Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

IDEAL INSPIRATION BLOGGER AWARD (I have been nominated by two bloggers)

A word of thank from the core of my heart to MS. GARIMA PURI for nominating me the IDEAL INSPIRATION BLOGGER AWARD – a non-official awarded to the bloggers for creative and outstanding write-ups.

My heartfelt thanks also to the founder of the award Rising Star ( for inspiring writers by inculcating writing fervor in them – in essence an inspirational one at that. My blog is:

My Answers to Jeremy’s questions:

1. How do you describe yourself as a blogger?

As a blogger from June 2011, I have gained knowledge through appraising of the write-ups by my fellow bloggers on a variety of subjects. From inception itself, whatever experience I got from my interactions with others or from formal and informal institutions, I penned down the same. This gave me an opportunity to enhance my outlook on a variety of subjects.

2. Which is your favourite blog post that you have written?

I have written on a variety of subjects touch the lives of the common people. Therefore, I consider every topic has its own significance and has message. No, special blog.

3. Who is your motivational figure in blogging?

Since I am of the opinion that no two individuals are having the same traits, therefore, everyone has got its important aspect, therefore, every blog has deeply touched me.

4. What are you so passionate about?

I am passionate about appraising the spiritual oriented topics including going through the lives of important personalities who transformed the views of others.

5. How has blogging become your passion?

I have penned down more than 800 write-ups on a variety of topics. I also has written for TIMES OF INDIA (SPEAKING TREE). Even I have appeared for AIR on variety of subjects. Reading and writing is my passion and this has helped me in authoring two books on INNER THOUGHTS.

Congratulations guys, you are an inspiration for all and we’re eagerly waiting for your answers! Also, only nine could have been chosen; otherwise I had others in mind as well, so please don’t feel bad. Enjoy, everyone!


  1. When and how did you start blogging?

I initially started blogging with TIMES OF INDIA (Speaking Tree) and subsequently in June 2011, I started blogging with WORDPRESS.COM. My blog is:

  • What is an important lesson you’ve learned with the help of your blog?

I am ever a student and try learning from anybody and everybody. It may be through interaction or through reading others’ blogs just giving me a sweet lesson that knowledge and awakening could be had from any source.

  • Is there a niche you’d like to blog in, but can’t, for some reason

God has been very kind to me and I am satisfied with what I have attained in life – authored two books (INNER THOUGHTS) besides I lead a simple life with simple needs. No specific position aspired indeed.

  • Who is your favorite youtuber and why?

I am not a regular visitor to youtube therefore nothing favorite as such.

  • Which foreign country would you visit, if you had the chance to?

Last year, I visited UK and stayed with my son there. I liked the country immensely.


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2. Answer their questions.
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  1. When did you start blogging and what motivated you to blog?
  2. What is the Mantra for happy life?
  3. How can we keep cool even in dire situations?
  4. What life has taught you till now?
  5. Should we trust everybody under the sun?
  6. What are the advantages of simple living?
  7. What in your view is compassion?

All my followers who remain inspiring me in one form or other always and add to my knowledge.

The answers to the questions posed are not mandatory.

With warm regards


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      1. Since the nomination is the result of a person’s contribution and based purely on merit, therefore, you have earned it.

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