The renowned embodiment of righteousness & virtuosity – Maryada Purshotam

With most adorable traits with immense prowess full of idealism

The Avtara of Lord Vishnu – the one who stood for Truth

A reservoir of humility with simplicity in abundance

Tolerance, harmony and elderly reverence

That an offspring should profusely be having

For the parents the most adoring.

Lord Rama left for exile, leaving everything and everybody

Most dear ones too in Ayodhya,

When his father King Dashratha of Ayodhya

Is constrained to act on the promises made in the past

To his wife Kakai – mother of Shri Bharata

And step-mother of Lord Shri Rama

Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life once,

By putting her own life in danger,

Consequently, extracting two promises for fulfilling

At a time and occasion of her own choosing,

Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,

In making Queen Kakai realize the promises,

Crown for her son Shri Bharata

And 14 years in exile for Shri Rama.

Shri Ramji, as expected, accepted exile for fourteen long years.

And that too without slightest demur,

He embraced the life simplest in the forest,

Subsisting on the fruits and herbs that existed there,

Truly speaking, that is the crux of a lesson for today’s younger generation,

Maa Sitaji the consort of Shri Rama

With brother Lakshmana too accompanied Shri Rama.

Who despite his knowledge of Vedas and being the fondest Bhaktas of Lord Shiva

Ruined his name and fame along with the knowledge he had had thus attained

Vijaydashmi should establish a kingdom of love,

Overflowing with peace, full of tolerance, a feeling of goodwill for all,

A kingdom of love for everybody, leaving none

For it is a celebration for destruction of evil




Those who think putting others down
For the benefits of their own
Through deception
Or through human violation
Will not result in their eventual win
On individual level
As some people may think
But meet with their ultimate end
As says the law of karma
Our Karmic deeds always catches up
Both at an individual plane
Or as on nation’s plane
With high ambition
Since a person of pure mind
Orients his thoughts and actions
With the active participation
Of body, mind and positive reflections
Without forgetting
That anything
Acquired with ego gratification
Is maha-paap – a gigantic offence
This is true for a person individually
Or for a nations collectively
Who for gratification of their ambition
Subjugate the smaller nations
With the muscle power
Or money power.
The present case of pandemic coronavirus
Has proved that nobody
Can be immune
If an individual
Or a nation plays with Mother Nature
But sadely the retribution
Will perforce be borne by the offender
As a person
Or the recalcitrant nation
As nobody can escape the Karmic deeds
But woefully will engulf the other people or nations collectively
Very innocent indeed
Pass on a disease to them physically
Or adversely
Impacting their economies
Such people or group of nations
Should introspect that a bad deed done
Will will finally boomerang
As good deeds grace us with rewards w
And will certainly defend us till time indefinite
This life
And our life hereafter.


We have observed that those individuals who earn their livelihood with sincerity earn Karmic credit points for them which become buffer for such people and help them when they require the same the most. On the other hand, those who adopt shortcuts for getting their selfish ambitions fulfilled have to face the consequences ultimately. We should, therefore, remember that our thoughts and Karmic deeds thereto never leaves us rewarded or punished as the case may be.


It Is important to note that If an individual is over-ambitious and fructifies his/her desires by ulterior means or follows corrupt practices will have adverse repercussions. But if the same is done by a nation for gratification of their over-ambitious thought precept and try dominating other nations with their position in the comity of nation or due to their economic status even browbeating smaller nations and sometimes force them not to act independently. This is really a disheartening state of affairs. Such countries should not adopt irrational or illogical approach to subjugate others because their action may actions may also carry the stigma of Karma.


Essentially, it is in the fitness of things to infer that we should maintain a healthy balance in our dealings; it may be individually or collectively or between nations. This will ensure collective response between individuals or between the nations.

Mother Nature will act in sync with its laws when we as individuals or nations obey the rules of Nature otherwise the humanity as a whole will have to bear the brunt of it all.



