With poise bereft of egocentric tendencies

We move ahead despite hurdles

The hurdles being the warning signs

To be on the guard

For the coming events

Till full confidence with experience is gained

This self-assurance is a sure shot sign

Of getting what we actually want

But of course, with the grace of Hidden Hand

That whatever would attempt

Would be result oriented

Either in providing rich experience

Or giving fruits to our efforts

Thus giving us satiety and happiness eventually

And also the confidence to take on anything under the sun

With the grace of God Almighty.



Plainly speaking,  strange is the thinking of some people who think material possession is ‘be all and end all’ for leading a happy life; without a recognition that for a happy life, good health is of paramount importance. For health to be good, it is important that we exercise on a regular basis along with it, take balanced diet to keep our body fit.

Our success is the consequence of our capacity to work hard. We can work hard only when our health permits us to put in long hours of sustained efforts.  For this to be reality, we should have sound mental attitude, good relationships with family members and others who count, transact our job bereft of any fear psychosis for mission accomplishment, freedom of speech and action, maintenance of discipline while performing our duty, remain amiable while interacting with others, maintaining self-esteem or self-regard, respect others and get respect in return, self-confidence, flexibility in job, upward mobility while performing jobs without let or hindrance, peace and harmony while dealing in the society,  ability to make things easy and not complicate these still further, our ability to understand others, their needs and aspirations, adjustment with the group of people of diverse views, gain knowledge from any source and remove the specter of ignorance etc. Besides, use the thoughts and knowledge gained wisely makes a huge difference.

Bhagwad Gita says: if you want to enjoy your life and act wisely, you cannot live in ignorance, you’ve to be inclusive, you’ve to be work in a team, you’ve to act with all your energy with no care about the outcome.

As the above said points are very essential, therefore, these require deft handling and with pragmatism, therefore, I shall be discussing these point-wise in succeeding paragraphs:-


While performing any job, there should be freedom of thought and action thereof. No coercion whatsoever from any quarter should be there. In free atmosphere, we have our receptors and thought processes open. If at all there is one, then congenial conditions should be created to counterbalance those coercive actions. Everything should be done with freedom of choice and not with any degree of enforcement. By so doing, we shall perform our job without let or hindrance; with joy abundance thereby enhancing our happiness graph along with cooperative spirit amongst the working staff. 


Our effort should be to make atmospheric conducive, favourable for conduct of multifarious jobs rather than pulling others down for earning brownie points for our personal gain at the cost of others in the organization. We should utilize the knowledge we’ve gained over a period of time and act accordingly, if need be with others’ expertise  to make our job easier and more productive. Then, we should not disassociate knowledge from our actions, it will rather complicate our action still further. Therefore, making life easier for ourselves creates such a work which enhances productivity, enhances cooperation between the working staff thus paving the way for creative work in an atmosphere of give and take. This, in the long run, enhances the happiness quotient, not individually but collectively.


While we have the rigidity in our work culture, then, we shall not be able to have further mobility in our sphere of activity. We shall remain like a proverbial  frog in the well when others in the organization consider us as  ‘round peg in a round hole’ not suited for the job being done by us since there is no experience gained on a variety of jobs, therefore, no efficacy for fructifying any job assigned. Flexibility in variety of things, removing ignorance by gaining knowledge, solving a problems creatively, if needed, by putting many heads together for getting better results. Close compartmental scenario is hindrance to better results/fructification of our mission. Working in isolation brings about no respect for personal initiative and drive; as a team. Flexibility in assignment completion brings about hope of getting results more suited since the job is done with open mind. Fructification of job in the atmosphere of flexibility brings about happiness and joy in the long run.


We humans like to be appreciated for a job well done. With appreciations and awards, we tend to show even better results. Appreciation fuels our forward movement and brings about impetus for a still better performance. Though, healthy criticism should not be construed as de-motivating factor but should serve as an eye opener and should serve as an experience gained to move ahead. It should not be reckoned as negative factor. We should remain balanced in order to adjust in the organization we are working otherwise we shall be bogged down under the weight of our own contradictions. Therefore, balanced approach brings about happiness and job for us in the long run.


In essence, nothing works in isolation. The peace and harmony will usher in when we understand others’ problems and try solving the same with our personal initiative. When we act thus, we can also expect assistance from others when we need the same. Mutual cooperation and correlation help in cementing our relationship thus paving the way for a better understanding. This is a healthy sign for getting things done in the society and acts as bulwark for creating an amiable atmosphere in the society thus enhancing our happiness quotient.

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to association with people of low position. BIBLE


We are aware that man is a social animal. He thrives on cooperative spirit rather than ambivalent or doubting environs creating antipathy amongst ourselves. An enabling and  appropriate situation create supportive atmosphere for better results for all. All these help in creating happiness for all. This is in sync with wisdom given in Bible: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!


Everybody knows how best to work in congenial atmosphere. Important thing is to work in a challenging situation where our character is tested. There are people who go haywire and wilt under the pressure of a challenge. If we take into cognizance the stance that every problem has a solution hidden in it ‘Har ik samasya men hi samadhan shoopa hota he’ and make concerted and sincere efforts then we shall not be overawed by the problem we are facing but would happily solve the same without extra hassles. Going inward and establishing connection with God through prayers and meditations could infuse confidence in us by the use of inner potentials.

When our whole consciousness is confused in its views of right and wrong in such a situation, all our energies are confounded as these do not find a focused and well-directed outlet.  We can connect with higher dimensions of consciousness and move on to a high sphere of peace, harmony and resolution. Bhagwad Gita


It has been observed that when we are hugely focused on a mission (body, mind and spirit), then the chances of fructification of that mission is immense. If we meet failure initially, there will certainly be successes with experience gained in future; that is the power of our spirit. This focused attention results in inculcation of confidence in us to handle any emergent contingencies. Creation of confidence creates self-belief which is essential for living a purposeful life. Subsequently, we gain wisdom, a power of discrimination, to differentiate between right and wrong. The confident persons have all the traits as given in the following percept of Bhagwad Gita.

Their thoughts are immersed in that (spirit)

Their soul are with spirit

Their sole allegiance and devotion given to spirit

Their beings purified from poisonous delusion

By antidote of wisdom

Such men reach the state of non-return.


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    1. Derrick sir, from your writings and the comments, I have observed that you have proven record of confidence and forbearance including all the traits which a person of calibre should possess. Regards.

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