Truth remains plain and simple
while we come out of our mother womb
we’re pure at heart
and in mind too
like 22 carat gold
even in early childhood
as the tiny tots
environs impurity
effects them not at all
their chatter so innocent
sometimes teach grown up adults
many a lesson
in courtesy
and even in decency
uttered in utter innocence.
The amazing lesson we got
during our train travel
from two small kids
of 4 – 5 years of age
had a chance sitting on the same seat
conversed with each other
their fervour to know each other
was immense and revealing truly
as though they knew each other since long
after having known the names
surprise of all surprises!

One of the kids queried the other
about the meaning of his sub-caste
the other babbled just simply
that its meaning was laced in secrecy
which only the aged need knowing!
which made us all spellbound
surprise overwhelmed the bystanders
as it was an ordinary reply
with deep meaning – so extraordinary.

Besides other pep-talks
on variety of subjects
with huge eagerness
to know each other
wish that we older members
too care to learn
one or two lessons
and adjust with each other
and live with each other
in peace and harmony
like the small kids on the same seat!
After reaching our station
the two hugged each other very warmly
a parting hug so warm
which filled our heart too with warmth
thence we wished both well
that God’s bountiful graces may always remain with them.

Sometimes we can learn much even from small children if we closely observe their behaviour and the way they interact with each other. This was proven right during our train travel. As there were no seats to sit, the two children had to be accommodated in one seat only. We had a privilege to listen to the conversation between two children aged between 4 – 5 years – one of them was my grand-son and the other one a rank stranger but a smart kid. Not only me, other fellow passengers too were surprised by the interactions between these small kids.

In our daily lives, we witness so much violence and bad blood, based on caste, creed, colour, religion, region and other petty considerations. If we follow the lives of our own children, we shall be able to learn some lesson as to how best to adjust with others bereft of any ill-will, animosity, greed, jealousy, enviousness or any other negative feeling.

Our children are our future wealth. They are our future custodians who will have to take up various responsibilities to keep the civilisation ticking. If we bring them up with right doses of righteousness, they will grow to be better human beings – those who could get accommodated with anybody under the sun without any compunction and botheration. Then no negativity can defile their innocence as they grow up. Therefore, it would be in the fitness of things to conclude that our children are our future wealth and this wealth of ours have to be tended and looked after so well that they emulate positive traits which will make their lives sublime and worth living in peace and harmony with anybody with whomsoever they may come into contact with. I pray to Almighty God to come to our succour in this endeavour.

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7 thoughts on “PURE HEARTS”

  1. Our children are our future generations. They have got innocence and in their innocence they teach us great lessons if we care to take these. I have written my personal experience while travelling in a train a few days before. I wanted to share the same. Do appraise the same and give your kind comments.



  2. Harbans,

    I am inspired by this post.

    Much can be learned from children. Our world will be a better place, if only we can emulate a slice of childlikeness.

    Thank you.

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