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Pain is both physiological and psychological
Each pain gives us living experiences
But awareness of root cause
Effecting our conscious self is very essential
For removing the pain
It is necessary to inquire and analyze
To determine the reason of pain so prevalent.
Physical pain could be cured with medi-care
Besides actions, both corrective and preventive.
Emotional disorder is related to mind
Is taken care of both with medical care
While internal conflicts and disorientation are eliminated
With stress management techniques
Under the care of a competent psychologist
Including removing the ignorance
Through enlightening effect of knowledge
From our system
By following a spiritual oriented existence
For engendering soothing effects
Thus corrective and preventive actions
Along with firm belief on the Omniscient and Omnipotent One
Can make us detached and a balanced persona
With full connectivity with our Creator
Who takes care of our pain in our system
In balanced mindset
We remain unaffected by pain and pleasure
With a full realization that both pain and pleasure
Play important role in our lives: PROVING NO PAIN NO GAIN.

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7 thoughts on “PAIN & PLEASURE”

  1. Pain and pleasure are the part of our life. Each has its role to play. Pain is both physical and mental. If pain is removed then pleasure dawns.

    Please appraise the poem and comment. I love your comments.I

    I pray all should have a balance in pleasure and pain.



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