When the situation is so catastrophic all around
When the virulent Novel Coronavirus is spreading
Its venomous tentacles unchecked
Hideously hiding at every nook and corner
Readying to pounce at the uncaring individuals
When crying need is the observance of modicum of self-discipline
By self-isolation or self-quarantine at our respective residences
Keep self-hygiene as an obligation to be adhered to the book by us
For keeping ourselves and our environs neat and clean
For our own good and for the good of our dear ones
For at least for 21 days at a stretch as told by Hon’ble Prime Minister
In this speech to the nation to control and contain this virus
Or till the scare of the Covid-19 ameliorates or dies a natural death.

When solution lies in the problem itself
Then wisdom is to follow steps to the letter and spirit
By adapting ourselves as time demands
And not to willfully flout the norms
Because solution lies in maintaining care and caution
And not getting scared from the virus
So very out of the ordinary.

When people do not realize the gravity of situation and are contravening norms
Then the laws of the land should hall them in the prison
For not caring for himself nor for others around.

When health-care facilities are stretched to the limits
It is the responsibility of citizenry in general
To spread public awareness for inculcating strength of mind
And if possible assist even the sanitation staff
In combating stumbling blocks
By self-help methods
Thus come out this piquant state.

When necessities of daily existence are also stretched to the maximum
Due to over-stocking or through panic-buying by the selfish
The black sheep amongst us
Thus putting the lives of general masses to dire straits.

When people are not observing the importance of social-distancing
And not putting face-masks
When going outside the homes
For meeting some emergent situation
Thus coming into contact with the infected ones
And becoming a cause of spreading the pandemic virus
Here the solution lies in adopting measures
Necessary for containing the virus till it dies its natural death.

When confusion bedevils at every step
And requires clarity
It is sagacious on our part
To be a part of solution
And not become a part of a huge problem
Putting the lives of people in general at risk.

Need of the hour is not to fall prey to rumor-mongering in social-media
Thus creating problem where none exists
We ought to report all such cases
To the authorities that be for remedial action
And exemplary punishment for recalcitrant
And save the common masses so hapless
Even at this hour of distress.

When cause is known to us but the solution is uncertain
Then we should try adopting the spiritual orientation
As a permanent solution
For Divine intervention
With His association
Every ill-omen will evaporate in thin air for good.





In the situation when the magnitude of danger to the humanity is real, we all offer our sincere prayers to MOTHER DIVINE – MAA DURGA JI to bestow succor to the humanity at large and deliver it from this pandemic NOVEL CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19. Sure enough, she had obliterated evil by killing ferocious demons. This demonic and dangerous besides hitherto not known virus too requires some mystic power to deliver us. Therefore, our sincere PRAYER FOR DELIVERANCE.  Do celebrate PIOUS NAVRATRI FESTIVAL as a solemn occasion and keep healthy distance from each other since isolation is the only solution and remedy of this insidious virus. May these NINE DAYS WONDER called NAVRATRI delivers the humanity from unprecedented situation in the world of ours.


