Whence we take on any project in hand
In essence, it is important
That we see what we want actually
And for that to realize fully
We need to understand threadbare
The vital elements
To be taken into account first
To fructify the effort
So that our project see the light of the day
Solid foundation of which is laid
By positive attitude or positive mindset
And the approach we adopt in time and space
We display for fructification of our efforts.

But the negative attitude
From the beginning itself
Brings about feeling so degrading
That at every step we falter
Full of doubt for every pace we take
With confusion prevailing at every step
Proving that if the origin is not firm in the beginning
The end result cannot be rewarding.


Our attitude towards life and how best we react to a particular situation or condition counts a lot. There are people who possess firm resolve to fight the challenges which come at every step of our lives but there are the ones who get frightened thus get defeated. Surrendering without even effort to succeed proves that we are timid in our approach whereas fighting it out proves that we possess mental toughness.

Importantly, there are positive mindset and there are negative frame of mind. In both the cases, our character is determined. Faltering mind-set brings about our downfall. When we tend to be ready to face any situation, it goes to show that we have control over our mind, we do not waver when we have resolved to work to fructify our efforts.  Contrarily, fearing challenges will make us weakling.

Right attitude can change the very course of action for us since success resides in our mind. It bestows us shakti (power) to proceed on the right course. This works in both personal and professional life. It may be any field of activity; a student, any expert in any field, businessman or professional positive attitude is the first requirement for the fructification of goal fulfillment.

Essentially, it is in the fitness of things to infer that our attitude is a critical factor in any venture we put our hands on. A wavering mind-set takes us nowhere; it is acceptance of defeat before we have even initiated the work in hand.

While we submit to temptations, means, we’ve not adopted mental toughness that is why we get swayed by negative traits such as greed, lust and anger. When we are lured by the outer-shine of somebody or something, it means we do not have tough mindedness in handling the situation and condition.


Our attitude towards our business or profession we transact counts a lot. There is a vegetable and fruit seller in our locality in Delhi. I found that sometimes he sells vegetables and on other times fruits. No fixed business bur possess business instinct; what to be purchased from the market suiting his propensity of the people to purchase, demand and supply of the people according to their preferences. I asked this fellow as to how much he earned. He opened up with me after my persistence. He told me that he was brought up amongst the people to whom he sells his goods therefore, he knows their needs, capacity to purchase etc. When asked how much he earned. He told me that he earned enough to meet the expenditure on daily needs of the family including the education of his three school going children. Besides he informed me that he also saves some money for rainy days.

In our lives, we must have met people with negative attitude. They want that others too should be down and out along with them. Such people think that everybody around should obey their orders, do what they want, even though their orders may be contrary to the elementary truth. They want our down-fall for sure then only such people get satisfaction.

This was made crystal clear to me only on yesterday. Before that I never thought even in my wildest dream that such people do exist – selfish to the core who think they cannot be ignore even in their negative attitude! Yesterday, there was an electric short-circuit due to which a small incident of fire occurred where I have installed my AC fan box. This short-circuit incident happened because of the main-wire of my immediate neighbor passed over the AC box. I informed the concerned person with the gentle tone which I could muster and told him about the seriousness of the matter and requested him to replace the main-wire which had leaks at different places.

I was really flabbergasted after listening his response. He shot back – if you want you can change the main-wire yourself or report the matter to the Electricity Department! I implored him with folded hands that short-circuit may cause major fire-incident which may result in loss of lives and property. He was not concerned at all. He again shot back; if a major incident happens, let it happen and then ‘I shall see it’ and the words to that effect.

Expecting not much from my neighybour, I phoned up the Electric Department and complained about the condition of the main-wire of my neighbor and resultant short-circuit. The alacrity with which the B.S.E.S. responded was really very encouraging. The Electric Department sent two persons (one of them Mr. Rakesh – Electrician with the BSES), who replaced the main-wire and saved the neighbours from a certain big fire-incident.

We may like to compare the negative behavior of my neightbour and positive attitude of the Electric Department. Or any happening which transpires with us in our lives on daily basis. How disappointed we feel when somebody exhibits negative attitude towards us????




