Those who come into contact with us is due to our past connect. Is it so?

Those who come into contact with us is due to our past connect. Is it so?


Absolutely right, although there is no rational or cannot be physically proved or empirically proved but cannot be denied outrightly and construed as outlandish.  Whosoever comes in our life, at any time, has something connected with us and that is why that meeting/interaction takes place. Seemingly mystically but it is a fact. It means that nature plays its part in everything which will happen with us. At times, when we meet somebody for the first time, it gives us a strange impression. Though intuitively, as though we have met that person many a times in our life time; as though we’ve long intimacy with such a person. Be that as it may, instant establishment of good rapport instantly indicates that there is something common between such people which puts a stamp of goodwill in such a relationship. Intimacy just develops instantly. It could be otherwise also. We can have instant abhorrence for a person we come in contact for the first time too so much so that we do not see eye to eye with such a person. Strange it may seem, but it is a truth.

Mystically enough, our own close relations in the previous births, come into our lives, just to fulfill mutual obligations which we had not fulfilled in our previous birth and they come into our lives to fulfill the unfulfilled wish etc. Even from outsiders who come in our lives may have something like this too.

I had a practical experience on this aspect. While I was serving in one of the stations’, one of the rank stranger visited me in my office. Both of us established an instant bonhomie as though we were knowing each other since long – meeting of two departed souls meeting after a long time. Instead of first reporting to the reception centre for registration of his arrival, he came to me. In the first instance, I was obviously surprised as to why he had come to me in place of reporting centre for the organization.

On my gentle query, he told me that he had come from a place located in North East covering a large distance. He mentioned that he was about to superannuate from active service and he wanted to meet me before he demitted office.

I was really very surprised, he told me that I had a special relationship with me in my previous birth. When asked what was that particular and special relation? He, forthrightly refused to divulge the relationship with each other but he maintained that it was really very close. It is also pertinent to mention here that that person was of higher management cadre and not an ordinary one who could sway and become superstitious for nothing!

There was no rational explanation for this meeting of two total strangers meeting each other, establishing closeness, exchanging pleasantries as though we met, we exchanged ideas and departed thereafter with wetness in both of us…

I too felt some mystic attraction towards that officer which normally cannot be explained in words. Just seeing him, without any interaction even, I felt a tinge of upsurge of emotion which we get only after you meet a long lost relation!

He remained in the organisation only for a few days and after he had gone, I too felt as though I had lost some part my own existence. After about a month, I received a letter from his residence in North East which I do not want to divulge but it surely is a revelation that everyone who comes in our life has some reason. The reason and rational for all this cannot be explained by any one.

There could be telepathic connectivity between the people too. Although placed at a distant placed could develop good relationship yet we cannot show with certainty the whys and hows of it all but it happens. I personally have a few friends in foreign lands who understand me better than people here who remain in liaison with me most of the times. Strange, but it is true!


The love at first sight or hate at first sight for the total strangers is obviously very mystical or supernatural in nature and cannot be explained in words. It just happens.




I analyze honestly my imperfections perfectly
This self-analysis makes me aware of my shortcomings
Which, willy-nilly has made residency in my being
Thence I make sincere efforts
To eliminate some of these
Through trial and error method
Succeeding on some
But failing in others
Not feeling let down by my failings
But continue living with the imperfections
Which remain despite my sincere efforts
All these candid efforts provide me opportunities
To make sincere attempts to make alterations
And undertake changes so urgently needed
In my traits and thus my character
Where it is hugely required
Suiting the time and space in which I live as a true seeker of truth
For living a purposeful existence with my limitations
Since these will keep me grounded on the firm ground in the sphere of my own creation
And live a life bereft of egotistical inclination
Living thus would be beneficial to me on individual plane
And also for an avowed perfect social order
Thus earning and enhancing for myself the Karmic Credit
And minimizing the Karmic Debt to a great extent.
Perfect could be purity in our thoughts and our Karmic deeds indeed
Perfect could be the action of a Karma Yogi who does his Karma
In sync with spiritual orientation of purest order
Perfect would be truth when it could be tested any time and anywhere
Perfect would be promises when these are honoured in letter and spirit
Perfect could be our commitment when we fulfill without any doubt
Perfect would be our beliefs when we stick to our beliefs in good and in not so good days
Perfect would be our character when it does not fall prey to any outside pressures
Perfect would be our faith in any religion when we respect others religious beliefs
Perfect would be our imagination when the same is converted to tangible actionable plans
Perfect would be our principles when we take principled stand we hold dear
Perfect would be our template of thinking when we convert our thoughts into our Karmic deeds.
Those who consider themselves picture perfect
Really are imperfects of highest order
Because those personages have selfish propensity
Seemingly with egocentric tendencies.
Since our God is only One
Who is only faultless One
One who is Omnipotent and Omniscient
Who is formless and also with form
Who is One Lord
Without attributes
And also with all the attribute
I love imperfections in meditation
I bow to Him with utmost reverence with all my imperfections
Since it affords me opportunity to make amends
In my meditation line
So as to infuse total concentration
For a perfect connection with God Almighty God.
Since those who say their love is perfect
They’re not telling a whole truth
Those who are in perfect love
Never ever think anybody else
Expect his/her spouse.




Very often we feel let down. In this state, we feel non-pulsed. This let down may be due to some innocuous remark of somebody against you or against your nears and dears or loss in the business or still worse, when we have lost somebody who stood by you through thick and thin.  Reasons may be any; it goes to show that we go off the tangent quite frequently.  Oddly enough, when we do not have any reason to be down and out, we tend to take our past tragedies or bad incidents and start feeling low. This becomes our pastime. There are then some strange characters who start worrying about future, knowing full well that our future is unpredictable, therefore, worrying about future is over-stretching our imagination. Everybody will agree with me on this score, Isn’t so? Then for some the past events remain haunting them thus creating an untenable situation for any growth in any field activity.