At the trying times
When the clouds of virus is so virulent
Which has engulfed the world at large
With its cruel and hideous tentacles
A sincere prayer to thee our Goddess Durge
Who always answers our sincere prayers
To our dearest Mother Durge Ji
To save the humanity from this pandemic Mahamari
This Navratri from 25th March we go ahead fervently
To celebrate the Nine Days Wonder Navratri
Nav means nine
Ratri stands for night
Navratri is the festival so very well-known
Wherein the devout
Of all hues celebrate this festival
Twice in a calendar year
First, it is in the March – April, as Chaitra Navratri
Thence October – November as the Shradha Navratri
This festival is related to Durga Goddess
Maa ‘Shakti’ with Her prowess so immense
Overpowered the ferocious Demons
Who maimed the hapless hermits – Sadhus
Even while performing their sacred Yajunas
And in the process defiled the sacredness of Yajna fires.
Goddess Durga in her red attires
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
With all the weapons in her custody
Which could inflict havoc on the adversary
Legends abound about Navratri
Demon king Maheshasura worships Lord Shiva
The penance was so severest
That Lord Shiva had to grant him a boon of invincibility
That nobody
Not even the Gods could kill him
Thence he starts killing innocents with impunity
Then forcefully
Conquered violentlybthe Seven Lokas
Including the throne of Lord Indra
To eliminate demon Maheshasura
Then there was confabulation between the Trinity
Along with Demi-Gods too in the company
To take stock of things jointly
To defeat and kill this demon turned killer so brutally
Created Maa Shakti
The Mother with a matchless energy
Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Which lasted for Nine Days
On day Ninth she kills this evil demon
Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over wickedness
On day ninth which is termed as Mahanavami
Nine young girls are worshipped
Personifying Nine Forms of Durga Goddess
These venerated young girls’ feet are washed
With fresh water and given clothes and food
Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
On these days, the farmers observe the fitness of the earth
By testing seed germination in the earthen pots
Devotees observe fasts with rigidity
For keeping ourselves neat and tidy
During these days considered most holy
Which keep their mind and body pure.
There is another legend
King Daksha – the kind of Himalayan Kingdom
He was blessed with a daughter named Uma
A most beautiful one
With all the traits of a princess she possessed
She worshipped Lord Shiva most reverently
So that he may accept her in marriage so willingly
Having pleased the Lord Shiva
She married Uma
But against the wishes of King Dhaksha
One day King Dhaksha held a grant Yajna
With no invitation to Lord Shiva
Uma wanted to join the Yajna
And all accompanying celebrations
While Lord Shiva had his own reservations
She came to attend the Yajna
Being attended by Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.
Besides all the deities
King Dhaksha did not like her daughter’s presence
She felt slighted at the treatment meted out to her in presence of all deities
In utter desperation and helplessness
She jumps into Agni Kund (Fire grate) and perishes
The reason why we call her Sati
Lord Mahadeva (As Virbadhara) punished King Dhaksha for this heartlessness.
ON REBIRTH (As Parvati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to her parents’ house to stay for DAYS NINE
That is why we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.
Legend also has it that Lord Rama
Worshipped Goddess Durga’s Nine Forms
For Nine Days with deep reverence
On day 10th Lord Rama killed demon king Ravana
This way, 10th day is celebrated as Vijaydashami,.
First three days are dedicated to Durga Maa
In the form of child, young girl and mature woman
The three forms of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity
Her name is Lakshimi
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom
In snowy white dress
Mounted on a white swan
The Navratri is a sign of purity in all forms
Let these Nine Days be observed with great reference
For gaining blessings from Goddess Durga
Let this Nine Days wonder
Be the game-changer
And rid this world of ours from precarious state of affairs
Created by the Covid-19 virus
And engenders peace and prosperity
And adequate wellness for all and sundry
This is my sincerest prayers to thee, my Mother Divine
Maa Durga Ji, so benevolent Thee
Come to the succor of the humanity from Novel Coronavirus
Sure enough, we can bank on Thee my Divine Mother for succor.

jai maa durget – navratri CELEBRATIONS

Different festivals provide the devout different lessons while the underlying message of all these festivals is to enlighten us humans to follow a path which helps us to have connectivity with Higher Self/Higher Intelligence, by following a spiritual oriented path through meditation, contemplation and prayers. The main purpose of celebration and observance of certain modes of behavior in such festivals is to keep ourselves chaste with our mind focused on God. The purpose is to focus on the special prayers and chants is to seek connectivity with God and dispel the thought of anxiety or disillusionment that pervades in our system. As there is purity of thoughts and actions during these festivals, there is every possibility for transformation and help in unfolding of spiritual life naturally.  

