A life bereft of problem is a life bereft of any commitment to tackle,
No problem to solve means nothing in life to aspire and fructify,
Life in essence, is a continuous journey with a lot of activity,
Every step of the ladder of the life which counts as stages of life,
While making efforts, sometimes we slip but zeal to move ahead must not cease.
For instance, mathematic problems can be made easy and solved
With the time-tested formulae,
But daily life problems have no laid down forms or norms.
Problem like Picador fight has to be resorted,
To weaken the problem into pieces,
Peaceful resolution brings ease and peace,
Which helps us use our inner potentials
To tide over any problem that we face in life.

Problem, when left unresolved, becomes a pestering sore,
Resulting in resentment which saps our inner energy.
Problem is contagious like flue,
If left to itself, unattended and not tackled,
It adds on and piles up by making kinship
With similar other stonewalling malady.
Becoming unwieldy and finally macabre ghost
Haunting us day in and day out.
Thus when confronted with a problem
Try solving the same then and there
By analyzing the genesis threadbare
Thus solving it with confidence
Faith in our Creator and in our inner resolve is a must
Tackle the problem with sculptor’s touch
Who chisels the uneven lump of marble into fine statue.

If you want to live peacefully in an atmosphere so very pleasant

Remove ignorance with self-effort so very sincere

With all your heart out

Without feeling lost while making effort

In what your efforts will result

Then sanity will replace the insanity

With the stamp of approval of God the Almighty.


In our day to day life, we do not always have congenial atmosphere. At times, we have unfriendly and incompatible situations too. It should be kept in mind that everybody can live and flourish in calm situation but those who live in unpleasant situations and conditions and yet keep their head clear are the gifts of God to the society. They use their wisdom and levelheadedness while living with the diverse people with different temperament and outlook and make a difference. Such people have vast experience of dealing with different sorts of people and adjust with them. Sometimes they tend to change others for better and other times they themselves have to, perforce, change themselves to calm the situation to live in harmony. These people remove the ignorance of others with the acquired wisdom.

It should always be remembered that ‘insanity’ is not sent to us from anywhere rather it is inculcated due to the omissions and commissions by the insane or inconsiderate or  people with incompatible behaviour or attitude around us. This is also the result of our ignorance on variety of things.   Insanity starts with wrong thinking, firstly, at an individual level then it spreads to societal level by joint reaction to the situation which is prevailing. What is happening around the world, the genesis of all the problems starts with individual thinking and then its multiplying effect starts.

There are bad examples of single person multiply his ill-conceived philosophy and then spreading the same to the common gullible populace which get emotionally submerged into the bad intention notion of a single bad person. Problems just proliferate. This goes to show that a single wrong thinking could play havoc. We know about many present day Ravanas, Kamsas, Hitlers, Ladens, Ravanas  who conspired to spread evil  etc. for personal gain. They spread their toxic influence in the society. It is in line with Shakespeare’s wisdom filled words that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Therefore, our thinking makes huge difference. When we have positive thinking, then we have good outcome and vice versa. Positive thinking can transform insane atmosphere into sane one

In life, we do not get everything as we desire, At time, we have to be adaptive to change and change ourselves as per the situations and conditions though unwillingly sometimes. If you are not able to change according to situation then the best way is to be quite but never ever take anything to your heart otherwise it will hurt you psychologically. Becoming ‘insane’ at the people around is not a solution in any event. Sanity should start at the individual plane and then it goes on multiplying.

The following are some of the best ways to keep calm and proceed on:

We should make concerted effort to clear the cobwebs which encase our thinking so as to have clear and positive thoughts/thinking at all times.

Just introspect, can your being reactive solve any problem when faced with a piquant situation? No, not at all. You should never be a part of problem but be part of the solution and that, in any way, is by being calm and composed while understanding the situation fully.

Right attitude saves us most of the times. When nothing works, silence in the melee works wonders should always be kept in mind.