All the above past, present and future incidents, real or imaginary, result in suppressing our creative power since we do not take anything with optimism. This hopelessness engulfing us, we are not able to use our inner potential in a meaningful way. The negative thinking makes residency in our consciousness thus adversely impacting our approach towards life and activities thereto. Not using our inner potentials means we remain inert in our further movement in life. Our growth and development takes turn for the worst thereby putting us in dire straits in every aspect we undertake or not venture to undertake because of negativism overshadowing our consciousness.


Essentially, in order to remove our passivity, we have to start afresh, with clean slate, with no past baggage. It should start with change in our thinking. Seeing darkness in everything will not help. Hope in all hopeless things should take firm belief in our psyche. When discord replaces concord then only then we can confront the challenges head on which knock our doorsteps. Therefore, with harmony we can change our present thinking and unburden ourselves from the baggage of past discords.


It is well said, time is a great healer. With time, we get new experiences, these experiences teach us new lessons. It is not that we always succeed. Our failings should give us experience and we should endeavour to try again.  Our duty should be to try sincerely, without carrying much for results. Losing ourselves in the outcome game and not being serious in our efforts results in retarding our progress. We become bogged down only thinking about ‘outcome’ without taking recourse to new approaches if the approach adopted by us fails.  Out duty is to make an honest effort. The Alfred Tennyson has right said Old orders changeth yielding place to new’ borne in mind for those who remain confined in the quagmire of their not so evolved thinking. Old rut should replace the knowledge gained over a period of time and should help us evolve our thinking and help us adopt positivism, in our thinking and action too.


Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to make sincere effort to change, to evolve with every experience that we gain, every failure or success should make us change, and every incident or event should not become a roadblock for our further movement. In other words, we should consider, what we have learnt since yesterday. Our answer should never be ‘nothing’ but we have to be honest with us. By following this course of action, we can evolve to our fullest potential thereby we can face any challenge which comes in our lives with confidence and self-belief. But this should not make us egocentric.


We should also thank God for guiding us at every step we take for our further movement in any enterprise. We should always keep in mind that there is some hidden hand which is giving fillip to our movements. It is our duty of every individual to lead a spiritual oriented life with full belief on himself/herself and Almighty God with positive thinking even in any situation one is placed.  




A life bereft of problem is a life bereft of any commitment to tackle,
No problem to solve means nothing in life to aspire and fructify,
Life in essence, is a continuous journey with a lot of activity,
Every step of the ladder of the life which counts as stages of life,
While making efforts, sometimes we slip but zeal to move ahead must not cease.
For instance, mathematic problems can be made easy and solved
With the time-tested formulae,
But daily life problems have no laid down forms or norms.
Problem like Picador fight has to be resorted,
To weaken the problem into pieces,
Peaceful resolution brings ease and peace,
Which helps us use our inner potentials
To tide over any problem that we face in life.

Problem, when left unresolved, becomes a pestering sore,
Resulting in resentment which saps our inner energy.
Problem is contagious like flue,
If left to itself, unattended and not tackled,
It adds on and piles up by making kinship
With similar other stonewalling malady.
Becoming unwieldy and finally macabre ghost
Haunting us day in and day out.
Thus when confronted with a problem
Try solving the same then and there
By analyzing the genesis threadbare
Thus solving it with confidence
Faith in our Creator and in our inner resolve is a must
Tackle the problem with sculptor’s touch
Who chisels the uneven lump of marble into fine statue.

If you want to live peacefully in an atmosphere so very pleasant

Remove ignorance with self-effort so very sincere

With all your heart out

Without feeling lost while making effort

In what your efforts will result

Then sanity will replace the insanity

With the stamp of approval of God the Almighty.


In our day to day life, we do not always have congenial atmosphere. At times, we have unfriendly and incompatible situations too. It should be kept in mind that everybody can live and flourish in calm situation but those who live in unpleasant situations and conditions and yet keep their head clear are the gifts of God to the society. They use their wisdom and levelheadedness while living with the diverse people with different temperament and outlook and make a difference. Such people have vast experience of dealing with different sorts of people and adjust with them. Sometimes they tend to change others for better and other times they themselves have to, perforce, change themselves to calm the situation to live in harmony. These people remove the ignorance of others with the acquired wisdom.

It should always be remembered that ‘insanity’ is not sent to us from anywhere rather it is inculcated due to the omissions and commissions by the insane or inconsiderate or  people with incompatible behaviour or attitude around us. This is also the result of our ignorance on variety of things.   Insanity starts with wrong thinking, firstly, at an individual level then it spreads to societal level by joint reaction to the situation which is prevailing. What is happening around the world, the genesis of all the problems starts with individual thinking and then its multiplying effect starts.

There are bad examples of single person multiply his ill-conceived philosophy and then spreading the same to the common gullible populace which get emotionally submerged into the bad intention notion of a single bad person. Problems just proliferate. This goes to show that a single wrong thinking could play havoc. We know about many present day Ravanas, Kamsas, Hitlers, Ladens, Ravanas  who conspired to spread evil  etc. for personal gain. They spread their toxic influence in the society. It is in line with Shakespeare’s wisdom filled words that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Therefore, our thinking makes huge difference. When we have positive thinking, then we have good outcome and vice versa. Positive thinking can transform insane atmosphere into sane one

In life, we do not get everything as we desire, At time, we have to be adaptive to change and change ourselves as per the situations and conditions though unwillingly sometimes. If you are not able to change according to situation then the best way is to be quite but never ever take anything to your heart otherwise it will hurt you psychologically. Becoming ‘insane’ at the people around is not a solution in any event. Sanity should start at the individual plane and then it goes on multiplying.