The renowned embodiment of righteousness & virtuosity – Maryada Purshotam
With most adorable traits with immense prowess full of idealism

The Avtara of Lord Vishnu – the one who stood for Truth
A reservoir of humility with simplicity in abundance
Tolerance, harmony and elderly reverence
That an offspring should profusely be having
For the parents the most adoring.
Lord Rama left for exile, leaving everything and everybody
Most dear ones too in Ayodhya,
When his father King Dashratha of Ayodhya
Is constrained to act on the promises made in the past
To his wife Kakai – mother of Shri Bharata
And step-mother of Lord Shri Rama
Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life once,
By putting her own life in danger,
Consequently, extracting two promises for fulfilling
At a time and occasion of her own choosing,
Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,
In making Queen Kakai realize the promises,
Crown for her son Shri Bharata
And 14 years in exile for Shri Rama.
Shri Ramji, as expected, accepted exile for fourteen long years.
And that too without slightest demur,
He embraced the life simplest in the forest,
Subsisting on the fruits and herbs that existed there,
Truly speaking, that is the crux of a lesson for today’s younger generation,
Maa Sitaji the consort of Shri Rama
With brother Lakshmana too accompanied Shri Rama.
Who despite his knowledge of Vedas

And being the fondest Bhaktas of Lord Shiva
Ruined his name and fame along with the knowledge he had had thus attained
Vijaydashmi should establish a kingdom of love,
Overflowing with peace, full of tolerance, a feeling of goodwill for all,
A kingdom of love for everybody, leaving none
For it is a celebration for destruction of evil
And a win for TRUTH an ultimate ONE.


We learn a lot from Vijaydashmi
And organized every year
Commemorated to showcase to the people at large
That evil-doers may have history of some happiest past
But will meet doom one day – which is for sure
Indeed an eternal lesson
That evil always meets its end one day
We repeat Vijaydashmi celebration simply to keep reminding us
That evil-doers days’ are numbered always
And the footprints of evils are obliterated for good
So that we may not traverse on the path
Spiky-one at every step
Throwing us challenges
Anywhere and anytime
If thee go through evil path
Thy feet will bleed with the contact of spiky thorns.
Besides celebrating the same with utmost enthusiasm
We tend to reminisce
The day as a grim reminder for us all
That if we forget to follow righteous path being humans
We would be suffering the pangs
And pains of our Karmic deeds
As we get the lesson
From the Great Epic Ramayana
How the misdeeds of most powerful demon King Ravana
Although a most loved worshipper of Lord Shiva Ji
Our revered Bhola Ji
Yet, Ravana committed a cardinal sin of abducting Sita Maa
And took her to his kingdom Lanka
Kept her in Ashok Vatika
Lord Rama with his younger brother Lakshmana
Along with Sugriv and Lord Hanumana
With all the monkey warriors
Before crossing the sea, Lord worshiped Lord Shiva
For His blessings for winning the battle with Demon King Ravana
As Lord Rama knew the power of King Ravana
Being the Bhakta of Lord Shiva
There was a battle between the two armies
In which demon army were punished by Lord Rama
And Lord Hanumana
The Lord with immense power
The demons met with death and devastation
Along with the entire family of King Ravana
Except for righteous brother of Ravana named Bavishana
Who did not want to be an accomplice in the evil of Ravana
Since he did not like abduction of Sita Maa
Being a religious man himself shunned violence
In any forms
The forbidding reminder for all of us
That those who willfully commit misdeeds or Kukarma
Are not spared at all
Reaction of bad-karma is always bad
Now or some other time may be
However powerful the perpetrators may be
There is eternal lesson for all of us from this epic,
Remove the evil from our midst,
Burn it out, the sooner it is done the better for us,
As we burn the effigies of Ravana along with Kumbkarna and Meghnada.
With the chanting of the name of Lord Rama
The most benevolent & symbol of virtues
Who had at his heart the wellbeing of his subjects
We should also burn the existing sinful thoughts
Which bedevil us and enhance our Karmic-debts
And spoil the chances of adding-on to our Karmic Credit.

Vijayadashami or Dushehra is one of the well-known Hindu festivals and is celebrated at the end of Navratri. It is an annual festival– on the 10th day of the Hindu month of Ashvin which falls in the month of September – October. Vijayadashami personifies victory of goodness or righteousness over evil or wickedness. Vijay means victory and dashmi means falling on the tenth day.

