerity as the mool mantra. Such people transact their jobs with precision and with honesty as the hallmark.

    With warm regards

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