Whence we take on any project in hand
In essence, it is important
That we see what we want actually
And for that to realize fully
We need to understand threadbare
The vital elements
To be taken into account first
To fructify the effort
So that our project see the light of the day
Solid foundation of which is laid
By positive attitude or positive mindset
And the approach we adopt in time and space
We display for fructification of our efforts.

But the negative attitude
From the beginning itself
Brings about feeling so degrading
That at every step we falter
Full of doubt for every pace we take
With confusion prevailing at every step
Proving that if the origin is not firm in the beginning
The end result cannot be rewarding.


Our attitude towards life and how best we react to a particular situation or condition counts a lot. There are people who possess firm resolve to fight the challenges which come at every step of our lives but there are the ones who get frightened thus get defeated. Surrendering without even effort to succeed proves that we are timid in our approach whereas fighting it out proves that we possess mental toughness.

Importantly, there are positive mindset and there are negative frame of mind. In both the cases, our character is determined. Faltering mind-set brings about our downfall. When we tend to be ready to face any situation, it goes to show that we have control over our mind, we do not waver when we have resolved to work to fructify our efforts.  Contrarily, fearing challenges will make us weakling.

Right attitude can change the very course of action for us since success resides in our mind. It bestows us shakti (power) to proceed on the right course. This works in both personal and professional life. It may be any field of activity; a student, any expert in any field, businessman or professional positive attitude is the first requirement for the fructification of goal fulfillment.

Essentially, it is in the fitness of things to infer that our attitude is a critical factor in any venture we put our hands on. A wavering mind-set takes us nowhere; it is acceptance of defeat before we have even initiated the work in hand.

While we submit to temptations, means, we’ve not adopted mental toughness that is why we get swayed by negative traits such as greed, lust and anger. When we are lured by the outer-shine of somebody or something, it means we do not have tough mindedness in handling the situation and condition.


Our attitude towards our business or profession we transact counts a lot. There is a vegetable and fruit seller in our locality in Delhi. I found that sometimes he sells vegetables and on other times fruits. No fixed business bur possess business instinct; what to be purchased from the market suiting his propensity of the people to purchase, demand and supply of the people according to their preferences. I asked this fellow as to how much he earned. He opened up with me after my persistence. He told me that he was brought up amongst the people to whom he sells his goods therefore, he knows their needs, capacity to purchase etc. When asked how much he earned. He told me that he earned enough to meet the expenditure on daily needs of the family including the education of his three school going children. Besides he informed me that he also saves some money for rainy days.

In our lives, we must have met people with negative attitude. They want that others too should be down and out along with them. Such people think that everybody around should obey their orders, do what they want, even though their orders may be contrary to the elementary truth. They want our down-fall for sure then only such people get satisfaction.

This was made crystal clear to me only on yesterday. Before that I never thought even in my wildest dream that such people do exist – selfish to the core who think they cannot be ignore even in their negative attitude! Yesterday, there was an electric short-circuit due to which a small incident of fire occurred where I have installed my AC fan box. This short-circuit incident happened because of the main-wire of my immediate neighbor passed over the AC box. I informed the concerned person with the gentle tone which I could muster and told him about the seriousness of the matter and requested him to replace the main-wire which had leaks at different places.

I was really flabbergasted after listening his response. He shot back – if you want you can change the main-wire yourself or report the matter to the Electricity Department! I implored him with folded hands that short-circuit may cause major fire-incident which may result in loss of lives and property. He was not concerned at all. He again shot back; if a major incident happens, let it happen and then ‘I shall see it’ and the words to that effect.

Expecting not much from my neighybour, I phoned up the Electric Department and complained about the condition of the main-wire of my neighbor and resultant short-circuit. The alacrity with which the B.S.E.S. responded was really very encouraging. The Electric Department sent two persons (one of them Mr. Rakesh – Electrician with the BSES), who replaced the main-wire and saved the neighbours from a certain big fire-incident.

We may like to compare the negative behavior of my neightbour and positive attitude of the Electric Department. Or any happening which transpires with us in our lives on daily basis. How disappointed we feel when somebody exhibits negative attitude towards us????

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  1. Harbans says:

    Our attitude counts a lot. Positive one leads to success and the negative one to our downfall.

    Do appraise the blog and comment. I love your comments.



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