It is in our own interest
To take care our heart
To reduce the risk of heart attacks
Essentially, we’ve to make lifestyle changes
So as to reduce the risk of heart diseases
And to eliminate the stroke chances
It should start by changing
Our way of living
Through self-management carefully
To take diet control which keeps us healthy
With less of salt, sugar, fast foods & contents so fatty
While watching our gain in weight
To avoid cholesterol and diabetes in our body
With no smoking, drinking or intake of drugs
Which impair the function of our system
Today we’ve to undertake to eat nutritious diet
With more reliance on active lifestyle
With more exercises routinely
With less ways of life so sedentary
And what not to be eaten on daily basis
Which is in sync with our system
So that heart functions to its perfection
With perfect blood pressure bereft of hypertension
By imbibing all those positive traits
Which keep us away from stress related ailments
By keeping conducive environmenst
At home and at workplaces.

Today is the WORLD HEART DAY, we’ve to take care our daily lifestyle so as to avoid heart related diseases/ We can control heart related diseases by taking care of what we eat and what not to eat including avoid taking fatty food with less salt, sugar, fats, fast foods besides avoiding all those food and other eatables which do not agree with our system.

It is also essential that we do not smoke, drinks, take drugs and other intoxicants which become cause of heart and lung related diseases.

Then we’ve to adopt patience, positive attitude, tolerance and other positive traits in our lives so that we do not fall prey to diseases blood pressure, hypertension and other stress related ailments. For this to be reality, we have to change our way of living at our homes and at our workplaces. Actually, we have to work with level-headedness, giving more credence to adopting all those traits which help us keep cool despite provocations.

Therefore, it is in the fitness to things to deduce that we’ve to adopt positive attitude despite dissensions or differences, control dietary control including avoiding all those bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eating fatty foods, fast foods etc.



Let these Nine Days wonder
Be for us, the huge game-changer
And engender peace and prosperity
With sufficiency in Wellness for all and sundry
This is the most sincerest prayer to Thee
O My Mother Divine!
The most compassionate ONE.
Nav means lasting for days nine
Ratri stands for night.
Navratri is the festival of repute so very well-known
Wherein the devotees with so much devotion
Worship the Great Deity – the Devi Bhagwati
Devotees all hues celebrate Navratri
Which is celebrated twice in a calendar year
First, it is in the March – April, as Chaitra Navratri
Thence September – November as the Shradha Navratri
This time from 29th September 2019 onwards for days nine
This festival has Durga Maa connect
The embodiment of power ‘Shakti’
Who eliminates the demons the heartless ones
Demons who kill the hapless (Sadhus) hermits
Even while performing their sacred Yajunas- rituals
They thoughtlessly defile the sacredness of Yajna fires
By throwing besmirching agents
Like flesh and filth of all kinds.
Goddess Durga in her red attires
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
With all the weapons of destruction
In her possession
To award punishment to the devils so unkind.
Legends abound about Navratri
Demon king Maheshasura worshiped Lord Shiva
The penance went on for a long period
By which Lord Shiva granted him the boon
As Lord Shiva has the trait of getting pleased very soon
With the sincerest Bhakti of the Bhakta
With simplest items like vel patra etc
Shiva was constrained to grant Maheshasura a boon of invincibility
That nobody, not even the Gods and thus have immortality
Thence thereafter he started killing innocents without fear of death
As he was having a boon of the Lord of all Lords
Then this demon with his brutal prowess
Conquered the Seven World – Lokas
Including the renowned throne of Indra
The king of Heaven (Svarga) & Gods – Devas
Termed as the God of Heavens
Responsible for war, storms and rains.
Then there was discussion between the Trinity
Along with others Gods too in their company
To defeat and kill this demon turned killer and usurper
Created Maa Shakti with their combined effort
The benevolent Mother for those who are kind to others
And killer to the brutes with a boundless powers
The Durga, the Warrior Goddess
They contributed differently in bestowing her with traits so rare.
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Which lasted for Nine Days
On 9th day She killed this wicket demon – Maheshsura.
Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over wickedness
On day NINTH which is termed as Mahanavami
Nine young girls are worshipped by the devotees
These venerated young girls’ feet are ritually washed
With fresh water and given clothes and food to eat
The sacred earthen pot (Kalsh) full of water is established
Covered with mango leaves and a coconut
At the place where we offer our prayers/meditate
On each of the nine days fasting is observed
Wherein devotees take fruits and milk products
To maintain purity of body and mind
Thus ensure purity of soul.
Personifying and signifying Nine Forms of Durga Goddesses
Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
On these days, the fold observe the fitness of the earth
By testing seed germination in the earthen pots
Devotees observe the fast for nine with rigidity
Keeping oneself chaste in thoughts and actions
During these days considered most holy
Which keep their mind and body full of purity.
There is another legend attached
King Daksha – the kind of Himalayan Kingdom
Was blessed with a daughter named Uma
A most beautiful one
With all the traits of a princess she possessed
She worshiped Lord Shiva most reverently
So that He may accept her in marriage so willingly
Having pleased Lord Shiva
She married Uma
But against the wishes of King Dhaksha.
One day King Dhaksha held a grant Yagna
With no invitation to Lord Shiva
Uma wanted to join the Yagna
And all accompanying celebrations
While Lord Shiva had his own reservations
She came to attend the Yagna
Being attended by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu
The Lords of Creation and Evolution
Besides all the deities were in the list of invitation
King Dhaksha did not like her daughter’s presence
She felt slighted at the treatment
Meted out to her in presence of all deities
In utter anger so severest
She jumps into Agni Kund (Fire grate) and thus got perished
A plausible reason why we call her Sati also
Lord Mahadeva (As Virbadhara) punished
King Dhaksha for this injustice meted out.
ON REBIRTH (As Parvati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to her parents’ house to stay for NINE DAYS
That is why we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.
Legend also it that Lord Rama
Worshiped Goddess Durega’s Nine Forms
For Nine Days with deep reverence
On day 10th Lord Rama could kill demon king Ravana
This way, 10th day is celebrated as Vijaydashami.
First three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga
In the form of child, young girl and mature woman
Representing three forms of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity
Her name is Goddess Lakshimi
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom which we acquire thru Bhakti
She is in dress, white snowy
Mounted on a white swan
The Navratri is a sign of purity in all its manifestation
Let these Nine Days be observed with great admiration
For gaining blessings from Goddess Durga.