The following are some of the best ways to keep calm and proceed on:

We should make concerted effort to clear the cobwebs which encase our thinking so as to have clear and positive thoughts/thinking at all times.

Just introspect, can your being reactive solve any problem when faced with a piquant situation? No, not at all. You should never be a part of problem but be part of the solution and that, in any way, is by being calm and composed while understanding the situation fully.

Right attitude saves us most of the times. When nothing works, silence in the melee works wonders should always be kept in mind.

Just visualize, if you take law into your hand then what would be the consequences? The consequences cannot be good in any case. Violence gives birth to violence only.

Calmly think, can you suggest any solution rather than making the matter still more cumbersome? if yes, humbly and respectfully present your case. If wisdom is any guide, every gentleman listens to positive suggestions although may be with some riders.

If our individual thinking and action thereof makes difference then why our thinking should not be positive which rather than creating differences should solve pestering problems and turn insane situation into sane one.

There are people with positive mindset who can change a deteriorating and woefully dangerous situation. Associate such people if required.

I am of the view, if nothing works, persuasion and kind words work wonders. Even the brute understands the language of LOVE. Here, initially, you may have to withstand slur initially but on realizing the truth people who despise you will start liking you and things will settle down. Therefore, We should always keep in mind, truth wins in the end.

In essence, anybody can make partially muddy water muddier but there are very few who will attempt to make it cleaner and potable. So we have to be the whiff of cold air in the sweltering heat of summer. Specter of obstacles, troubles and problems would always be lurking there but we have to be ready always to devise ways and means to come out of this  ‘insanity’ around and bring about sanity calmness. But for this to be possible, we have to first understand the cause of problem and then to necessarily change our own thinking accordingly. Charity begins at home. We have to actually ‘bell the cat’ rather nobody else would be doing this for us. Nobody else will solve our problem for us. We shall have to start making amends in our ways of thinking from our own selves, then our own homes thereafter its fragrance could be spread to our society etc. our endeavour should not stop till the positive effects percolates or seeps in every individual. Then we will have a  

Those who are born on this planet will certainly have problem. Nobody can escape. The level or seriousness of problem may be different but there would be some.




Life is beautiful really
But it all depends on us
To make it still more beautiful
By our righteous Karmic deeds
Which do not originate from anywhere
But from within our own inner self
The result of our own awareness
When we want to make it so very beautiful
By our own beliefs, perceptions, aspirations and desires
By the power of our own Karmic deeds
Along with enjoying the beauties
Which lie Mother Nature has bestowed in abundance
While respecting the balance in it
We can make the life still more beautiful by the beauty of our inner self.
Positive Karmic deeds
Like being compassionate and empathetic
With our brethrens
Can purify our inner self
Thereby leading to addition in our Karmic credits
Then life becomes beauty and worth living for us indeed.
The Karma is the energy of our positive feelings
More intense on positive side  these feelings are
The more positive energy it generates
And becomes a driving force for our forward movements
Proving that the liveliness of our perceptions
Give us the wherewithal to put in sustained work
And help add to our knowledge, then experience gives us wisdom to differentiate good and bad Karmic deeds
Then use all  for productive ventures
And earn for ourselves resources for a happy living.
On the other hand our negative Karmic deeds
Like lust for more worldly possessions
Being reactive on filmiest grounds
Besides taken in by making comparisons
Thus falling prey to greed
By adopting corrupt practices
All the three combine
To add to our Karmic debits
And thus eating away slowly the Karmic credits
Which we’ve created for ourselves
Over a period of time
Thus sadly bringing in its wake the ominous portents
With telling blow to our existence
Proving that our Karma is the power of our beliefs
Positive belief system add to our Karmic credits
By crating powerful energy in us.
Negative belief system eats away the credits
And transforms the same into Karmic debits
And we remain carrying the burden of this negative energy
Consequences is not rocket science to understand
Whatever happens to us really
Good or bad obviously
We should always keep in mind
Does not happen due to others or the God above
But happens due to our thoughts from within and actions thereof & not without
When somebody harms us intentionally
There are two options open for us
One is to forgive and forget our tormentor
Despite pain caused to us
Though it is tough yet not so difficult
Thus creating beautiful life with positive feeling.
Then when something bad happens
We blame others for our situation
This blame does not stop but just continues unabated
Sapping our positive energy
And turning it into negative one
Till such time we are not able to take it any longer
And wilt under the pressure of this burden
Of our own creation
Thus still more hurdles for forward movement
And all this happens due to our volition
With no affect from outside our own domain
Thus creating hurdles in the way of beautiful life.
Thus our positive feelings are the ones
Which if implemented righteously
Can generate power energy for us
For living a purposeful and HAPPY LIFE.

Thus when we recognize our Karma as our true Dharma
With the realization that our perceptions
Make a huge change in our happiness quotient
Positive beliefs create positive energy
And negative emotions create negative energy
Thus positive INNER THOUGHTS can generate POSITIVE ENERGY
For a happy and energetic existence.


