Whence we act in variance
To what we’re not
We tend to deceive
Not merely ourselves
But others too
Who are related to us
For lie could be nailed
Sooner than later
Thence we’ll have to face
A heavy bout of music
Sooner rather than later.

How long passing the buck will last
Because keep away from our responsibility
Will haunt us till time without end
And will have to pay a heavy price
Later on in our lives.
Feigning ignorance
Is not a solution to any problem
But it’ll make the problem still more stubborn.

Telling lies to wriggle out
From our present quandary
Rather we would be constrained
Tell thousand lies
To wriggle out of the quandary
We’ve created
For ourselves.
Talking sweet & honey
With bitterness inside our being
Will not in any case lasting
It will be spilled out
With worse results for us at last.

When situation is daunting
Face it and fight it out
Rather than seeking an escape route
Since by shutting our eyes
Will not hide the mountain
This known mountain of situation
Has to be overcome
come what may
otherwise we’ll be buried under its debris.

Our single most safety route
Thus is to know our own self
And act sincerely
Till we find deliverance
To our daunting problems
By the grace of Providence.

Thus our escape route
Is rooted in reality
To face the reality
When it visits us any time
No escape route can
Ameliorate the present situation
Only our honest & sincere efforts can help find deliverance.

We ought not seek the escape route
For the things we’ve to transact
Whether we want it or not in our life
But when question is for our eternal sleep
For this we cannot seek escape routes
Since it is the end of road for us


In our life, we remain skeptical of impending fears which remain haunting us and thus remain nurturing a hidden mental dread lest we are caught napping and get reprisal of our thoughts and actions. As an easy escape route, we sometimes tend to act over-cautiously and other times become over-reactive.

Other times, we tell lies so as to avoid challenges or avoid facing the situation which has arisen due to our lackadaisical behaviour. By this over-reaction on our part, things tend to spin out of control. This way, instead of making amends, we make matters worse for ourselves. For escaping from a diverse situation by adopting shortcuts, we tend to be swallowed up by still more piquant situations.

Essentially, how best to wriggle out of the predicament of our own creation once our act comes to light is the moot point? I opine, our firm determination/will to change is the single key factor for effecting change for the better. This may be change in our thoughts and how best to express these thoughts into tangible actions and results thereto. This positive change has to spring from our inner self without which we shall be wondering in the wanderland of our own making with no escape route for our deliverance.

It should never be forgotten that nothing happens in isolation. If change is really to be effective, we need to discord fear psychosis and make an effort for change where change is a necessity.
In our zeal to play safe, we tend to adopt bye-pass measures just to escape responsibilities and avoid taking hard decisions. It should always be kept in mind that we cannot remain immune to our ill-effects of our own creation. These will remain haunting day in and day out.

These acts of resorting to finding out escape routes could be in the following:-


In our lives, we must have seen people escape-route or in other words pass on the buck in order to avoid accountability /responsibility. In our lives, instead of being sincere in putting across our viewpoints, we tend to just beat about the bush thus making a mockery of ourselves in the eyes of others. It is not always that we can escape from this escape route, one day we would be caught and truth will come out.


It has been observed that we tend to be experts in being what we are not. This way we are putting a thin covering on our face (veneer) to hide ourselves from others. The maxim of ‘A wolf in the lamb clothing’ is most relevant. This is also to hide our true self and seem somebody else. This way, our thoughts, intentions and actions may be in variance. At times, we intentionally, we feign ignorance. Thus we are neither sincere to ourselves nor to others. When this happens, in true sense we are earning Karmic Debt for ourselves by this act of deception.


Whenever we express ourselves, we speak slowly, a false narrative of our superiority and sophistication but in actual practice it is to hide our shortcomings. In this exercise, we tend to overdo it – not to be understood or heard clearly thus creating a different impression for us. This may, sometimes, be construed as showoff or showcasing our attitude which is a negative trait.


Other times, we may speak very fast just to show that we can express yourself at a fast speed even throwing to the winds the clarity and lucidity. We are in the impression that speaking fast or loud people may think we are clear in our thoughts but in actual practice it is not. Here too we want to hide our real intention and inherent doubts which persists in us lest we are caught.


We, by nature, need somebody as defence; it may be in our dealing with others, while facing an interview board or any other important interactions. In our lives, we require somebody’s assistance in our daily routines. We must have observed some speakers holding some furniture item as they speak to work as a safety device so as to hide their discomfiture. We remain the prisoners of our own thinking rather than face the situation on our own with determination without carrying for the outcome as when our intentions are genuine nobody can pull us down.


Remaining introvert is sometimes counter-productive and may go against our interests.

In our daily life, we have to interact with others, if we remain silent, nobody will give any credence to us. Even at our work places, we have to be explicit in our assertions lest other may not take undue advantage. Suppose something adverse has happened in the office, you will have to explain which has direct implication on you, here you will have to explain your part of the details thereto otherwise you will face the adverse consequence.

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  1. In our lives we tend to seek escape routes for our impending problems. Sometimes we show ignorance, sometimes we lie, sometimes we hoodwink others, sometimes we tend to adopt other escape route for escaping from our responsibility.

    All the escape routes are the veneers which will not help us they are the smokescreens to hoodwink us rather our resilience to act will come to our help.

    Please appraise the write-up and comment. I love your comments.


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