The word NAVRATRI is made up of two syllables; NAVwhich means NINE and RATRI mean NIGHTS. Meditation/prayers and fasting are observed by devout during these nine days. A lighter refreshment of milk made products besides fruits, if taken at all, to keep light and pure in body and mind thus helping an individual to keep the body and mind pure. This also provides the devotees’ freedom from adulteration and contamination both in body and mind besides purifying still more the eternal soul along with keeping it taint-free..

Navratri is one of the most sacred festivals that the devout celebrate. It is not merely celebrated by observing some particular rituals but the devotees live a spiritually oriented life in all manifestations. The purpose is to follow the way of life which puts more stress on the subjective experience of sacred dimension. We undertake those karmic deeds during Navratri which transform some of the debit-karmic-deeds to credit-karmic-deeds which helps in personal growth and development individually and also collectively who celebrate it with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Moral and ethical values when followed sincerely could be imbibed as permanent habits to be followed in future too thus Navratri could prove to be a life-changer.

A lighter refreshment consisting of milk made product, fruits, and nuts, keeps the body light and the digestive system gets improved thus there is a spread of fragrance of Satoguna and alleviation of Tamoguna and Rajoguna traits. Freedom from contaminated thoughts purifies our mind. Thus observance of fast or vrat (also means resolve) continuously for nine days brings about the stability of our mind and helps in enhancement of our concentration. Besides these, we exercise maximum restraints in our thoughts and deeds and behave in a dignified manner by remaining within confines of decency. All these facilitate generation of the feeling of love and affection for others, enhances peace and tranquility, a feeling of compassion for others and above all a Godly feeling.


The devotees observe strict fasts during the duration of Narratri. All these traits enhance the credibility of an individual devotee who observes the fasts and also offers sincere prayers during these  days with utmost devotion. The fasts help us to purify our mind, provides lightness to our body provides us an opportunity to devotees for prayers to Goddess Durga Maa – an embodiment of SHAKTI or reservoir of energy.


Mention of Goddess Durga has been found in Vedas and Puranas. Durg was a ferocious demon and Durga, the invincible warrior who killed Durg with her immense prowess. She is the warrior Goddess since she fought evil and forces which spread death and destruction. She works for demolishing demonic forces who want to establish their writ and establish the reign of terror and mayhem amongst the society besides spreading prosperity and goodwill in general masses. She defeats mythical buffalo demon – Meheshasura who had obtained a boon of invincibility from Lord Maheshwara. She is Goddess Parvati, also termed as Durga Saptashati – the consort of Lord Shiva. With her prowess, she proved herself to be unbeatable with limitless mystical powers.

Besides observing fasts, devotees organize congregations in the form of fairs and also enact programs and cultural functions in the form of group dances and devotional songs in praise of Goddess Durga and beseech her blessings and she being such a benevolent Mother comes to their succor.


First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of Himalaya and the consort of Lord Shiva.

Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.

Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.

Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of the whole universe by the power of her laughter.

Fifth Day. Here on this day, Skandha – the main warrior of Gods’ army.

Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and with immense grace.

Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.

Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmness and exhibits immense wisdom.

Ninth Day. On a ninth day, Maan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight siddhis. In this form, she is worshiped by all.


Different festivals provide the devotees different lessons while the underlying message of all these festivals is to enlighten us humans to follow a path which helps us to have connectivity with Higher Self/Higher Intelligence, by following a spiritual oriented path through meditation, contemplation and prayers. The main purpose of celebration and observance of certain modes of behavior in such festivals is to keep ourselves chaste with our mind focused on God. The purpose is to focus on the special prayers and chants is to seek connectivity with God and dispel the thought of anxiety or disillusionment that pervades in our system. As there is purity of thoughts and actions during these festivals, there is every possibility for transformation and help in unfolding of spiritual life naturally.  


The main purpose of celebrating the religious festivals is to seek balance in our life at the altar of God while observing all immutable laws of nature and aspire for transformation and enlightenment – journeying from one festival to another one helps the devotees to learn social etiquettes, social adaptability and finally God’s connectivity.

Different states celebrate Navratri differently but the spirit of all the celebrations is similar in nature. For example, famous ‘garva dance’ is organized in the state of Gujarat and devotional songs and dance competitions are organized in West Bengal besides prayers in the specially erected and decorated pandals is a usual phone. People visit the famous temples of Vaishno Devi in Katra (in Jammu province) besides all the temples of Goddess Durga in its different forms/manifestations attract devotees in these nine days.

The main driving force of the Navratri is to purify our thoughts and deeds thereof. In these nine days devout observe strict fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga Mata – Goddess with immense power. For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently, for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all-around success.

It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.



  • Strict observance of fasts keep our digestive system in order and helps maintain our body healthy.
  • Fasts help in purifying our mind because we pray Goddess continuously for nine days/nights. It also enhances our focus on the subject we contemplate for completion.
  • Purification of body and mind means spiritually directed conscious mind thus a shift from negativity to positivity
  • Congregations in melas and group processions help the people to people contacts thus animosity, if any, gets obliterated and a feeling of fellow feeling and cooperation sprouts. Contact with each other enhances our outreach in the society.
  • Group dances and spiritual song competitions enhance competitive spirits in the youth and also help them direct their latent energies to productive use.
  • Devotees, in their zeal to show earnest desire to have total connectivity with Goddess Durgaji, offer singular devotion to Her during these auspicious days, reap the harvest of getting their problems solved and get ETERNAL PEACE  in their lives as a reward of this worship.
  • Devotees meet the needs of the needy during these NINE DAYS. My pray to all is to see to it that they meet the needs of others on all days and earn the goodwill of  DURGA MAA – who herself is the most benevolent.

My earnest prayer to the Durga Maa, the Mother Divine, a powerhouse of immense power (Shakti), to grant all the humankind peace and prosperity, thereby,  a feeling of cooperation and brotherhood between the humanity as a whole.



We’ve to bring about changes
Which are brought about In our lives
By our thoughts and karmic deeds
Which we espouse indeed
Know our own self
And experiment with the truth
The truth which may be bitter sometimes
But this ‘bitter’ truth
Gives us wisdom in the long run
By pursing what is righteous
While leaving what is wrong out righteously
When doing so honestly
We’ve not to compare ourselves with others
But have to make comparison
With our own self
And create for ourselves a template
For others to emulate
Since that template
Consists of positive attitude
With sincerity of our efforts
To succeed and let others succeed
With free environs and wisdom
As the main hallmarks
With spiritualism orientation
As forward movement
Bereft of any comparison with others
But ourselves.



