It is in our own interest
To take care our heart
To reduce the risk of heart attacks
Essentially, we’ve to make lifestyle changes
So as to reduce the risk of heart diseases
And to eliminate the stroke chances
It should start by changing
Our way of living
Through self-management carefully
To take diet control which keeps us healthy
With less of salt, sugar, fast foods & contents so fatty
While watching our gain in weight
To avoid cholesterol and diabetes in our body
With no smoking, drinking or intake of drugs
Which impair the function of our system
Today we’ve to undertake to eat nutritious diet
With more reliance on active lifestyle
With more exercises routinely
With less ways of life so sedentary
And what not to be eaten on daily basis
Which is in sync with our system
So that heart functions to its perfection
With perfect blood pressure bereft of hypertension
By imbibing all those positive traits
Which keep us away from stress related ailments
By keeping conducive environmenst
At home and at workplaces.

Today is the WORLD HEART DAY, we’ve to take care our daily lifestyle so as to avoid heart related diseases/ We can control heart related diseases by taking care of what we eat and what not to eat including avoid taking fatty food with less salt, sugar, fats, fast foods besides avoiding all those food and other eatables which do not agree with our system.

It is also essential that we do not smoke, drinks, take drugs and other intoxicants which become cause of heart and lung related diseases.

Then we’ve to adopt patience, positive attitude, tolerance and other positive traits in our lives so that we do not fall prey to diseases blood pressure, hypertension and other stress related ailments. For this to be reality, we have to change our way of living at our homes and at our workplaces. Actually, we have to work with level-headedness, giving more credence to adopting all those traits which help us keep cool despite provocations.

Therefore, it is in the fitness to things to deduce that we’ve to adopt positive attitude despite dissensions or differences, control dietary control including avoiding all those bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eating fatty foods, fast foods etc.


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  1. Harbans says:

    TODAY IS THE WORLD HEART DAY. We have to take care of our heart in order to make it robust in order that it works for our task fructification and not as a hindrance.

    KINDLY appraise the blog and comment.



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