It is significant to note that Dushara is derived from two syllables: Dus means evil or bad and hara means to destroy or to remove or to annihilate – by combination, we deduce Dushara as a day which we observe as a sign of annihilation of evil from amongst us. There is, in fact, a lesson for us all og us– the forces representing evil will meet their end ultimately now or after sometimes afterwards is the potent question.


Marks the end of Durga Puja wherein the devout remember Goddess Durga’s win and ultimately his death of Demon king Maheshasur thereby restoring the law of Dharma. Maheshasura wanted to establish the rule of demons; for this, he killed many sages/sadhus and even defiled their Yajna fires besides killing general masses for establishing his rule.

• It also marks the end of Navratri, represented by Nine Devis with different traits.


In many parts of India Ramlila is enacted wherein different artists play various roles (Lord Rama, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrugun, Sita Maa, Demon King Ravana, brother Kumbhkarna and Babishna, son Meghnadh etc) from beginning i.e. births of Rama and his brothers, Sita Devi is described as the daughter of Prithvi (the Earth) because she was found in a pot by Mithla King Janaka while ploughing the fields. She was brought up by the king. Janaka. All the situations are enacted as though it was happening in real life till, of course, on a ninth day on the death of demon king Ravana who is symbolized as the personification of evil. On the tenth day, the effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnadh are burnt to showcase to the masses at large that the evil, however, powerful ends ultimately.


People also take out processions, carrying the statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha etc accompanied with the chants of songs and dances and immersed in the water. After immersion of statues, the devotees pray to Maa Durga for blessing them with her bounties for the entire year.


After Dusheshra people start preparation for DIWALI – another festival in connection with reception of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana by the Ajodhya gentry. They illuminated their homes and street for welcoming their beloved Lord Rama.


In Northern India, Dashara (ten days) is celebrated to pay respects to Lord Rama. The plays based on the life of Lord Rama and his humble and benevolent rule too Is also depicted in the form of plays and dramas with light and sound accompanied by music and dance. Finally, the effigies of Ravana, Kumbkarna, and Meghnatha are burnt for depicting the end of evil and supremacy of the goodness. In Kullu Valley, there is a big fair and people come to witness this fair with gaiety and enthusiasm to enjoy it.

In South India (Karnataka) also Dashehra is celebrated with the worship of Durga Maa. In the south, the festival is dedicated to Lordess of Knowledge Saraswati and worship the books and musical instruments. Children are initiated to studies, it is considered auspicious to start new business ventures and new houses, cars and other properties are purchased.

In western regions (In Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat), people install their deities and immerse the same on Vijaydashmi. Lord Rama and Goddess Durga are worshipped. The famous dandia dance known as Garba in traditional dresses is one of the wonderful attractions in Gujarat.

In eastern regions, the Durga Maa statues are immersed in rivers. Vijayadashami has special significance in West Bengal. Besides worshipping Maa Durga they have singing and dance competitions besides competitions on other literary features.

It is, therefore, in the fitness of things to say that all of us should follow the path of sanity, a righteous path so that we may also transform others and make them virtuous on whom no evil can cast a spell. It is my sincere prayer to Maa Dhurga Ji & Lord Rama to  shower us with their blessings and graces.


Are you working in some field that you have studies or aspired for or something else. Or have you ever changed your field of work? How easy or difficult was it? (AS ASKED BY SOMEBODY)


In life we can do a variety of things but what is needed most is the inner urge to excel in anything you put your hand on. Another thing is to enjoy what you are doing; without fetters without thinking that no job/work is dishonorable, yet, even the menial one.

In my public life spanning more than 40 years, I still am actively working and keeping myself busy and occupied. With the grace of God, I get up early in the morning, thank heaven for everything for which I am capable of and even more of which I am not even! And why not; I superannuated with 39+ years of service for which I ‘studied’ and next day when I was supposed to be sitting at home after retirement and getting pensionery benefits, with the grace of God, I got employment, and have since continued. The change from one type of job to another did not affect my working style but rather brought experience through interaction, experimenting with different people even with more caliber and intelligence than I am having thus enhancing my know-how. This helped me in add-on and adding-up what I had acquired over a period of time.