Our feelings and emotions are linked to our highs and lows of our lives. When we are not accepted or loved by our own relatives and friends, we feel let down. More the nearness of our relations, the more the emotional upsurge if we are rejected. Meaning the important desire of everybody is to feel accepted and loved and understood by those who are around us. It may be at home or at workplace. We feel let down when somebody cold-shoulders us and remains insensitive to us. In fact showing indifference is worst than any insult which a person can give us. The moment we feel we are rejected, anxiety syndrome engulfs us immeasurably. This impacts us physically and psychologically.

Factually, man is a social animal and sustains on the relations for meeting his requirement as he is not perfect in meeting his needs. No man can live in this world in isolation. In the relations, it is not merely our self-regards, receiving love and affection but also our emergent needs are met by others. For instance, when we fall sick, we require to be take care for providing us medi-care or other assistance when we are not able to move. Or may be we require some monetary assistance, then we can have the help of others in order to meet our needs.

Whenever our self-esteem gets punctured, we tend to spiral downward emotionally, get frustrated.  All this impact us depending on the degree of our problem.


We as humans, can take in a lot of sufferings in the forms of diseases, death of our near ones, loss in the business, failure in our lives etc. We feel disappointed for sometimes but have to accept things and move on. This is possible only when we know how to keep balance. This balance could be acquired by traversing inside our own self. Knowing our own self. Connecting with God for thanking Him for everything that He has endowed us with. Enjoy His bounties while living a purposeful life of compassion and empathy.


All our failings in our lives could be tolerated and with time forgotten and ameliorated with our persistence and mental toughness but one thing that cannot be tolerated is our rejection by others or when somebody tells us that we are worthless and people are indifferent towards us; especially so by our close relatives and friends. The insensitivity towards us saps our energy and this let-down could spell poorly for us in the process.  


We expect it or not sometimes rejection knocks our door without asking. It could come after we are rejected for a marriage proposal, rejected for promotion despite our best efforts,  our work not appreciated despite our best efforts, or when somebody feign ignorance of our acquaintance when he/she has reached to a position of importance, when our own children do not care in our oldage (which in fact is a most degrading and humiliating rejection). When somebody does not like us despite our best efforts, then it pains us. This rejection could visit us any time. We have to be very careful about these rejections. Of all the rejections, when this rejection comes from our most dear ones then it gives us more disappointment. Everyone of us must have experience of rejection from others at one time or other. But a big shock comes when our own forsake us and reject us when we require them the most.


It is worthwhile to explore our self-worth for our self-regard. For this to be a reality, we have to work hard. It gives us joy in our lives. Know the self gives us eternal joy, a satiety we shall not exchange for anything in the world. Everything does not transpire according to our liking. Sometimes we have to face opposition too.. We have to persevere to gain something tangible which is of importance for us including our self-esteem. It is not got on the platter for us. We have to earn it.


In essence, those who have grown old and seen ups and downs in their lives do form their own image and with it the image of others too because of their dealings with others. When we interact with  others, we tend to behave and act based on the image we form the image of others in our heart. But does it happen so in true life. No it does not. People sometimes behave in a particular way we least expected and the image formed earlier gets just shattered or blurred. I am of the view that we should not give too much of credence to others’ change of image but we should ourselves remain steadfast in our conviction – remain true to our word and deed so that people believe us what we say and for what we stand for. We have not lower ourselves but soar out image to the extent possible – rejection or no rejection from others should not matter to us. Despite our best efforts for maintaining our image, if still somebody takes us for granted, then be it. No problem absolutely because we and our God knows the truth. We are not here to please others all the time. If some people reject us due to their own follies, it should not concern us much.

 Our body feels pain and pleasure but our image does not; it is merely our shadow. But we are not even the shadows of great personalities who make huge difference with their thoughts and actions. We can emulate some of their traits and make a place for ourselves. For this to be reality, we have to work hard. When we have made a niche for ourselves then rejection or no rejection by others, we consider rejection or acceptance with the same thought. We are equipoise in rejection or in acceptance. No problem when somebody takes us indifferently or shows insensitivity towards us. We know our limitations and strength. Owning or disowning by others hardly matters since we are our own masters since our GREAT MASTER is with us for sure. This happens when we start seeking our true self by traversing in the inner recesses of our heart. The Bible says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain”. And this goodness comes when we have satisfaction by meeting others needs; joy of giving, and by living in the present moment with total belief in ourselves and on our Creator. Herein lies the strength of our character, no matter the ups and downs of lives.



On the face of it all, we’ve become dependent on plastics hugely
May it be plastic bags for use routinely
To use it as a carrier of groceries
And odd things for domestic use
But misfortune dawns after these bags become useless
And are just thrown out without even a second thought
To let it clog the sewerage pipes
And other smooth carriers of household and industrial wastes
And become cause of floods
When rain water does not find its outlet/exit.
May it be water-bottles
These are used and thrown heartlessly
After water is taken
Without even a thought of a moment
The same process repeated.
May it be water-pipes
To carry water from the water source
To the end users
But when these become unserviceable
Through fair, wear and tear
Are either cut to small-pieces
Or recycled for reuse
Or incinerated in the furnace
Or find its place in inland domain
Or thrown in the deep sea affecting the creatures of ocean.
May it be medicine bottles
Containing medicine – even life-saving ones
Or insecticides to be sprinkled on the plants
For saving these from insects
Which adversely impacts agri-produce
But what is the fate of the bottles
After the use has been finally completed
It meets the same fate
As the other plastic items after its use
These are thrown in the water-bodies
Rivers and oceans
Becoming the cause of deaths
Of marine creatures
Of fish, turtles, frogs, and other mammals big and small
Even the sea-gulls and earth birds are not immune from its ill-effects.
May it be fishing nets
After these become non-functional
These’re thrown in the ocean
Which results in the deaths of sea creatures
After they get entangled in these
May it be toys for kids
After these become dysfunctional
Are cut into pieces and recycled
Or big furnace used for these to be incinerated
Resulting in effusing of gases so harmful
For all the living creatures.
May it be combs used for hair combing
After it loses its utility
It is just thrown out in the dustbin
To be thrown out to rot and vanish
But it does not
As it does not degenerate completely
May it be for chairs to sit for sitting comfortably
The same fate results for these too
These are recycled
Or incinerated
Or thrown in water-bodies
And let it perform their ill-effects.
May it be TVs or PCs
After their use
These too meet the same fate
Till these are thrown somewhere
Ending in impacting the ecosystem
May it be boots soles
After use these are thrown outside
Having the same impact
As other used plastic products
Use and thrown to the mercy of elements
Adversely impacting our lives immeasurably
And with it the Mother Nature
By effusing harmful gases and raising the temperature.