Just visualize, if you take law into your hand then what would be the consequences? The consequences cannot be good in any case. Violence gives birth to violence only.

Calmly think, can you suggest any solution rather than making the matter still more cumbersome? if yes, humbly and respectfully present your case. If wisdom is any guide, every gentleman listens to positive suggestions although may be with some riders.

If our individual thinking and action thereof makes difference then why our thinking should not be positive which rather than creating differences should solve pestering problems and turn insane situation into sane one.

There are people with positive mindset who can change a deteriorating and woefully dangerous situation. Associate such people if required.

I am of the view, if nothing works, persuasion and kind words work wonders. Even the brute understands the language of LOVE. Here, initially, you may have to withstand slur initially but on realizing the truth people who despise you will start liking you and things will settle down. Therefore, We should always keep in mind, truth wins in the end.

In essence, anybody can make partially muddy water muddier but there are very few who will attempt to make it cleaner and potable. So we have to be the whiff of cold air in the sweltering heat of summer. Specter of obstacles, troubles and problems would always be lurking there but we have to be ready always to devise ways and means to come out of this  ‘insanity’ around and bring about sanity calmness. But for this to be possible, we have to first understand the cause of problem and then to necessarily change our own thinking accordingly. Charity begins at home. We have to actually ‘bell the cat’ rather nobody else would be doing this for us. Nobody else will solve our problem for us. We shall have to start making amends in our ways of thinking from our own selves, then our own homes thereafter its fragrance could be spread to our society etc. our endeavour should not stop till the positive effects percolates or seeps in every individual. Then we will have a  

Those who are born on this planet will certainly have problem. Nobody can escape. The level or seriousness of problem may be different but there would be some.

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  1. In life we have problems – all have, but solution too are also there. With levelheadedness these could be solved and turn INSANE SITUATION INTO SANE one.

    Do appraise the blog and comment. I love your comments because these give me sustenance and will to go ahead in life.



      1. My grateful thanks for sparing your most valuable time and giving your comments.

        The people with negative mindset are everywhere. Difference is of some degree. There are people who come forward and give their point of view and try transforming the negative mind into positive one thus provide solace to the common people.


      2. I feel like I´m in a sort of Limbo now, no Hell or Heaven, just pure pain and desperation, and I never felt like that, even do I was homeless, unemployed and desperate before…

      3. A person of your stature and writing skills coupled with all the perfect creative talents bestowed to you by our LORD/CREATOR, I can say with certainty that your desperation is just momentary; may be due to some incident which you least expected. While we live on this planet, there are so many thing which happen just unexpectedly without any warning whatsoever. This happens in everybody’s lives with sufficiency of material possessions or do not have much by way of possessions. Despite this, need is to remain positive despite dark clouds.


        HARBANS ,

  2. Good morning and thanks for this excellent article, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Indeed there is too much murkiness across sour convulsed world nowadays and we should try not to add significantly to it with our bad and dishonest deeds or words. However, we must have a word of caution. Too often the mendaciously hypocritical call for some false civility and unanimity of opinions in the public sphere puts an undue social pressure to achieve an illusory “agreement” for the sake of fleeting “social peace.” When the issues are important, especially for our families and professions, we should not waver from the expected charge in the trenches, even muddying us all over in the fierce fight. Granted that oftentimes a sweet word of understanding and/or compassion for the other person can work wonders.But it must never be taken by force but offered voluntarily. We have missed your pointed commentaries in our articles lately. Too much work? A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. GOOD MORNING Dr. Sahib.

      Ypur commentary on my article is really on dot and add on to my write-up.

      In fact we are taken in by false premises and way-ward thinking on individual level first and then its fragrance will spread on the community level etc.

      In essence, we should therefore remain vigilant and not being taken in by the confused mindsets to fish in troubled waters.

      I was a busy. I shall visit your blog and get benefit from the vast and varied know-how.



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