While Engulfed In Misery
Our Heart Sinks Abysmally
Our Mind Stops Functioning Normally
We Close All The Paths Leading To Sagacity
Which Is A Forward Movement Spiritually
We Identify Our Eternal Soul With Our Body And Mind
Owing To Our Attachment
With Things And Relationships So Impermanent
Such As Comforts From Materials
Our Relatives And Friends
Which Anyhow We Shall Lose One Day
Like Ocean Waves Which Has Ebbs And Flows
Like Ebbs And Flows Of Our Relationships
Which Just Vanish In The Thin Air Being Transient
But Our Soul Being Eternal And In-transient
We Never Give Much Credence
And Enrich The It By Following Righteous Course
Thus Make Our Life Sublime And With A Purpose
Full Of Enlightenment But Bereft Of Avidya – Ignorance.
While In Grief So Grievous
Its Effects Are Too Severe
One Loses The Self-Assurance
This Makes The Person Concerned
Lose The Moorings
And Fall Into Precarious Situation
When We Are Living Like Autopilot Lifestyle
With Grief And Suffering Abounding
We Evolve With The Pain Caused By That Suffering
We Get Incremental Growth
But when we live with complete awareness
We keep our heart and mind unfastened 
Thereby we receive different ideas
From different sources
Thus acquire gyan – knowledge in abundance

The word misery means a feeling of despondency, unhappiness, gloom or despair. First of all, we’ve to know the causes of misery. This calamity may be natural or man-made by design; but common result is onset of misery in. Its spread effects are really very bad for the body and soul if the our miseries are allowed  to breed – the seeds of which may produce unhealthy fruits and spoil of existence. But when we become aware of the cause of our miseries, then, these bestow us an opportunity to introspect and we grow incrementally by experiencing them.

During the time a man is in grief an individual’s confidence decelerates, no confidence means we cannot contribute, as desired, for the organization he is working or the business such person is running gets lost due to lack of proper direction. No work means no money for sustenance of the family. No money  for the family to support means the family as a unit just gets drown with the onslaught of misery.  This precarious situation in the entire family may result in stressful situation. It is a fact that during the time we are engulfed in grief our emotions are at the peak and there may be disharmony in the family thereby adversely impacting the family fabric. We must have observed how a family as a whole commits suicide; sorry to say sometimes after signing a pact,  due to the persistent assault of misery.

If experience of the saints and enlightened souls is any guide, their enlightened view  is that God approaches us in the guise of miseries. These miseries are for the evolution of an individual. All this is for the benefit of the individual concerned – just to bring back the individual to its root – to be God conscious.

In essence, when we are experience sorrow and grief the only help which we can seek is that of God. For this we have to meditate sincerely.

While we live unconsciously, an autopilot lifestyle, grief and suffering strike us and thereby we learn and evolve ourselves spiritually through the medium of pain. The pain wakes us occasionally and gives incremental growth spiritually. Contrarily, spiritual growth is pleasurable and joyful when we live with self-awareness/consciously. We experience incremental growth through various experiences. Being conscious means we keep our heart and mind open and receive different ideas from different sources thus enhance our knowledge (gyan). Living thus, we evolve ourselves.

We grieve when we do not have material possessions which others are having. This comparison disappoints us. Also, when we categorize ourselves according to others perceptions or become judgmental about others some persons or things. This attachment with persons and things puts us in immense grief. Too much of attachment disappoints us when we lose some person or a thing. Therefore, we should not grief for losing something which is impermanent. We should never forget that we have eternal Soul with impermanent body; which is the carrier of the soul. A wise man never grieves for temporary things. Water waves rise and then fall, in the same way, our body too just perishes when soul leave it. Here soul is real and the body is unreal. We grieve or become unhappy because of our ignorance or avidya.

