True knowledge first creates symptoms
Of change in a human being
Exerting its positive influence on the mind
In analyzing and recognizing the importance of self
In living a positively oriented lifestyle.

Self is finding individuality
Along with his identity
Of one’s own self
For a purposeful living.

Self is exploring one’s own nature
Refining their habit and attitude
From within us
For becoming a spiritual oriented living-being
For a purposeful living.

Self is building one’s own moral-fibre
Which is backbone of our life
For a purposeful living.
Through adopting positive orientation in life
In thoughts and Karmic deeds
For a purposeful living.

All these traits put together
Makes a person positively oriented
Most compassionate
The one who feels other’s pain
Thereby engendering confidence
Suffusing with self-assurance
Along with self-belief
Thus cementing the self-confidence ultimately.



Time just passes on without waiting for anyone. Past time and events become part of history. It is an important factor for getting new experiences. With the passage of time, we tend to establish new relationships but lose others due to one reason or other. While our life goes on with some sweet and some not so sweet moments, and from these, we get new experiences which make our life worth-living since it is through amalgamation of sweet and sour occurrences we gain knowledge. If we have only sweet moments our life becomes monotonous. This makes the life worth living by enjoying both highs and lows in our lives.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Bible

Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for His pastimes in the material creation – Srimad Bhagavatam.

How a person feels when he does not performs an important act when time is appropriate. I had the experience of witnessing the life of a senior officer who did not have any problems related to finances, health-wise; had every comforts which a person aspires for but he had not married. When he reached at his late 50s he started feeling very lonely – which is not conducive for the wellness of an individual.

The year that passed by was very promising in many ways than one. It started on a positive note, as anticipated, ended on a positive note too – giving credence to the statement; expect the best and the result would be the best with some hiccups here and there notwithstanding. The fact remain, it is not always that we shall get positive results but need is to have optimism to turn negative results into positive ones simply with self-effort with sincerity along with belief on our God. It is our common experience that when time is favourable, we consider ourselves on the seventh-heaven but when we experience some down-slide; we just plunge abysmally into the abbess of our own making, surprisingly sometimes without rhyme or reason.

Based on past experience I have gleaned over a period under various situations and conditions, I resolve to make my life spiritually oriented, methodical, adaptable besides being positive in all situations and conditions.

While we are endowed with all we aspires for, we should not lose patience. We should put in sincere efforts. No problem, God willing, we shall get sometimes afterwards. As far as I am concerned, I have not got unlimited needs as I do not compare myself with others. If I do not get anything which I aspire, I remember Gita Song. Arjuna is still confused about what is better: renunciation of work or work in devotion. Krishna explains that devotional service is better. Since everything belongs to Krishna, nothing is one’s own to renounce. Thus whatever one possesses one should use in Krishna’s service. A person working in such consciousness is renounced. This process, called karma yoga, helps one escape the result of furtive action—entanglement in rebirth.

One, who works in devotion with his mind and senses controlled, is in divine consciousness. Although his senses are engaged with sense objects, he is aloof, situated in peace and happiness. This wisdom filled assertion keeps me contented.


Our kittle kids are our entertainers. You smile at them and they will give you smile as a return gift. I like their innocence and sincerity at any event and at all times. Though they are dependent on others for their daily needs, yet, their joyful chatter keeps us absorbed. I learn from these small kids; innocence, simplicity, tolerance, patience etc. In Bible it has been emphasized: God calls children a blessing and a gift! Their spirits are filled with innocence, joy and laughter. Jesus actually tells us to be like children and to come to Him full of faith and trust.


Patience always pays should never be forgotten. It has been seen that those who remain patient despite provocations are rewarded with good health and wellness. Here keeping self-control is a must. This calls for control of our mind lest it goes berserk. In life, we have to adopt patience as an important tool to deal with life’s vicissitudes.
But time factor affords us the wherewithal to introspect and come out with plausible answer to practice patience. Patience gives us opportunity to choose objectively what we actually want or what we do not want. Progress would be slow but after practicing a number of times results would be to our liking. Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive – Bible. This wisdom should always be kept in mind.


Wishing you all Happy & Prosperous New Year
A sincere wish, for the success of our vision
By infusing God-Speed for the fulfillment of our mission
Coupled with self-involvement and bountiful God’s graces
Thereby bestowing us prosperity, peace of mind and happiness
Engendering a feeling of satiety and huge self-confidence
This bestows us the stamp of eternal bliss
For our holistic wellness is based on spiritually oriented existence.
We should never ever forget
Yesterday Karmic deeds
Sure enough impacts the life of today
Whatever we did the year just passed
Impacts on the outcome on the present year – without doubt.
We’ve given fond farewell to year passed by by
It has become a part of history
The memories of it passed-by remain
As a silent reminder
The Karmic deeds or Karmic misdeeds we’ve done
Or may not have at all done
Due to reason beyond our control
Or due to our mind going berserk.
In life, we should share others’ happiness and sorrows
Whence we share the pains of the sufferers
We reduce our Karmic debits
Which helps in quelling our own agony
Since division of sorrows mutually
Can reduce the sting of our depression.
Then I shall get lesson
From the Mother Nature
Which gives us air, water and sun without discrimination
Without any expectation in return
Only thing necessary for us
Is to respect Nature
By keeping its balance
To make it serve us better
As when it gets imbalanced
It’ll cause irreparable damage to our wellness.
Thank giving bestows us pleasure of showing our gratitude
For coming to our succor
When we are engulfed in trouble
Whereas acting thanklessly is action in stark ignorance
To others’ goodness which others have done for us.
We should cultivate good relationship with others
In a spirit of jointmanship
The fellow-feelings and good-will we should cultivate
From the experiences of our well-wishers and friends.
I’ve gained much with the experience
Gained by learning from others
Which has changed my life for better
And altered the philosophy of my life.
We’ve learned to maintain a balance in our survival
In happy or in not so happy times
There are times when I felt immense pain
Looking at the others’ situations and conditions
While there were also the time
I did something for others
And also times when I had to remain a silent spectator
Resulting in huge disappointment in the process.
I learned how best to establish good relationship
Some with known and some entirely unknown
And how to bridge the gap in the bad relationship
For the persons whose relationship had gone sour
And filling it with sweetness and wellness.
Including how best to infuse confidence in others
Due to unreasonable reasons.
Question is what the year gone by has given us
Or taken from us
Depends on how much it has enriched us with bias
With civility and humility
Despite all the ups and downs which visit us.
I shall introspect what experiences I gained
Some pleasant and others not so pleasant
Some we would like to keep as priceless trophies
Others we would like to forget being so terrifying
But all these give us some experience
Impacting our life to maximum extent.
Then there were parting for good, so unfortunate
The friends and close relatives we hold so dear.
When we are down and out
Engulfed in anxiety clouded with judgment, so distressing
Causing physical and mental affect
Then practicing patience delivers us
From all these mental blocks.
Then friends whom we hold dear
Puncture our trust
I shall try to mend my ways
Where I had wavered or gone haywire
I shall withdraw my footsteps
By realizing my folly.
My sincerest prayer for our Omniscient and Omnipotent
To grace us all with His bounties
For the New Year 2020
Is that we should become more conscious
Of each others’ conditions
And do not trade threats
And counter-threats
Which come in the way of happy and blissful living
As the creations of our common Creator
Wishing that we live in a spirit of amity
Under the care of our Almighty
Wishing you all Happiness and Prosperity
In the year 2020


The following are some of the lessons which I got partly through my interactions with others and partly through knowledge garnered from others during 2019 and years before.