Our positive INNER THOUGHTS, aspirations, conscious decisions and action thereof, desires, wishes, perceptions, awareness etc. are, in essence, the significant factor which help us in creating/generating positive energy. This positive energy spurs us to do our Karmic Deeds with alacrity. This positive energy assists us in facing any challenges which may face in life head on. This also helps us to take anything and everything in positive light thereby enhancing our self-belief and will for forward movement despite hurdles. The positive energy so generated from positive Karmic deeds could help us transform our inner Thoughts,  beliefs, ideas, perceptions, aspirations etc. and give us the gusto of get-up-and-go attitude toward any assignment since it is by dint of our positive energy. Therefore, our KARMA based on positive mental attitude helps us to convert our thoughts into actions and the experience based on our thoughts and perceptions give us wisdom to differentiate between good and bad. Besides, Positive KARMIC DEEDS enhances our KARMIC CREDITS along with reducing or eliminating any KARMIC DEBITS which we had willy-nilly earned in the past.

People with positive energy tend to perform their responsibilities with calmly, cooperatively, with self-belief, spiritually following each duty as though he/she is performing that duty with God’s partnership, forgiving and forgetting is such person’s credo. Thus this individual earns for himself/herself enough Karmic Credit points.

Alternatively, when we tend to transact a negative Karmic Deeds such as being reactive or being angry, lust or greed for more material possessions and even having the same by adopting corrupt practices, use of offence or coercion against others for getting things done etc. These Negative Karmic Deeds generate Negative Energy in us which, in turn, adversely impacts us physiologically and psychologically.

The negative energy results in stress related diseases in us and become hindrance to our further movement in our life. It should never be forgotten that negative Karmic Deeds earn for ourselves Negative Energy thus increasing our KARMIC DEBTS which impact us severely even impairing our will to transact anything which has got positive orientation.

The people with negative energy do not forget and forgive others for their past mistakes and this too enhances their KARMIC DEBITS.   

Thus if our aspirations, desires, wishes, wants, inner thoughts, perceptions etc if directed positively, etc.  are positively pursued will give us treasure of Positive Karmic Credits and also rich crop of POSITIVE ENERGY which will help us to perform our duties with vogour and with utmost enthusiasm with better results. It should also be kept in mind that our KARMA is our own action based on our own perceptions. And, if we are performing our KARMA then we have to be held responsible for it and earn for ourselves its benefits or otherwise. Our Karma is our own creation on our inner thoughts.




Our success or failure in our life
Hinges on the closeness of relationship we develop with others
If experience is any guide
Then mere acquiring knowledge is not sufficient
But how best to put into practice
That knowledge righteously counts
And cement close relations with fellow beings
Counts a lot in everyday of our existence.
For instance Demon King Ravana
Was having vast knowledge
On Vedas and other significant scriptures
Yet he did not use the knowledge gained thoughtfully
Thus committed a cardinal sin of abducting Sita Ji
The consort of Lord Ram Ji
Thus, positive mental attitude
And how best to use the acquired know-how
Is, of course, considered most essential.

In essence, there is a crying need
Of developing positive relations with others
Otherwise our ship of relations will rock
In the midst of sea, so stormy
With nobody there to rescue
In the hour of need
When we require the same hugely.
Working with harmony and with complete understanding
In a atmosphere so friendly
Works wonders in delivery finally
Because when many
Brains of different caliber are put together
On the job at hand
In an atmosphere of freedom and impartiality
The chances of success are there to be realised really.

In work ethics the thing which counts a lot
Is that we’ve to appreciate something good in others
Since we all want a little appreciation for a job well done
And then criticize some other traits
Which we disagree to agree

So that person concerned makes amends
Without any further ill-feeling
Thus healthy cocktail of praise and criticism when needed helps
Keep us on the toe at all times
For putting up better performance for the job at hand
For the organization we are working
Proving that it is through criticism we surmount all hurdles
By learning from others experiences and expertise
Disapproval when not required
Will go counter to self-improvement
Thus losing the very purpose of criticism just piled on.

Our relationship will consolidate still further
If we talk sense
Rather than talk non-sense
And make matters still more complex
In this gentle persuasion
And gentle suggestion
Surely will consolidate our personal relations
With avoidance of stress
Which a surcharged atmosphere creates
Thus proving that ease and peace
Can piece together
The workers of all hues
For a job well done in the organization
Or even in the domestic life gentle and soft handling
Bring about better results.
We make our life more complicated
By our own acts of omissions and commissions
We seek in others, perfection
Without even a moment’s realization
That for being perfect
We tend to lose much
Including our peace of mind
Need is to be more patient and tolerant
A little limitation is tolerable in humans
Since nobody who is born on this planet
Is ‘picture perfect’
Then picking holes in others
And criticizing serves no purpose at all.

Thus we can establish good relationship with others
By a healthy and balanced dose of praise and criticism
In right proportion on required basis
Both at workplace and in domestic life
For a health relationship for a peaceful existence
Bereft of any fear and coercion
Of course with the blessings of our Creator