One thing I have learned in life through working with different people of different age-group, different capabilities, different attitudes/habits/temperament besides different methods of working; is their fine-tuned traits. I do not know how but I have worked under some of the best senior officers known for their efficacy but with strict discipline, sometimes with fastidious ones but I got something from each of them. I remember some of the lessons while working in different sorts of environments and with different organisational heads at different times, which are given below:-

(a) Accept the challenges which come your way. If you are not able to with less experiences or any other consideration, take the assistance of somebody who is more experienced than yourself. But never shy off the challenges. It is here your endurance and wisdom would be tested.

(b) Working in any environment or with different work-culture, make it a point to adjust – initially it would be difficult but slowly but surely, you will adopt yourself with the working environment but sometimes you have to put in your best to learn the ropes.

(c) In any organisation, it is not through appreciation you can learn – I have learned more from criticism than through appreciation though I had got some of these too. We have to make analysis of the criticism and improve on the points for which criticism has been earned. This should be one of the best learning phases in our life. It may be at work-place or any other place – formal or informal. Our worth is tested by the returns we bring to the organisation. Remember that nobody flogs a dead horse. We are criticized because we can learn new lessons through experimentation therefore we should never lose heart and continue learning new things by traversing on different paths though diverse. LEARNING NEW THINGS AT DIFFERENT SETS OF ENVIRONS makes huge difference. It may be at any place.

(d) Never have ego-centric tendencies. If you are lambasted just without your fault, just clarify your point of view, if still people do not agree, no problem, you know that you are not to be blamed, therefore, think that it is part of your thinking process. Nobody will remember this episode after sometime. Therefore ‘let bygones, be bygones.

It is, therefore,  essential that we may work in any field even other than what you have aspired for and worked/trained for, important thing is not the change in work but how much we have changed ourselves vis-à-vis the environment in which we are working. It should always be kept in mind that nobody else will change for us but we have to change according to the needs of the culture-culture you are presently working and be satisfied and joyful working in any situation and conditions.  




We remain busy, the present moment
Rearranging the nuts and bolts of our existence
Lest even a slight less tightening
Or slight variation in adjustment/
May swerve the whole applecart of our life
And tilt the balance severely for good
And may cause an accident
Which we least expect
We’ve to be ever ready for any eventuality in life
At every step in our living
Because incidences do happen
Either by accident or by design or due to any reason unknown
What tomorrow holds for us all?
Is not known to anyone
Since our births and deaths have no control of us humans.




The purpose is to show our love and affection
To our grandparents, so with immense adoration
That their children’s children
Lovingly reminisce these lovely lots
That their heart still beats for them
And still have a place and position so venerable
The coziest of one of all
Despite of their age and depletion of nimbleness
Their status and position in the family still remains
For their wisdom and maturity
Acquired over a period of time
They can still hold us by their old hand though turned shaky
But their resolve is still remain unshaken
They can bestow us sagacious wisdom and guidance.
It is a day whence we the grandparents can partake
The most interesting true stories of our lifetime
Basically impinging on the family traditions and values
Which the we grandparents held dear
Which changed the very their outlook of our lives
With our grandchildren
Of which our children’s children could be proud of them
And those interesting and motivating anecdotes
Can enthuse and inspire the grandchildren to make their lives purposeful
And learn how best to face the vicissitudes
Of their lives with clear vision
Bereft of any confusion.
This day is also to focus attention
To the grandparents
Who are just forgotten;
Alas! A word of pity for such children
To take their grand-parents of no consequence
Because they do not contribute for the family kitty
Because of their inactivity and passivity
Because of their old-age.
Need is to have some get-together
Of the families and friends
And invite the grand-parents with immense reverence
And give them some gifts as a token of remembrance
And a stark reminder!
That the children’s-children
Would not have been their without the grand-parents!
As a grand-parent myself
I pray to Almighty God
That He may shower His graces
To my grand-children
And to all the grand-children of the world at large
As thee as grandchildren are the sunshine of tomorrow

And a foundation of civilization next

As our prime is over now,

Our heartfelt blessings remain for ever with you!