We are aware, there are some things which we’ve to take seriously in life and there are also the ones which could be ignored. But there are events which we think insignificant for our lives can also impact our life hugely. Ignoring these could do irreparable damage to our life. Even a screw in the machine could make the working of that machine dysfunctional. Similar is the case with our life.


It is a fact that time waits for none, it just passes on leaving us high and dry. If we do not avail the present moment and remain procrastinating then we shall lose our grip and waste it therefore we have to keep a tight leash on time and realize the purpose of our life here on this earth.

Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for His pastimes in the material creation.—Srimad-Bhagavatam.


Whatever we are and whatever we have got is due to the blessings of our God. By doing so, we are opening a window of opportunity for new vistas in life which are owing to the grace of God. Our physical, mental and relationship with others too are subject to all-around wel-lbeing. These too are possible due to His blessings. Every moment given us to breathe and live in appropriate atmosphere is also due to HIS BOUNTIES. Therefore, we have to thank Him for everything. In Bible it has been mentioned ‘Enter his glory with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, give thank to him and praise his name.


Our relationship with others is important for us since we cannot transact all our functions in isolation. Therefore, whenever we experience any difference, it should not be allowed to deteriorate any further in the spirit of forgiving and forgetting. In this way, many of relations could be saved. According to Bhagwad Gita,

Forgiveness through spiritual transmission is a divine quality.


If we meet somebody’s need, it gives us satiety thereby making us happy. We cannot compensate this happiness with anything else under the sun. The gift which is given to one who does no service in return, with the feeling that it is one’s duty to give and which is given at the right place, in right time and to a worthy person is considered as “Saattvika Daana”. The donations that are given to the right person at the right place and time, and in the spirit that charity is a bounden duty done without any expectation, are said to be good.


This should never be forgotten; if you smile, everybody will smile with you and if you weep, you weep alone. Therefore we should divide smiles in order to get happiness in the process. Smile is the positive sign of developing friendship and good relations.


We, as humans, tend to do commit some mistake unintentionally, thereby creating a misunderstanding between us and others. This results in animosity between even the fast friends. If we take recourse to say four-letters word SORRY, matters could be amiably be settled.

Don’t let guilt linger in your heart. Go apologize, say I’m sorry, and make things right – Bible.


There are occasions when all our sincere and best efforts are not enough to acquire the intended results, in that case, the only option left with us is acceptance. Otherwise, we may fall into the web of our own creation leading to more unacceptable contradictions.


There are the people who are in the habit of putting off things thereby reaching a stage where retrieval is not possible. Therefore, the best course is to solve the contentious issue then and there. One who performs actions inconsistently, who is careless, who is vulgar, who insults others, who is pretentious and indolent, who procrastinates unable to timely accomplish what one boasted, who has an acute lack of discrimination. Such a one is unremittingly situated in tama guna the mode of ignorance – BHAGWAD GITA


When in solitude, we can seek our God with sincerity to compensate our loneliness. His name could also be taken while amongst the people around. Naam is the great creative and controlling power of God.

Naam has no beginning and no end. It is unchanging, ancient and eternal and it is the life current which pervades the entire creation. The withdrawal of Naam from creation would lead to its decay and destruction – Guru Granth Sahib.


It should never be forgotten that nobody has ever won an argument or talking without mincing any words. Many of our differences in the families and friends could be solved when we tend to be silent/ tranquil when our point of view in words is not understood despite repeated try. Silent meditation has its own reward. Supreme bliss comes to a self-realized whose mind is tranquil, whose desires are under control and who is free from faults. When mind gets discipline by the practice of meditation becomes steady, one becomes content with absolute bliss, consciousness by beholding with purified intellect – Bhagwad Gita.


We should always be the student throughout our life. We can learn anything from anybody and anywhere. It should always be remembered that ignorance is synonymous with darkness and may pull us down anytime anywhere.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being my priest since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children – Bible.


We all want to have our intended job transacted immediately but in this sort of a hurry, we just forget our own security or anticipate impending danger(s) that may come anytime. Hence our approach should be to scrutinize all angles or parameters and take corrective steps or course correction. While traveling in a bus, I observed that people were hurriedly climbing and coming out of the bus without caring for their safety. Then, I saw a person hastily climbing down from the bus while it slowed a bit before the bus stop fully, was run over by a vehicle which was coming from the same direction at a speed. He had to be taken to the hospital.


In our lives, many times, we remain to postpone things. May it be getting our body checked for any disease on experiencing `some clues or symptom. Or not sticking to the time schedule for catching a flight or rail journey and hurrying for these without thinking that there may be several hindrances on the way – traffic jams due to one reason or another. Similar is the case with not stick to the time schedule on fructification of any project in hand. The proper time-planning should have made difference. Think of a predicament when one is not able to reach one’s destination because he/she had not made concerted efforts taking into account the element of time which moves on thereby creating emergencies for ourselves and unnecessary stress and strain.


Arguably, it could be rightly said that the polluted mind is dangerous not only for the person concerned but also for the people around him. We always keep our body, mind, and soul untainted/unstained. A small black spot can sully our character. It should never be forgotten that what we earn with our sincere effort will just be lost if we lose our character. It is earned with a lot of difficulties but lost just in a second. I know one of my best friends who has earned name and fame for himself including a happy family. Once he could not keep control over the unreasonable temptation thus losing his everything in the bargain.


Nature is anything or everything that is not man-made/ inartificial. Essentially, if we understand nature and its working then we shall understand more than from any formal or informal teachings. Here everything is natural – may be created by the intervention of Super Natural Power. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives. The three elements of nature Sun (which gives energy), Air (which we breathe without which we cannot survive) and Water (used variously by humans besides drinking).

Besides, the entire ecology works as a natural system which includes all the flora and fauna, rocks, soil and what is contained in it. It also includes environment and all the natural phenomenon and material/physical phenomenon. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives.

Then there are universal natural resources which do not have clear demarcation such as air, water, energy, climate, light, electric charge, giving out of radiation, magnetic field etc. from these we enrich our lives.

The meaning of Prakriti (Nature) refers to everything that is included in nature which gives shape and form as pure energy. When we spoil the Nature or Prakriti, it is termed as vikriti. When we spoil the natural balances by our acts of omissions and commissions then it does not pardon and retaliates in its own way.
Prakriti is associated with female power and Purusha represents masculinity is associated with Lord Shiva. When both work in tandem there is a balance which is essential for all.

