Focus on the job at hand
With total energy at our command
Could deliver us more returns
Besides enhancing our happiness quotient
Since job finished with precision
Bestows us total satisfaction
Bringing in its wake more confidence for job fructification
And also willingness to proceed on still further
Even, sometimes, produces a proverbial wish
To touch the sky with glory.
The job done carelessly
Just casually, in hurry and worry
The end result would end in chaos and mess
A mess which we’ve to thereafter clean
Lest it becomes still more messy
A worthless energy wastage exercise
Careless thus takes its toll.

We anyhow use the precious resources earned
We use them with utmost care and caution
Lest there is no unnecessary dissipation
While working at our work-places
Do we adopt the same concern?
Maximum of us become careless
Even bordering on thoughtless
If everybody thinks and acts thus
Then the organisation we work goes kaput
Instead of moving Northwards
It takes plunge Southwards
Recovery of which would be questionable.
If we become more mindful
Then we can save our time and money
Thus if minding saves these precious belongings
Which just fritters from our hands
Then it is better not to do anything
Which results in depletion of precious things
Then remaining mindful is a very good exercise.
If only we could keep our homes clean
And with it our surrounding more clean and green
And do not let the plastic bags to heap on
The pavements and garbage dumps
Then not allow the smoke fumes
Pollute the environs
And disturb the natural balance
Giving us the gifts of diseases of lungs
If Amazon rain forests are burning
Burning which is akin to burning of ‘spirit of earth’
Which again is a thoughtless blunder
For some gain so momentary
Why we’re burning stubble near our homes
And throwing out acid-ridden water waste outside our homes and factories
Thus contributing our share willy-nilly for the spread of toxic waste
Without realizing that this hydra-headed pollution
Will pay a surprise visit to us one day
Then that day would be the day of reckoning
As what we’ve done to our Mother Nature by our own actions
Hence keeping mindful and connected with Nature
Could pay of huge dividends.

It is not merely the living things
Which respond to our energy vibrations
The matters to do so with aplomb
Clean and tidy environs
Give out reflect positivity
So we should keep our household items systematically
Otherwise these would give out worn out look
Which will spoil your own today.

Whence our positive traits are applied
These traits give out fruits to us surely
Love and kindness is always reciprocated
Thus increasing our Karmic Credit
Even more than what we invest these in others.


  1. Harbans says:

    If we sow good seeds, these will produce good produce to us. Alternatively, the seeds of poison will produce the same sorts of produce which would be dangerous for us.

    Kindly appraise the blog and comment. I always love your comments.



  2. Linking doing our best with care is a good way of introducing the damage we are doing to our environment

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