If we’ve have to live bereft of aftereffects of used plastic products
And find ways and means to minimize the adverse affects
In the form of gases so poisonous for living beings
Not that we can do much without plastic products presently
But we’ve to walk tightrope while using the //plastic products
And take care that after these become useless
We don’t throw these  useless products to the elements
And spoil the Nature’s balance, lest the use and throw becomes a cause of our downfall.



In essence, the excessive use of plastic made materials is essential because presently we cannot just have plastic free life totally but it is important that after using the plastic made products, we should not throw these away just impacting our daily lives. The spur for writing this topical essay is due to ongoing flooding in different parts of the country – even the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and other prominent cities are not safe from the flood fury. We are aware that the free-flow of flood water is retarded because of clogging of sewerage system with plastic wastes in the form of water bottles, grocery bags etc. I felt hugely pleased when our Prime Minister Mr. Narindra Modi emphasized from the rampart of Red Fort in New Delhi on 15th August 2019 on the occasion of Independence Day speech that plastic bags, water bottles etc. should not be used for sake our ecosystem thus save the environment from being spoiled.

Presently, the use of plastic materials have made inroads in our lives in a big way. It may be use of plastic medical equipments and containers of medicines, plastic toys for the kids, water bottles including the varieties of parts useable plastic pipes used for conveyance of water, plastic containers used for kerosene, edible oils etc. In other words, it could be said that our life has become hugely dependent on the plastic manufactured goods. Primarily, the usage of the plastic material is good but when these used plastic goods become old and frayed that is when these are no longer be used because of fair, wear and tear then the problem come as to how to get rid of these.

We are also aware that we sell the used plastic products to the hawkers who sell these to the plastic industries who re-cycle these plastic products. Problem does not end there, while melting in the furnace, there is emission of harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases which are harming the environs/ecosystem hugely.

Then incineration or burning of the waste plastic products  could also be made but here too the emission of harmful gases results which because a cause for spoiling the atmosphere – causing diseases like sex hormonal affects and also adversely impacting the immune system.

The waste plastic material such as used medical products including left out waste products from the pesticides could also be put in the dug-up pits or landfills but doing so will also be harmful for the ground water since it will this too will harm the ground water with disastrous consequences. If the ground water is polluted, the adverse effects on our health is easily to be understood.  The lead and other harmful contents in the ground water  becomes a cause of a variety of diseases.

Then the use of excessive plastic bags for groceries, water bottles, kids toys as waste plastic products (in micro-debris and macro-debris) and unfortunately thrown in the water bodies could affect the water bodies adversely affecting the water creatures like fish, turtles, frogs, and other microbes in the water bodies. The rivers could take these harmful wasteful plastic materials to the sea and the current of the sea could spread these in far and wide.

It is unfortunate that we just use the plastics products and just discard these haphazardly which adversely affect the environments based on the constituents of which these are made of. These contaminate not only the water but also the upper environment when these plastic materials come into contact with the natural elements such as rain, sun etc. these release chemicals. Till these plastic contents are decomposed, these remain causing adverse affects.


Plastic wastes in high densities are found in water bodies and its high concertinos found off the coast of some of the islands because the water currents carry these plastic wastes. The plastic debris are water bottles, waste plastic made materials such as toys, plastic bags used for throwing household litters. In other words these could be microdebris  – pieces measure between 2 mm to 5 mm in size and in some cases it is very small which could be ingested by the sea or land based creatures causing physical ill-effects. Some of the microdebris are so small that these are consumed by the animals. Some of the countries throw these plastic wastes into the sea cause plastic pollution. Worse still is the adverse affects of pesticides, the containers made of plastic are just thrown in the water bodies and you can fathom the affects of these poisonous contents.

It is in the fitness of things that the waste products adversely affect the marine lives severely in the oceans. Then the containers containing pesticides and other pollutants are thrown in the lakes, water bodies and seas. Needless to say, these are dangerous for the marine creatures hugely. Some of these products in very miniscule quantity could be ingested by the sea creatures resulting in their deaths. Then the wastes from the used fishing nets and thrown in the water bodies and sea become the cause of the entanglement of marine creatures resulting in their deaths.

Then we are all aware of the used water bottles, grocery bags and also other waste products in the sewerage outlets results in stoppage of waste products from our households or from our industries.

The production of plastic could potentially be harmful for the body particularly promote endocrine disruption with continuous exposure to chemicals. Intake of plastic intake could be through nose, mouth and skin, of course, its effects depends on the age and health condition depending on the degree of exposure and period of such exposure..


It has been observed that indiscriminate use of plastic objects consisting of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic made varieties of toys and other material causes pollution because after their use people throw these things outside their homes. As these plastic objects are resistant to degradation because of their chemical structure so easily these cause pollution thus becomes cause for adversely impacting the ecosystem. It is unfortunate that multi-million tons of plastic has been produced around the world for use in variety of ways but after their use, these are just thrown either in the water bodies and some of it incenerated still resulting in pollution which becomes cause of diseases.


Biodiversity is variability of life on the earth though it is not evenly spread on the earth and covers only 10% of earth but is usually more near the equator. It is our responsibility to maintain the biodiversity. We should not spoil this biodiversity by our own acts of omissions and commissions. The plastic pollutants affects the ground water, affects the soil fertility along with the produce too will be adversely affected with produce from such soil having poisonous elements. Exposure to plastic pollution affects the tadpole, could impact egg hatching of fish and could also shorten the lives of frogs, turtles, tadpole etc


Seabirds such as sea gulls too are affected. They ingest the plastic contents found on the surface of the sea and are hugely affected as these contents do not digest and results in ulcers and infections causing death to the sea birds.


