When we talk about lockdown conditions, two things come to our mind. These are social-distancing and self-isolation. I have tried to answer the two for our benefit. It has also been said that those who do not obey the rules of the game, they will and are suffering the consequences of our misdemeanor or not remaining confined to the rules.

We all are aware that those countries which adopted and acted according to the norms which are necessary for making this exercise successful, it is in the fitness of things to adopt the principle of safety-first percept. Any transgression would prove to be counter-productive- deaths and destruction besides may spell doom for the booming economies around the world.

In real sense, there is a great lessons learned; those countries who adopted social-distancing, self-isolation, sanitizing ourselves on touching something besides keeping ourselves neat and clean to keep ourselves safe from infection of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic/Covit-19.

In this, two things are very important: these are Social-Distancing and Self-Isolation, which I have explained below:-


Social means action in the society or community in which we are living and distance here connotes a safe distance which we have to adopt while in the market place or outside our homes. It is the distance observed by everybody while going out or while purchasing something from the marketplace. This healthy distance is about two meters so that we do not get infection from others and keep ourselves safe.


The self means the particular individual; or a person and isolation means performance of an act or instance of isolating ourselves or an act of separation from others in order to safeguard ourselves from any contagious disease which is spread through our contacts or in the instance case through adherence and following some norm of behaviour of safety first realization.WHY LOCKDOWN IS A NECESSITY

If we all follow lockdown norms with utmost sincerity, till such time a suitable vaccine is found  for the cure of infection, it is essential to keep ourselves safe from this dangerous infection. It has been seen that those who assiduously followed and obeyed the norms of lockdown, there were less infections and resultant less deaths while those who did not comply with the lockdown norms or were late to react had unfortunately more infections and resultantly more deaths.



If we have to come out from the predicament of Coronavirus infection, it is in the fitness of things to follow individual home-quarantine or institutional-quarantine (those who are working for keeping the economy ticking while observing social-distancing and self-isolation norms as we cannot let the economies globally go to doldrums. A balance has to be created in this direction.




May Heaven’ s choicest
Plentiful blessings
Be showered
On to you, our love one
And also remain ever blessed
You – the love one
A shining star of our eye
A star that will shine further still
With the enlightenment of value system
Transferred by parents with a lot of love
Which has warmth
Which spills out of the inner recesses of heart
Generating in its wake a feeling of pride
That you’re not apart from us all
A blood relation producing warmth.


You will represent us in the days to come
We pray for your happiness Knowledge and wisdom
For our love one indeed.
When you smile
We smile with you
When you laugh
We laugh with you.
Your chatter captivates us
When you are in pain it pains us.
A feeling of happy feeling that you’re one amongst us
Whose birthday falls
On 27th day of April.
Named variously with love
Dadi and Dadu’s Sonu & Gofu
Mama & Dada’s Sundru
Badi & shoti Bua’s Amu
Let Amay’s birthday
Be celebrated with trueand the loftiest sprits
With love and longings
From us all
Besides Almighty God.
Though in lockdown
Pandemic conditions
While observing all precautions
Needed to ward off infection
This birthday is unique in itself
In more ways than one way
But suffusing with affection
For Amay our little master.



Food sustains our body is an undisputed fact
Proves harmful to our body system
When taken more than our body can digest
Since it forces our digestive system
Working more than what it is able to function
In the process
Producing toxins and fatty contents – in excess
Than our body actually requires
Being obese is the result of excessive food consumption
Which impairs our body constitution.
Fasting is a willful self-restraint
We impose on ourselves
Giving a needed breather
To our digestive system
And other metabolic related organism
In the process regulating the body function
In sync with our body’s needs
Thus ensuring sound mind
In a sound body
Thus cleansing the body and mind
Thus live a life suffusing with piety
With enough of satiety
Free from worries
Created due to life bereft of health related problems
Which otherwise adversely affects our system
Fasting thus gives us break
From eating
Which gives our digestive system
Too a needful break
Thus help our body
To perform all the functions properly
In sync with the need of our body
Along with all the organs of our body.
In the current Covid-19 Pandemic
Fasting will cleanse our body
With it our mind and spirit
Thus help establish connectivity
Connectivity with Omnipotent and Omniscient God Almighty


