Heart is the ocean of soft feelings
Where all tides of emotions
For a moment are like high tides
While other times these are very low
Low and high emotions
Emanating from our heart
May hurt the person concerned
But never others’ sensitive emotions
Since our Creator resides here
And wherein our Creator lives
There cannot be animosity
Prejudice and Anxiety
There is purity in thinking
There is purity in dealing
Where authority of truth prevails
Liars, judgementals and people with baser ideas & jealousy
Have restrictive entry
For all the negative traits really..

We are well aware that man is made up of body, mind, soul or spirit and heart. Our soul evolves with every good experience we have in life – all the activities we are performing bestow us opportunity to learn something through those experiences we garner from activities. Our body is the medium through which we perform these activities and get experiences. These are controlled by our mind and heart based purely on our thought precepts.


The soul is on a journey on this earth and provides life to our body. As long as soul resides in the body, our body has life, bereft of soul in the body, the body becomes inert, lifeless thus cannot perform any function. Thus our soul is just like fuel in a vehicle. As long as there is fuel in the vehicle, it works or else it does not run at all.


We must have experienced that we mostly are controlled by our mind; which means our senses control us. We get attracted by the outer attractions without seeing the inherent qualities. Therefore, we have more outer influences. By so doing, we live in the world of outer shows and glitters and ignore our inner potentials. By giving more credence to our mind, we tend to ignore our heart. When we have less reliance on our heart, then, sure enough, we are living in the world of our own making, a mirage which is not based on truth.

The work of our heart is reduced but our mind takes major decisions. We are controlled by our mind through our ego; based on the thinking that whatever has been happening happens due to ‘I, me’ etc. . In order to listen more to our mind, we tend to narrow the function of our heart. By narrowing the influence of our heart, we tend to narrow ourselves in knowledge and wisdom. Most of our sufferings are due to more reliance on our mind and senses resulting in physiological and psychological disorders. The overbearing influence of our senses generate stress and strain, ego-centric tendencies, greed, fear, envy, jealousy, anxieties and above all ignorance of highest order pervading. When we give more credence to our mind and senses then we may get momentary satiety but ultimately we are unsatisfied. We sleep and get some solace, eat and drink just to fulfil the need of our body, but after sometimes again we feel hungry. If it is not provided, we feel dismayed.


As we grow up, our mind gets conditioned, we become judgmental due to the influence of our parents, and other members of the society. The use of our heart starts narrowing down. This way, our egocentric tendencies start increasing. Instead of doing everything freely, we start to be restrictive or protective, we adopt clever means to get something based on our mind’s dictates, act smart to showcase ourselves to the society, rather than becoming non-judgmental, free, possess harmony, empathy or kindness toward others as per the demands of our heart.


The trait of heart is positive in nature, which include: understanding, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, assistance to the needy, kindness, empathy, sympathy, altruism, balance and harmony and above all spreading love and smiles amongst the fellow beings without discrimination. If we listen more to our heart, we tend to adopt all the good qualities and change our habits and behavior as such. The heart does not care for negative things which are of little value as far as sagacity or wisdom is concerned. Such a person remains balance in all the experiences – good or not so good. If we work according to our heart yearning, there would be joy of giving, joy of sharing and joy in doing everything. Then winning or losing will not matter at all. When winning or losing does not affect us in the least, we tend to act without attaching with the fruits of our action. Only the job would be to accomplish our task truthfully without too much reliance on the result of our Karma. There would not be any thought about what others would think about us. We shall be doing our job without any attachment to the fruits of our action – with joy abandon. This way, we shall not be having social anxieties; what others may be thinking about our thoughts and Karma based on those Karmic deeds. As a child, we used to do or think without any encumbrance or attachment. But as we age, influence of the peer group, formal and informal institutions and society in general changed our outlook thus orienting our habits and attitudes.

We must have seen the physical and mental suffering of the world at large. For these solutions are not far to seek. These are available within us only. If we delve inside us, a sea change can happen which will make us realize that we have ocean of opportunities to refine ourselves but for this to become reality, we have to work as our heart bids us to do. Since the messages originating from our hearts are pure, simple and based on truth, we can ensure our growth spiritually by following these messages. A pure desire comes to our mind whenever there is a need of this. We tend to be exercised whenever we see somebody in pain as per the bids of our heart. But when the ego-mind just jumps into the fray and stops us doing something which is good and subsequently uses its instruments of anger, jealousy, pride, coercion etc. Our mind will give thousands of reasons for not doing a good thing. Suppose when we see an accident victim, our heart tells us to render requisite assistance but the mind overcomes this thought and we tend not to render any help citing some reason for not doing so.


Essentially, we are sometimes duped by the suggestions or reasons given by the mind which takes into consideration the extraneous perspectives into consideration thus leaving our soft emotions. We’ve self motives in whatever we do and mind is the architect of these. We always behave with others in the manner so that we get maximum benefit from whatever we do or do not do. We have become selfish in everything we transact. The heart does not deal with profit or loss but with soft emotions.. It thrives on love and compassion, in sharing and caring. It tells us how best we can do good to others. Due to our policy of discarding the heart and its voice, we tend to listen more our mind.

Conclusively, if we want to be selfless with positive attitude, we have to listen more to our heart than mind. For this, we have to delve inside us. It may be difficult initially, but after some practice, it will give us joy and happiness. We have to expand our heart and contract the mind, listen more to our heart and less to our mind and its senses. Then we shall feel more relaxed, more joyful. Our body, mind and soul will work in tandem and we shall be smiling more, there would be earnest dealings with others based on give and take, forgetting and forgiving, and finally a purposeful life with the active participation of God.

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  1. If we take the assistance of heart, we shall always remain positive in our lives. Then negativity has no affect on us. Mind does not allow us to take positive course.

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