A festival to consolidate the relationship
Between the brother and sister
Wherein a Tikka is put on the forehead of brother
By sister with utmost love and affection
With the solemn prayers to Almighty God
For his bountiful graces to both
The sister applies Tikka on the forehead of her brother
With immense reverence
With prayers on her lips for the long life of his brother
To which the brother promises to be beside her
In all her good and not so good days in her life
The parents are the ones
Whose blessings are there on both brother & sister.
This being an important annual festival of repute
Which cements the relationship between the brother and sister
Hence our prayers too are there to God
To bestow this relationship still more blessings
So that there exists a solid bond of relationship between the two so very important relationships.

For living our lives in peace and harmony both at home and in the community we are living, it is essential that we consolidate our relationships within the family and outside the family fabric. For this we have father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. For cementing the relationship and solidifying the same we have Rakhi Festival and also Bhai Dooj.

Today is the brother and sister we have Bhai Dooj wherein the sisters apply Tikka, consisting of a mix of flowers and sandoor (vermilion) on the foreheads of their brothers suffusing with love and affection after sincere prayers to Almighty God for His bountiful graces to both.

This festival is celebrateed on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) in the Vimrami Samvat (Hindu Calendar).

This festival is celebrated in the entire North India and falls on the second day of Vikrami Samvat New Year – the first day is celebrated as Goverdhan Puja wherein the people worship the Goverdhan Parvat (Mountain), situated  South of Virandavan and Gokul  (U.P) where Lord Krishana had created his Maya during his childhood period. Govardhan Parvat had saved the people of Gokal and the surrounding areas from the severe floods created by Rain God, Lord Indira. The complete area was inundated with flood water. Lord Krishana had saved the entire populace by taking them inside the Goverdhan Parvat after Lord Krishna picked had picked up part of Govardhan Parvat on a single little finger. In West Bengal, this Bhai Dooj is celebrated one day after Kali Pooja. In Maharashtra, it is termed as Bhai Beej.


There is a popular belief that after killing the evil Demon Narkasura the festival of Bhai Dooj had started. There is a legend that Lord Krishna had killed many demons who created killing of innocent people and spoiled the sacredness ofYajnas of the saints/hermits. In that one Demon named Narkasura was also known for his evil Karmic deeds was killed by Lord Krishna. After killing him, Lord Krishna visited his sister named Subhadra. She received him with warmth since he had exterminated a demon who used to create mayhem and spared none – men and women alike. She applied Tilak on his brother Lord Krishna.


This day is also to remember the relationship which Lord Yama (The God of Death) and his sister Yami (The Yamuna river). This day is also termed as Yamadvitiya owing to this. Such is the importance of this day.


The festival of Bhai Dooj is considered important since it consolidates the relationship between brother and sister. The parents too participate in giving their blessings for the long life and prosperity of their offspring.  Even in South India, this day is celebrated by different names.

On this festival, the brothers to their sisters house (if they are married) and the sister apply Tilak on the fore heads of their brothers. The sisters also offer them sweets and make tasty meals for them. Unmarried sisters apply Tilaks on their brothers after worshipping their family deities and other deities.


The main purpose of celebrating the festival is to strengthen the bond of relationship between the brothers and the sisters. The brothers promises his sisters to protect them from any misfortune and the sisters pray to Almighty God for the safety, security and long life of their brothers. All the members of the family await this day with enthusiasm; especially brothers and sisters as this is also construed as the family reunion for some of them.

 The following is the purpose of this festival:-

  • Brothers makes a solemn promise to their sisters to bestow safety and security of the sisters against any misfortune that may befall them in life.
  • The sisters prays to God with all the sincerity for gracing his brothers with long life, peace and prosperity.
  • The parents wish the both the sisters and the brother all the best in life.  Their blessings are always there for both.
  • The brothers give their sisters gifts as per their capabilities.
  • This being the annual festival after Diwali, it has special significance to cement the relationship in the families.  
  • Those brothers and sisters who are far away and are not able to come to their homes, the sisters pray to moon for its blessings for granting long life, prosperity and peace to their brothers.

During this festival too, there is no religion tag. The girls from Hindu religion put Tikka on their brethren of other religions just to consolidate the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood. It is similar to Rakhi festival.

May sincere prayer is that this like festival may be repeated many a times to create a feeling of warmth, harmony and peace between different religions. Amen.

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