In essence, while living in the world of ours, we may face ups and downs. We should maintain a healthy balance while performing our duty as a Dharma. Every unsavory incidence, man-made or natural disasters gives us practical experience and a lesson that we should not play with the Laws of Nature as it too has got its limits. It may create a situation desperate calling for desperate solutions. It may be result of spoiling the balance of Nature or disturbance in food-chain – the results of which we are experience presently.  

The question is most relevant at the present moment when whole of the world is under the spell of Coronavirus/Covid-19 but one thing should never be forgotten that ‘desperate’ measures should be adopted when malaise is about to engulf. Here the situation is different. The malaise has already engulfed the humanity. Now, at the present moment, we require to have humane touch by adopting slew of measures which could ameliorate the situation and stop the death dance by this vicious virus. My sincere prayer to our Lord is to bestow strength and forbearance to those who have lost their love ones and provide the succor to the ones who are living by way of providing medical help, where required urgently, by meeting their food and other requirements at this critical juncture.

I am of the view that it is though a ‘desperate time’ as the virus has been declared as pandemic but the measures adopted should be as given below:-

(a) As this virus spreads through respiratory system or personal contact with the infected person, it is in the fitness of things to not to hand shake but warm NAMASTE from a distance will suffice. The other person should also realize the need to keep distance – no offense intended indeed in these critical times.

(b) As the virus spread through personal contacts, therefore, as far as possible, those who have symptoms of virus; dry cough, sneezing, fever, pneumonia symptoms should first of all get themselves tested. After having tested such people should not panic but remain either at the isolated place organised by the Governmental hospitals or quarantine themselves at homes itself. One thing positive about this virus is that it dies its natural death after some days (say 14 or so) but if it spreads to our fellow beings, then it will have a ripple effects and may take a dangerous proportion where deaths and noting else can result. WHY THEN TO BE SELFISH with the thought; ‘if I am having why I think about others’.

(c) As this virus has been declared as pandemic, the best remedy is to take into consideration: Safety saves. Here the safety is to keep away from the crowds, gatherings, etc.

(d) As far as practicable, personal contacts with materials or any person should be avoided.

(e) Hand hygiene is a must because it is the hand(s) which we touch with our nose or mouth or respiratory system, therefore, we should be cautious that hands remain neat and clean, free of any germs.

(f) Personal hygiene is a must for keeping safe from this virus. Daily dose of instruction by the medical fraternity should be followed to the book so as to wriggle out of precarious situation with no sign of abetting.  

(g) In case of having Covid-19 virus, we should not panic as being panic we trigger a dangerous situation to prevail as it will impair our internal defences; if this happens, then, sure enough, we shall be inviting trouble for ourselves. Our belief system be stubborn enough to ward off any negative feeling and remain in solitary confinements if at home for at least 14 days or when amongst other patients remain cool but remain praying God for quick recovery. As there is no medicine or vaccine available for cure of this virus, therefore, it is our own internal system of our body which could ensure quick recovery.

It should be kept in mind that there are so many people who have completely recovered after having this virus then why not me or any other person could have recovery if having this virus. This question should always be in our mind. It should never be forgotten that solution is hidden in the problem itself – the symptoms of this virus give us enough evidence that the virus spread through personal contact or through respiratory system therefore we humans should remain aloof or remain self-quarantined, for at least 14 days or till such time we are fully cured. No panic should be created if and when we observe anybody having symptoms (the mortality rate is not as high as observed in other viruses that this world had faced earlier on too) – the person concerned should be instructed to take medical advice and get himself/herself tested and then observe all the instructions given by the medical experts. No desperate steps in any event.

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  1. Care and caution besides keeping distance from the infected person(s) are the keys for insulating ourselves from COVID-19.

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