Our success or failure in our life
Hinges on the closeness of relationship we develop with others
If experience is any guide
Then mere acquiring knowledge is not sufficient
But how best to put into practice
That knowledge righteously counts
And cement close relations with fellow beings
Counts a lot in everyday of our existence.
For instance Demon King Ravana
Was having vast knowledge
On Vedas and other significant scriptures
Yet he did not use the knowledge gained thoughtfully
Thus committed a cardinal sin of abducting Sita Ji
The consort of Lord Ram Ji
Thus, positive mental attitude
And how best to use the acquired know-how
Is, of course, considered most essential.

In essence, there is a crying need
Of developing positive relations with others
Otherwise our ship of relations will rock
In the midst of sea, so stormy
With nobody there to rescue
In the hour of need
When we require the same hugely.
Working with harmony and with complete understanding
In a atmosphere so friendly
Works wonders in delivery finally
Because when many
Brains of different caliber are put together
On the job at hand
In an atmosphere of freedom and impartiality
The chances of success are there to be realised really.

In work ethics the thing which counts a lot
Is that we’ve to appreciate something good in others
Since we all want a little appreciation for a job well done
And then criticize some other traits
Which we disagree to agree

So that person concerned makes amends
Without any further ill-feeling
Thus healthy cocktail of praise and criticism when needed helps
Keep us on the toe at all times
For putting up better performance for the job at hand
For the organization we are working
Proving that it is through criticism we surmount all hurdles
By learning from others experiences and expertise
Disapproval when not required
Will go counter to self-improvement
Thus losing the very purpose of criticism just piled on.

Our relationship will consolidate still further
If we talk sense
Rather than talk non-sense
And make matters still more complex
In this gentle persuasion
And gentle suggestion
Surely will consolidate our personal relations
With avoidance of stress
Which a surcharged atmosphere creates
Thus proving that ease and peace
Can piece together
The workers of all hues
For a job well done in the organization
Or even in the domestic life gentle and soft handling
Bring about better results.
We make our life more complicated
By our own acts of omissions and commissions
We seek in others, perfection
Without even a moment’s realization
That for being perfect
We tend to lose much
Including our peace of mind
Need is to be more patient and tolerant
A little limitation is tolerable in humans
Since nobody who is born on this planet
Is ‘picture perfect’
Then picking holes in others
And criticizing serves no purpose at all.

Thus we can establish good relationship with others
By a healthy and balanced dose of praise and criticism
In right proportion on required basis
Both at workplace and in domestic life
For a health relationship for a peaceful existence
Bereft of any fear and coercion
Of course with the blessings of our Creator

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  1. It is a considered fact that we cannot in any case live and progress in isolation therefore, we have to work in close cooperation, understanding each others potentials and limitations vis-a-vis our own. With this intention, I have penned down a poem in which the importance of relationship at the workplace and even at home too could be made applicable.

    Please appraise the poem and give your comments. I love your comments and get inspiration from these.


    1. Affirmative ma’am. Our God has made every individual with some special trait which we can take from other and imbibe in our own traits; not to be ‘perfect’ but to remove our ignorance on some of the aspects.This way, there would be understanding and also cementing of relationship. Regards.

      1. I call my daughter ma’am many a times; I do not think if there is any wrong in using kind words.

        Affirmative, only AKALPURAKH is perfect. We humans are having our own imperfections; different for different individuals.

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