Guru Sri Nanak Dev Ji – (1469-1539 CE)
The Founder of Sikhism & The First of the Sikh Gurus
What a wonderful occasion, a holiest one at that to celebrate!
Than theThe Birthday of our revered Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj
The most loved one, the travelled extensively
That too during those days
With no communication and connectivity
Even bereft of any transport facilities
Not only to all corners of Bharat it its entirety
But also the foreign lands
Like Sri Lanka, China, Iraq and many others
Wherever he went
Along with his two disciples
One Muslim named Bhai Mardana Ji
Born to Marasi couple named Badhra Ji & Lakkho Ji
And the other one a Hindu named Bhai Bala Ji
Both being the longtime disciples of Guru Ji
Spread the Divine Message
Of love of humanity without bias
And against ritualistic customs
Rampant during those days, so extensively
Besides having discourses and interactions
With Saints and Sufis
And presented his points of view
Giving all the reasoning and logics
And changed the eco-system wherever he put his Lotus Feet
Guru Nanak Dev Ji, our most revered Guru
An embodiment of Supreme Being
A harbinger of deliverance
From our pains and sufferings
Through His gems of preaching
A Messiah who made a huge difference
In our viewpoints on spiritual values
And showed a clear cut path to the humans
By meditating on Divine Name – EK NAAM
With all the devotion
Thus remove the all pervading ignorance
With his teachings, so enlightening indeed
So simple to follow by ordinary humans even.
His birthday is celebrated as Prakash Utsav or Guru Purb
In essence, life is a festival (Utsav or Purb) of highest order
A Day of immense value for us all
For self-realization through love, faith and absolute devotion
Besides rendering assistance to the fellow beings without any expectation
And gain knowledge about the Divine Truth for our liberation
By realization of Divine within
By the union with the Divine
And attain Divine Peace within
Which is the sole purpose of humans
Thus realize the aim of Guru Granth Sahib.
Kartarpur Sahib located in Pakistan is being opened
On this day, so pious
For the people to pay homage
To the Supreme Guru
Who while he was on this beautiful planet
Changed the lives of millions with his reasonableness and wisdom
His preaching have created wide-reaching positive effects on masses.
On the Gurupurb Day Diwan
Starts early in the morning hours
With Asa-di-Var
And hymns from Guru Granth Sahib are sung
Followed by discourses and prayers (Ardas)
And finally Prashad in lines (Pangat)
By the devout (Sangat)
Called Langar served to all alike
People share it with great reverence
And make this day; a day to reminisce–
On the most auspicious full moon day – Pooranmashi
At a village named Rai-Bhoi-Di-Talwandi
Now known as Nanakana Sahib
In the month of Kartik
15th day of April in the year 1469
When our most revered Baba Nanak Ji was born
To father Baba Kalu & Mother Tripta
No one but our beloved Akalpurakh (God)
His observable mission for this Special Messenger
Of spreading ‘EK NAAM’S’ pious Message
And that such a person will make huge difference
For causes most dear to the society in general
Indeed a Shining Star on the horizon was born!
Of the Sikhs & the ones who believe in(Khalas) purity
Way of living now or in future with certainty
Gurupurb lasts for three days
A pious Akhand Path in all Gurudwaras
With organization of Nagar kirtan
Procession (Kirtni Jatha) is led by Pious Fives
(Panj Piyaras – the Beloved Ones)
With Holiest Sri Guru Granth Sahib kept on the Palanquin
Hymns from It purifies the environs the most
Spreading Its Message – the most fragrant
Far and wide making the gentry mesmerized
Gatka Parties displaying their artistry
With their traditional weapons.
Babaji – the most benevolent of all
Our earnest prayer to Thee our beloved One
Let the spirit of this day
Remain echoing in our memory
Spreading Thy Universal Message
Of Uniting the Humans without bias
And ridding society of all ills and malice
Engendering brotherly feelings amongst all
And make our life sublime.


The Supreme Lord sends His Messengers to this earth to spread His Message so that such Messengers make difference with their preaching to the world at large and change their lives. His teachings are so relevant that there is a definitive imprint of His teachings on the psyche of people and that is why His influence remains centuries after centuries. Those sincere devotees who have attained the certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision.
Guru Nanak Gurpurb also called Guru Nanak Prakash Utsav or Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm by all those who know about Guru Nanak Dev’s contribution to the humanity in general with His preaching.
On this day Prabhat Pheris (early morning processions or congregations) which are taken from the Gurdwaras in the early morning itself and cover almost all the lanes and by-lanes in the vicinity. People sing hymns in His glory in this procession.There is air of tranquility and peace in the environs around these processions.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on 15th April 1469 at Rai Bhoi-di-Talwandi of Shekhopura, presently in Pakistan. He was married to Sulakhani the daughter of Mool Chand of Pakhoke Randhawe village of Gurdaspur and had two sons named Shri Chand and Lakhmi Das.
Guru Nanak Deve Ji defines the traits of Divine Lord as: There is but One all-embracing and all-powerful Divinity, who manifests Himself first in the shape of all sacred words and then through the whole created Universe – Ik Onkar Sat Naam, Kartaa Purakh Nibhou Nirveir Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibha Bhaug Gur Parsaad. This is also termed as the Mool Mantra.

Divine Lord also is: The One who was real and self-existent before all Creations, who was real through all ages (Yugas), who is real and true now and who shall be true and self-existent for all times to come. (Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Heibhee Sach Hanak Hosee bhee Sach).

HIS LIFE SPANS FROM 1469 – 1539 A.D.

History is the guide to tell us that during this period many of the spiritualistic, cultural and progressive ideas came to the fore and fructified owing to the proactive role of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. These ideas are very much relevant for us to follow and get experiences in our lives. One thing unique in these ideas is that these are practical in nature and realistic; not based on mysticism and ritualistic. In many of His thoughts and deeds, during His sojourn to various parts of India and even in foreign lands, sheds light on His unstinted and clear philosophy that AKALPURAKH – SAT NAAM SRI WAHE GURU is the only TRUTH, a Truth which could be proved anywhere anytime.

