God Almighty/Akalpurakh  is very compassionate indeed
He sends His messengers to this planet

Who are filled with benevolence

And huge treasure of wisdom
With which they enlighten the general masses

And remove their ignorance
For such Gurus services to humanity is their prime motive

In the process, without carrying for their own wellbeing.

This messenger of God was born on 23 July 1656
To Sri Guru Har Rai & mother Sulakni ji
He was Eighth of Ten Sikh Gurus Jis’
Succeeding his illustrious father Sri Guru Rai Ji
Surprisingly being only of five years!

The youngest amongst all the Guru Sahibans
Being most gracious and softest at heart

Which beats for the general public.
Leaving his elder brother
Due to his collision with Mughal empire

There was an incredible incident in Gurdwara
Near Ambala at Panjokhra
A Sanskrit learnt person challenged the Guruji
To explicitly explain the Sanstrit verses from Bhagwad Gita
Lo & behold, Guruji just pointed a stick at Gangu Jheevar
An illiterate with no literacy to bank on – a total blank
Surprised everyone present
By speaking out sermons of Bhagwad Gita to the perfection.

Thence Guruji came to Delhi at Gurudwara Balaji
Where large populace came to have dharshan of Guruji
But as ill luck would have it
There was, in and around Delhi, smallpox epidemics
Guruji with his soft emotional feelings
Brimming with love for hapless populace
Took upon himself their ailment happily!

In the process became too weak to move
Refused taking any treatment for cure!
Called for five coins and a coconut for a purpose
Waved his hand three times in the air
And told that his successor be found in Bakala in Punjab
Thence he left his body at the age of seven!

He lived for others and left his mortal body for others
He advised his disciples/sangat
To respect the will of Almighty God
And praise Him and do not feel disappointed
At his untimely demise which was for hapless masses
Examples of which we find rare in the annals of history.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is built
Place of which was gifted by Raja of Rajesthan
After Sri Guruji, with his mystic power
Fulfilled Raja’s litmus test of recognizing
His queen amongst several ladies lining
Surprise of surprises, Guruji did this without even a moment losing

Where Guruji provided succor to epidemic stricken
And left for his ultimate journey
Though less in age as year count
Yet mature in sagacity which are reckoned
Bestowed by our Creator
May Guruji’s legacy continue inspiring us humans
Generations after generations.

GURU is a Sanskrit word meaning teacher or master or a preacher. One who is most proficient in religious gyan or the one who transmits wisdom to the general masses and they get influenced by such knowledge. The Guru removes darkness (shadow) or ignorance by the light of knowledge. The Spiritual Guru or self realized master,  who is powerhouse of spiritual knowledge and enlightens the people in general and makes their lives sublime, meaningful besides connecting us to our Akalpurakh/Creator/Bhagwan Ji. In other words, the Guru is a saintly person who enlightens the disciples with knowledge which is absolute and changes their lives with the enlightenment attained over a period of time with penance.

Guru Har Krishan Ji was born on 23 July 1656 at Kiratpur Sahib. He was born in Kirtpur to Krisen Devi (Mata Sulakhni) and Guru Har Rai. He was the second son of Guru Har Rai and mother Krishan Rai. The name of the first son being Ram Rai who was disinherited due to his anti-Guru Ghar activities. He was the Eighth Guru of ten Gurus of Sikhism. He was made eighth Sikh Guru on 20th October 1664 by his father Guru Har Raiji before his death. Harkrishan ji followed the principles dear to his father Guru Har Raiji. His father Guru Har Rai supported Sufi influenced Dara Shikoh rather than Suni influenced Aurangzeb.

Pandit Lal Chand challenged Guruji for Gita’s philosophy. With Guruji’s blessings an illiterate person named Chhaju Ram expounded the philosophy of G ita with ease. Due to this miracle, Pandit Lal Chand got influenced and became a true sikh.

Guru Harkrishan was of tender age of only FIVE years when he attained Guruship which is obviously a huge achievement in spirituality which very few attained taking into consideration the human history and attainments in spirituality and connectivity with Akalpurakh. These attainments helped the Guru to deliver them of their ailment.

The decision of Guru Har Rai made his elder son angry so much so that he complained to Emperior Aurangzeb about this decision. A message was consequently delivered to the young Guru to meet him (Aurangzeb). In the first instant, Guruji was reluctant to meet the emperor but finally decided to meet him at Delhi. Emperor wanted to test the acumen and wisdom of Guruji. He had two large trays; in one some precious ornaments, clothes and toys were kept and in other holy man’s cloak and other things were kept. These two trays were presented to Guru Harkrishan for choosing one of these. He chose the latter thus proving his holiness/pious credentials.

While Guru Harkrishanji was staying at Delhi, (a Gurdwara named Bangla Sahib was built where he stayed serving common masses relentlessly) at that time there spread an epidemic of smallpox and cholera due to which many died. Guruji attended these epidemic stricken people thus exposing himself to these dreaded diseases. In this way, he served the mankind without any discrimination of caste and creed and without caring for his own life – that is rarest of rare selfless service found in the annals of history.

Guru Har Rai ji passed away on 20th October 1661, thereupon, despondency engulfed amongst the disciples. But Guru Harkrishan consoled his disciples and advised them to abide by the wishes of the Almighty God. He also told his disciples to sing the praises of God and not to weep or feel despair.

Guru Harkrishan exhorted his disciples to keep virtue of patience despite adverse situation in which he was placed. He had an extraordinary ability to explain from the passages of Granth Sahib. In this way, Guru Harkrishan kept the legacy of Gurus intact. So much so he was immersed in humanitarian task that he himself was seized with high fever which turned into an attack of smallpox which resulted him to be confined to bed for many days.

While serving the suffering people from the epidemic day and night,  suddenly one day Guru Har Krishan, due to incessant assistance of the people suffering from epidemics of smallpox and cholera, he was taken ill with a fever. The fever turned out to be the beginning of an attack of smallpox symptoms, due to which he was perforce confined to bed for several days. The Guru’s tender body was deteriorated by the disease and thereafter Akalpurakh called him for fulfilling some other mission.

Guru Harkrishan Ji was 8th Guru amongs the 10 Gurus in Sikhism, GURU is the source of knowledge – the Temporal Lord. Sikh Gurus are very important for the Sikh religion. Here there is a strong relationship between Shishya (disciple) or student and master. The central belief of Sikhism is ONE GOD besides TEN GURUS which have been given in GURU GRANTH SAHIB (Sikh Holy Book) .

The following are the Ten Gurus of Sikhs:-

Guru Nanak Devji (1469-1539).

Guru Angadji (1504-52).

Guru Amardasji (1552-74).

Guru Ramdasji ( 1574-81).

Guru Arjan Devji (1581-1606).

Guru Har Gobindji (1606-45)

Guru Har Raiji (1630-61).

Guru Har Krishanji (1661-64).

Guru Teg Bahadurji (1675-1708).

Guru Gobind Singhji (1675-1708).

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  1. Harbans says:

    Heartiest felicitations to all on PRAKASH DIWAS of GURU JI HARKRISHAN DEV JI. He showed that the age has no relevance if you want to do service to the humanity.

    May His life influence us and have the same selfless life to serve the humanity.



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