The main purpose of celebrating the religious festivals is to seek balance in our life at the altar of God while observing all immutable laws of nature and aspire for transformation and enlightenment – journeying from one festival to another one helps the devotees to learn social etiquettes, social adaptability and finally God’s connectivity.

The word NAVRATRI is composed of two syllabuses; NAV which means NINE and RATRI mean NIGHTS. Meditation/prayers and fasting are observed by devout during these nine days. A lighter refreshment of milk made products besides fruits, if taken at all, to keep light and pure in body and mind thus helping an individual to keep the body and mind pure. This also provides the devotees’ freedom from adulteration and contamination both in body and mind besides purifying still more the eternal soul along with keeping it taint-free.

Navratri is one of the most sacred festivals that the devout celebrate. It is not merely celebrated by observing some particular rituals but the devotees live a spiritually oriented life in all manifestations. The purpose is to follow the way of life which puts more stress on the subjective experience of sacred dimension. We undertake those karmic deeds during Navratri which transform some of the debit-karmic-deeds to credit-karmic-deeds which helps in personal growth and development individually and also collectively who celebrate it with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Moral and ethical values when followed sincerely could be imbibed as permanent habits to be followed in future too thus Navratri could prove to be a life-changer.

A lighter refreshment consisting of milk made product, fruits, and nuts, keeps the body light and the digestive system gets improved thus there is a spread of fragrance of Satoguna and alleviation of Tamoguna and Rajoguna traits. Freedom from contaminated thoughts purifies our mind. Thus observance of fast or vrat (also means resolve) continuously for nine days brings about the stability of our mind and helps in enhancement of our concentration. Besides these, we exercise maximum restraints in our thoughts and deeds and behave in a dignified manner by remaining within confines of decency. All these facilitate generation of the feeling of love and affection for others, enhances peace and tranquility, a feeling of compassion for others and above all a Godly feeling.

The devotees observe fasts during the duration of Narratri. All these traits enhance the credibility of an individual devotee who observes the fasts and also offers sincere prayers during these  days with utmost devotion. The fasts help us to purify our mind, provides lightness to our body provides us an opportunity to devotees for prayers to Goddess Durga Maa – an embodiment of SHAKTI or reservoir of energy.


Mention of Goddess Durga has been found in Vedas and Puranas. Durg was a ferocious demon and Durga, the invincible warrior who killed Durg with her immense prowess. She is the warrior Goddess since she fought evil and forces which spread death and destruction. She works for demolishing demonic forces who want to establish their writ and establish the reign of terror and mayhem amongst the society besides spreading prosperity and goodwill in general masses. She defeats mythical buffalo demon – Meheshasura who had obtained a boon of invincibility from Lord Maheshwara. She is Goddess Parvati, also termed as Durga Saptashati – the consort of Lord Shiva. With her prowess, she proved herself to be unbeatable with limitless mystical powers.

Besides observing fasts, devotees organize congregations in the form of fairs and also enact programs and cultural functions in the form of group dances and devotional songs in praise of Goddess Durga and beseech her blessings.and she being such a benevolent Mother comes to their succor.

Different states celebrate Navratri differently but the spirit of all the celebrations is similar in nature. For example, famous ‘garva dance’ is organized in the state of Gujarat and devotional songs and dance competitions are organized in West Bengal besides prayers in the specially erected and decorated pandals is a usual phone. People visit the famous temples of Vaishno Devi in Katra (in Jammu province) besides all the temples of Goddess Durga in its different forms/manifestations attract devotees in these nine days.

The main driving force of the Navratri is to purify our thoughts and deeds thereof. In these nine days devout observe strict fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga Mata – Goddess with immense power. For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently, for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all-around success.

It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.

