While our mind function expands
We become slave to our mind
Use more of it
Thereby ignoring the heart
Thus in the process hurting our soul/spirit
Continue more reliance on mind
The mind becomes more ego-minded
For more use of mind
Limits the use of soul
In our day to day role
Having total belief on our mind
But tending to ignore our heart
Result of it all would be affected awfully
The body and mind related problems will multiply
With stress and strains skyrocketing
Adding to karmic debts kitty
By resorting to anger, deceit, lust, jealousy
End result is the end of our familial relations
Since these relationships are rooted in emotions
Relationships bereft of emotions
Creates fertile ground for fear, anxiety
Greed, lust, worries, ignorance ultimately.

Our heart and soul expand
From every positive experience we gain
Through the medium of our body
But controlled by our mind
The function of our heart is narrowed.

Ignoring our heart
Means contraction of our heart
Thereby expansion in our ego-centric tendencies
As heart is pure and pious in its functions
It is suffusing with love, forgiveness
Empathy, enlightenment, fulfilling others needs
Tolerance, patience, balance and harmony will expand.

Listening to our heart
Means we shall be think and act like a child
Playing on the playground
With other children
Liking everything which Mother Nature has bestowed us with
Then while playing like a child
We shall not be caring or judging others
We shall have a balance
We shall seek solutions from within us
We shall not be overly worried whether we are losing
Or would go overboard with happiness when winning
Our heart would be fully open to positive change
And take in anything – good or bad without remorse
Without any reservation whatsoever.
Whence we rely more on our heart
We’ve purity in our desires
Purity in thoughts, purity in our action
Will be found in abundance
Our mind gets conditioned
Due to the influence of our environment
Parents, teachers, friends and society in which we live
From being non-judgemental
Loving, giving, harmonious
We tend to protective of ourselves
We become showy, cunning, shrewd
Our expectation are increased
Our demands just are aplenty.

With our mind at the helm of affairs
We tend to measure ourselves
As competition, our loss and gains
And our gains which may put others in pains
Rather than love and empathy
In the world today
We are plaything in the sphere of ego-mind
Thus we do not understand
The pain the others undergo
Far we are solidly controlled
By our mind
Because we have contracted our heart
And expanded our ego-mind.
When we tend to accommodate our inner voice
We shall change our mindset
And with it we become masters of our emotions
The most soft feelings
With it we save our relations
And with it we purify more our soul
And thus are more near to the PARAM ATMA (Super Soul).

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One thought on “OUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL”

  1. If we remain rely more on our mind then we become persons with ego-mentality resulting in ignoring our heart and thus our soul which is the sole carrier of our body.



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