I want to take my life as soon as possible – how I can do so?   (As asked by somebody). Also, delve on on its causes.


There are very alarming, sordid incidents, heartbreaking incidents which impel us to take the ultimate step of taking our lives without realizing its consequences which this disgusting and horrifying step could entail on your nears and dears? You have the choice to take your lives, because it is your life, but what about the people who would be adversely affected when you will no longer be this world.

Of all the things in the world, I can suggest how best to preserve life and not how to FINISH it and play with the Laws of Nature.

I shall cite you an example. A few days back, while on a morning walk, a lady with her little child came to me and showed me the picture of her husband in shroud ready for cremation. She wanted some help. I asked the cause of the death of her husband. She told me that he was alright till yesterday evening but during night, something happened. He was taken to the hospital where he declared brought dead. She was not able to tell how his husband died. He was hale and hearty just in his thirties. May be he died of heart attack or committed suicide; just to escape from shouldering the responsibilities of the family? Reason may be any – God knows the best. But the deceased left behind his family (consisting of his wife and three children) in lurch with dark future writ/steering large at their faces even without a shelter for the family

It is pertinent to mention that in your case too, you may be having your close relations not wanting you to end your life because of some odd incident in your life. No incident is ‘be all and end all’ – when problems are there, there are the solutions too hidden in the problem itself.  This should never be forgotten.

It is your life, I have got nothing to say why you want to take your own life given to you by our Creator. But one thing is sure, if you commit suicide or end your own lifespan, you will get the rebirth (if you believe in reincarnation, I do) then you will have the same sort of life or worse still – may be you may not take birth as humans at all. Then what? If as a human, then with the same sort of unethical thoughts, then again you’ll finish that life too. Then again and again; till how many births? I am sanguine, you will not like this to happen to you now or ever after this.

Only option is to introspect why you want to die; jot the points and think question yourself: is it worth living more productive or death and reach to a firm conclusion? Also, think about the condition of your dear ones after you have left the earth for good. Work your way out; you have reached to a BIG ZERO, there is no lower limit left than thinking about taking your own life, hence, just start working harder; even if you die working harder. I have not heard of anybody working hard. Only timid and weakling think about taking their own lives.  It is both criminal and sinful to take your own life should also be taken into cognizance. It is the precious gift of God, not for taking your life but to reserve it as a gift of our Creator.

Causes of suicide:-

Financial Stringency due to failure in business: There are many cases when a person fails in business even after investing huge amounts of money, sometimes, taken as loan from the banks etc. with no way out, the concerned person may opt for finishing his/her life.

Not getting employment despite necessary qualifications. There are some persons who do not get meaningful employment even after acquiring necessary qualifications. In some cases, there may be loan taken from the banks and in the absence of any employment, such people are in pressure as to how to pay back the loan.

Farmers committing suicide. It has been observed that the farmers commit suicide when they do not get the yield they were expecting partly for paying the loan due to failure of monsoon and resultant drought condition and finally failure of crops. The pressure of not paying the loan and not able to meet the expenditure of the family, they think of finishing their lives.

Failure in examination. Sometimes the students despite working hard fail in the examinations. This may be a trigger for committing suicide. Or the students may not be able to get the high grades in the final examination.

Failure in love. This also is cause for committing suicide for some persons for not being successful in the love lives. Or maybe, the couples when they are not able to continue their conjugal harmony may think of taking their lives.

Reasons may be any, but finishing off our lives before our natural death is not the solution of our pestering problems. Everybody has problems of their own, the degree and extent may be different but it hardly means that we think of taking our own lives. This life of ours has been a beautiful gift of our God and we have no right to take it. It is sin.

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  1. Good morning and thanks for this great article, which merits a more focused reading and a more detailed commentary than what I am possibly able to provide now on the fly. I will do it tomorrow. Arrivederci!

  2. Good morning and thank you very much fro this great article my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. This is one of the most pressing issues in our societies as it affects different segments of the population, regardless of their socio-economic or cultural status.You are right in mentioning the multiple causes of for taking this tragic decision like financial distress, love misgivings, harassment, etc. Moreover, many of these suffering patients are sending distress signals well before they take the final decision and sadly their close ones either ignore the signs or minimize them in the rush of our societies. I dedicate a large section to Suicide in my new book, as you already know. One of the growing segments to engage in this terrible decision are those family members that are caretakers of individuals with Chronic diseases, like AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis or Epilepsy. Does India have the necessary toll-free numbers to assist psychologically and offer clinical services to those in acutely dangerous distress? a big hug. Arrivederci.

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

      Thanks a lot for appraising the write-up and giving your most invaluable commentary on the same. Your commentary is always motivating because it Is after incisive reading and understanding. I really appreciate this.
      Factually suicide by any person is a most serious one. It is not without any reason that a person commits a suicide but it should always be kept in mind that our life is a precious gift of our God in this we had no role. But our role is to preserve this precious gift and work hard as and when we are placed in precarious condition.
      It is not the monetary constraints which impel some to commit suicide. A few days back one person committed suicide by jumping before a running train. His wife, after knowing about the suicide by her husband; killed her daughter and self by hanging themselves. The person concerned was a General Manager of a reputed venture! Meaning, there may be some other reason for committing suicide and wasting three lives?
      I have just penned down a write-up on OUR ENEMIES WITHIN – do appraise this too and give your comments. Your commentary is always a motivating factor.


      1. Good morning and I am glad that you liked the commentary. I agree that the causes are multiple in ever instance, which must always be considered from a personal. psychological and socio-ecconomic perspectives. It is an urgent civic issue. I will gladly read that article when I have time. I have noticed your absence form my page lately. Are you travelling in Jammu again?
        A big hug. Arrivederci.

      2. Good morning Dr. Sahib

        Thanks a million for giving your invaluable commentary on my blogs. You have the knack for going through the blogs in its entirety and then offer your comments.
        I learn much from your commentary.

        Besides, I have also penned down a new write-up on today’s PSEUDOS – do appraise and offer your kind comments.



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