Fasting means not eating food for a fixed or for a per-determined period of time. Fasting gives our digestive system some break or rest consequently keeping the body free of extra fats/fatty acids and toxins which results in numerous diseases such as disturbed sleep, hypertension, overweight etc. All these ailments prevent us from focusing on the job we are doing besides with unsound health puts a stop to focused attention to our prayers to our God for peace and prosperity in our life. Not having peace in life means we cannot serve the very purpose of our existence on this beautiful earth. Our purpose on this earth is to lead a spiritual oriented life by seeking connectivity with our Creator. Leading a spiritual oriented life means to perform our duties sincerely, having empathy for others by fulfilling the needs of others besides thanking Omnipotent and Omniscient God for His bountiful gifts which He has given us. Besides, leading a spiritual oriented life also do everything positive in life for Moksha or liberation from births and deaths ultimately. All this happens when we are having sound health. Sound health results when we keep a tight leash on our eating habits – when to eat, how best to eat and WHEN NOT TO EAT.


Essentially, it has rightly been said, we become what we eat since we get necessary energy from the food we eat. If we eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates etc. then we would be having sound body. More the energy and synergy to perform our daily work more output thus more the satiety in our life.

It is important to mention ‘What to eat’ is very important since if we eat indiscriminately, we may have the intricate situation of having Covid-19 Pandemic  created by eating ‘bats’ meat’ or consuming whatever comes our way which has engulfed almost the entire humanity.

Then comes the significance of ‘When to eat’ since if we continue eating fast foods or anything which comes our way any time without even conforming to our eating schedules (breakfast, lunch and dinner), then, we are in for digestion related problems. It should always be remembered that every organ of our body including our digestive system require some breather or respite/rest; if it overworks, then, sure enough, it will not only adversely affect our digestive system but also impair overall working of our body metabolism. If we give a day’s rest to our digestive system, we shall feel light, our important organs like liver, intestines and in fact all the internal body mechanism will work in sync.


Fasting is intentional skipping of intake of food material, drinks or sometimes both for a fixed or sometimes for a prolonged period of time. It may be for a complete day (24 hours) from early morning to evening (dawn to dusk) or early morning on a particular day to the morning of next day. Then the fasting could be continuously or intermittent; depending on the body requirement or for the intended purpose of observance of fast as a religious tradition being followed in some religions.

While in intermittent fasting, we remain without food, for a fixed time-span and then eat at a set time but in continuous fasting we remain without food for a long period of time – say from morning to the following morning of the day or still more for more days at a stretch.


Fasting is both for regulating and energizing the body metabolism by pepping up / streamlining the digestive system so as to keep the body free of the extra fats and toxins besides keeping the body’s carbohydrates (sugar) synchronized with the need of our body. With slower and regulated metabolism, means our body organs can work for a longer period of time thus prolonging our age.


FASTING BY HINDUS. Hindu fast on religious and sacred days or on the religious festivals like: Navratris, Puranmashi (Puranmashi is the full moon day in traditional Indian calendar), Ekadshi (Ekadashi is the eleventh day of both the dark and light fortnight of each month), Maha Shivratri (auspicious time for Maha Shivaratri puja activities like Fasting and prayers are performed), Ramnavmi (Fasting observed on the birthday of the Lord Ram) , Krishna Janamashthmi (fasting on the birthday of Lord Krishna) besides many other festivals connected with Demi Gods and fasts relevant to local populace of a particular locality.

FASTING BY CHRISTIANS. The Christians skip their desire for food and instead devote time in seeking God. Meaning, the time spent on preparation of food etc could meaningfully be utilized for prayers and meditation on the Word. This fasting time could be per-determined and hunger for food could be compensated with hunger for the Lord. Jesus fasted from all food and drink. The Bible also describes some extreme times when people fasted.

THE FASTING BY MUSLIMS. The Muslims observe fasts in the month of Ramadan or Ramzan. It is a sacred month since Holy Quran was revealed in this month. The word Ramadan has been driven from the Arabic word ramaida meaning intense heat accompanied with dryness of ground. It is called so since it amounts to driving out sins with our good deeds like offering charity and keeping away or desisting from all body enjoyments etc along with intense penance by following the practice of fasting.

The word “fasting” (sawm) literally means ‘to refrain’ – means desisting from not only from food and drinks but also from unethical thoughts and actions which sully our thoughts and actions besides following all the guidance in letter and spirit enunciated in the Holy Quran. In other words, it is not merely restraint from food and drink but also our resolve as to how to control the urge of hunger and thirst besides devote ones energies on prayers thus gain spiritually. This way, the devout learn the traits of self discipline through self restraints too. The fast is broken at sunset before recitation from Holy Quran and thus being in connectivity with Allaha. The fast is broken with a sip of water and some dates.