• The universal message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was to reach a common understanding through dialogue and carry all along by understanding others viewpoints too without imposing his viewpoints on others.
• The human body is made of five elements; air, water, fire, earth and sky and within subtle body lives mind which remains in perpetual instability. The body consists of nine outlets and there is also the tenth one which is attained through intense meditation on Divine Naam. This way ego is destroyed and man merges with Divine.
• The old dogmas and unnecessary rituals prevailing amongst the masses gave place to progressive ideas. Service (Seva) and prayers (Simran) should be given more credence.
• The Divine pervades within the body which is termed as Soul (Atma). It enables the body to perform its functions. This Divine Power pervades in the Universe called as Universal Soul.
• He propagated the idea of goodwill and welfare of all without bias – for him all are the creations of Akalpurakh and therefore there should not be any difference on the basis of religion of caste.
• The God is the Divine Husband of Creation and all creatures are His brides to whom He looks after without bias.
• He taught that everybody should be truthful in words and deeds.
• Three miseries of humans are: miseries of mind, physical ailments due to bad deeds and miseries created by nature. These could be removed by God through realization of Truth by complete devotation.
• His preaching resulted in the intellectual and spiritual renaissance of the masses in general.
• Humanism was given more credence with the idea that human beings are considered good or bad according to the deeds one performs and not on the basis of birth, caste or colour or region.
• Religion should create harmony and not dissensions and hurdles in the path of masses.
• Complete surrender to the will of God for the spiritual forward march should be pursued.

• He taught the philosophy of ONE GOD – EK NAAM.
• Bad traits such as ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust should be shunned from our midst in order to lead a balanced life.
• We should always be in the quest/pursuit of knowledge for our enlightenment. Knowledge helps us to attain salvation too.
The Holy Gurbani is a sacred treasure and has universal appeal, every verse (Shloka) while recited suffuses and fills with fragrance in the environment it is spoken and cures the illness of our body, mind and soul. Almost all the prayers are for the praise of our Akalpurakh in one form or other.
For Example: Gun Biant Kimat Nahi Pae!! Nanak Jis Bhavai! Tis Lae Malae!
Endless are His virtuous qualities; His worth cannot be appraised. O Nanak, one who pleases Him is united with Him.
This is the holiest day in the history of Sikhism. It is celebrated not only by Sikhs but also by all those who believe in His Holy Words. Akhand Path, non-stop recitation from Guru Granth Sahibji, Asa Di Var (Collection of 24 Stanzas written by the revered Guruji). Gurdwaras are specially decorated tastefully on this occasion.
Devout pay respectful tributes to Sri Guru Nanak Devji and remember His contributions for the spiritual upliftment of the common masses and rid them from unnecessary rituals that prevailed.
Equality of all the faiths and religions is a reality. His disciples were from all castes and creeds.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s premise was that those who do not know the true meaning of scriptures, cannot differentiate between good and bad; are steeped in egocentric pursuits. These people are truly the ignorant ones. There is no exaggeration in saying that main thrust of Guru Ki Bani is to remove ignorance, superstition and complex customs bedeviling the masses This also helped in spreading the message of goodwill besides engendering brotherly feelings amongst them without any distinction. Guru Nanak’s stellar contribution is for the wellness of the humanity as a whole and for the spread of this message, He traveled length and breadth of our country and abroad.

All the incarnations Messengers of God suffered while they were living on this earth because people at that time could not understand them. Such incarnations suffered so that we may learn the lesson for a peaceful co-existence between all humans:


While pains and sufferings are, in essence, part and parcel of our life but when it is inflicted by our own brethren then it is more painful. What has been happening around the world now is nothing but painful. Guru Nanak has himself mentioned this “Unto whom should I tie up and give the bundle of my pains? The whole world is suffering from pain and suffering. Wherever I see loads of pain and suffering – NANAK DUKHYA SAAB SANSAR.

Guru Nanak traverses lengths and breadths of India and in the foreign lands, so he mentioned about the ‘pain across the globe. This pain and suffering could be ameliorated through meditation, he mentioned. “Remembering Him in meditation, a profound peace is obtained. Oaub and suffering will not touch you at all – remain in the sanctuary of God and no pain and suffering will ever touch you at all.

All the humans are our Creator’s creations but they are born under different circumstances and different conditions and different locations. But from the same LIGHT, we are created. Then why people we interpret scriptural inscription differently. It really pains me immensely.


Prophet Mohammad suffered immensely at the hands of his opponents in Makkah and in other places like Al-Tayf and Madina who knew His exceptional intelligence and integrity. Although he was bestowed with very good business, a happy family and helpful relatives yet he preferred the path of pains and sufferings. His opponents raised every conceivable hurdle in His path but he did not care about His sufferings but wiped off the tears of downtroddens. Although like Christ, He forgave them and followed Allah ordained path for the welfare of mankind. He gave credence to compassion and kindness for the needy.

• Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feelings should be there even for our enemies, Jesus was born in 7 – 2 BC and was crucified in 30-33 AD in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate. He was born in Nazareth, Galilee to Parents Marry & Joseph. During his lifetime too he had to suffer at the hands of opponents on one pretext or other.
Christ preached forgiveness and mercy. He even forgave those who harmed him immensely. No ill-feelings for anyone absolutely that is the message given:
Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have indomitable belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self-realization know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans.

His teachings are so exhaustive, yet, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our lives sublime.

