When we complain…..

When we tend to complain
Evidently we showcase
We’re not in control of our senses
That is why we falter and waver
And resort to dither
From our true path
And tend to protest
On anything under the sun.
When it is hot
We complaint
When it is cold
We complaint
When our word is not honoured
Where fault lies on our door
We complain still
When we fail in our mission
Due to our lack of commitment
We complaint
When we lose our self-esteem
Due to disbelief on the policy of give and take
We complaint
When get angry on others on filmiest of grounds
We complaint
When others pay us in the same coin
When we’re not satisfied with what we possess
Without exerting even slightest
We complaint
When we do not meditate sincerely
Due to which we do not get connectivity with our Creator
We tend to complain.

The meaning of complaint is something is wrong or whatever has happened is not what we expected. If somebody uses corrosive methods or use offensive language against somebody, we complain. Then if somebody interferes into our affairs, we are perturbed and would like to get our points redressed or our grievances are addressed. We may complain.This is also a statement of fact is wrong then complaining is the real solution. Then if there are discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, race etc. then we lodge a complaint to the authorities concerned for redressal. We also complain while our views are not taken into cognizance when we rightly deserve on merit.

We must have observed how some of us whine on anything under the sun. Anything which others do or do not do come under the telescopic observation from some of our critics who complaint or giving their own expert opinion.


There are people who would complain on anything, in whatever situations they are in. If there is more cold they complain, if there is more heat, they complain. If there is rain, they complain. If there is no rain, they complain. Their unending complaints never stop. I have observed people in the parties complaining about the food despite the fact they take the same to their heart’s content! I feel sorry for such people. In great epic Mahabharta, Dharyodhana of Kaurava had the tendency to complain on anything. Seemingly, every failures he had, he held Pandvas responsible. This complaint mentality resulted in fight between Kaurvas and Pandavas where several thousand lost their lives; proving that complaint mentality could become the sole reason of our downfall ultimately.


In the offices, we have seen people complaining about the attitude towards highhandedness of their bosses without improving their own working efficacy. We should realize that if our boss criticizes our working, then we should improve. We’ve to change our proficiency and then we can expect respect for ourselves. We shall not have any complaints from anybody if we improve our efficiency.


It is not that we shall always be praised, they are times when we shall be having criticisms, complaints would also be there many a times. When somebody complaints against us, we should always see our drawbacks and try to improve ourselves. We have to make conscious effort to take complaints and honours in the same manner while making efforts to improve where we lack. But this should be done without getting perturbed. In Bhagwad Gita it is mentioned ‘Those, who are alike to friend and foe, equipoised in honor and dishonor, cold and heat, joy and sorrow, and are free from all unfavorable association; those who take praise and reproach alike, who are given to silent contemplation, content with what comes their way, without attachment to the place of residence, whose intellect is firmly fixed in Me, and who are full of devotion to Me, such persons are very dear to me.’


It is a fact that people do complain about our demeanor, we should take it with a pinch of salt and do course correction. If mistake is on our part the we should do everything under our control to set things right. Contrarily, if our conscience is clear and there seem to be nothing wrong for complaints, just make things clear. If the complainant is satisfied it is good if not then also there is no problem since there are the people to whom you cannot convince anyhow. We should adopt the sound advice given in Bhagwad Gita: ‘Alike in cold and heat, joy and sorrow’ and move on come what may. Criticism and complaints do come when we are actively pursuing a course of action and during that something happens. That should not hamper our further movement. Similarly, if somebody criticizes and complaints our way of working or our manner of worshipping which we think is good enough for God’s connectivity then we should just ignore those complaining voices and continue take recourse as hitherto followed for our spiritual journey.


When our association with morally and ethical orientation people is questioned then we should consider visiting our position and desist from having any relationship with those people then it is in the fitness of things to do something tangible to abstain from such company since we are adversely affected by the company we keep. Kusangat (Unfavourable company) tarnish our own image and sangat (favourable association) makes us sublime.

While we are performing our job, it is not that we get only appreciations, there are times, when get complaints and admonitions from our superiors and colleagues. If mistake falls in our doorstep, we should make concerted efforts to introspect and take the opposition views. Everybody cannot be wrong. We can be wrong too. Also, we should take our praise and denudation and endeavour to reach to a conciliatory approach and resolve things if there are any.


There are times when we meet people who are narrow in their viewpoints. They create negative environs or impressions wheresoever they set their foot. These are vicious people filled with malice and love toward none. They have complaint mentality. We should always remember that narrowness, narrows ourselves in every way. Broadness broadens ourselves in the society in which we are living. We have the example of crows and swans. Crows eats everything which comes its way but swans live in the clean environs of water-bodies.Advertisements

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  1. Some of us are in the habit of complaining on anything under the sun. This complaining mentality tends us to take us too far and lose much.

    Please appraise the blog and give your valuable comments/\.


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