Fasting is done as an exercise of keeping oneself away from certain activities which prevent devout from being spiritually aesthetical both physically and emotionally. Thus desisting from taking anything and keep oneself away from worldly pleasures i.e. humdrum of eating drinking or even being away from thinking about anything like lust etc and divert all the energies to prayers – five times. Having abstinence means devoting much of time and resources on charities besides prayers infuses self discipline and ushers in all round development in the individual.

Everybody may be aware about IFTAR party – a social event where fast is broken. Here meal is shared with friends and others. Free meals are also served for the general public too at this get-together.

Ramadan or Ramzan is more than fasting. The entire month is devoted to prayers, internal cleansing, charity etc.

  • The devout devote all his/her energies to focus on God.
  • No compromise on the practice self restraint – physical or mental.
  • Re-evaluate lives in the light of Islamic guidance.
  • Forget and forgive those who wronged.
  • Purify our lives physically and emotionally besides our thoughts and actions. A devotee thus adopts the qualities of head and heart.

Fasting helps self awareness / self enlightenment

  • Saves a devout from distractions and create the traits associated with sincerity and simplicity.
  • Restraint helps us discipline ourselves besides a person turns inward with regular prayers.




The Mother Earth takes in its bosom
The innumerable corpses
Or corpses being cremated
Leaving this Earth due to Cronavirus infection
Which hardly does any discrimination
While leaving its deep-rooted impression
The Mother Earth
Does not raise objections
like any other mother on this Earth
who brings up her children
with utmost care and caution.

Due to humans’ negative attitude
Our own dearest Mother Earth
What we do to the Mother Earth so dear?
It has been revealed without doubt
Whence the humans disturb the balance of Nature
By playing with the laws of Nature
It gives birth to invisible enemies
Hideous ones
It may be polluting the environs
By fires of forests and deforestation
Thus denuding the Earth Crust
And spoiling the Eco-system
Or polluting the Water bodies
By the pollutants from the households and industries
Or through sound pollution
Created by us humans
Or worst still
May be imbalance in our eating habits
Thereby deciding what to put on our plates and eat
And what we as humans should desist
Leave for the elements to take care
That bats may be the possible origin
Of diseases like Ebola
And now Novel Coronavirus
Which is having free run
Infecting the populace around
Thus having dangerous death dance globally
The Mother Earth which bestows us with all sorts of gifts,
Which sustains us from time we become flesh & blood,
Till time this body sustains us not,
With no expectations in return gift from us selfish humans,
Some of us use Nature’s creation
Such as and other harmful
We leave litters around,
After partying & feasting at the mountain sites so enchanting
With fragrance of natural flowers just intoxicating
Making the environment so fascinating
Adding splendor to the scenic beauty are the flora and fauna,
But the left over litters just spoil the virginity of mountain spots
With spread of odor of leftovers of the people partaking foodstuff
Stench also leaves a scar on the act of these people
Who spoilt the place with their profane acts.

Left out road side old vehicle parts
Wait till eternity for the people to pick these up
Nobody ever comes to do this solemn act
Till elements like winds and rains mix these in the Mother Earth itself – alas!

Vehicle repair workshop just line up the roadsides
Blackening the area with grease and what not
Generating a shabby look around
Green cover is being denuded
For habitats for increased numbers
And cultivation of food for multitudes
Thus multiplying the adverse implications
To the Eco-system
Causing blizzards and change of clim

Plundering the earth of the mineral wealth
In the form of crude oil
Precious metals, stones and coal
Leaving the earth bereft of natural resources
Thus producing an imbalance the internal fabric of the earth
Which too comes out & reacts most violently
Causing earthquakes of huge intensity
Spreading deaths and destruction all around hugely.
Spewing of gases so poisonous
To the sky above
Enlarging the black-hole
Impacting us by harmful sun rays.
My humble please to us all
Have some pity to the Mother Earth
Not for us but AT LEAST for our coming generations,
If at all?



Essentially, as far as our Earth is concerned it has physical matter, solid substance along with gross objects. These are grouped in the category of the five elements (Mahabhutas) which could be termed as the cosmic substances. These are earth, air, water, fire and ether. Each one of these elements are inter-linked or associated with each other besides the space or ether or acts like a container or basket to sustain all these elements.

If these elements are spoiled by our acts of omissions and commissions as diminution of forest cover by cutting trees without planting the new ones, emission of poisonous gases in the atmosphere from the industrial units, pollution of water bodies with the affluence/wastes of industries. Here Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is most relevant: ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.’