Lord mentions in Bhagwad Hita: I will explain further the sublime spiritual knowledge superior to all others, by knowing which all the sages have attained to supreme perfection on the dissolution of this body. They take sanctuary in this wisdom, and having attained to my state they are not born again even at the new evolution, nor are they disturbed at the time of general destruction.
We can learn much from each of the elements of nature:-


The Sun is a vast source of energy. We are exploiting its energy variously in the day to day lives without which our survival is not possible. It teaches us a huge lesson. Despite giving life force, it does not browbeat the other natural elements such as cloud which has got its own function. When the cloud comes in the way of sun, it does not force its way but provides a thin ray of light to the black-cloud making the cloud presentable.

There is a wonderful lessons from this for us humans. Rather than showcasing our ego at every given opportunity, we should be accommodative and supportive of others’ efforts. We worship the Sun through Surya Namushakar (Paying respect) to thank it for the services it renders to the living and non-living beings with OM ADITYA AYE NAMON.

From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the LORD is to be praised –Bible.


While we compare somebody’s beauty, especially female’s, we compare her with charm and beauty of the moon. Its various forms, full moon, half moon, semi-circular forms are really tempting to say the least. Poets and thinkers have written treasures of literature on the beauty and its cool nature despite all the disturbance that happened in the areas around it. Who does not enjoy the moonlit night? It too exerts influences on the oceanic tides and further tidal force of the Moon is more than that of the Sun.

This should also serve as a lesson to us humans that remaining cool like the Moon hardly means that it cannot have its influence when needed. We should just be like the Moon – remain cool but when the crunch comes just display your power without being too much showy.

Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years – Bible.


The oceans are the huge source of livelihood for the humans and sea life in its bosom. There is more than 71% of water on the surface of the earth in the forms of lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies but oceans contain a huge chunk in it. It influences the climates, causes rain, provides us sea-foods, helps in navigation etc. The sea water when dried becomes the source of salt for us.
It too remains cool when not disturbed but could be vengeful if its natural balance is disturbed. In recent times, due to the phenomenon of rising in temperature, due to human omissions and commissions, the sea level is rising due to the melting of snow in Antarctica. Alas, if this continues, a day is not far when it could have disastrous consequences.

Just as the ocean remains undisturbed by the incessant flow of waters from rivers merging into it, likewise the sage who is unmoved despite the flow of desirable objects all around him attains peace, and not the person who strives to satisfy desires – Bhagwad Gita.


The snow-clad mountains present a beauty of its own. All the big and small rivers are formed due to the water from melting of snow from these snow clad mountains and become the source of water to the habitations on their banks including the animals and plants.
Lessons from the mountains. The mountains withstand blizzards and another natural phenomenon including the burden of huge snow which falls on these but remain erect despite all these. We as humans too should remain undeterred by the challenges in our lives.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have faith that can move mountains, I am nothing – Bible.


The forests provide natural sanctuaries to the animals and birds. The forest cover keeps a balance in nature. The humans due to its greed are cutting forests partly for habitation and partly for meeting various needs thus spoiling the healthy balance in nature. The forests give everything to all the living beings but only want that its forest cover should be protected and new plants should be planted if and when some are cut for use. Otherwise, all will have to feel its heat if the forests are cut in large numbers.

In fact all the constituents of nature follow its own laws and anybody flouting is punished by it.

And shall consume the glory of his forest, and of his fruitful field, both soul and body: and they shall be as when a standardbearer fainteth – Bible.


I have met people who aspire to be perfectionists in their work. There may be some who are perfect but I did not have the chance of meeting such people and therefore, I am nursing with the notion that only our God is perfect. We all try and reach our goal through our since hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, we are unsuccessful but try again and reach the milestone we set to achieve.

I had the privilege of meeting an old friend of mine who wanted to be perfect in whatever he wanted to do – over-ambitious indeed. He had everything that he wanted through his hard work; established his business, money, the position he wanted and everything that a most successful person would like to acquire. But during this effort to reach the pinnacle of success, he had got stress-related diseases.


It has been experienced that when our intention is pure and simple, God will certainly come to our succor and our efforts will bear bountiful fruits. It should never be forgotten that honesty, sincerity, belief on self and indomitable belief on our God/Bhagwan Ji/Creator/Lord/Allah or Super Soul will pull us out in whatever we intend to do.


We must have observed that whatever we want to tell others, we must sincerely analyze the contentious issues threadbare, taking into account the pros and cons and subsequently reach to a conclusive end result. This way, we shall not face any impediments on the way, no heart burns, no ill-will, no disharmony and finally regrets whatsoever.

In the year 2020, I shall try to sincerely follow the following:-

• Adopt patience and tolerance through experimentation and practice.
• Remaining calm in emergency contingencies.
• Leading a spiritually oriented life.
• Unlearning some bad habits and not care to cultivate any bad habit afresh.
• I shall experience and face life squarely rather than quitting.
• Self-belief and belief in God to be paramount.
• Evolving through practice.
• Becoming more self-aware and self-conscious.
• Become a witness to a change.
• Always remember that nobody has seen tomorrow.
• Try for self-actuation and self-realization.
• Giving more credence to truth, love, and enlightenment.
• Perfection is good enough, no doubt in that, but it should not be at the cost of our health and our wellbeing.
• If health is lost for the fructification of our ambition then we shall not be able to enjoy the fruits of that success.
• Learning from the mistakes and making these mistakes as stepping stone for success, of course without carrying the baggage of mistakes along, makes huge difference.

• Following a positive oriented and spiritual life will always make huge difference in our life. I shall endeavour to follow this type of lifestyle, of course, with God’s grace.