There are certain carriers of waste plastic products. These are wind and ocean currents etc. adversely affecting the water organisms.  Plastic wastes also contribute to greenhouse gases; effusion of huge quantity of carbon dioxide in the environment. This may be due to production, transportation incineration etc.

Plastic wastes cause adverse affects on the humans, plants and animals on the land and sea. It is unfortunate that the amount of plastic waste is concentrated more on the land than in the ocean and water bodies and its adverse affects are really huge – release of harmful chemicals emanated from either incineration or just emission of gases from these wastes. It also affects the ground water, on ground water besides other water bodies.

Plastic materials should not be used because of the following.

  • Its waste after our ecosystem hugely by immersion of harmful gages.
  • Plastic wastes when thrown in the waterbodies and sea adversely affects the marine lives hugely.
  • Incineration of plastic wastes is all right but it should be done under experts’ supervision lest it emits harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide and others.
  • Landfil of waste products is also very harmful for ground water.
  • The waste products also impacts the fertility of the soil.
  • Sometimes the animals ingest the plastic bags and other contents which results in deaths of the animals in many cases since plastic cannot be digested.
  • Ocean life is adversely affected when countries throw the waste plastic products indiscriminately affecting the marine life.
  • The adverse impact of the environment by the use and then burning results in spoiling the ecosystem thus causing various diseases  to the humans and also for other living beings.
  • Even the sex hormones are adversely affected by the plastic related pollution including the metabolism or the catabolism of the sex hormones.

·   Even the water that we take from the tap contains plastic harmful contents sometimes proving that we are willy-nilly ingesting plastic contents.

Thus plastic wastes affect, air, water and soil immensely, therefore, should not be used indiscriminately at least for our present and the next generation.




Shraaddhas are the important rituals most dearly observed
By the progenies of the (Pitr) departed souls
As a form of remembrance
To deceased relatives of ours who are no longer with us
And have gone to the lands unknown
We keep in mind them their love and affection
With our love and emotions flowing to the brim
For those who had shown us this beautiful earth
Because due to them only we’re here on this planet
The dear ones who had bestowed us the righteous guidance
Along with showering us their love so tender
And delivered us from many a difficult moments.
Now, as they have turned to Pitr domain
It is our sacred duty, the bounden one
To remember their stellar contribution
Due to which we are in the present state of wellness
During these days we tend to remember their role
In shaping our destinies
In which we’re placed presently.
Besides recollection of their role
We are duty bound to repay the debit
For bestowing us the care when it was urgently required
And directing our movements
And saving us from directionless journey of life
By observing Shraaddhas
With absolute faith, full of emotion at our command
So that our (Pitras) ancestors
Who might be in the dark regions
After they are with us no longer
Are able to move from dark recesses
To the region of lights of the heaven
By attaining liberation or Moksha
By the performance of Shraaddhas
In which rituals are held
In the form of reciting of holy mantras
Mention of which has been made in Upnishads
And most sincere prayers to our Creator
With utmost devotion
Besides the charities too are made
For our departed love ones
Who though are not with us now
As a true sign of their remembrance
But due to whom we are here on this earth now
We reminisce them during these days
And thank them for everything they had done for us
While they were on this planet with us.
Shraaddha or Shradha is the Sanskrit word which literally means Shradha of faith/belief and any act that is transacted with all the honesty and sincerity at our command according to pre-determined goal besides it has got sanctity faith/belief attached with it. Our emotional faith (Bhav) is a must for getting full benefits of the Shraaddas. Shraadhas are observed for 15 days (in the Hindu month of Ashvin) termed as the Pitra Paksh Period is very auspicious to offer Pinddaan so that the departed souls may get liberation (Moksha) from births and deaths. Mention of this has been in the ancient scriptures like Upnishads.

This year these are observed with effect from 14th September 2019 (Puranmashi – Full Moon Day to 28th September 2019 (Dark Night – Amavasya). On these days, we Hindus reminisce our dead forefathers/ancestors due to which we are there on this earth. In other words, it is expression of our gratitude to our dead (Pitras) and pay them due homage for their contribution towards them. In other words, it is expression of gratitude to our ancestors (Pitrs) due to whom we are on this planet. Today, I am conducting the Shraaddha rituals for my father today, partly for the expression of my gratitude to him and partly to remember him for giving me the first lesson to me the purpose of life.

It is based on the date on which our parents or grand-parents have left for their heavenly abode. The date for the shraadhas are observed based on the death anniversary – on the Shraadha Paksha (Fortnight of ancestors).
These Shraadhas are also observed after the death of an individual (after the left out ashes are immersed in the holy water of river Ganga). These Shraddhas are performed accompanied with chanting of Mantras for the departed soul. The Sharaaddha ceremonies are also performed at Kurukeshtra (A Holi place in Haryana) in a waterbody where there was a huge battle between Pandavas and Kauravas and Holi Song of Bhagwad Gita originated.

The Shraaddha rituals could be performed in Gaya (Bihar) the waterless river containing Phalgu (A type of sand) but water could be extracted from any spot by digging 2-3 feet at any part of this waterless river. While I visited Gaya and offered prayers at the famous Lord Vishnu temple and performed Shraaddhas for the departed souls of my parents, my brothers and grand-parents, and of course, for my relatives and friends who had left for their heavenly abode. I was spellbound by the air of Godliness everywhere there. It is believed that Sita Maa had performed her Shraaddha rituals for her father-in-law Dhashratha at Gaya. It has been mentioned in Purana in great details.

The Shraddha rituals are performed not merely for our deceased parents, grand-parents but also our close relatives including small children who departed from this earth suddenly due to sickness or due to some unfortunate accidents. As these Pitrs (departed souls) have departed to their heavenly abode or may be not got Liberation or Moksha, due to one reason or other, the Shraddha performed with wholeheartedness will help liberate these departed souls.