For fulfillment of our ulterior and selfish motives, we are spoiling the eco-system without even a slightest thought about the consequences of our acts. Therefore need of the hour is to save the Mother Earth from the pollution which is impacting the lives of all the living beings globally.

It has been observed that when we do not observe the Laws of Nature and play with the Mother Nature irrationally– in our eating habits including our attitudes towards other creations (birds and animals). This Earth Day is coming at a time when globally the humanity has been facing the challenges posed by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. The virus, Covid-19 virus, is the creation of humans due to their omissions and commissions by spoiling the eco-system of the Mother Earth by their eating habits. This most dangerous virus infection is transmitted through minutest droplet particles through respiratory droplets. The virus is also transmitted through contacts with the infected person through the medium of sneezing and coughing.

We know that the most essential forms of Nature without which cannot have our existence at all are Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air. We know that life on this earth would not be possible if any one of these forms of Nature are not available at all.
All the creations live on the earth and use air and water by our body for chemical reaction which occur in the cells of all living beings in order to sustain life. This chemical reaction is termed as metabolism. This activity ensures growth of our body and also help in reproduction. The activity of growth and development along with reproduction cannot happen without a solid earth for living beings. Then there are the living beings which live and sustain themselves in water. These are called aquatic beings.

Then we have ether (the atmosphere over the earth) which is essential for the survival of the living beings. The upper air of the atmosphere has to be kept pollution-free for breathing. It has been seen that we spoil the balance of Nature by polluting the air by our own omissions and commissions.

Our earth contains flora and fauna – flora means trees and fauna means animal world. The trees are essential for us since the trees convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen (O2). Without trees and green cover, on earth, we cannot have good health and wellness. The more trees we plant, the more greenery we would be having thereby a pollution-free environs for breathing.

The fragrance of flowers on the earth crust, the fruit trees, the crops we grow on the earth give us food to eat which sustains our lives.

Mother Earth has been very kind to us in providing us everything from birth till death. It has on its crust trees, birds, forest cover and everything; lofty and majestic mountains, vast sea, water reservoirs, mesmerizing scenic beauties, flora and fauna, animal world and what not. All these add to our sustenance in our daily lives.

Mother Earth contains all sorts of mineral wealth which is helpful for further growth and development of the countries. But exploitation of the mineral wealth has also got a limit. We are cutting trees indiscriminately affecting the eco system. Industrial wastes are being thrown in the rivers polluting the water. We spew dangerous gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmospheric balance. Not only this even teh Antarctic Continent is being adversely affected by the acts of us humans.

If air is polluted by emission of harmful gases, we will be breathing in impure air resulting in lung related diseases, if water is impure, we are constrained to take in polluted water resulting in impacting our health, if earth’s eco-system is polluted by a mix of our activities then we can imagine the health hazards besides when the whole atmosphere is polluted, it can bring about severest harms to our climate, cause lung and respiratory related diseases, exposure to polluted air can cause cancer and could in many cases impair reproductive system etc. These affected severely are children and the old people including those who are constantly exposed to pollutants.

By our acts of omission and commission, we are doing everything to spoil the balance of the nature which is causing negative results implications to our next generations.

In Bhagwad Git has rightly been said: As the earth thus becomes crowded with a corrupt population, whoever among any of the social classes shows himself to be the strongest will gain political power.
The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease, and severe anxiety.
Both Nature and Spirit (Purusha) are without beginning and end. Nature is the source of all material things whereas spirit is the source of consciousness which experiences pains and pleasure. Then we have Spirit Supreme or Lord Supreme or Supreme which directs our lives and graces us wellness.




We term our success
On being successful
In competitive examination
Got after sincere uphill-struggle
Oftentimes in most trying environs
Due to financial stringency
Or any other frustrating conditions
Under adverse circumstances
But determined perseverance
Accompanied with taking on challenges head on
This may be in academic excellence
Or accomplishment of highest order
For enhancing status, position and power
Thereby earning a place in the society
In which that person is living
Such a person leads a positive oriented way of life
Meets his demands
Alongside meeting the needs of others
According to his aptitude.
On the other hand
An individual adopts outright corrupt practices
To garner power and pelf
Utilizes acquired position
For still more worldly possessions
After making comparisons
With most influential in the social order
Earning for himself tendencies so ego-centric in nature
Thus a Ku-sanskari or negative oriented existence
Adversely affecting body and mind.
A success most potent
Is the one
Which we achieve
By rendering assistance
To meet somebody else’s needs
This achievement or success in giving
Is second to none
Since it is an acquired accomplishment
Through practice and experimentation
Which is dependent
More on selfless service
Which may not bring about worldly recognition
But only bring about
Profusion in inner satiety
And with it everything
That is needed for an individual
To fulfill the very purpose of existence.
Our attainment in our existence
Is counted to much extent
Not by sack-full of notes
Earned with illicit practices
But by enhancing awareness
For removing ignorance
That is the attainment
In true sense of terms.



