First of all make thy character unwavering
Wherein thee do not waver
When adverse fate visits thee
And knocks thee down
With a single punch of fortune
On thy face.
Make thyself strong willed
To put up with anything which comes
Hard or soft
Get experienced as thy traverse
On the path chosen by thee
By application of mind and heart
Take every step with care and caution
So that every step becomes a learning experience
So that the subsequent steps are taken with full confidence
This way we can choose and change our own destiny
Working righteously with full sincerity
And thence become the master of thy destiny
And not becoming overly
Reliant on the extraneous factors which knocks us down finally.

The literal meaning of destiny is outcome of result or outcome due to our fate, fortune, etc. It is also referred to as the intervention of higher power to determine the course of actions; philosophically speaking. Destiny means inevitable fate on which we have no control in normal circumstances and event is victim of circumstances. Factually, it is a state or condition on which we humans have no control i.e. the happening of which is pre-destined or pre-determined. It mainly hinges on the circumstance and situation.

The spur for writing about destiny came about when I closely observed how a happy and prosperous family in our neighbourhood, the epitome of good Karmic deeds met their doom. The consisted of parents, one son and daughter. The son, after a lot of hard work did his M. Tech (IT) and was working as Software Engineer and the daughter was happily married. It looked as though the God is very kind to their family since they possessed everything that a family aspires for. Then suddenly the wheel of fate turned downward – the Engineer met with a tragic accident due to which he was hospitalized due to which he lost his job. The father could not bear this shock and had a heart attack and died. Now old lady is finding it difficult to male both ends meet with the paltry family pension of her husband because she has to foot the hefty bill of medicare too. Therefore, this family makes me realize that what future bodes for us is not certain. Anything any time something can happen and alter the course of our life.


It is rightly said that we are the masters of our destiny and pull up our socks, by dreaming and working sincerely in order to realise our dreams. It can, therefore, be said that we cannot keep our destiny to the whims and fancies of somebody since that somebody will not come to our rescue which crunch time comes. We can create our own destinies by working on the plans of action we have to undertake for ensuring that we get what we plan rather than leaving everything to elements. If we do not work accordingly then we shall be facing downfall. Notwithstanding the fact that there are factors which are not in our control. In other words, we have to choose our own path and tread on the same with care and caution as the situation arises.


It is essential to perform our Karma as our righteous actions are the seeds based on which our destiny is shaped, work hard for acquire knowledge for our personal growth. It should also be remembered that in our life, we have to work to realise our dreams, set goal and work on them in order to realise these. If we keep everything on luck or fate then we shall not be able to do anything in such a confusing situation. Karma is our sacred dharma and not overly be concerned about the results of our Karma. Our dreams remains empty dreams without our righteous efforts. Destiny though plays its part in this.

Then there is the question of difference between what we want to happen and what the circumstance compel us to accept. In such scenario, we are constrained to change our approach so as to give a right shape to our plan of action for better results, of course, the destiny’s part cannot be left to guesses.


First and foremost things which is essential for us all is to built our own character, a person who could be relied and could face any situation in which one is placed, get experience thus work sincerely and make his/her own destiny suiting to the person concerned. It should always remembered that a person who is steadfast in the decision, for him/her there is no fate, no destiny or fortune can put up any hindrance. Those who are pushovers, they accept what the fate throws at them and accept the same meekly.


Those who are self-realised, know their potentialities and weak areas, subsequently plug the weak areas and work ourselves up in realizing the goals we have made for ourselves. This helps us to have confidence on ourselves thus make our own destinies according to our own choice.

It should always be remembered that what is inevitable will happen since we have no control over its happening, we can at least limit its affect by preparing a contingency plan to for this purpose. The outcome is certain because here the instrument of fate has come to play an indomitable role. The instrument of this happening is due the play of mystical powers on which we humans have no control. We can term it as play of Providence or some may call it superstition or kismet (luck or fate).

Here the likelihood or probability of happening is more pronounced because of factors not in our control. We may like these happenings or not. These factors may be due to change in circumstances. These happenings may be in our favour or otherwise. For example, if an incident has to happen, the implications of which cannot be either ignored or watered down. If there is something in the wind, we can hardly change the direction of the wind come what may. We’re constrained to face the force of the wind. Now it depends on our inner potential, resilience and our spiritual intelligence which may turn the tide in our favour.
It could be construed as the Karma which depends on fortune, chance, kismet, pre-destined due to our Karmic deeds or Providence on the principle of what must happen will happen come what may.


Essentially, in normal course, our thoughts and action determine the outcome of our efforts. Also, there may be changes in the internal and external influences which may have their role in the outcome. When the adverse results happens, we term it as a result of some unknown force, the outcome of which is not in our hands. This force could be termed as fate. Adverse outcome causes mental and physical upheaval, sense of insecurity and uncertainty. Mind control ends the sense of insecurity prevailing in us. Aspiration, expectation and acceptance of self of knowledge are mental energies and power in thinking and actions helps us to tide over the situation which may help us while something adverse happens of which we have no inkling at all. With good Karma, we make our good destiny. In some cases, we succeed and in other, we may not. But fact remains, we should always remain performing our duties righteously come what may. Life is not a bed of roses should never be forgotten.


Thinking and action lead to outcome, either afresh, anew or no change or even adverse situations as they are also dependent on external forces of influences, besides the strength, quality of internal forces of influences. When adverse outcome occurs, oneself desires to fix the responsibility to unknown or known influences as fate, factors not in one’s own control.


It is well known fact that if we possess adequate knowledge to peddle our life then in that case you choose our own destiny. It could also be construed, we choose our own destiny. Destiny or fortune or fate, are the experiences in life we all go through due to inertia we feel in our life. It is also understood that unless we perform our Karma that will interfere with life’s initial flow but this could be ascertained by right guidance, knowledge and skills and could choose our destiny as we aspire to choose. Then there would be no problem in choosing the course of action we want to undertake. But we should have awareness about the right course of action.


It is a fact that whatever has happened and its implication on us has happened, we have no control over it or alter its affects on us. We all have some vision, foresight and know for sure that any action will lead to the desired results for sure for many things.


We have the power to focus or not focus on thoughts. We have the power to act or not act upon our desires. The materialisation of our desires depends on whether we have any inner conflicts or not. If desire is accompanied by fear or negative feelings then it may not get materialised. When the outcome happens (whether positive or negative) we have the power to respond positively (accept) or negatively (resist). Acceptance creates peace and happiness and resistance creates misery and suffering. So it is obvious that at every step we have the power to create our destiny.


We don’t really shape our destiny as luck is a huge factor. Success is being in the right place at the right time. Hard work and effort are important, but without luck, they are wasted. What brings about luck? Nobody knows, although many speculate.

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