When the situation is so catastrophic all around
When the virulent Novel Coronavirus is spreading
Its venomous tentacles unchecked
Hideously hiding at every nook and corner
Readying to pounce at the uncaring individuals
When crying need is the observance of modicum of self-discipline
By self-isolation or self-quarantine at our respective residences
Keep self-hygiene as an obligation to be adhered to the book by us
For keeping ourselves and our environs neat and clean
For our own good and for the good of our dear ones
For at least for 21 days at a stretch as told by Hon’ble Prime Minister
In this speech to the nation to control and contain this virus
Or till the scare of the Covid-19 ameliorates or dies a natural death.

When solution lies in the problem itself
Then wisdom is to follow steps to the letter and spirit
By adapting ourselves as time demands
And not to willfully flout the norms
Because solution lies in maintaining care and caution
And not getting scared from the virus
So very out of the ordinary.

When people do not realize the gravity of situation and are contravening norms
Then the laws of the land should hall them in the prison
For not caring for himself nor for others around.

When health-care facilities are stretched to the limits
It is the responsibility of citizenry in general
To spread public awareness for inculcating strength of mind
And if possible assist even the sanitation staff
In combating stumbling blocks
By self-help methods
Thus come out this piquant state.

When necessities of daily existence are also stretched to the maximum
Due to over-stocking or through panic-buying by the selfish
The black sheep amongst us
Thus putting the lives of general masses to dire straits.

When people are not observing the importance of social-distancing
And not putting face-masks
When going outside the homes
For meeting some emergent situation
Thus coming into contact with the infected ones
And becoming a cause of spreading the pandemic virus
Here the solution lies in adopting measures
Necessary for containing the virus till it dies its natural death.

When confusion bedevils at every step
And requires clarity
It is sagacious on our part
To be a part of solution
And not become a part of a huge problem
Putting the lives of people in general at risk.

Need of the hour is not to fall prey to rumor-mongering in social-media
Thus creating problem where none exists
We ought to report all such cases
To the authorities that be for remedial action
And exemplary punishment for recalcitrant
And save the common masses so hapless
Even at this hour of distress.

When cause is known to us but the solution is uncertain
Then we should try adopting the spiritual orientation
As a permanent solution
For Divine intervention
With His association
Every ill-omen will evaporate in thin air for good.

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  1. I am so much dismayed by the danger which the COVID-19 infection is posing to the world at large. This hideous virus has taken a pandemic proportion therefore whatever steps are needed should be taken by the world at large; by the countries concerned individually and collectively.

    Kindly go through this poem and offer your comments.



  2. That just about covers it all, Harbans. A good message. We will be fining offenders which may or may not improve things – I don’t think filling our already stuffed prisons would be much help.

    1. Derrick sir, where so ever somebody departs, it really pains me and especially so when the virus is so endemic and destructive. I have made endeavour to make the people aware of their responsibility to act on the dictum: SAFETY SAVES. Thanks and regards.

  3. Thank you for this a nice compilation of the basic steps we have to adhere to in order to enforce and sustain the “social distancing” that so far has been the only proven method to slow down the progression of the disease. With my son Gian Luca we are doing exactly that in our Miami residence. Please check my blog titled “We are still resisting” where I also put a feature picture of us. A big hug. Arrivederci.

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

      In fact prevention is better than cure; the way this virus is showing its upward spread, the only remedy, for the time being, is to keep distance while outside or remain comforts of home.

      I shall visit your website.


    2. I have gone through your blog but there is difficulty in uploading my response which is as follows:

      Good morning Dr. Sahib.
      In fact situation is quite taxing but we have to be very optimistic, we should see positive side of every situation.
      Life is admix of activity and some times forces inactivity. This time calls for some discretion in keeping ourselves at our guards. But this ‘inactivity’ cannot be thought of yet they too have their home responsibilities and therefore the comfort of selfie – wonderful indeed.
      As per the news today, in USA the infected ones have increased. Social distancing while going outside, self-quarantining at home, not hand shaking but only NAMASTE will do, party mania should be postponed for our own good for the time being. Safety first should be a norm. Till such time some vaccine comes handy, it is advisable to keep in lockdown condition at homes; I think this is the only remedy. I also think Yogic paranayama to enhance our immune system is, I think better than seeking any outside help till medical intervention comes handy.



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