We tend to attribute our success in our lives when we have sufficient worldly possessions and with it our power, position and status. Such a person showcases his money power whenever he finds it fit. This worldly may be earned by adopting illicit or illegal means even by taking excessive loans from the banks which he does not intend to pay. There are so many cases who have taken excessive loans from different Banks; even not using that loaned cash for the purpose they had taken the loan. I would not like to pin-point the names but these people are from well to do families! The ultimate result may be adverse effect physically and mentally.

In any way, I do not consider this profusion of money as a real attainment because the money loaned out is from the accumulated cash from the Bank customers, the smalltime earners? Such people should realize that this ill-gotten money takes away the inner peace and with it the respect which such people have garnered over a period of time; even the ancestral earned respect! This power and possessions is of no avail ultimately. What satisfaction this illicit earned money gives for the uncertain life in the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC environment wherein people are dying in thousands. Just introspect, there may be people who must have amassed a lot by illegal means, they too have not taken anything along with them. Even they did not get the last rites rituals which are considered necessary! ANY USE OF MONEY ATTAINED THROUGH ILLIGITIMATE MEANS, IN SUCH A SCENARIO?

Contrarily, a person who earns his living by adopting sincere means in order to meet the needs. These needs are simple which are based on the earning of the person concerned. Such a person is satisfied with what he possesses. He does not take loan from Bank or any other sources – which he cannot repay. Such a person walks with head held high at all times since such a person, besides meeting his simple needs also meets others needs according to his capacity. He is satisfied while he is living on this earth and feels no remorse or regrets while his death Is so near. I consider this as a greatest attainment. While leaving this world, he knows that he has followed his life observing the Laws of Nature and Laws of Land along with following a positive oriented life. He lives his life based on Bhagwad Gita: He had not brought anything when he came to this world and surely will not be taking anything when he leaves this beautiful earth. Whatever he has, is attained here, and would be left here only. Such a person does not feel overly happy or overly unhappy on success or failure. JUST A BALANCED PERSONALITY IN ANY SITUATION AND CONDITION.

In the trying times of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and consequent lockdown conditions, there are some difficulties and challenges experienced  by almost everybody. There are also opportunities to cement the relationship amongst people of different religions by coming to the assistance of each other when hugely required. There is a unique example of a recent case of a person (Name – Rajendra) a Hindu by religion in Rajasthan (Bajrang Nagar – Jaipur), whose Muslim neighbors willingly came forward and cremated him as per Hindu rites – as there was no male member in the family to perform cremate the dead body besides there was no Hindu neighbor in the vicinity. The other relatives residing at far flung areas could not come for cremation because of lockdown conditions. I think this like instances help consolidate relationships between different religions, castes or any other narrow considerations. This, I think, is a huge attainment and a step-forward for us all. Wish that this example multiply mutual succour multifies in future.

Our real attainment while living on this planet are:-

  • Covit-19 infection has taught us some lessons such as living a disciplined life, following rules of self-isolation or in lockdown conditions, keeping distance while going outside etc. Any deviation means you are yourself inviting the dangerous infection; meaning you are susceptible to this virus. You could catch it from anybody, any source etc.
  • Earn a living with sincere means, the method which we shall not regret even in NOVEL CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC environment.
  • Live life in such a manner as though this present is only with us to live and enjoy this present moment to the fullest. LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE – NOT LITERALLY THOUGH SINCE I DO NOT SMOKE.
  • Always stay cool in any situation in which you are placed. No frills. Failure or success would be there in life, enjoy both! Seems cool but it should be since we do not know when and where the journey of ours will end, which this CORONAVIRUS has taught us.
  • What a feeling one has when somebody you have helped wishes you will! This is a really attainment. Is not it?
  • This uncertain times has taught me a sweet lesson, be self aware and live your own life according to your needs and aspirations and not like somebody else lifestyle.
  • Never feel letdown if somebody insults you unreasonably when you are not the candidate for this insult. Learn even from this unsolicited ‘insult. This is the real attainment.