When we are utterly confused
When there is no way out
When everywhere we see dark clouds
When we’re in the state of immobility
When we need somebody
Who could provide us mobility
And thus remove the inertia
From our midst
And help us
Acquire self-realisation
Who can this personage be
Other than our Guru.
It is the day dedicated
To the Gurus or teachers or preachers
In Sankrit the two syllables
Gu amd Ru
Gu stands for darkness or ignorance
Ru means remover of darkness which prevails
Hence Guru is the one
Who removes ignorance or darkness from our midst
Thus bestowing enlightenment
Which enlivens our life
Guru thus could be termed as a spiritual preacher
Who possess knowledge (Gyan)
Acquired with penance
Thru a lot of perseverance
Over a period of time
Guru is a true Karma Yogi
Based and got purely on the principles of Karma Yoga
Thus earned for themselves the category of evolved
And enlightened soul
The Guru transfer the knowhow
Either through Yogic postures
Of through spiritual teachings
Provide us guidance
While we are engulfed
In sorrow and discontent
By infusing spiritual longings
Along with making their disciples aware
About eternal reality or truth about God.

On this day Lord Shiva
Termed as the Adiyogi or First Guru
The first Guru of great repute
Who transferred the Mantra
To Saptarishis – the seven Rishis
Which became the seven basic forms of Yoga of a Yogi.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is most revered one

Who transformed the thoughts and actions

Of the multitudes by His preaching

His beliefs and teachings

Given in Sri Granth Sahib Ji obviously

Touch our heart, mind and soul immensely.


The Sage Ved Vyasa
Was the greatest of all Gurus
Who had penned the great epic Mahabharta
Was not only born on this day
But also started writing Brahma Sutra on this day
Recitation of which is also done on this day
That is the why
This day is also called as Vyasa Purnima too.

The Buddhists celebrate this day
And remember Lord Buddha
For his teachings.
The Jains celebrate this day
And remember Lord Mahavira
For enlightening them
With his teachings.
This festival is celebrated
On the full moon day (Purnima)
In the month of June-July (Ashadha)
On this day we offer special prayers to our Guru Ji
And thank him
For enriching our life
By making us aware about the essence of life
By whispering in our ears the Mantra
The most appropriate one
Reciting of which
Makes us turn inwards.
On this day, people celebrate this day as teacher’s day
The students thank them for removing ignorance from their midst
This helps in consolidating their bond of relationship.
On this day the students organize
Various competitions by reciting poetry and hold debates
Finally show their sincere gratitude to their teachers.

We know Acharya Chanakya
The all encompassing Guru of King Chandergupt Mauriya
The renowned author of Arthashastra
Who with his wisdom changed the rulers so tyrannical
With his philosophy and sagacity.

As the parents are the first Gurus
For the children
Because of their guidance
Thus they show their special respect
And thank them for what they have done for them
Without which they could not have moved any further

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  1. Felicitation on this auspicious day of GURU PURNIMA TO ALL. May the teachings of all Guru change all for the better.



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