It is significant to mention that when we are experiencing difficult times created by total lockdown due to Covid-19 conditions. It should always be highlighted that while we are engulfed by trying times, the difficult times should provide us opportunity to face the challenges of our existence and come out unscathed . Therefore, the best way is to learn from the disturbance created by the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

There are some lessons which I have listed in the following poem captioned: AVAIL THE OPPORTUNITY…


Avail the opportunity of cleansing your body externally
So that we may remain sanitized – in other words neat and tidy
Observe the lockdown norms with absolute punctually
By confining yourself at home only
This is the way to ward off Covid-19 virulence, surely.

Avail the opportunity of cleansing your ‘self’ internally
By turning inwards – in the deeper recesses of your heart
For self-awareness
For a forward movement in our existence
For a higher goal realization
By following a life of spiritual orientation.

Avail the opportunity of cementing relationships
By sharing and caring for each other
While staying with the comforts of our residences
And eliminate lingering differences
Developed due to less time spent with your love ones
Due to existing pressures
Both at home and at workplaces.

Avail the opportunity of drawing out your latent potentialities
By turning inwards
You’ll be really surprised
To see that you’ve reservoir of creative instincts dormant
Exploit these when you’ve time in abundance
This will also enhance your self-confidence.

Avail the opportunity of exercising
Or the Yogic exercises
For ensuring health thereby your mental health
Along with ensuring holistic growth.

Avail the opportunity of dietary control
To ensure good health
And with it, control over your mind
Since sound mind dwells in sound body.

Avail the opportunity to erase
Every shred of egocentric tendencies which has made residency in your life
With the realization that our Creator
In any event, can make difference to whole creations
Whatever will happen will happen for the best
When we have positive frame of mind even in these times so testing.

Avail the opportunity of staying cool by slow-pacing your existence
And make silence your sole companion for sometimes
Since while staying confined at home
You can remain invulnerable from the pulls and pressures
Which you experience when at your work places
For meeting emergent contingencies.

Avail the opportunity of pursing a hobby
So that bundle of time available
Could meaningfully be utilized
For some productive leisure pursuit.

Avail the opportunity of meeting the needs of others
By having empathy, sympathy and compassion in sufficient measure
And every other things put together to enhance KARUNA in the environs of CORONAVIRUS
Which is so heart-warming indeed
Both to the giver and the one who is being given.

Avail the opportunity of removing egocentric tendencies
By realizing that Covid-19 virus obliterates ‘I and me’
And replace these with ‘we and us’
Since present is the only sure thing as our possession
And certainly next moment may or may not dawn on us.

Avail the opportunity of cementing the relationship
While in lockdown condition at our residence
By assisting each other
In every conceivable way
Past difference could be forgotten
With new hopes and expectations
For the new dawn.

Avail this opportunity of becoming master of your mind
Thereby removing the negativities from your system
Lust for worldly possessions
Lust for sex outside the marriage
Along with going off the tangent on the silliest pretexts.


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  1. It is paramount to mention that there is always a lesson from any emergent contencies which may arise from time to time. The realization should dawn that every DARK CLOUD HAS SILVER LINING should never be forgotten.

    Please go through the blog and offer your invaluable comments.

    May this trying time bring out positivity in our life.



  2. Good morning and thank you for this nice article, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. One of the few positive outcomes of this terrible tragedy that affects us all is the real possibility of spending much more time doing a healthy introspection of all the issues that concern our personal relationship with our loved ones in particular and the fellow human beings in particular. I agree that “silence is golden’ and we should spend more time with that discreet companion. Sadly the continuous pinging of the digital deices of the modern world has displaced the needed time for meditation to re-connect with our spirits. Ignacio de Loyola, the Basque priest that founded the Jesuit Order, was a firm believer and promoter of using the tool of managed silence as a channel of communication with God Almighty and the sacred words. In our analysis you forgot to mention the external gains of this forced social isolation and lockdown of economies: the environmental gains. Today an article in The Washington Post discussed the much cleaner air, azure skies and fresh river waters and in your very own city, New Delhi, after March 25, the day Prime Minister Modi ordered the shutdown. There are two stark picture comparisons of “before” and “after” of the War Memorial gate and the Yamuna Rivers. An Indian expert said that the government has to extend the benefits of a healthier lifestyle to the masses by accelerating the phasing out the dirty industrial fuels and the polluting vehicles of the public transit system. A big hug. Arrivederci.

    1. Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

      As has been experienced empirically, the difficult times has some positives too. Here in Delhi too, the quality of air has improved to a large extent.

      Lockdown has also helped people to renew their relationships – with their spouses, with their offspring, with their grandparents, etc. because of remaining busy in their respective jobs otherwise.

      The diet intake too has been good since eating homemade meals is second to none. Then comes the performance of household chores himself/herself and not being dependents on maidservants.

      Lets see how other things pans out in near future.

      With warm regards


      1. Good morning and thank you very much for your reply, my dear friend across the oceans. I am glad there, however tragic these times are, there are still some positive developments like clean air in Delhi as a collateral effect of this lockdown. Certainly cooking at home (something that your family and mine had known and practiced ) is a healthy habit that millions of urbanized (and lazy) citizens are now learning the hard way. The old fashioned hard way. The best one. Please read and comment with your Brahminic wisdom ,whenever you can, my blog titled “After the pandemic, how will our world look like?” I would very much appreciate your opinion on this issue.
        A big hug. Arriederci,

      2. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Thank you very much for your commentary. Fact remains, we all devise ways and means to cleanse internally and externally.

        Your write-up is really eye-opener.

        Thanks and regards


    2. Good Morning Dr, Sahib.

      Thank you so very much for sharing one of the best write-up on isolation in lockdown conditions.

      Your assertion that while in isolation, we should always remain disciplined while remaining within the ambit of law prevailing in the sphere of environs in which one is living. If one disassociates himself/herself from the other members, it may be confinement in jail or now forced isolation at home.

      You have cited the example of an expert in the field who answered the questions on isolation and also how to live without adversely affecting us psychologically. But such a person does not know empirically how to live in such environs. Such chairborne social scientist should not be followed at all because they will cause more confusion than helping us in any way.

      The example which you have cited about how to live in the jail, where the jail-mate hardly know the time and day etc. no discipline as to how to use the time which is in abundance. But if we want to utilize the time then things could improve and keep us well physically and mentally.

      Your observation and the example given are really very nice and should be followed by all. Really, one of the best by someone who remains busy in attending to the patients!



  3. Good morning and Happy Easter, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Whenever you can please read and comment my two latest blogs: “After the pandemic, how will the world look like?” and “Happy Easter to all our Christian relatives and friends” Keep resisting the Dark Forces with your priceless pen illuminated by Lord Ganesh , the happy remover of earthly obstacles. My regards to you lovely, devoted wife.
    A big hug. Arrivederci.

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