Keeping a safe distance
From the crowded places
Impose self-quarantine at our own residences
And not get infected by others
Since this biological infection spreads
Through personal contacts
With the person so infected willy-nilly
And if infected
Do not get unnecessarily scared
And let thy internal defenses get depleted
Just remain calm and composed
While taking healthy diet
Along with doing routine exercises
Especially Yoga will prove crucial
For infusing immunity to fight viruses
Bedeviling our health system
Since prevention is better than getting cured
In a way so time consuming
And difficult to be treated
Since there is no vaccine so proven
To affect cure
Remaining confined at home
Or any medical facilities
Already stretched to the maximum.
Do not go out
If not required
Washing hands properly
With soap or with sanitizer
After touching anything
Not touching face – mouth and nose
If done washing hands
And parts so touched
Could prove counterproductive.
A sincere message for our senior citizens
Do do not go to the crowded places
Thee have seen the world at large already
Do not become a cause of spreading the virus
As has been done by one of the infected dancers
An act so irresponsible
Who acted indifferent to wellness of others
Who got into her contact
In social gatherings etc.
An act so condemnable & cobtemtible
Done with ill-conceived intent
Will earn her Karmic debt.

Staying away from the crowded places
Observing the discipline
Of remaining at home
Away from the hustle and bustle
Especially on 22nd March 2020
As espoused by our Prime Minister
Should be followed with sincerity by all of us
For our own well-being
And for the wellness of our love ones.
As the virus is taking its toll
More and more people are being infected
Through personal contacts
My sincere plea to you all
Please observe the self-discipline
So that this vicious circle of virus
Is curbed
And not become another victim of this virus
Self-isolation is the possible key
For the cure of the infected person
Keeping neat and clean
Self and the environment around
Is also essential to escape from this dreaded and pandemic virus.
My heart is aching hugely
For those who has lost their loved ones
In any part of the world
May be Asia
Or in Europe
Lives are the precious gifts of Almighty God
Therefore my sincere prayer to Thee the Omnipotent and Omniscient
Pray save the humanity from this death dance so cruel.

This is my sincere request to all that as far as possible, we should not be the cause of infection to others but should observe self-discipline and restraint by self-isolation.  


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  1. At this hour of adverse times, I pray to our Creator to have mercy on the humanity and help the world in ridding the humanity fro the vicious cycle of virus.


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