Born to the virgin Mary, the most respected one
The venerable mother of the God
Jesus of Nazareth was a religious preacher
Debated with his fellow brethren
As to how best to follow God
And establish connectivity with Him
Thereby transform and make their lives sublime
With their thoughts and actions.
Healed hapless gentry of their pains
And sufferings
that is the reason He is called with love Messiah – the saver of the oppressed
The despondent ones due to adverse circumstances.
He had his own followings
All these things created jealousies in the minds of Jewish authorities
Alas! He was arrested and then crucified
On the order of Pontius Pilate.
After his crucification
He rose from the dead – resurrected indeed
And into the Heaven he ascended
Thus proved saver in real sense of term
Thence transformed the lives of countless people
Holy Messenger with his noble and eternal messages.
The loveliest Son of Holiest Spirits of our Lord
At Bethlehem, the city of David
A saviour of humanity
To spread the Message of God
Men of wisdom came from places afar
Mesmerized by this Shining Star
To witness a holiest event
Which only sometimes happen
Angels sing songs so melodious
Shepherds pay their utmost reverence.
Old in years the two
Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified
As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One
Brought up in rural town of Nazareth
His adaptive father Joseph
Taught Him the art of using
Tools of a carpenter
A labour so arduous by any standard
Resulting in sweating
By the rays of sun so searing.
The revered God’s Son
Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!
Thence as he cometh
From the waters of Jordan
A voice so invigorating,
Cometh from Heaven
‘This is my beloved Son
In whom I am very pleased’
Thereafter Jesus went to the backwoods
Surprise of surprises of all!
To allow Satan to temp Him
To break the back of Satan.
He fasted for days forty,
And vanquished the Satan thence forth
With eternal will of God in the heaven
Then brimming with the Holy Sprit,
He lived with the commons
For three long years.
John recorded Jesus as the Son of God
Who raised the dead to live again
Made the blinds to see again
Lames to walk again
Demons not to appear again
Came to the succour of hapless,
During mighty storms.
With a few loaves and fish
Made food sufficient for five thousands!
Believe – we have to!
Since He is sent by Him
As a Saviour
As His Incarnate,
The All Knowing
The All Powerful Being.
Then on a Thursday Night,
He meets his followers
In the city of Jerusalem
On an occasion so solemn
He announced
It is ordained that He may die
For those He loved so dearly
And told them to remember
His association with them
And also promised
To come back,
For their sake!
He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane
Prayed to the Divine Providence.
No case was found against Jesus
By those who tried Him
Yet was crucified on Friday
He departed this life
For He loved us all
After when He was dead,
His power was proclaimed
By happening most unexplained
On the morn of Sunday,
He rose from the dead,
Appeared to Mary,
And apostles and a huge gathering,
And gave the message of love
Goes to prove
He remains invincible in both the states.
Our Heavenly Lord sends,
His own Love overflowing Messengers,
With Mastery in Spiritual-Vision,
To spread His pious Message to us humans,
Infuse transformation,
And reforming His creations,
So that world-weary practices,
Which corrupt the society at large,
Are weeded out swiftly,
From our midst,
And adopt the ones,
Ordained by our Lord,
With huge sprinkle of enchanting-bountiful Love.
Jesus Christ was sent to us by the Lord Sup0reme,
For our wellbeing and reform,
So that the rust created by old & useless rituals,
Could be erased by mystifying spray of pious ideals and ideas,
Which the Super Soul doles out,
For the gentry at large,
Some may not take these holy ideals,
Thinking these to be far-fetched,
As many did,
When Lord Jesus was with us,
In flesh and blood,
For which He had to suffer pangs,
Fearlessly at the Cross/- crucification
And finally resurrection,
To make us realize that,
The True Son of Lord cannot be done away with,
By anybody – however powerful,
Those individuals be there at the helm,
His preaching will remain enlightening us,
Through Christ Consciousness.
O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT,
The precious of all Thy Gifts,
That Thee could only grant,
The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence,
In the whole world by Thy Grace
So that this world could be a better place to live,
A place where there is a prevalence of Eternal Love



In essence, God sends the pious souls to spread the Divine Message on His behalf. This is necessitated in order to refine and purify the deluded souls who do not know that their life is impermanent here on this earth. One who is born has to leave the world one day. With this realization, one can live without attachment with the material world while realizing the purpose of life. This is also to foster brotherly feeling while following a life of compassion and rendering selfless service. Therefore, God be praised for bringing home His teachings to the humanity for application in daily lives and live a sublime existence.


We remember and celebrate this pious day, without forgetting that Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for us only so that God’s creations spread the message of love amongst themselves for peace and harmony while living a purposeful living.


His teachings are universal in nature and are more relevant now than ever since our world is in dire need of peace and prosperity to go hand in hand. There is a definitive imprint of His teachings on the psyche of people and that is why His influence remains centuries after centuries. Those sincere devotees who have attained certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision after their consciousness is more awakened.

His teachings are very exhaustive, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our life more purposeful with love suffusing for our brethren:-

(a) We should never forget that God loves us immensely and we should always love our fellow beings. What is the meaning of word God – God is love?
(b) Changing ourselves by adopting righteousness approach.
• Developing the traits of soul consciousness through meditation.
(c) All can learn to love God through the medium of our thoughts, deeds and other mediums.
(d) We can connect with God through the medium of love.
(e) Love is an emotion, a selfless feelings for others and totally dedicate yourself, your thoughts and actions to the object of your love.
(f) All should learn to love others and subsequently direct their love to God. To develop love is very essential for spiritual upward journey.
(g)Those who are having the love of God for all can comprehend the meaning of their lives and also the true meaning of God.
• Life bereft of love all the knowledge has no meaning at all.
(h) We have to live according to His wishes through self-sacrificing, empathy and selfless attitude. In life.
(i) Divine Fire is the creative power of God and an individual should aspire for this Divine Spark.
(j) Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feeling should always be there even for all including our enemies.


When we have determined to perform something for others without any selfish motive, it means we have reached to the realm of Christ Consciousness.

When we perform our duties towards our family, it means we are performing our duty towards our close relatives which anyhow is our responsibility and cannot shun that in any way. But when we enhance our outreach to our neighbors and share their pains and sufferings then it means we are realizing the importance of Christ Consciousness. Subsequently, if it goes beyond neighbourhood to society and even in wider sphere then we are totally immersed in this noble cause.

Essentially, when we do think and act logically and are having the same noble idea for others then we are in that realm. This is possible if we expand our consciousness by being empathetic to all; with whom we are having relationship or do not have such relations. Both of these people should be dear to us. This expanded consciousness expands ourselves to higher horizons. Jesus Christ did not differentiate between his relatives and others. All in all He eyed everybody – differentiating nobody based on any consideration.

While we are having compassion for others, it means, we are beginning to expand our consciousness. His assertion: ‘Bless them that curse you’ stands good in this scheme of things. He even had good words for those who stood against Him. He said: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. God forgives our faults, then, why we cannot have sympathy and cultivate helping nature for our brethrens? Having done that, we can expand our consciousness to sub-consciousness and super-consciousness through our positive thoughts and actions and even manifest to Divine Consciousness. This state could be achieved by knowing the importance of Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have resolute belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self realization or self aware know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans. It is all inclusive and does not exclude anything.

May His teachings/messages, eternal indeed, remain etched in our memory and guide us to lead our lives with a lot of love, empathy and selflessness.

Contribution of human resource in any organization as a factor of production.

Contribution of human resource in any organization as a factor of production.

In essence, in any organisation, there are some important factors of production, these are capitals, infrastructure besides one of the essential factors is the human resource. This human resource include skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled human  resource.  In that, from lower rung of the employee hierarchy to the top management have stake in the progress of an organisation. If employees, assigned a particular job feel let down due to any reason whatsoever then that can adversely impact the working of the whole organisation. For example, a person assigned to keep the records  or the work at hand does not handle his/her job properly and misplaces the record(s) then what? The whole of the ground work done of the organisation gets adversely affected.

There are the organisations which keep the upper rung of management in good humour – by giving them good pay packets besides giving them higher perks, looks after their welfare aspects, give them incentives for de-stressing,  give them periodical raise from time to time along with assurance of job security, then, that ‘top rung’ management heads would be happy and remain motivated but this would be at the cost of middle and lower rungs of the employees without whom there will not be much progress of the organisation as a whole.
It should always be kept in mind that human resource is not merely the ‘top notches’ it starts from the lower rung to the upper rung, of course, including the middle rung which is a backbone of any organisation. All these have to be kept spirited by looking after their well-being by meeting their legitimate demands so that these employees could exert for the job at hand rather than fritter away their latent potentials on their problems rather than focusing on the mission to be accomplished by each of the employees.