Shraddha rituals are conducted during Shukla Paksh and Krishna Paksh in the following way:-
• Place where these rituals are held. First of all, it is essential that the rituals are held at a place which is known for performing these sacred rituals. It could be places like banks of river Ganga, Yamuna, Gaya, Baranasi etc. For these, there is no need of appropriate time like Shraddha Period (15 days).
• Pinddaan. This constitutes the offering consisting of baked rice, cow’s milk, desi ghee, honey, barley flour. All these are mixed together so as to make balls of contents as mentioned. This should be done with intense faith and belief with emotional attachment.
• Tarpan. It is the offering of clean water mixed with sesame, barley, and flour; in these, Kusha (grass) forms an important part. By adopting right approach besides absolute faith and belief, our ancestors could get the benefits for their onward journey from dark or negative region to brighter one.
• Offering to the Animals and birds. Before offering meals to the priests (Brahmins), it is considered a good omen or auspicious to offer the prepared vegetarian meal, prepared without use of onions and garlic, khir (prepared with cow milk, rice, sugar, dry fruits etc.) to the cows and birds. If the offering of Khir is taken by the crows, it is consider auspicious.
• Feeding to the Brahmins. Subsequently, the prepared meal is offered to the priests (Brahmins) with utmost reverence and emotional faith.
• Clothes and donation. After Priti-Bhoj to the Brahmins, they are offered clothes and cash so as to cover their expenses to reach the place of Shraaddha rituals.

Benefits of performing Shraddhas

It is axiomatic that anything performed with utmost devotion and singleness of purpose, it will surely and without any doubt give us benefit; it may be anything or everything. Its main benefits are:-

• In essence, what happens to the departed soul depends on the karmic deeds or misdeeds the particular individual has done while living in flesh and blood on this earth. It has been mentioned in scriptures that after the death the purvaj may not get final deliverance (antim mukti), for this performance of Pinddaan while observing all the steps in the rituals will help the Mukti of Atma of Pitr; if it is not done already according to the Karma or deeds/actions while ling.
• When we perform all the rituals in connection with the observance of Shraddha rituals like invoking God with spiritual emotion, the connectivity with God and our Pitras (Ancestors for whom rituals are being performed). Not only the person performing such rituals are benefited but also the deceased soul.
• Shraddhas are the re-payment of debt for what they (Our Pitrs departed souls) have done for us by showing us the path including transferring the family traditions and value system to us. This is also an opportunity to offer gratefulness to our ancestors, family deities and the God including our Gurus who have shown us the purpose of life to us.
• Shraaddhas help the Pitrs (deceased relatives) to move from Pitru areas (which are considered as negative regions) to higher plane for them. For this reasons may be any – may be lesser Karmic Credit during their life-time.
• When the departed souls get their share of Pinddaan along with other important ingredients like black sesame seeds, Kusha, rice floor balls etc. including the emotionally surcharged faith/belief.
• Bhagwad Gita has rightly enunciated that nobody should not commit any mistakes in the performance of duties towards our ancestors’ soul and the God. Those Pitrs for whom no Pinddaan is given, they remain in the negative region. Therefore, a person with intellect who knows the difference between right and wrong should not abstain from performing Shraaddhas for their ancestors.
• When Shraaddhas are not done for a deceased soul (Pitrs), then that Pitr remains trapped between real world and the heavenly abode.
• It should never be forgotten that the benefits of conducting Shraaddhas not only to the deceased Pitrs but also to the person perform the rituals in a systematic and with complete devotion and singleness of purpose. It should be construed as the responsibility of the offspring to offer Shraaddha to his/her deceased ancestors for their ultimate liberation .



True Freedom

Whence we manage our affairs
In accordance with our freewill
We can move freely without interruption
Adjusting and changing our direction
Whenever it is needed the most
Without any interference
From the opposite and inimical elements
As we are in total control of our mental balance
In full confidence we perform our action
Taking others support whenever needed
As we are flexible in our approach in anything do or do not do.

Thence when we embrace whim freedom willy-nilly
We are in for a shock by the consequences which we have finally
Because we would be onboard a directionless boat
Which will just not have any further movement
Since it tosses and turns in the choppy waters
Of contradictions and indecisions
Since it is based on whimsical thoughts and actions
With no firm grasp of ground situations and conditions.


Essentially, it is in the fitness of things to understand the concept which controls our freedom to act in a particular manner. If our experience is any guide, it is our will to resist temptations and stop following a wrong path and retreat our steps as a course correction. By so doing helps us in having true freedom of thought and action thereto based on our freewill entirely. Anything done with true freedom based on the empirical experience coupled with guidance from renowned persons with sagacity, even-mindedness and evenhandedness will always be beneficial for us in the long run.
Contrarily, if we let ourselves be swayed by the outer influences or allurements or attractions and get swamped with bad habits like smoking, drinking, drug addiction, excessive attachment with worldly possessions etc. then our willpower will get drubbing and thus be weakened. Weakened willpower becomes a speed-breaker for our further movement with dynamism. This also saps our inner potentials and become reason for our downfall in the long run. This whim freedom will ultimately will prove to be a drag on everything positive that we would like to transact.


By losing our willpower, we have in fact lost the true freedom to act realistically thus fallen prey to bad habits by our weakened resolve/wandering freewill thus killed the willpower by our own volition. It is also true and should never be forgotten that in our true freedom lies the will of our Creator. If we recognize that through our inner cues, we follow the righteous course, we shall potentially have dynamic freedom thus we shall certainly not fall prey to the allurements or outer bad-influences which we meet head-on in our daily lives. We shall sieve the bad influences by choice and follow those which give us power to excel for a holistic development.


The willpower has to be strengthened from the childhood stage onwards. It has been seen that if our way of thinking and action thereto are in sync with righteous course as directed by our parents, teachers and also as experienced by renowned figures of repute then our willpower becomes dynamic in nature. The dynamic willpower awakens our awareness and keeps us active and we desist from falling into trap which lowers ourselves in various ways – self-regard, self-discipline thereby we are open to self-correction whenever we feel its need. Thus true freedom is spice for building dynamic willpower. This dynamic willpower can help us determine what we want really and how best to undertake course-correction whenever needed.

It is also a fact that true freedom comes when we teach our children the right habits, attitude, behavior, ethically oriented mannerism, transform the value system we have got from our forefathers, etc. Also, if the children have imbibed some bad habits then some corrective steps could be undertaken. Our children should never be left to fend for themselves; if some bad influences have taken them away from the righteous course. But they should never be left to elements when they require our attention the most otherwise the consequences would be regrettable both for the children as well as the parents.