• Lord Krishna – the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared on this earth as the Avtar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) more than 5,000 years ago had to put put up with so many pains and sufferings firstly at the hands of Demon King Kamsa (the most demonist of all Bhoja dynasty. Subsequently faced evils in the form of demons like Trnavarta, Bakasura, Aghasura, Dhenuksura, Pralambasura, Kesi in the form of the horse, besides serpent Kaliya to whom he forgave and finally besides serpent Kaliya to whom he forgave. So much so was he disturbed by the demons that for the safety of his subjects he had to establish his abode at Dwarka suffused with fortification etc. In Mahabharata, Lod Krishna played a stellar role in the annihilation of evil in the form of Dhritarashtra and his sons especially Duryodhana/ Though the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas took a heavy toll yet truth won and evil perpetrated and pampered by Kauravas was destroyed ultimately.
• Lord Rama an epitome of Dharma and peace. He was to be carbonated as King of Ayodhya but had to go for exile for 14 long years. During exile, he killed many demons who disturbed the hermits in their meditation. His consort Sita was abducted with deception by the demon king Ravana who represented evil. There was a ferocious battle between the two armies of Lord Rama and Ravana where the evil of Ravana was defeated.
• Lord Budha who epitomized non-violence and peace throughout his life and spread his message of fair-play and tolerance through his disciples too faced many hurdles initially from his opponents while spreading the message of love and affection. Even his death is death after consuming a special delicacy offered by his generous host, the remains of which were buried.
It goes to show that our most revered ones suffered at the hands of their opponents then what we are? We should actually learn lessons out of their sufferings/sacrifices and live joyously and with empathy.


We woefully opine that we are suffering pains at the hands of our opponents (those who do not agree with our viewpoints) just conveniently forgetting the untold sufferings undergone by the Messengers of God.
• Bestow us enlightenment by removing ignorance through spread of knowledge.
• The world of ours is in constant struggle between good and evil.. This is due to thrusting our opinions on others forcefully and consequent struggle. Then differing people resort to disproportionate violence result in loss of precious lives. No religion recommends this.
• There is a fight between the truth and falsehood. This difference may be due to the different interpretation of scriptures but the basic thrust of all religious scriptures is good of humanity as a whole without bias and feelings of compassion, empathy, cooperation, brotherhood, and goodwill to be encouraged between all humans.
• There are those who are the oppressor and those who are oppressed. The oppressor should introspect about his/her origin and should never identify himself/herself different from others.
• Bad things could happen to good ones. This is a fact, bad things have happened to the good people but when this injustice should stop and message of goodness that is codified in all the religious texts made applicable in letter and spirit? The sooner this happens the better for the humanity as a whole. No human loss, please.
• We should never forget that we have a common Creator meaning we are commonly related to our Him. Then why bloodletting for temporary gain – aagain which pains even our Creator!
• All the main scriptures exhort us for co-existing with mutual cooperation and with goodwill then why misunderstanding and killing? Where all this will lead the humanity?
• Be that as it may, let’s forget our small differences and live as creation created by our ONE Creator.
• The message of communal harmony that Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave should be followed by all the societies so as to remove the discriminations in the societies. He had his disciples from hindu and Muslim – a clear message of communal harmony which is the need of the hour.



With poise bereft of egocentric tendencies

We move ahead despite hurdles

The hurdles being the warning signs

To be on the guard

For the coming events

Till full confidence with experience is gained

This self-assurance is a sure shot sign

Of getting what we actually want

But of course, with the grace of Hidden Hand

That whatever would attempt

Would be result oriented

Either in providing rich experience

Or giving fruits to our efforts

Thus giving us satiety and happiness eventually

And also the confidence to take on anything under the sun

With the grace of God Almighty.



Plainly speaking,  strange is the thinking of some people who think material possession is ‘be all and end all’ for leading a happy life; without a recognition that for a happy life, good health is of paramount importance. For health to be good, it is important that we exercise on a regular basis along with it, take balanced diet to keep our body fit.

Our success is the consequence of our capacity to work hard. We can work hard only when our health permits us to put in long hours of sustained efforts.  For this to be reality, we should have sound mental attitude, good relationships with family members and others who count, transact our job bereft of any fear psychosis for mission accomplishment, freedom of speech and action, maintenance of discipline while performing our duty, remain amiable while interacting with others, maintaining self-esteem or self-regard, respect others and get respect in return, self-confidence, flexibility in job, upward mobility while performing jobs without let or hindrance, peace and harmony while dealing in the society,  ability to make things easy and not complicate these still further, our ability to understand others, their needs and aspirations, adjustment with the group of people of diverse views, gain knowledge from any source and remove the specter of ignorance etc. Besides, use the thoughts and knowledge gained wisely makes a huge difference.

Bhagwad Gita says: if you want to enjoy your life and act wisely, you cannot live in ignorance, you’ve to be inclusive, you’ve to be work in a team, you’ve to act with all your energy with no care about the outcome.

As the above said points are very essential, therefore, these require deft handling and with pragmatism, therefore, I shall be discussing these point-wise in succeeding paragraphs:-


While performing any job, there should be freedom of thought and action thereof. No coercion whatsoever from any quarter should be there. In free atmosphere, we have our receptors and thought processes open. If at all there is one, then congenial conditions should be created to counterbalance those coercive actions. Everything should be done with freedom of choice and not with any degree of enforcement. By so doing, we shall perform our job without let or hindrance; with joy abundance thereby enhancing our happiness graph along with cooperative spirit amongst the working staff. 


Our effort should be to make atmospheric conducive, favourable for conduct of multifarious jobs rather than pulling others down for earning brownie points for our personal gain at the cost of others in the organization. We should utilize the knowledge we’ve gained over a period of time and act accordingly, if need be with others’ expertise  to make our job easier and more productive. Then, we should not disassociate knowledge from our actions, it will rather complicate our action still further. Therefore, making life easier for ourselves creates such a work which enhances productivity, enhances cooperation between the working staff thus paving the way for creative work in an atmosphere of give and take. This, in the long run, enhances the happiness quotient, not individually but collectively.