Everybody business or organisation is run with capital. Care ought to be exercised that enough corpus of fund is kept partly to meet any unforeseen contingencies or expenditure which may creep up any time. Anyhow separate fund has to be kept for entertainment of the employees for keeping them stress-free.
The following aspects have to be taken care of by an organisation if they want their employees to be stress-free, spirited, motivated etc. so that everyone of them put in their best for the overall growth of the organisation:-


When the employees are given periodical salary raise, they get more motivated by involving themselves more for the organisation for which they are working. There would be sense of belonging. When this is created (Sense of belonging), then, sure enough, nobody can stall the Northward lift of the organisation concerned.


The organisation should keep in mind that the HUMAN RESOURCES are one of the important pillars of any org. to succeed besides capital and other important constituents that factor in the growth of an organisation.. If their wellness is taken care, half of the problem of the org. will be taken care of. They would be with the organisation in thick and thin and contribute their mite for the progress. Otherwise, an org. wherein employees do not come in the scheme of things such an org. goes SOUTHWARD in its performance. Therefore, a sense of belonging in the employees goes a long way in creating goodwill in the minds of the employees.


It should be the endeavour of the organisation to give freedom of thought and action thereof. It has been observed that if we are given freedom, we can have creativity in our work ethics. When creativity is generated for the employees, then, sure enough, we have the opportunities for upward movement of the organisation as a whole.


It has been observed that, at times, some employees, due to some emergent requirement are not able to deliver to their optimum. The org. head should not take recourse to initiating disciplinary action rather the employee concerned should be heard properly and then, proper redressal of his/her grievances should be undertaken without any bias whatsoever. This will inculcate a feeling of goodwill and goodness for the employees and a motivating factor for the employees. Overall, this will enhance the respect of the employees for the organisation. This way, they will go all out in giving more than 100% for the organisation.

The following should be taken care for more production in any organization:-

  • As human resource is an important factor of production, therefore, care ought to be taken that they should be given proper on the job training so as to enhance their skill for more output.
  • Adequate corpus of fund should be kept handy to meet the emergent need of the employees.
  • Their welfare  should be taken care of so that the workers do not get stressed.
  • If we want our employees to work in a focused manner with a purpose to enhance production of the organisation, it is essential that their families should also be incentivized such as medical cover, monetary assistance for children education, assistance for the old and infirm.
  • Attention should be paid that nobody in the org. should be discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, colour etc.
  • Insurance cover should be provided for the workers.
  • Provident fund contribution from the salaries with some contribution from the org., with grant-in-aid from Government (if possible) with adequate interest should form part so that their future is secure.

Who is a pseudo-intellectual and how best to deal with such a person?

Who is a pseudo-intellectual and how best to deal with such a person?

First of all, we have to understand what the word pseudo. It means the one who are receptive, pretenders, sham, bogus, contrive or one who is fraud in his attitude. In other words, the one who showcases his mental power or brain power in an exaggerated way than actually – a fraudulently inspired act. This could be in thinking and action thereof. Pseudos are found is all forms and formulations.

Pseudo intellectuals are those individuals who adopt or exhibit their perceived or alleged intellectual inclinations. In life, these people have double standards on basically all the contentious points. Seemingly, such people spread canard and falsehood, being a perceived intellectual. In Guru Granth Sahib it has rightly been said:


Birds of prey are found in holy places
Yet they eat living things;
Though they are clothed in white,
Their hearts are evil..

The pseudo could be in any religion too. Those who do not have any intrinsic religious knowledge yet tom-tom his own perceived ideas bordering on false premise merely to spread canard, untruth and ill-intended misinformation for personal gains. Such a person is dangerous for the society in general. For examples there are some so-called Gurus or Preachers who seemingly show to the world at large their worldview on various tenets of religion(s) but when their real intention is brought out in public domains then their pseudo-religious beliefs are known to us all. We should all be aware of their real intent and expose such people who are in the ‘Wolves in sheep’s clothing’.

In Bhagwad Gita tell us about the eight fold distinctive nature: the earth, the air, the fire, the space, the water, the ego, the mind, the intellect. That is my lower nature. My higher nature-know it to be other than that. The lower nature traits are wrapped in Maya and the higher nature is the consciousness.

Now coming to the main question of how i shall deal with such individual. I shall deal in the following way:-

(a) In the first instance, I shall identify such a double standard individual. Make concerted effort to convince him about his pep-talk so that such an individual does not succeed in his personal agenda of influencing others based purely on false premise and ill-intended falsehood. After identification of such a person, make him realise his fallacious standpoint and try to refine his acts which are based on falsehood.

(b) A true intellectual, in essence, is the want who is not only having knowledge about various disciplines and makes his intellect applicable in real life; not for to achieve personal gains but to use the wisdom acquired through sincere hard work in real sense of terms. Pseudo intellects create and spread false impression about himself just to hoodwink his colleagues and friends.

(c) After identification, I shall try to refine or change his attitude and if I fail, then, I shall rest contented and shall not have any dealings with such a fellow. If required, I shall also enquire from others too who also feel as I feel. Together, we can convince pseudo to desist from falsehood and remove the ignorance oriented thinking of himself – an exaggerated sense of intellect orientation with a sole purpose of show and nothing else. In Bible, it has been clearly mentioned – To give prudence to the naive, To the youth knowledge and discretion.

(d) I think the ignorant person who thrives on our gullibility should be exposed and and enlighten with such a person. In Holy Quran tell us – Every person who breaks Divine laws, has oppressed himself. Purpose is to bring such negative traits to the public glare and enlighten such a soul.




Anger is the intense emotional state of ours
While in its influence
We react with hostile response
To an alleged annoyance
While in its ill-intended consequence
Our body and mind experience changes
Such as our senses get impacted
We’ve increased in blood pressure
With dilated pupils with changes in facial impressions
And wobbly disposition
Including adverse implication on our nervous system
With heightened level of nervous tension
Triggering face the situation head on
Or run away from the adverse situation
May also be the brains response
While we’re under the influence of annoyance.
Second enemy of us all is egotism or egocentric tendencies
It is our imagined self-admiration
Truly with exaggerated one
For our own distinctiveness with a tag of self-importance
Recognizing nobody’s hand of fellow brethrens
All amounting to grandiose sense
In other words an act of self-promotion
A selfish tendency with only self-interest at its highest
With inflated sense of importance.
Greed is the insatiable thirst for material possession
To enhance the current status and position
Or wants exceeding the precise requirement
The means for acquiring all this could be by following the path of corruption
Thus taking away what is legitimately not yours
Impacting in true sense
The ethical and moral standpoints.
Jealousy is the negative emotion
An emotion gone berserk indeed
When an individual lacks traits
To achieve something tangible
But feels down in the dumps when others get it
And feel that others should not get such an accomplishments
The pain experienced by a jealous person
Could be seen on his facial impression.
Lust is the longing so extreme
An negative one at that
That a person passionately wants
For fulfilling of this emotion
You go even off the tangent
This lust could be for sexuality
Even outside the organized institution of matrimony
Or position and power
Name and fame.


