Those who come into contact with us is due to our past connect. Is it so?

Those who come into contact with us is due to our past connect. Is it so?


Absolutely right, although there is no rational or cannot be physically proved or empirically proved but cannot be denied outrightly and construed as outlandish.  Whosoever comes in our life, at any time, has something connected with us and that is why that meeting/interaction takes place. Seemingly mystically but it is a fact. It means that nature plays its part in everything which will happen with us. At times, when we meet somebody for the first time, it gives us a strange impression. Though intuitively, as though we have met that person many a times in our life time; as though we’ve long intimacy with such a person. Be that as it may, instant establishment of good rapport instantly indicates that there is something common between such people which puts a stamp of goodwill in such a relationship. Intimacy just develops instantly. It could be otherwise also. We can have instant abhorrence for a person we come in contact for the first time too so much so that we do not see eye to eye with such a person. Strange it may seem, but it is a truth.

Mystically enough, our own close relations in the previous births, come into our lives, just to fulfill mutual obligations which we had not fulfilled in our previous birth and they come into our lives to fulfill the unfulfilled wish etc. Even from outsiders who come in our lives may have something like this too.

I had a practical experience on this aspect. While I was serving in one of the stations’, one of the rank stranger visited me in my office. Both of us established an instant bonhomie as though we were knowing each other since long – meeting of two departed souls meeting after a long time. Instead of first reporting to the reception centre for registration of his arrival, he came to me. In the first instance, I was obviously surprised as to why he had come to me in place of reporting centre for the organization.

On my gentle query, he told me that he had come from a place located in North East covering a large distance. He mentioned that he was about to superannuate from active service and he wanted to meet me before he demitted office.

I was really very surprised, he told me that I had a special relationship with me in my previous birth. When asked what was that particular and special relation? He, forthrightly refused to divulge the relationship with each other but he maintained that it was really very close. It is also pertinent to mention here that that person was of higher management cadre and not an ordinary one who could sway and become superstitious for nothing!

There was no rational explanation for this meeting of two total strangers meeting each other, establishing closeness, exchanging pleasantries as though we met, we exchanged ideas and departed thereafter with wetness in both of us…

I too felt some mystic attraction towards that officer which normally cannot be explained in words. Just seeing him, without any interaction even, I felt a tinge of upsurge of emotion which we get only after you meet a long lost relation!

He remained in the organisation only for a few days and after he had gone, I too felt as though I had lost some part my own existence. After about a month, I received a letter from his residence in North East which I do not want to divulge but it surely is a revelation that everyone who comes in our life has some reason. The reason and rational for all this cannot be explained by any one.

There could be telepathic connectivity between the people too. Although placed at a distant placed could develop good relationship yet we cannot show with certainty the whys and hows of it all but it happens. I personally have a few friends in foreign lands who understand me better than people here who remain in liaison with me most of the times. Strange, but it is true!


The love at first sight or hate at first sight for the total strangers is obviously very mystical or supernatural in nature and cannot be explained in words. It just happens.

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2 thoughts on “Those who come into contact with us is due to our past connect. Is it so?”

  1. I was reading about this from few days and then your post! I also believe there is something that leads us to make an instant connection with some people, our past lives may be the reason..
    btw I was reading the book.. Many lives Many Masters- By Dr. Brian Weiss which conveyed similar idea as yours.

    1. Sohanpreet thanks a lot for sparing your time and visiting and appraising the blog.

      I have practical experience about this aspect and it has happened on so many occasions. Especially to establish connectivity with fellows away from where I live presently. In the month of July 2019, I visited my son and daughter in law in UK, there I had the chance of visiting a library – a well stocked one. There I met one person with whom I establish very good rapport. We had discussions on a variety of subjects; seemed as though we had known each other since ages…

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