While we have the rigidity in our work culture, then, we shall not be able to have further mobility in our sphere of activity. We shall remain like a proverbial  frog in the well when others in the organization consider us as  ‘round peg in a round hole’ not suited for the job being done by us since there is no experience gained on a variety of jobs, therefore, no efficacy for fructifying any job assigned. Flexibility in variety of things, removing ignorance by gaining knowledge, solving a problems creatively, if needed, by putting many heads together for getting better results. Close compartmental scenario is hindrance to better results/fructification of our mission. Working in isolation brings about no respect for personal initiative and drive; as a team. Flexibility in assignment completion brings about hope of getting results more suited since the job is done with open mind. Fructification of job in the atmosphere of flexibility brings about happiness and joy in the long run.


We humans like to be appreciated for a job well done. With appreciations and awards, we tend to show even better results. Appreciation fuels our forward movement and brings about impetus for a still better performance. Though, healthy criticism should not be construed as de-motivating factor but should serve as an eye opener and should serve as an experience gained to move ahead. It should not be reckoned as negative factor. We should remain balanced in order to adjust in the organization we are working otherwise we shall be bogged down under the weight of our own contradictions. Therefore, balanced approach brings about happiness and job for us in the long run.


In essence, nothing works in isolation. The peace and harmony will usher in when we understand others’ problems and try solving the same with our personal initiative. When we act thus, we can also expect assistance from others when we need the same. Mutual cooperation and correlation help in cementing our relationship thus paving the way for a better understanding. This is a healthy sign for getting things done in the society and acts as bulwark for creating an amiable atmosphere in the society thus enhancing our happiness quotient.

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to association with people of low position. BIBLE


We are aware that man is a social animal. He thrives on cooperative spirit rather than ambivalent or doubting environs creating antipathy amongst ourselves. An enabling and  appropriate situation create supportive atmosphere for better results for all. All these help in creating happiness for all. This is in sync with wisdom given in Bible: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!


Everybody knows how best to work in congenial atmosphere. Important thing is to work in a challenging situation where our character is tested. There are people who go haywire and wilt under the pressure of a challenge. If we take into cognizance the stance that every problem has a solution hidden in it ‘Har ik samasya men hi samadhan shoopa hota he’ and make concerted and sincere efforts then we shall not be overawed by the problem we are facing but would happily solve the same without extra hassles. Going inward and establishing connection with God through prayers and meditations could infuse confidence in us by the use of inner potentials.

When our whole consciousness is confused in its views of right and wrong in such a situation, all our energies are confounded as these do not find a focused and well-directed outlet.  We can connect with higher dimensions of consciousness and move on to a high sphere of peace, harmony and resolution. Bhagwad Gita


It has been observed that when we are hugely focused on a mission (body, mind and spirit), then the chances of fructification of that mission is immense. If we meet failure initially, there will certainly be successes with experience gained in future; that is the power of our spirit. This focused attention results in inculcation of confidence in us to handle any emergent contingencies. Creation of confidence creates self-belief which is essential for living a purposeful life. Subsequently, we gain wisdom, a power of discrimination, to differentiate between right and wrong. The confident persons have all the traits as given in the following percept of Bhagwad Gita.

Their thoughts are immersed in that (spirit)

Their soul are with spirit

Their sole allegiance and devotion given to spirit

Their beings purified from poisonous delusion

By antidote of wisdom

Such men reach the state of non-return.






Happiness is not got when thy purse is full to bursting with cash
With which thee can purchase eatables, the choicest ones
Nevertheless require good digestive system
Otherwise it will do more harm than good to our health
Even sapping our strength
Bereft of energy
We cannot transact anything effectively
Thus real happiness cannot be purchased with money
We have aplenty
But with goodwill that we generate for ourselves abundantly
With sympathy rather than misunderstanding.
We’re delighted immensely
When our sincere efforts bring fruits
And we share those fruits with needy
Giving us utmost satiety
This satiety enhances our overall wellness
Bringing in its wake joyous feeling in abundance
Along with everything else
Whence joy merges with connection with God Almighty
Thence we live in bliss in its entirety.

What a joy so supreme, it gives to anyone
When you take a accident victim to the hospital
With blooding oozing from the wound
Even soaking the clothes with blood
And on reaching at the emergency
Doctor pronounces with pleasingly
O! Ten minutes delay must have taken this fellow’s life!

Happiness is a crazy thing factually
It multiplies
As we divide it; as has been rightly said
And this multiplier division of happiness
Gives out heady scent, so elevating and jovial
So, real delight results really
By caring and sharing something including our smiles
And not enjoying
The fruits of our labour all alone




Looking back with a sense of pride
Such a long years of forty plus
In which you’ve very dearly created many pluses
With thy wisdom at every step
Thou held my hand
Whence I was wide off the mark
We had a life of immense fulfillment together
Brought up our children with immense care
With whatever I could muster
With the earnings which I could with utmost earnestness
Thy imparting value system to the offspring is enormous
As I used to be away from home
Due to my posting outstations
As a demand of organization
I worked with
You did not let my absence impact
The running of household and kept it in tact
With your deft
Handling of home affairs
If I say thee had been a the best life-partner
There is no exaggeration at all
I only knew how to earn
And not knowing what and how to spend best
A penny-wise indeed
It is well said
That it is luck to get a good partner in life
If it is my spouse like
The life becomes a SEVENTH HEAVEN
On this beautiful earth
I pray to Almighty God
For letting me Kamal as my partner
Till we get Moksha
Due to our Karmic deeds indeed.