In essence, we talk more about our enemies lurking outside our domain and feel more concerned. But alas, we do not talk about and be concerned about the enemies which are within us – just lurking inside us. These enemies within, many a times, create disproportionate adverse implications on our wellness, tarnish our character, pull us down in the eyes of our relative and friends besides converting our Karmic Credits into Karmic Debts, without giving even a moment realization that Karmic Credits are earned with a lot of difficulty and over a prolonged period of time. We can avoid the enemies living outside our domain but the ones which reside in our own system have to be taken more seriously as these enemies impact not only our thoughts but also our Karmic Deeds too.


The anger is the emotional reaction/stimulus to an event or incident impacting us. It impacts not only psychologically but also physiologically also. When we are in rage, whole of our system is adversely impacted. It is shown on our facial impressions, results in trembling of our body because of this emotional upsurge even our pupils dilate, there is a change in our blood pressure and surprise of all surprises of all surprises even our sugar level goes up. In anger, even our senses do not work cent percent. As in anger, we do not remain our original self, therefore, whole of our internal system undergoes metamorphosis for the worst, hence, we should not lose of temper.


When we give excessive importance or exaggerated sense of importance to ourselves. When somebody is more selfish, gives more credence to his own self-interest, thinks himself as a centre of gravity besides goes all out in fulfill his self-interests without caring for the interests of others in the society. A person who is egotistical in nature will not care for others’ concerns but is of the view that he is a self-made person in which his friends and relatives do not have any contribution.


When we want to enhance our power, status and possessions even by adopting corrupt practices in such a sort of scenario, we lower our image in the society. Greed for having more than our fair share is in contravention to the objectives of ethical and moralistic standpoints. That which is not legally ours should not even be aspired for. Greed for more to give fillip our power and pelf at the cost of others should not be resorted to.


Jealousy is the emotional response or reaction to others’ achievement or advancement rather than working hard to achieve a stature. It should always be kept in mind that there is nothing attained without working hard and jealousy or enviousness is not answer to any onward movement in any field.


Lust I the intense or extreme desire or want for material possessions for power and pelf or excessive desire for sex outside even the legitimate institute such as marriage. The lust for anything more than need-based is lustful and requires to be curtailed.


It has been observed that too much of attachment with anybody or anything will not give us freedom of thought and Karma. Whatever action we do, we think more about the result of our action than our action itself. By so doing, we do not concentrate on the job at hand. Then too much of attachment with our relations, then, if something adverse happens, we feel down and out hugely disappointed besides at times, too much of attachment becomes the result of impacting us mentally and physically. Thus too much of attachment have long term implications on our way of life and should be avoided. In Bhagwad Gits it has been said: While contemplating on the objects of the senses, one develops attachment to them. Attachment leads to desire, and from desire arises anger. Thus attachment to anybody or anything is sure sign of our downfall and results in nullifying our Karmic Credits that we have accumulated over a period of time.

Conclusively, it should always be kept in mind that the enemies hidden in the internal recesses of our mind and heart are more hideous and harmful for our growth and development than the enemies which are there outside because outside enemies could be avoided or shunned but enemies living within us have to first of all taken care of.





Significantly, first of all, we have to understand what is the actual meaning of ‘improving ourselves’. Our body undergoes growth from the day we are born. It has natural growth but its development physically and mentally take place with our own efforts and those around us at the initial stage of our growth. This effort is in the form of learning. Learning new arts and crafts; skills, gain new experience(s) by trial and error (sometimes failing and other times being successful), learning from our failings so as to wipe out those things which retarded our path to succeed. It should always be kept in mind that nobody ever has learned without some failings here and there. Some may say, they had no failures in their lives. Such people may have something to hide. Being a human being and no failings are not truthful.. Therefore, improving is through experimenting, acquiring new know-how/knowledge and thus the wisdom or sagacity in implementing the knowledge gained over a period of time. Then knowledge acquired has to be utilized judiciously. It should not be used like Demon King Ravana, who had the scriptural knowledge in abundance but failed to implement the acquired knowledge righteously thus failed and had an ignoble death at the hands of Lord Rama.  

The second part of your question is really very interesting. Do we need to improve in order to prove to the world at large or do we have to improve so as to compete with our own selves? If we say that we have to improve in order to showcase our successes to the society at large then our improvement has got limited meaning and scope. It is not broad-based. When we compete with ourselves then we tend to improve upon what we were yesterday or the day before or the year before etc. This affords or gives us more satiety. It will bestow us inner freedom and choice to improve upon what we were in the past and what we are at the present moment. Here we have the freedom to act on our own pleasure and leisure. Working to improve ourselves with a sense of freedom and freewill will certainly unravel our inner potentials which are abundance within us. We have only to explore these. This freedom of action in sync with the norms set by the society give us positive vibes and inner satisfaction when our efforts fructify or otherwise, we may fail sometimes but success would always be there ultimately. This tangible outcome will not only affect our outer standing in the society but also gives us inner satisfaction that we are competing with our own self to improve upon what we were yesterday and what we are today. But all this improvement on daily basis should be without showcasing to others; otherwise, it would fall under the category of egocentric tendency.

 Now what is ‘self’, in broader sense,  it is knowing what we are and what we are not; self-awareness or self conscious or self realization. Self-realization or self awareness results when we conduct self-analysis as the main plank of our self improvement. Constantly working thus, we can learn to be religious about this self-improvement – spiritually following those steps which culminates into self-improvement till the last day of our life. This is done only when we remain student ever without even thinking that we have improved to our full potential and there is nothing left to be improved. To say that we have known everything and there is nothing left to be acquired is nothing but a futile thinking. This thinking makes us arrogant and I shall go a one step further, by so thinking, we shall be construed as a person living in utter ignorance. All this is possible when we compete with our own selves while getting what we glean from outside our domain.

Essentially, we may have acquired any amount of knowledge, till such time we do not get it from others experiences, we cannot improve holistically. Otherwise we shall be proving the saying ‘frog in the well’ right. Different individuals think differently and may have different opinions on a concept under same time and space. Different people may perceive and conceive differently on a contentious point. For example, we may have different views involving our family lives; covering how much of freedom should be given to the children, what value system to be imparted to the children in their early stage, protection of elder members of the family, how best to consolidate relationship with our spouses after sorting out differences then and there lest these impact our family as a whole etc. therein lies the truth that happier and contented the family life, happier we remain in our outer sphere of our existence.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that if we remain contented from family side, then, we can put in our best efforts in improving ourselves with a single point focus on the job at hand. On the other hand, if the signal of our family stability is perplexing or confusing, then, we shall not be able to perceive and conceive the world at large properly for our improvement holistically. It is because our attention would always remain on our dear ones rather than on the mission we are want to accomplish outside the family sphere. Therefore, our family worldview and its ramifications influence our outer worldview, at the society level etc. 

The normal worldview operates at conscious level but core worldviews is deep rooted which come to the focus when somebody impinges our faiths or belief system. In Bhagwad Gita it has been opined that faith is a trust or confidence in a particular system or religious beliefs which we perceive which helps to control our nature. Everything that comes to us is through faith only and if we do not any faith on anything or anybody then our life as a whole would be bundle of confusions and contradictions.

