Who is a pseudo-intellectual and how best to deal with such a person?

Who is a pseudo-intellectual and how best to deal with such a person?

First of all, we have to understand what the word pseudo. It means the one who are receptive, pretenders, sham, bogus, contrive or one who is fraud in his attitude. In other words, the one who showcases his mental power or brain power in an exaggerated way than actually – a fraudulently inspired act. This could be in thinking and action thereof. Pseudos are found is all forms and formulations.

Pseudo intellectuals are those individuals who adopt or exhibit their perceived or alleged intellectual inclinations. In life, these people have double standards on basically all the contentious points. Seemingly, such people spread canard and falsehood, being a perceived intellectual. In Guru Granth Sahib it has rightly been said:


Birds of prey are found in holy places
Yet they eat living things;
Though they are clothed in white,
Their hearts are evil..

The pseudo could be in any religion too. Those who do not have any intrinsic religious knowledge yet tom-tom his own perceived ideas bordering on false premise merely to spread canard, untruth and ill-intended misinformation for personal gains. Such a person is dangerous for the society in general. For examples there are some so-called Gurus or Preachers who seemingly show to the world at large their worldview on various tenets of religion(s) but when their real intention is brought out in public domains then their pseudo-religious beliefs are known to us all. We should all be aware of their real intent and expose such people who are in the ‘Wolves in sheep’s clothing’.

In Bhagwad Gita tell us about the eight fold distinctive nature: the earth, the air, the fire, the space, the water, the ego, the mind, the intellect. That is my lower nature. My higher nature-know it to be other than that. The lower nature traits are wrapped in Maya and the higher nature is the consciousness.

Now coming to the main question of how i shall deal with such individual. I shall deal in the following way:-

(a) In the first instance, I shall identify such a double standard individual. Make concerted effort to convince him about his pep-talk so that such an individual does not succeed in his personal agenda of influencing others based purely on false premise and ill-intended falsehood. After identification of such a person, make him realise his fallacious standpoint and try to refine his acts which are based on falsehood.

(b) A true intellectual, in essence, is the want who is not only having knowledge about various disciplines and makes his intellect applicable in real life; not for to achieve personal gains but to use the wisdom acquired through sincere hard work in real sense of terms. Pseudo intellects create and spread false impression about himself just to hoodwink his colleagues and friends.

(c) After identification, I shall try to refine or change his attitude and if I fail, then, I shall rest contented and shall not have any dealings with such a fellow. If required, I shall also enquire from others too who also feel as I feel. Together, we can convince pseudo to desist from falsehood and remove the ignorance oriented thinking of himself – an exaggerated sense of intellect orientation with a sole purpose of show and nothing else. In Bible, it has been clearly mentioned – To give prudence to the naive, To the youth knowledge and discretion.

(d) I think the ignorant person who thrives on our gullibility should be exposed and and enlighten with such a person. In Holy Quran tell us – Every person who breaks Divine laws, has oppressed himself. Purpose is to bring such negative traits to the public glare and enlighten such a soul.

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  1. Pseudos are found in all forms and formulations who hoodwink us many a times. These double speaks traits are false, fabricated and can deceive us anywhere anytime. We have to remain vigilant from such people.

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