There is a wisdom for such people to be followed in Bible. When everything is down and out: ‘Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ……

These causes may be one or multiple:-

·        Miseries are identified with the body.  It has been seen that when something happens to any part of our body, we feel as though some catastrophe has fallen on us of which we cannot do anything. It is external in nature and hence impermanent. If some cure is sought the misery could be alleviated nothing to do with intrinsic in nature which is eternal in nature and lasting/permanent.

In Holy Quran it has been mentioned: Your Lord is He that makes the ship go smoothly through the sea for you that you may seek of His Grace, for He is Most Merciful to you.  When distress seizes you at sea, you cry to nobody save Him (God), but when He brings you back safely to the land, you turn away (from Him). 

There are the people who remember God when they are in need but there are some  rich and well-up who hardly remember Him. Those who remember God in good and bad times are the true believers.

·        Miseries identified with the family. Any relationship problem in the  family; it may be the divorce between the spouses, divorce of son or daughter due to relationship problems between the spouses. This makes us unhappy.

·        Death in the family. We feel miserable when we’ve death in the family without forgetting that whosoever has come to this earth has to leave this earth one day.

·        Failure to get what we want. We feel very disappointed when we do not succeed in our efforts then we feel disappointed and after sometimes this despondency seeps into our system.

·        Get injury in an accident. When we meet with an accident, we feel pain on the part in which pain is localized. If we just introspect, we shall feel that we know the cause and effect of the pain. This attempt makes us aware of the pain and by doing so, we spread the effect of the pain. Similar is the case with our misery. Awareness makes a huge difference.

·        When we get separated from our family. I have experienced when we are constrained to be separate from our family. It may be due to our transfer to  a far flung areas or due to any other reason which is not in our control.

  • When somebody lowers our self-esteem without any reason.
  • When we face losses in business for which we have invested a huge capital.
  • When our goals are not fructified despite best efforts.
  • When our offspring fall into bad company and fall prey to immoral and unethical behavior.
  • When we are not able to control our temper due to which we lose our inner peace.

Bhagwad Gita, advises us to remember the following:-

1. The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead as the one who is born will die one day, now or after sometimes.
2. The Self within is eternal, indestructible – then why to grieve over the body which is impermanent. 
3. The body enveloping the Self is short-lived. It has a beginning and an end should never be forgotten by us humans. 
4. Beings constantly pass through the repeated stages of unmanifest, manifest and again unmanifest. So why grieve over the inevitable? 
6. The indwelling Self remains eternally the same – our job should be to do righteous Karma for enriching the soul.

We should try to see light even in dark place – there may be opportunity for opening for us.  An opportunity which could best be exploited to our advantage but for this to be reality, we have to remain awake for a positive change. When we become aware about our misery, we shall find the cause of our misery and try to assuage  the pain.

For instance, if we have pain due to some accident, just find out the part which is paining. We should massage it and see how the localised pain spreads in wider area of the body. This spreading of pain reduces the pain or eliminates the pain altogether. Similar is the case with our misery. If we analyze the cause of our misery, we can just divide it into various parts thus eliminating this misery after sometimes but while doing so, we have to be patient. In hurry we multiply our worries.

It has also been observed that we tend to overstress and overstate our miseries thereby we ignite and enhance our miseries. While we do this, we lose our true self and go off the tangent without realizing that what we are doing is essentially very dangerous for us. This realization dawns on us when the situation goes out of control from us.

If we introspect, we shall find that the pain spreads from inside even though the injury is on the outside the body. If we concentrate on the point of our pain then we can know about the pain. When we become aware of the cause and effect, we bridge the gap in pain. Then we shall realize that our pain or misery is most exaggerated.

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  1. It has been experienced that the miseries visit us to cleanse us so that we are rid off the dross which remains in us. This is possible only when we become self-aware and analyse the cause of our misery and do everything to remove those bottlenecks in order to have incremental growth. When we are self-aware, and conscious of our deeds, then we can have connectivity with our Creator. This is also by living spiritually oriented existence.

    Kindly appraise the blog and offer your kind comments. I really get inspiration from your comments.



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