In essence, herein lies the truth of our existence, the normal worldviews and core worldviews come handy in self-improvement of an individual. While living with our faiths and beliefs we are constrained to respect the faiths and beliefs of others too. This is possible only when we know about the faiths and beliefs of others around us. Not only this, we can even imbibe the good points of others worldviews on faiths and beliefs if possible for our self-improvement. This helps us to remove our ignorance which prevails in us for a harmonious living.

If we perceive and conceive an idea in others worldviews, we can implement the same in our daily lives. It helps our personal growth and the growth of those who are directly and indirectly aligned with us.


Our improvement starts
From birth to death
Sometimes we fail
But our sincere efforts continue
With still more efforts
Then we have our own worldview
On a variety of subjects
Besides the core worldview
Both of these enrich our knowledge
And removes our ignorance
For a holistic improvement of ours.


I want to take my life as soon as possible – how I can do so?   (As asked by somebody). Also, delve on on its causes.


There are very alarming, sordid incidents, heartbreaking incidents which impel us to take the ultimate step of taking our lives without realizing its consequences which this disgusting and horrifying step could entail on your nears and dears? You have the choice to take your lives, because it is your life, but what about the people who would be adversely affected when you will no longer be this world.

Of all the things in the world, I can suggest how best to preserve life and not how to FINISH it and play with the Laws of Nature.

I shall cite you an example. A few days back, while on a morning walk, a lady with her little child came to me and showed me the picture of her husband in shroud ready for cremation. She wanted some help. I asked the cause of the death of her husband. She told me that he was alright till yesterday evening but during night, something happened. He was taken to the hospital where he declared brought dead. She was not able to tell how his husband died. He was hale and hearty just in his thirties. May be he died of heart attack or committed suicide; just to escape from shouldering the responsibilities of the family? Reason may be any – God knows the best. But the deceased left behind his family (consisting of his wife and three children) in lurch with dark future writ/steering large at their faces even without a shelter for the family

It is pertinent to mention that in your case too, you may be having your close relations not wanting you to end your life because of some odd incident in your life. No incident is ‘be all and end all’ – when problems are there, there are the solutions too hidden in the problem itself.  This should never be forgotten.

It is your life, I have got nothing to say why you want to take your own life given to you by our Creator. But one thing is sure, if you commit suicide or end your own lifespan, you will get the rebirth (if you believe in reincarnation, I do) then you will have the same sort of life or worse still – may be you may not take birth as humans at all. Then what? If as a human, then with the same sort of unethical thoughts, then again you’ll finish that life too. Then again and again; till how many births? I am sanguine, you will not like this to happen to you now or ever after this.

Only option is to introspect why you want to die; jot the points and think question yourself: is it worth living more productive or death and reach to a firm conclusion? Also, think about the condition of your dear ones after you have left the earth for good. Work your way out; you have reached to a BIG ZERO, there is no lower limit left than thinking about taking your own life, hence, just start working harder; even if you die working harder. I have not heard of anybody working hard. Only timid and weakling think about taking their own lives.  It is both criminal and sinful to take your own life should also be taken into cognizance. It is the precious gift of God, not for taking your life but to reserve it as a gift of our Creator.

Causes of suicide:-

Financial Stringency due to failure in business: There are many cases when a person fails in business even after investing huge amounts of money, sometimes, taken as loan from the banks etc. with no way out, the concerned person may opt for finishing his/her life.

Not getting employment despite necessary qualifications. There are some persons who do not get meaningful employment even after acquiring necessary qualifications. In some cases, there may be loan taken from the banks and in the absence of any employment, such people are in pressure as to how to pay back the loan.

Farmers committing suicide. It has been observed that the farmers commit suicide when they do not get the yield they were expecting partly for paying the loan due to failure of monsoon and resultant drought condition and finally failure of crops. The pressure of not paying the loan and not able to meet the expenditure of the family, they think of finishing their lives.

Failure in examination. Sometimes the students despite working hard fail in the examinations. This may be a trigger for committing suicide. Or the students may not be able to get the high grades in the final examination.

Failure in love. This also is cause for committing suicide for some persons for not being successful in the love lives. Or maybe, the couples when they are not able to continue their conjugal harmony may think of taking their lives.

Reasons may be any, but finishing off our lives before our natural death is not the solution of our pestering problems. Everybody has problems of their own, the degree and extent may be different but it hardly means that we think of taking our own lives. This life of ours has been a beautiful gift of our God and we have no right to take it. It is sin.




In Bhagavad Gita it has been said:

There are three types of faith, which evolve from the three modes of material nature. Acts performed by those whose faith is in passion and ignorance yield only impermanent, material results, whereas acts performed in goodness, in accord with scriptural injunctions, purify the heart.


In essence, it has been seen that what we think and act based on the thought, we tend to become. If our thoughts and actions are positively directed then we need not care much about the outcome. It would be fine as it is performed on the basis of values. But when our thoughts and actions are passion driven then what we get is of impermanent value. Faith on ourselves is generated when we enhance our capabilities and skills while following spiritual oriented existence.


Faith means to have trust, reliance and conviction along with firm belief to make difference. A person with confidence possesses unmitigated belief on his capabilities (by following a righteous course) is not fearful of anything under the sun. While in dire situation sometimes, he is not down and out, contrarily while in high spirit, he remains grounded and does not get swayed by any favourable situation he is placed at any given time. Such person keeps a healthy balance in all the situations and conditions because he is imaginative and insightful.  There cannot be any problem which is insurmountable for this fellow. 


Creative people do have imaginative power to the optimum. Merely thinking will not suffice, we have to act on that thinking then only it would be construed as creative or imaginative thought. The way we think and act becomes part of our existence. Meaning everything if mentally you think you have lost the plot then you have because you have lost faith in yourself. All this happens only when we change our own mindset. We can transform our old beliefs and faiths; as these should change with the change in time and space.


