We’ve to bring about changes
Which are brought about In our lives
By our thoughts and karmic deeds
Which we espouse indeed
Know our own self
And experiment with the truth
The truth which may be bitter sometimes
But this ‘bitter’ truth
Gives us wisdom in the long run
By pursing what is righteous
While leaving what is wrong out righteously
When doing so honestly
We’ve not to compare ourselves with others
But have to make comparison
With our own self
And create for ourselves a template
For others to emulate
Since that template
Consists of positive attitude
With sincerity of our efforts
To succeed and let others succeed
With free environs and wisdom
As the main hallmarks
With spiritualism orientation
As forward movement
Bereft of any comparison with others
But ourselves.



  1. Harbans says:

    If we start compare ourselves with others then we shall be sadly mistaken in the long run if we are not able to meet our aspirations. On the other hand if we compare ourselves with our own selves then we can have improvement as and when required.

    Kindly appraise the poem and comment. I love your comments.



  2. molaplume says:

    Good afternoon, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Today I resumed my regular blogging. Whenever you can, please read and comment my latest post. I will read and comment this nice article tomorrow. A big hug. Arrivederci.

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