In not so distant past, there was a case of two students resorting to gross indiscipline in the school due to which they were rusticated from the school. I am of the firm conviction that violation of rules and regulations should entail punishment in consonance with the offence committed to act as deterrence. But it should also be borne in mind that some leeway or flexibility should be there for course correction after awarding punishment and lesson learned by the offending students. If the students are not given any chance for improvement/refinement then their lives would be in huge mess. In the present case, a course was devised to take back the students on a strictest condition, an undertaking was taken from the parents that their wards will not violate any rules and further that if they are found to have indulged in violation of rules then strict possible action would be initiated. All their behavior patterns were monitored by the class teacher. They have show perceptible improvement. Therefore, our endeavour should be for modification of their habits, behavior and attitude and not to be left to the elements. A good administrator follows the analogy of kite-flying suits. Sometimes you will have to lower the string and other time you have to make it still higher so as to avoid the unpredictable situation so as to keep our kite safe.

By following true freedom in our thoughts and action learned over a period of time helps us to follow righteous course at the place, space and situation. Following true freedom, we firm up our willpower to act in positive mode in our lives. Dynamic willpower is the freedom to act in a manner which is spiritually directed thereby we remain learning something or other and not bogged down by inactivity and lethargy.


We are born free – totally a clean slate. There are no fetters at all. It is because of our unawareness of our boundaries that the outside world has not touched us. Because we are unconscious of our outer environments, therefore, we remain elusive of our limitations. Then slowly but surely we are made aware of our boundaries under which we can function. This far and no further, it is told to us. We learn about our freedoms first from our parents and the near relatives with whom we come into contact. Then we are influenced by our peer groups who influence us in variety of ways.


It is the responsibility of the parents to instill good habits in their children so that when they go outside their homes, they get adjusted with the environs in which they are put, of course, bereft of bad habits. We as parents should teach our children as to how to exercise their freedom with right perspective and not the freedom to eat, drink and make merry as they want – if this becomes their permanent habit then it will make their prisoners of their bad habits. In other words, the children should be taught the habit of being even mindedness. It is all right to act with freedom within the parameters set by the society, but also respecting the rights of others too.

They make their children habit slaves – allow them what they want and not nipping their inappropriate habits in the bud. Even the traffic rules are not followed to the book sometimes putting the lives of the students at risk. Now a days, sending children to school has become one of the riskiest one.


Some restrictions are imposed by our teachers because we have to remain within the confines of norms set by the schools and other educational institutions. Transgression of these norms and rules brings us consequences. These checks and balances have to be imposed in the formal schooling since we have to inculcate proper discipline in the students. Not that their freedoms such as freedom of expression are curtailed but a modicum of check is maintained.


In our society, we have to remain disciplined at home and at school. Whim freedom is not allowed – the freedom to act what we want and what we do not want disregarding the society at large. In some families, they have mistaken conception of freedom. The parents allow their children to splurge money on luxurious goods and other things not required for a student. This may be over-spending, smoking, drinking, or may be or speaking what they should not. When such a child grows, he thinks that the purpose of his life is to satisfy his desires to the hilt at home.



An act frequently repeated

 Many times over becomes a habit
This practice if done after a systematic thought
Becomes a habit so significant
Standing on a sound footings
Which gives us confidence

To an act without wastage of time and energy
Good habits are dictated by our freedom of action
Deliberated and introspected absolutely using our wisdom
Then cultivating those habits which are sound
Prove beneficial for us and the people around
Generating goodwill and goodness for us in the community we live in
Sometimes these sound habits become example for others to follow.
Then we have those habits
To which we get lured as an obsession
By the outward shine and attraction
Bereft of any consideration
Of the inner beauty so hidden from our vision
Making applicable those habits in our daily lives
Will certainly have its affects so dire
That we may lose our self-regard
And sometimes our very character
Since we’ve become the slaves of our habit
Slavery leads to our downfall in everyway.

Cultivation of good habits always pay. Today, I was fortunate to meet one of the most compassionate persons who has sponsored scholarships for the needy students based on merit-cum-need due to financial stringency of their respective families. I wanted to mention his name in the write-up but he flatly refused and informed me not to do so since he does not want any publicity for himself or his family. He very humbly told me that since his mission is only to render some assistance to the needy students, he does not aspire for any publicity while doing so. To a question why he wants his son and daughter-in-law too associated in selecting the suitable candidate(s) for the scholarship; he told me that he wanted that both of them should formulate it a habit to give whatever they can for the needy from their earnings! Such an empathy and niceties is found amongst rarest of rare only in today’s world in which selflessness is a rare commodity. We are all aware how many of the students fail to get education due to lack of financial hardship. Wish that all those who can support such needy students could come forward and render a helping hand as a habit for serving a cause. The end result would certainly be remarkable for both the recipient and the giver.

Good habits could be imbibed from the childhood period onwards. Here the parents have a bigger role to play. There are people who are steadfast in their convictions and perspectives and make it their habit to tread a path which gives them joy of sharing, joy of living and loving.

Contrarily, there are some people who are blinded momentarily by the lure or outward shine/attractiveness and make it their habit to become slaves to lust for impermanent things like worldly wealth, status and power following even the corrupt practices as a matter of habit. These outward shines are like imaginary images which are seen only for a while and then disappear in the thin air; alas never to be seen again. A person who cannot resist the temptation is like a blotting paper which sucks all the ink without regard to the end results.

People who are deluded by the impermanent things just forget that there lies a priceless diamonds inside us, in the form of good habits just to be cultivated and made applicable in day to day lives, which will remain permanently with us as a source of eternal joy and happiness. These priceless diamonds will not part from us ever if we emulate and follow them truly with regularity. Following these gems of habits will undoubtedly bestow us eternal satisfaction.

We can learn good habits from the good company, from the teachings of our Gurus. It should always be realized that every other persons would have his own axe to grind and everybody would like to use us suiting them, therefore, we have to be very careful in choosing from whom to cultivate good habits. Then there are people who are selfless. They keep on wishing us well, as a matter of habit which is entrenched in their heart and mind, despite our own disposition or outlook towards them. Such people are enlightened souls. They love others regardless of reciprocation from us.

Essentially, it should always be remembered that when we make up our mind after thorough introspect, we should make it a habit not to turn back our pre-conceived impression. It is because in such a resoluteness, God’s own hand too is present. Just playing dilly-dally with a thought out idea will make us a slave to our emotions – diverting our course even at the throw of a hat. This habit will not bring us any tangible results.