Our imagination has magic of its own
When we delve deep into the inner recesses of heart
Marry our thoughts with soft emotions
Our imagination is an asset of immense significance
If we use this inner attribute with utmost care and caution
Since what we visualize results in our action
Better the imaginative thought and sincere action
Without too much reliance about the outcome of our action
Our sincerity in thought and action are insurance cover
For better results in due course.
Whether we want our imagination productive or destructive
Depends solely on our inner thoughts
We have the power to create memorable things
Or create things which have dangerous effect on others
Demon king Ravana had huge reserve of imaginative aptitude
But his egocentric tendencies and non-use
Of his imaginative thoughts into productive outcomes
Despite huge reservoir of knowledge and experience
Resulted in his death and those of his family members.
All these things prove that we’ve choice
What we want to be sooner or later
It all depends on our promise to ourselves in the first place
So take we’ve to take charge of our mind
Be accustomed to in whatever state we are in
We can use our imagination efficiently
Producing wonderful results eventually
When our imagination is in sync with our action we feel happy
Proving if we imagine ourselves happy
We would be charged person
For our happy and prosperous existence
But we’ve to be assertive in everything we think and act
Our state of mind and the way we think counts.
Whence we imagine about bad things for personal gains
To fulfill the selfish ends
So we get bad things in the process.
We should always have a childlike innocence
While handling our inner voice
Without any reservation
Never ever argue with a person
Who does not listen your point of view
Imagine him to be a inflexible
With whom you cannot establish good rapport.
We’ve to be positive
That our imagination is directed positively
Towards a goal
Which we fructify with utmost sincerity.
Thence imagine that you are lucky
In a flash there would be change for better
The magic words makes huge difference
All good existence starts from within and not without
In fact our thoughts are very important
Let the outside thoughts have any impact on your inner thoughts
Which can make or unmake you, in truth
When this thought is ingenious and substantive
But on the other hand
If your imagination is learning towards negativity
It will hurt you immensely
If you think yourselves as a creative writer
You’ll be with sincere effort.
We live more with our thoughts
Than with the things we possess for our use
Hence rich thoughts are important
When we realize this and adopt in our daily lives
We are the richest persons and happiest one at that in our life.
Vidura in epic Mahabharta was the most respected advisor
Along with the Chief Minister to King Dhritarashtra
The king of Hastinapura
Had a simplest way of living
Because of his birth in a modest family
But he was master in all the principles of Dharma
Which a ruler should follow
While performing his task of ruling his subjects
Because of his positive thoughts
Lord Krishana considered him to be the Dharmaraja
The Lord of Truth
Despite of his humble background
He was a staunch Krishna Bhakata
He and his wife were most satisfied and happy with their way of living
While Lord Krishna went to Hastinapura
He stayed with humble Vidura
Being happy with the frugal food he took at Vidura’s place
Proving that Duryodhana was having negative imagination
Was not happy with his life despite having everything imaginable
But Virdura was happiest and satisfied with no riches at all.

Our imagination is an asset of immense value
If we use it with utmost care and caution
Since what we imagine results in our action
Better the imaginative thought and sincere action
Needless to think about the outcome
Our sincerity in thought and action are insurance cover
For better results eventually.

Whether we want our imagination productive or destructive
Depends solely on us
We have the power to create memorable things
Or create things which have dangerous effect on others
Demon king Ravana had huge reserve on imaginative powers
But his egocentric tendencies and non-use
Of his thoughts into productive outcomes
Despite huge reservoir of knowledge and experience
Resulted in his death and those of his family members

Proving that we’ve choice
What we want to be actually
It all depends on our promise to ourselves in the first place
So take charge of our mind
Be accustomed to in whatever state you are in
We can wonderfully use our imagination
Producing wonderful results
You are happy
If you imagine yourself to be happy
You’ve to be charged person
In order to be happy man
But you’ve to be assertive in everything you think and act
Our state of mind and the way we think counts
We choose bad things
So we get bad things in the process

Have a childlike faith
Without any reservation
Do ever argue with a person
Who does not listen your point of view
Imagine him to be a
You be confident that you are fine
Think that you are lucky
In a flash there would be change for better
The magic words makes huge difference
In fact our thoughts are very important
Let you not the outside world affect you
It is your inner thoughts
Which can make or unmake you really
When this thought is ingenious and substantive
But on the other hand
If your imagination is learning towards negativity
It will hurt you immensely
Think you are a creative writer
You’ll be with sincere effort

We live more with our thoughts
Than with the things we possess for ourselves
Hence rich thoughts are important
When we realize this and adopt in our daily lives
We are the richest persons and happiest one at that in our life.
Vidura was the most respected advisor
And the Chief Minister to King Dhritarashtra
The king of Hastinapura
Had a very modest way of living
Because of his birth in a modest family
But he was master in all the principles of Dharma
Which a ruler should follow
While performing his task of ruling his subjects.
Lord Krishana considered him to be the Dharmaraja
The Lord of Truth
Despite of his humble background
He was a staunch Krishna Bhakata
He and his wife were most satisfied and happy with their way of living
While Lord Krishna went to Hastinapura
He stayed with Vidura
Being happy with the frugal food he took at Vidura’s place
Proving that Duryodhana was having negative imaginations
Was not happy with his life despite having everything
But Virdura was happiest and satisfied with no riches at all.



As far as ones work and ethics of performance is concerned, especially I have not come across any superior officer who is anti-worker or anti-subordinate, yet, in an organisation there are different types of superior officers with whom we have to work and adjust in the organization. Those who are having confidence, patience, tolerance  and tenacity to adapt in the changing scenarios succeed in any atmosphere in the organization. All these characteristics bring out best from us in a challenging situation.

In the succeeding paragraphs I have penned down some of the characteristics of superior officers with whom you may have or would be having a chance to work. How one can adjust, enhance ones knowledge and contributes for the organization counts a lot.

In many organizations, there are senior officers who are hard to please. Although the juniors may contribute to the maximum yet the fastidious, superior officer, will not give any credit to the person concerned and instead find faults on flimsiest grounds; sometimes  out of context.

Sometimes such superior officers would like to showcase their superiority and knowledge in front of others just to browbeat the subordinates. They dictate terms and want that everything should be done as they order and desire – at their terms though the subordinate may put up the best performance!

Their attitude towards their staff members does not stop at work related matters, it goes beyond that. They consider themselves be all and end all, and at time, may tarnish the image of their subordinates by resorting to the level of personal in-undoes just disrespectful to the subordinates even!

In my public life of more than four decades, I have come across and worked with different superior officers of varied types of temperaments.

I have met and worked with the following types of superior officers:

(a) Some are very good with their subordinates, they will guide them whenever it is required and essential, they are officers par excellence and you will like to work with them not only for the organization but also for personal growth.

(b) There are the ones who will appreciate your qualities,  tact and initiative and will suggest some points to bring about excellent results. They will also give healthy criticism as and when required which is necessary to get knowledge and skills..

(c) Then you must have come across the ones who feel jealous of your initiative and way of working and may lambast you on slightest pretexts/flimsy grounds without rhyme or reason. The superior officers of this nature are really hard nuts to crack since they are non-committal about the drawbacks of the work put in by you but yet criticize because that is what they are best at! Such superior officers are the enigmas for any organisation. Such if you come to know about their families, these types of officers, are not satisfied with their families and some have broken homes because of their pestering nature both at home and in office. This has been observed that those who do not adjust well with their subordinates cannot adjust with the family members too and therefore are misfits for anything. Such people will pull you down at any given situation because of their unbalanced temperament. The option open for the subordinates is either to keep listening such people’s insulting remarks or quit. In the former case, if you possess sufficient knowledge and skills about the work done by you, you can change your organisation rather than tolerating such a anti-social individual. Second option is (in case leaving the organisation is not good for you presently because you need the job due to your financial stringency) to remain listening his prattle since you know such people cannot last for ever!! I think you understand what I mean?

Importantly, I vividly remember working with a very senior officer, most efficient and methodical  in his profession, had a knack for doing anything which the organization needed the most at any given time and would like to see others too to work with the same work ethics in the organisation. He offered healthy criticism for the job not done well and advised the subordinates to follow certain line of action. He was an officer with difference in every way we can imagine. This , all our team learned a lot from that officer. What I am today, good or not so good, is due to his guidance. He taught me how to burn mid night oil for getting things done and how best to remain focused in the job at hand. Although he is no more, yet  his teachings and right directions still remain inspiring me and many others like me.