Anger is the intense emotional state of ours
While in its influence
We react with hostile response
To an alleged annoyance
While in its ill-intended consequence
Our body and mind experience changes
Such as our senses get impacted
We’ve increased in blood pressure
With dilated pupils with changes in facial impressions
And wobbly disposition
Including adverse implication on our nervous system
With heightened level of nervous tension
Triggering face the situation head on
Or run away from the adverse situation
May also be the brains response
While we’re under the influence of annoyance.
Second enemy of us all is egotism or egocentric tendencies
It is our imagined self-admiration
Truly with exaggerated one
For our own distinctiveness with a tag of self-importance
Recognizing nobody’s hand of fellow brethrens
All amounting to grandiose sense
In other words an act of self-promotion
A selfish tendency with only self-interest at its highest
With inflated sense of importance.
Greed is the insatiable thirst for material possession
To enhance the current status and position
Or wants exceeding the precise requirement
The means for acquiring all this could be by following the path of corruption
Thus taking away what is legitimately not yours
Impacting in true sense
The ethical and moral standpoints.
Jealousy is the negative emotion
An emotion gone berserk indeed
When an individual lacks traits
To achieve something tangible
But feels down in the dumps when others get it
And feel that others should not get such an accomplishments
The pain experienced by a jealous person
Could be seen on his facial impression.
Lust is the longing so extreme
An negative one at that
That a person passionately wants
For fulfilling of this emotion
You go even off the tangent
This lust could be for sexuality
Even outside the organized institution of matrimony
Or position and power
Name and fame.


In essence, we talk more about our enemies lurking outside our domain and feel more concerned. But alas, we do not talk about and be concerned about the enemies which are within us – just lurking inside us. These enemies within, many a times, create disproportionate adverse implications on our wellness, tarnish our character, pull us down in the eyes of our relative and friends besides converting our Karmic Credits into Karmic Debts, without giving even a moment realization that Karmic Credits are earned with a lot of difficulty and over a prolonged period of time. We can avoid the enemies living outside our domain but the ones which reside in our own system have to be taken more seriously as these enemies impact not only our thoughts but also our Karmic Deeds too.


The anger is the emotional reaction/stimulus to an event or incident impacting us. It impacts not only psychologically but also physiologically also. When we are in rage, whole of our system is adversely impacted. It is shown on our facial impressions, results in trembling of our body because of this emotional upsurge even our pupils dilate, there is a change in our blood pressure and surprise of all surprises of all surprises even our sugar level goes up. In anger, even our senses do not work cent percent. As in anger, we do not remain our original self, therefore, whole of our internal system undergoes metamorphosis for the worst, hence, we should not lose of temper.


When we give excessive importance or exaggerated sense of importance to ourselves. When somebody is more selfish, gives more credence to his own self-interest, thinks himself as a centre of gravity besides goes all out in fulfill his self-interests without caring for the interests of others in the society. A person who is egotistical in nature will not care for others’ concerns but is of the view that he is a self-made person in which his friends and relatives do not have any contribution.


When we want to enhance our power, status and possessions even by adopting corrupt practices in such a sort of scenario, we lower our image in the society. Greed for having more than our fair share is in contravention to the objectives of ethical and moralistic standpoints. That which is not legally ours should not even be aspired for. Greed for more to give fillip our power and pelf at the cost of others should not be resorted to.


Jealousy is the emotional response or reaction to others’ achievement or advancement rather than working hard to achieve a stature. It should always be kept in mind that there is nothing attained without working hard and jealousy or enviousness is not answer to any onward movement in any field.


Lust I the intense or extreme desire or want for material possessions for power and pelf or excessive desire for sex outside even the legitimate institute such as marriage. The lust for anything more than need-based is lustful and requires to be curtailed.


It has been observed that too much of attachment with anybody or anything will not give us freedom of thought and Karma. Whatever action we do, we think more about the result of our action than our action itself. By so doing, we do not concentrate on the job at hand. Then too much of attachment with our relations, then, if something adverse happens, we feel down and out hugely disappointed besides at times, too much of attachment becomes the result of impacting us mentally and physically. Thus too much of attachment have long term implications on our way of life and should be avoided. In Bhagwad Gits it has been said: While contemplating on the objects of the senses, one develops attachment to them. Attachment leads to desire, and from desire arises anger. Thus attachment to anybody or anything is sure sign of our downfall and results in nullifying our Karmic Credits that we have accumulated over a period of time.

Conclusively, it should always be kept in mind that the enemies hidden in the internal recesses of our mind and heart are more hideous and harmful for our growth and development than the enemies which are there outside because outside enemies could be avoided or shunned but enemies living within us have to first of all taken care of.

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  1. There are two types of enemies we are having. Enemies within us and without. We can avoid enemies outside us but cannot do so for the enemies which are lying inside us.

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