To act with a freedom is a must but what to be acted as per our thoughts counts a lot. Agreed, we have freedom of expression but this hardly means we can cross the very limit of decency as a matter of habit with no consideration to others’ self-regard. We should not be the prisoners of our habits but we should be the master of our habits – be committed to our resolution, remain firm what we think is the best course of action and remain determined to face the consequence of our decisions made after thorough introspection


September 10, 2019

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We should try to live a life which is more purposeful and inspiring
A life wherein we believe more in giving than taking
A life which is more liberating if we’re endowed with skills for listening, forgiving and forgetting.

A life which is bereft of any vanity
A life full of empathy
A life which gives us opportunity to improve and is not a tragic past replay
A life which gives us protection from the treachery of our sworn enemies
A life which prompts us to forget and forgive our adversaries
A life in which we seize every good opportunity
A life the key of which remains solidly with us only
A life in which we can restore our lost credibility
A life bereft of any hype and publicity.

A life in which we stick to our principles
A life in which we can do our jobs well than others jobs
A life in which we take initiative to enhance our creative zeal
A life in which I can change when it is needed the most
A life in which I can stay calm in even in huge tempest

A life in which aberration do happen nut those doing course correction are wise.

A life spent in childlike innocence is better than a life spent in grown-up ignorance

In life if we sing the song of heart then we can accommodate others with us

In life if we sing the song of our mind then others will keep a healthy distance from us

A life in which I shall resolve not to pull others down
A life in which I shall not pick holes in others pickets before checking my own
A life in which I retrieve myself from any misfortune
A life in which I shall hear more of my heart than of my mind
A life in which I shall have compassion for all without any discrimination.

In life we have to knot the broken thread not to break it still further
A life in which we take pleasure in caring and sharing
A life which is more near to our Creator.

In life, at times, we are burdened with various problems. We can solve some, others, we are not able to. Those problems which remain insurmountable remain pestering us. These become the cause of our physical and mental anxieties. With the burden of such problems, we cannot function with a focus. One thing we should always keep in mind, everybody who is born have some problems; the nature and degree of problem being confronted may differ. Therefore, the best thing is to be conscious that some problems will always be there till life is there but willingness to fight them should never dissipate.

In essence, we must feel relaxed despite the problems, have self-regard or self-esteem besides being self-realized to the  core. One fascinating aspect of our life is that we shall be having  existential problems even though we establish credibility for ourselves by positive thinking. Even then we have to remain focused for acquiring what we actually want.  But one thing should always be kept in mind; in our quest of realization of our goal, we should not lose ourselves. We should always enjoy every minutes we have to live. The job we perform should be enjoyed to the maximum. It is also seen that when there is joy in performing, then, we have more output, more satisfaction from the work done and ultimately it would be a lifetime experience to enjoy.

It is no coincidence that that in life, we have the freedom of making choices, to take action to mend our ways, to steam-line of priorities, to find a way out of quagmire if we have put ourselves in to restore our credibility, etc. Simply put, we can make choices which may make our life happy or remain on edge. Anything conceivable could happen. We  have the choices to choose between good and not so good, it all depends on us  only and nobody else. By living a life full of care and consideration make us sublime, humble to the core, with simple habits,


If we want to grow the seeds of harmony, we have to be realistic, pragmatic and down to earth, develop ethical virtues, loving others despite some problems here and there. These are in our hands. We have to understand the situation in which we are placed and act accordingly and remove any discord, if there is one. If it is deemed fit to change, we should, if not, then we have to turn back. In Mahabharta,  Kaurva Prince Dharyodhan  refused to take responsibility for what he had done by fueling the fire of discord between the Kauravas and Pandavas. He asserted that he did what his impulses told him to do under the circumstances.  It goes to show that we can either ruin it or make it, choice solely remains with us.


Having choices is one thing but what is our end goal should never be forgotten in that quest. After having pin-pointed the end goal or destination, we can choose our priorities. What to be done at the beginning and then subsequently should be fixed by us according to the need and our capability.


The reward of good Karma is Karmic Credit for us. It is our personal choice what we have to accomplish. But we should always keep in mind the sage words in Bhagwad Gita: Even if you do not want to do your duty, you will have to perforce obliged to do it. The body has to accomplish for which it has come into being. Living the lives of others or performing others’ tasks will not be of any use nor will it give us any benefit.  


If our thoughts and actions are directed against others, then we shall adding to the Karmic debit which goes counter to the purpose of  our lives.


 Whatever decision we take in our lives, we have to, first of all introspect,  if the decision goes counter to our already held position. If we take  a decision which is contrary to our existing views, then, we shall be cultivating the seeds of discord and disharmony amongst different groups of people around us.


 There are people who knowingly hurt others. This willful harmful pursuit will not do any good to us. In fact,  it will produce poisonous seeds which will surely bring our own ruin in the long run.


 To the extent possible, we should resist the temptation of hurting others. If we fall prey to allurements, we shall lose solid foundations and just be like the wandering waves of the sea which come and go without any destination.


At times, we are not able to transact what we actually want to do due to health problem or any other contingency which may befall just without any warning. In such a situation, we should not be depressed. We can re-orient our priorities. It should always be remembered; if we do not spare sometimes for ourselves then we would be constrained to leave more time to ourselves owing to inactivity due to our sick health. To provide relaxation to the frayed tempers is also imperative since if we get too much exhausted, we may fall prey to anxiety/depression thereby losing much; time, health and wellness.   And when our health is down, we shall lose the zest and enthusiasm in life.


It is essential to de-stress ourselves adopting methods like meditation or any other escape route like reading some good books, creative writing, painting, any hobby or creative pursuit for inner peace or better still playing with the kids is the best course. The course of action should be such which keep us away from the prevailing state of mind. I do not recommend net to be of any assistance for eradication of our stress and strain. 


It is a fact that we develop friendship with those who understand us, stand with us in thick and thin, are not selfish etc. On the other hand toxic friends are themselves spoiled and may lead us astray. It is better not to have any friend rather than having the ones who mislead us and ruin our future.


We all are aware that if our health is better, we can better utilize our time available with us in productive pursuits. It should always be kept in mind that spoiling our health takes very little time but to make it healthy and strong takes much time. Taking unhealthy diet,  drinking, smoking, over-indulgence in anything will impact our health. Losing health means losing chance to work hard thus not getting what we actually want.