Are the people from village or rural background nicer than the people urban background?

Are the people from village or rural background nicer than the people urban background?

I would like to say that the people from the rural background are simple in their habits and behavior and therefore could be taken in by others easily as they are brought up simple environment. Their needs are limited which could be fulfilled from the farm produce. These people are hard working and believe in destiny. This is a fact because I am brought up in the village/rural background, where we used to remain contented with what we had by way of worldly possessions, status and condition. While in school, I used work hard with limited means but with no pretensions or showcasing anything under the sun – a simple living and high living. This continues till today while, with the grace of God, He has graced me with everything which a person aspires for.

First of all, it is relevant to know who is a nice person. In my view, a nice person is the one who possess the following traits:-

  1. A nice person never treats others as his soulmates and does not discriminates on the basis of religion, caste, language and region.
  2. A nice person never downgrades or insults others because of narrow considerations such as less education, lower in status and position.
  3. A nice person does not compare his position with others but he competes with himself only and tries to improve his know-how for enlightenment.
  4. A nice person does not insult others in any event.
  5. A nice person does not consider others lower than himself on any account.
  6. A nice person follows a positive oriented lifestyle. He opines ‘glass half not half empty’. He sees lights at the end of the dark tunnel.
  7. A nice person never finds fault in others but wants to first of all introspect his own fault lines.
  8. A nice person acts on the principles of give and take respect.
  9. A nice person never shows that he is perfect but wants to live with his imperfections while refining his habits, behavior pattern and attitude.
  10. A nice person never feels disappointed whenever somebody criticizes him but he wants to make amends whenever there is a need of the same.
  11. A nice person feels pain when somebody else feels so.
  12. A nice person is compassionate – he helps the needy.
  13. A nice person believes on the principle ‘charity begins from home’. Before advising others he would like to adopt this principle himself before telling others to follow the same.
  14. A nice person never use abusive language while interacting with others.
  15. A nice person hates the sin but not the sinner – he would like to mend the ways of the person who has forgotten the right course.
  16. A nice person believes in the dictum; have belief everything that happens, happens for the good of a man.
  17. A nice person stays cool in ups and downs which befall him.
  18. A nice person calls spade a spade and does not hide his mistakes in any way.
  19. A nice person takes right decision at right time.
  20. A nice person may be of city or from a rural area, hardly makes any difference to his way of thinking and action thereof.
  21. A nice person leads a spiritual oriented life.

With the traits enumerated above, I am sanguine and firmly believe that we may be from any area; rural or urban area makes no difference. It is individualistic in nature. City or village life hardly makes any difference in his habits, behavior and attitude. A person who has lived has seen ups and downs of lives remains balanced in all situations and conditions, therefore, I believe that may be living in rural or in urban, etiquette, habits, behavior patter and attitude depends on the value system he has got from his parents, peer groups, society etc. Therefore, I am of the view that a nice person is a nice person, he may be living and brought up in village or city environments.


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  1. My experience suggests that cities bring anonymity and competition for space and resources leading to conflict and animosity. Those in rural areas have more time and consideration for those around them – and are often more mutually dependent.

    1. Derrick sir thanks a lot for your comments. This shows that you have unique experience of life in the rural life and the way of living. Kudos to you for bring forth the right perspective. Regards.

    2. Dear Derrick,
      It is very nice of you to comment on Harbans’ excellent post. I am inclined to agree with you about some of the general differences between rural and urban folks.

      Dear Harbans,
      Thank you for your insight into what constitutes a nice person. You are certainly one very nice person for publishing this edificatory post.

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      1. SoundEagle; my heartiest felicitations for CHINESE NEW YEAR.

        So nice of you to have found time and visited my write-ups and offered one of the best commentaries which I have ever got from my readers who inspire me for spur me to go ahead and write more and more after getting first hand know-how from person exxperiences with my people around.

        Derrick sir has always been a source of inspiration for me. When nobody comments, he comes forth and offer his most inspiring one.

        I have visited the sight and am very pleased to get insight into what is contained – a store house of information and knowledge. Really reservoir of enlightenment.

        With warm regards


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