Looking back with a sense of pride
Such a long years of forty plus
In which you’ve very dearly created many pluses
With thy wisdom at every step
Thou held my hand
Whence I was wide off the mark
We had a life of immense fulfillment together
Brought up our children with immense care
With whatever I could muster
With the earnings which I could with utmost earnestness
Thy imparting value system to the offspring is enormous
As I used to be away from home
Due to my posting outstations
As a demand of organization
I worked with
You did not let my absence impact
The running of household and kept it in tact
With your deft
Handling of home affairs
If I say thee had been a the best life-partner
There is no exaggeration at all
I only knew how to earn
And not knowing what and how to spend best
A penny-wise indeed
It is well said
That it is luck to get a good partner in life
If it is my spouse like
The life becomes a SEVENTH HEAVEN
On this beautiful earth
I pray to Almighty God
For letting me Kamal as my partner
Till we get Moksha
Due to our Karmic deeds indeed.



  1. Dear Harbans,

    May you and your wife still have many years in front together in happiness and harmony, dear friend 🙂

    God may bless you both

  2. Congratulations to you both.

  3. JanBeek says:

    Congratulations on your landmark anniversary! As a woman married happilyvforbover 57 years now, i can with authority say, “The Best is Yet to Come.” Retirement years together with your life-long soulmate are surely years of heaven on earth. Enjoy them fully! Thank you, btw, for joining our JanBeek path to “Loving One Another” in gratitude and kindness. God bless you!

    • JanBeek says:

      P.S. See those B’s added to happily forever up there? That’s my fingernail catching the “b” on my little iPhone keyboard! 😩 Where’s spellcheck when you need it?

      • Harbans says:

        I found every word and sentence more catching, amazing and interest with kindness oozing from each.


      • JanBeek says:

        Bless you for that wonderfully affirmative response. I am so glad the post resonated with you. Do you have great-grandchildren yet?

      • Harbans says:

        Yes madam; one grandson from my son and daughter-in-law and two (Son and daughter) from my daughters side. Really, we both enjoy the togetherness of all. A fulfilling life indeed for both of us.


      • JanBeek says:

        Like you, we have a boy and girl, too. Our son & daughter-in-law in CA adopted 2boys and 2girls. The 3 great-grandchildren come from their oldest daughter and youngest son. Our daughter in Switzerland has 3 grown sons. None of them are married yet – but one has a very significant other. Life is wonderful when we can stay connected in love in spite of our physical distance, isn’t it?

      • Harbans says:

        Yes ma’am. My son and daughter-in-law along with my grandson are in UK; two months back I along with my wife visited them and hugely enjoyed enjoyed the togetherness. Here at Delhi too, we really enjoy with my daughters’; their son and daughter. Such is the grace of our LORD.


    • Harbans says:

      I am really impressed by your commentary.

      Affirmative; such a long years of togetherness of 42 years in which we had our ups and downs yet we weathered all storms together.

      Those who live together in thick and thin, with the grace of Almighty God do earn for themselves satiety and God connectivity.

      Warm regards


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