  1. First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of Himalaya and the consort of Lord Shiva. This is the unmarried saroop of Gauri Maa.
  2. Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.
  3. Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.
  4. Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of the whole universe by the power of her laughter.
  5. Fifth Day. Here on this day, Skandha – the main warrior of Gods’ army.
  6. Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and with immense grace.
  7. Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.
  8. Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmness and exhibits immense wisdom.
  9. Ninth Day. On a ninth day, Maan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight siddhis. In this form, she is worshiped by all.

Benefits of Navratri:-

  • Strict observance of fasts keep our digestive system in order and helps maintain our body healthy.
  • Fasts help in purifying our mind because we pray Goddess continuously for nine days/nights. It also enhances our focus on the subject we contemplate for completion.
  • Purification of body and mind means spiritually directed conscious mind thus a shift from negativity to positivity
  • Congregations in melas and group processions help the people to people contacts thus animosity, if any, gets obliterated and a feeling of fellow feeling and cooperation sprouts. Contact with each other enhances our outreach in the society.
  • Group dances and spiritual song competitions enhance competitive spirits in the youth and also help them direct their latent energies to productive use.
  • Devotees, in their zeal to show earnest desire to have total connectivity with Goddess Durgaji, offer singular devotion to Her during these auspicious days, reap the harvest of getting their problems solved and get ETERNAL PEACE  in their lives as a reward of this worship.




A response so overwhelming
And applauding
By hands clapping
With high pitch conch blowing
Utensils fervently clanging
With rhythmic chanting
Factually warm tributes
With respect in general masses hearts
For expressing
For taking care of those afflicted
With the pandemic Coronavirus
Or Covid-19
Need is to break the chain
Through home self-isolation
Or formal hospitalization
For needful quarantine
As per the condition
Of the person
So inflicted
For strict medical attention
Need is to take this virus so virulent
Seriously and fight it out
And keep it out
Before it infects our system.



Keeping a safe distance
From the crowded places
Impose self-quarantine at our own residences
And not get infected by others
Since this biological infection spreads
Through personal contacts
With the person so infected willy-nilly
And if infected
Do not get unnecessarily scared
And let thy internal defenses get depleted
Just remain calm and composed
While taking healthy diet
Along with doing routine exercises
Especially Yoga will prove crucial
For infusing immunity to fight viruses
Bedeviling our health system
Since prevention is better than getting cured
In a way so time consuming
And difficult to be treated
Since there is no vaccine so proven
To affect cure
Remaining confined at home
Or any medical facilities
Already stretched to the maximum.
Do not go out
If not required
Washing hands properly
With soap or with sanitizer
After touching anything
Not touching face – mouth and nose
If done washing hands
And parts so touched
Could prove counterproductive.
A sincere message for our senior citizens
Do do not go to the crowded places
Thee have seen the world at large already
Do not become a cause of spreading the virus
As has been done by one of the infected dancers
An act so irresponsible
Who acted indifferent to wellness of others
Who got into her contact
In social gatherings etc.
An act so condemnable & cobtemtible
Done with ill-conceived intent
Will earn her Karmic debt.

Staying away from the crowded places
Observing the discipline
Of remaining at home
Away from the hustle and bustle
Especially on 22nd March 2020
As espoused by our Prime Minister
Should be followed with sincerity by all of us
For our own well-being
And for the wellness of our love ones.
As the virus is taking its toll
More and more people are being infected
Through personal contacts
My sincere plea to you all
Please observe the self-discipline
So that this vicious circle of virus
Is curbed
And not become another victim of this virus
Self-isolation is the possible key
For the cure of the infected person
Keeping neat and clean
Self and the environment around
Is also essential to escape from this dreaded and pandemic virus.
My heart is aching hugely
For those who has lost their loved ones
In any part of the world
May be Asia
Or in Europe
Lives are the precious gifts of Almighty God
Therefore my sincere prayer to Thee the Omnipotent and Omniscient
Pray save the humanity from this death dance so cruel.

This is my sincere request to all that as far as possible, we should not be the cause of infection to others but should observe self-discipline and restraint by self-isolation.  




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